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Twillory Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Matt Gulielmi

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Matt is a NYC-based merchandise planner in the luxury space and moonlights as a retail documentarian through his TikTok blog @retailecology. His fashion career has waltzed through styling for Michigan State's VIM Magazine, translating brand copy into Spanish for cosmetic startups, to managing inventory for some of the biggest retailers in the US. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Twillory Review Model Wearing Twillory Performance Blazer and LEADER Dress Shirt with Sunglasses

Your time and money are precious. Weekly trips to the dry cleaner and buying clothes that quickly deteriorate are a waste of both. The days of dressing simply to look good are over.

I picked up six items from Twillory’s assortment of performance apparel—keep reading to find out if they’re the right choice for your wardrobe.

Performance done right
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Twillory

Bottom line: Twillory manages to overcome some annoying menswear pitfalls that I commonly experience. Their sweat-resistant collar guard is an effective solution that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Everything I tried on from Twillory was easy to move in, but I’d find their selection easier to shop if the sizing was more consistent.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Craftsmanship The Adult Man Image/Icon  Customer Service
  • Stretch fabric that allows for effortless movement
  • Sweat-resistant collar guards keep stains away and extend the life of their shirts
  • Subtle branding adds a premium feel to the selection
  • Effective water resistance on the Premium Coat
  • Limited sizing options on the Performance Blazer make sizing tricky
  • Stretch denim can mimic the look of skinny jeans

Convenience is in every part of today’s world. Self-driving cars. Curbside grocery delivery. Internet-enabled toasters that prepare your bagel right as you wake up. 

Why does it feel like clothing hasn’t caught up?

The same issues with menswear have persisted for decades: Sweat stains, time-consuming ironing, and boxy fits that make you look like you’re imitating the Tin Man in a game of charades.

Is Twillory ushering us into a new age of menswear innovation? Allow me to unbutton the truth. 

What Is Twillory?

The Adult Man Twillory Leader Straight On

Twillory was founded in 2014 by a group of South American and European cohorts with a shared passion for the garment industry. They were unsatisfied with the state of men’s clothing so they set out to create superior pieces that were truly worthy of the “performance” title.

The brand offers a wide range of men’s formal and casual clothing such as dress shirts and performance pants. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your wardrobe or merely grab a blazer for an upcoming wedding, Twillory likely has something for you.

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They offer free returns and exchanges, which is a nice perk since formal attire can be hard to size online.

Twillory also has bundle pricing on many of their products. A healthy inventory of dress shirts is never a bad thing, so they make it easy on the wallet if you want to stock up.

Things to Consider Before Buying

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It might sound like Twillory is the silver bullet to every annoyance that dressing yourself brings. But, there are a few things to consider before crafting a new wardrobe.

Their stretchy, anti-iron fabrics make Twillory ideal for frequent travelers and busybody types. If you’re someone who works from home, you might not need these features.

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These improvements are made possible by infusing spandex, viscose, and other synthetic fibers into the mix. If you’re looking for clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton, Twillory may not be the best option for you.


Twillory manages to overcome some annoying menswear pitfalls that I commonly experience. Their sweat-resistant collar guard is an effective solution that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Everything I tried on from Twillory was easy to move in, but I’d find their selection easier to shop if the sizing was more consistent.

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My Hands-On Review

LEADER Performance Dress Shirt

The Adult Man Twillory Leader Off to Side

Among all the items in a man’s closet, the dress shirt holds a place of honor. It’s the modern man’s ceremonial garb—making it all the more important to choose the right one.

Do the bells and whistles of Twillory’s LEADER Performance Dress Shirt make it more than just fabric and buttons? Let’s cuff our sleeves and dive in.

Nothing shortens the lifespan of my white shirts more than sweat stains.

Before anything rips, my collar and armpits are yellow from perspiration. Even the strongest stain fighting products can’t get them out.

Twillory adds a sweat-proof collar shield to the inside neck of the LEADER Dress Shirt to combat this disappointment of mine. I was a bit worried about the gray fabric being visible from the back, but it’s hardly noticeable. It’s a soft fabric too, so you’re not exchanging longevity for comfort.

The Adult Man Twillory Leader Sweat Resistant Guard

Twillory outlines three sizing metrics to customize: neck size, sleeve length, and fit. I selected the 16.5-inch neck, 34-35 inch sleeve, and the tailored fit, which is the moderate option between extra trim and traditional.

The sleeves were perfect, but the fit was quite roomy for my chest. This is strange as I took my own measurements. Had I known it would have a roomier fit, I would’ve opted for the extra trim fit. If you like a contoured fit, consider sizing down the fit.

Other than that, I was pleased with the stretch fabric. I’ve always been a cotton purist when it came to button-ups, formal or casual. This shirt has cotton in its blend, but the addition of spandex and COOLMAX® makes it breathable, keeps it in place, and maintains the subtle sheen that dress shirts have.

