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Hands-On: Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER Review

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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yonger and bresson review

Yonger & Bresson just released a new set of watches and they’re overhauling the classic brand. But are they just a gimmick?

Our review of Le SINGULIER will tell you everything you need to know before buying this watch.

Ditch the designer cost?
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Yonger & Bresson
Younger & Bresson Le SINGULIER

Bottom line: Younger & Bresson’s Le SINGULIER is what happens when you mix a historical watch brand with the innovation of Franck Muller’s Design Team and manufacture with an eye towards affordability.

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  • The design born of a partnership with Franck Muller’s Design Team is great to look at
  • Manufactured in France by watchmakers with more than 75 years of experience
  • Affordable pricing puts these watches a cut above many other entry-range watches
  • The K1 crystal offers great shatter protection, but sapphire crystal does exist in this price range and offers slightly better scratch resistance
  • The included silicone strap isn’t the most fitting for the silver and gold finish options, although leather seems to be an available alternative

I’ve always loved the look of clock mechanisms. The polished gears whirring and spinning, locking and unlocking. 

There’s something so satisfying about a perfectly and painstakingly-crafted mechanism. 

I tried to recreate the feeling with tinker toy sets as a kid, but nothing quite scratched the itch. Not until I got my first skeleton watch. It was a cheap pocket watch and kept the time horribly, but it was amazing to look at. 

Since then, I’ve been hooked on skeleton watches. 

Are they gimmicky? Most are. Hard to read? Often. But I like skeleton watches in the same way I like Sammy Hagar as the singer in Van Halen. 

Shamelessly and proudly.

This brings us to Yonger & Bresson and their brand-spankin’ new Le SINGULIER watch. Featuring, you guessed it, a skeleton dial. A dial that has all the tiny, shiny, moving parts that captivated me as a boy.

Is it worth the money? My full review is below—keep reading for the lowdown on this new timepiece and my final verdict.

What Is Yonger & Bresson?

Yonger (meant to symbolize youthful energy) & Bresson (after Henry Cartier-Bresson, the French pioneer of street photography) was formed in Paris by the Louzon brothers in 1975. The overall brand identity revolves around French creativity, artistry, and a tribute to craftsmanship.

Group of Yonger Bresson Watches

The partnership formed with Swiss watch designer Gabriele Guidi and the rest of the Franck Muller Design Team marks a new chapter for Yonger & Bresson. Embracing Swiss design while staying true to the nuances of French craftsmanship.

Yonger & Bresson watches, among a handful of other luxury brands, are manufactured in the small town of Morteau located in the French Jura mountains—a hub of fine French watchmaking.

The Le SINGULIER watches are the first products of this Swiss-French partnership, and many watch enthusiasts and longtime Y&B fans are buzzing to see what pops up next.

Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER

With their new Le SINGULIER watch, Yonger & Bresson is offering a pretty unbeatable value. You’re essentially getting a Franck Muller watch for less than one-tenth the price. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Man with Yonger Bresson Watch with Hand in Pocket

Watches are highly personal accessories. 

Will it fit your style? What does your day-to-day look like? Are you looking for an investment piece or something that looks nice and tells the time? There’s a lot to think about when hunting for a new timepiece.

These Yonger & Bresson watches are for those looking for something a bit more unique than standard workhorse watches without breaking the bank. 

The skeleton movement, push-button deployant clasp, and the patented quick-release spring bars strap system are all standout details that set Yonger & Bresson apart in the affordable watch game. 

If you’re not looking for something military-inspired or ultra-luxe, but still want to turn a few heads, Yonger & Bresson are certainly worth a look.

My Hands-On Review

Man in Jacket with Gold Yonger Bresson Watch

As a stubborn utilitarian who doesn’t take shelling out for something that tells the time very lightly, the Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER watch catches my eye for a few reasons. Let’s take a look at the individual components of this watch and what makes this new timepiece tick.


Silver Yonger Bresson Watch on Leather Chair

The case is one of my favorite things about this watch. Partnering with the Franck Muller Design Team allowed for some interesting flourishes and details without being too visually loud.

This watch comes in silver, gold, and black, with black being the color I’m most partial to. The silver and gold are more evocative of a classic dress watch, while the black could easily moonlight with a Judas Priest tee and a pair of Chuck Taylors.

With a tonneau shape, a 36mm width, and a 49mm length, this watch sits comfortably on your wrist but has a bit more pop than a 36mm round case. The brushed 316L stainless steel takes it a step back from being a full-blown dress watch, which is a tick in the win column for me.

Case Back

Yonger Bresson watch case back

It’s a shame that the