The LEADER Performance Dress Shirt impresses with its unique sweat-proof collar shield and breathable fabric, but its roomier fit may warrant considering a smaller size if you prefer a more tailored look.

untuck(able) Shirt

The Adult Man Twillory Untuckable Dress Shirt Skimming Pool

What is it about the untuckable shirt that has every menswear brand clashing to make the best one? Simply put, it’s stylish and versatile. But how does Twillory’s version stack up?

Shirts with an untuckable cut give you a polished look for casual activities. But what good is that if they need tedious maintenance like regular dress shirts?

Space is a precious commodity in my stereotypical New York apartment, so a bulky ironing board is out of the question.

The fabric itself is indeed flexible, but Twillory’s claim of no ironing required is exaggerated.

After each wash, the shirt didn’t come out as crisp as I thought it would, so I used my garment steamer to get out the remaining wrinkles. It removed the creases with just one swift past. Far easier than my other shirts, at least.

The Adult Man Twillory Untuckable Dress Shirt Buttons

The fabric surprised me with how smooth it was. The shirt is made of a polyester, viscose, and spandex blend, but somehow it has a soft quality reminiscent of brushed cotton.

I’m a sucker for the details, so I appreciate it when a brand like Twillory puts in the extra work to add a personal touch to its products. The resin buttons on the untuck(able) Shirt have a faded blue finish that matches the Denim Windowpane colorway. If you look closely, they finished with a subtle “Untuck(able)” branding.

While I find Twillory’s untuck(able) Shirt to be notably smooth and brimming with details, their claim of no-ironing-necessary is somewhat overstated.

Twillory Clothing Review

Performance Blazer

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Blazer Walking Down Steps

For a garment that is normally tailored, I was nervous about how a blazer ordered online would fit. Especially when I realized that Twillory gives you only two metrics to play with: length and chest size.

I ordered the Performance Blazer with the regular length and a 42” inch chest. I measured my chest with tailor’s tape, and the fit around the torso was spot on.

This blazer has a slim fit. I like the 3D shoulder pads that come fitted with the blazer. They square off the shoulders nicely, adding a more structured look.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Blazer Sitting at Desk

If you’re a bigger gentleman, the slim fit of the blazer might fit too snugly around the hips. The streamlined cut tapers from the shoulders down through the tail. While it compliments the shape of my body, I can see it being too narrow for men with a larger waist. Plus, Twillory doesn’t offer any big-and-tall sizing.

The only area where the Performance Blazer missed the mark was in the sleeves, which were a tad too long. The LEADER Performance Dress Shirt lets you select sleeve length, so it’d be nice if the Performance Blazer could offer the same.

Minor sizing issue aside, the Performance Blazer highlights Twillory’s on-the-go mantra.

Some suits make you feel like you’re in a straitjacket. I never felt restrained while wearing this blazer. The stretch fabric moved with my posture and didn’t develop any major wrinkles.

This feature makes it very packable if you’re a work traveler or destination wedding attendee. The sunglasses pocket is the icing on top.

Despite the longer-than-expected sleeves and slim fit that may not favor larger figures, I appreciated the Performance Blazer for its torso fit, flattering shoulders, and low-maintenance fabric.

Performance Polo

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Polo Backswing

Let’s face it: A synthetic crewneck tee is best kept for the gym or track. If we’re talking collared polos, the possibilities are infinite.

Polo shirts are a classic choice for casual settings like dinner dates or work outings, so I wanted to see if the Performance Polo lived up to its name.

Nothing beats hitting the links to test out a shirt like this. Following 18 holes, here are my findings.

A size large provided me with a stylish, slim look.

Roomy sleeves are simply unflattering and make your arms look thin. A fitted cut around the biceps is something I look for on short-sleeved shirts, which this one has.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Polo Up Close

At my height of 6’ 1”, the shirt falls slightly below the button of my pants, which is just enough length to be tucked but short enough to be untucked.

Twillory says the tech fabric is moisture-wicking, cooling, and offers a superior stretch compared to other commonly used materials.

During my match, the weather was a muggy 85 degrees. The breathable fabric was noticeably breezier compared to the other golf shirts I own. Even though the fabric keeps me cool, synthetic fabrics tend to make my pits sweaty, which I experienced with the Performance Polo. 

It’s the Performance Polo we’re talking about, so how exactly did I perform?  

Golfing in a shirt made of rigid fabric can hold back your game. You need a polo that gives you unrestricted movement to keep your backswing smooth and steady.

The stretch fabric stands out near the sleeves and upper back. Each time I wound up my shot, the shirt adapted to my position without untucking my shirt. 

I’m pleased with the fit and feel of the Performance Polo, but the price seems a bit high compared to other polos made of a similar fabric. If you don’t play golf often or polos aren’t your thing, this option may not be worth it.

Performance Denim

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Denim

It’s easy for anyone to be a jean snob given how often we wear them. There’s nothing that disappoints more than dropping a wad of dough on a pair, only to find that they’re as stiff as a board.

Most of my jeans are 100% cotton, so Twillory’s Performance Denim piqued my interest. I needed to see how they compete against the tried-and-true cotton jeans in my wardrobe.

Starting with the look of the Performance Denim, Twillory did a pleasant job integrating some branded character into the trousers despite the company falling under the “elevated basics” category.

The waist button is imprinted with Twillory’s “T” logo, and the slit that the button is fastened to is lined with their signature royal blue stitching. Metal hardware on the corner of each pocket has a unique brickwork pattern to them, and the jeans are finished with a leather waist patch on the back.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Denim Details

Even if these details only score style points, they give off a designer feel to the jeans and heighten their overall value.

The added spandex, polyester, and viscose make these pants soft and comfortable. Plenty of 100% cotton jeans I’ve worn in the past required months of wear before they became comfortable, but these felt great right out of the packaging.

I picked a size 34×32, which was perfect for my height and waist. The downside to the elastic fabric is the tighter fit. I have larger, muscular legs, so while the flexible material makes movement easier, the spandex and tapered fit emphasizes my curves.

If you normally wear straight or boot-cut jeans, the Performance Denim jeans might feel like skinny jeans to you.

Denim is awesome because the dye responds to daily wear which results in a unique wash. While I love this look on my blue jeans, I try to keep my black jeans as dark as night.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Denim Leather Patch

Twillory recommends minimal washes if you want to maintain the black color. If you do end up washing them, turning them inside out will maintain the dye longer.

My denim pro-tip: If you need to freshen up a pair of jeans that aren’t stained, tossing them in the freezer overnight will kill any bacteria that cause any nasty odor.

Twillory’s Performance Denim is notably comfy from the get-go and features tasteful branding, but the stretchy, tapered fit might emphasize muscular legs, and the black color requires careful washing to keep it fresh.

Performance Coat

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Coat Front

The Performance Coat is Twillory’s update to the quilted jacket, a popular outer layer among British sportsmen for decades. Like bomber jackets and cargo pants, the public has embraced the utilitarian style, turning it into a fashion trend.

Across Twillory’s offerings, the Performance Coat is their most protective piece. The stretchy microfiber outer is remarkably water-repellent. Even large splashes of water bead up and fall right off.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Coat Water Repellent

If you’re stuck in torrential downpours, the jacket comes with a detachable magnetic hood for added protection. I like that the hood gets its own pocket as well, so you can deploy it only when needed.

Temperature can swing drastically during fall and spring, making it hard to gauge how warm your jacket should be.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Coat Rear

The Performance Coat strikes a delicate balance with insulation. It’s thinner than most coats, so I don’t plan on summiting K2 in it. However, the fleece lining does a good job of conserving heat, especially when zipped up.

This coat delivers superb functionality, but there are a couple of style-related choices I don’t vibe with.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Coat Leather

First, the polyurethane leather trim lowers the perceived quality of the coat. I would understand this decision if Twillory made a commitment to not using animal products, but they have made no such claim.

Lastly, the blue elastic adjusters don’t align with the traditional style of the Performance Coat. If you want a quilted jacket for its classic look, there are better options out there.

The Adult Man Twillory Performance Coat Zipper Pull

Twillory’s Performance Coat is a modern twist on the classic quilted jacket, featuring water-repellent fabric, a detachable hood, and good insulation despite its thinness. However, I’m not a fan of the polyurethane leather trim and blue elastic adjusters, as they detract from the traditional style.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Reviewers frequently praise Twillory for the quality and comfort of their products. Highlights include the fit, softness of the collar lining, and effortless maintenance.

For instance, one customer described their shirt as the “nicest in their closet,” praising its refined look and easy mobility from the slight stretch in the fabric.

However, some users have expressed disappointment in the materials used. A few customers have noted the introduction of a polyester/spandex blend in the untuck(able) Shirt, considering it inferior to the previous cotton/spandex version in terms of feel, drape, and wrinkle resistance.


Twillory manages to overcome some annoying menswear pitfalls that I commonly experience. Their sweat-resistant collar guard is an effective solution that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Everything I tried on from Twillory was easy to move in, but I’d find their selection easier to shop if the sizing was more consistent.

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Twillory Alternatives

State & Liberty

State-and-Liberty-lennox dress shirt

If you have an athletic build, you might prefer State & Liberty over Twillory due to their specialized tailoring. 

State & Liberty designs shirts to accentuate the V-shape of a masculine body, with more room in the chest and shoulders, and a flattering taper towards the waist.

We appreciate State & Liberty’s attention to the fit and style needs of the muscular guys out there. Don’t confine yourself to wearing muscle tees to display the results of your hard work at the gym.

If the same old menswear is concealing your gains, consider checking the full rundown. 

State & Liberty

State & Liberty is an excellent brand for fit guys who want flattering clothes for the office. The shirts embellish that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym, and anything you pick up from S&L is going to be as comfortable as dress clothes can get.

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mizzen main model wearing white leeward dress shirt

​​If sustainability is a primary concern in your wardrobe, Mizzen+Main’s offerings might be more to your liking.

They actively work to minimize their environmental impact with their eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This aspect may appeal to you more than Twillory if you’re keen on supporting brands that prioritize eco-friendly practices.

If you’re on the taller side, Mizzen+Main offers a tall fit, ensuring that you find a shirt that fits your unique body shape, an option not present in Twillory’s range.

We love how Mizzen+Main combines style, comfort, and community engagement. Their collaboration with the Adaptive Training Foundation brings lasting change while we get to enjoy their well-crafted shirts.


The supreme comfort and wearability of Mizzen+Main's performance menswear will win over plenty of guys in search of the ultimate premium staples that you can actually move around in.

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model walking with navy gramercy suit bluffworks covering mouth

If you prioritize security for your belongings, Bluffworks may be a better go-to.

Their blazer, for instance, includes multiple hidden zippered pockets, offering a secure place to store your valuables such as passports or wallets. While Twillory’s Performance Blazer provides comfortable and flexible wear, it doesn’t spotlight these security-oriented features.

Bluffworks merges comfort with practicality on everyday garments. We especially love their wrinkle-resistant fabrics and sensible pocket design. This makes their clothes great for everything between daily tasks and globetrotting adventures. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The stretchiness of their clothing is a welcomed improvement to formalwear that is notoriously difficult to move in.
  • Branded elements such as custom buttons, colored accents, and zipper pull add character and credibility to the collection.
  • Sweat-proof collar guard protects against stains, extending the life of the shirt.
  • The hydrophobic outer layer of the Performance Coat is very effective at repelling water, keeping you dry even in inclement weather.
  • Twillory’s fabrics are soft, comfortable, and breathable, which makes wearing formal attire for extended periods less of a hassle.
  • The non-ironing fabrics are effective on most garments and take the worry out of packing them in a suitcase.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Performance Blazer only lets you select chest size and length. A more appropriate fit would be there if they offered three or more measurements, like the Leader Dress Shirt.
  • The LEADER Dress Shirt runs big. I could’ve sized down the fit and the neck, despite taking my own measurements.
  • The artificial leather cheapens the overall feel of the Performance Coat.

Who Is Twillory For

Twillory is a superb choice for anyone looking to add pieces to their wardrobe align with their on-the-go lifestyle. Or, if you’re already embracing the performance menswear trend and you’re looking for another quality, feature-rich brand to pad out your wardrobe. 

Even if you’re just looking to skip the dry cleaners, their wrinkle-resistant fabrics make it easy to keep your apparel looking nice with basic appliances.

The Verdict

I’ve tried a lot of performance menswear. I like Twillory because the quality on offer is  good value for their pricing and they add useful features to timeless silhouettes without entering “techwear” territory.

I’m most excited about my Performance Blazer. This is my first navy blazer, and I can’t get over how nicely it fits through the torso. Plus, I’ll use the sunglasses pocket a lot during the summer months.

If you’re new to performance menswear and you’re looking to upgrade the functionality of your current wardrobe, Twillory definitely rises above the standard menswear options that are hard to care for.

While I have a few question marks on sizing, it’s easy to solve with their free returns policy. Overall, I’m a fan, and I think there’s a good chance you will be, too.


Twillory manages to overcome some annoying menswear pitfalls that I commonly experience. Their sweat-resistant collar guard is an effective solution that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Everything I tried on from Twillory was easy to move in, but I’d find their selection easier to shop if the sizing was more consistent.

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Where are Twillory clothes made?

Twillory manufactures its clothing in China and Vietnam.

Do Twillory performance shirts shrink?

Thanks to the fabric blends that Twillory uses for their shirts, they’re resistant to shrinking in the dryer. Regardless, you should refer to the specific care instructions included on the hangtag.

Who owns Twillory?

Asher Weinberger is the co-founder and CEO of Twillory. After a stint working in finance that left him feeling unfulfilled, he started Twillory in 2014 and has led the men’s apparel company ever since.

What are Twillory pants made of?

The Performance Denim jeans are made with a cotton, polyester, viscose, and spandex blend that gives the pants a familiar denim feel with added stretch for comfort and fit.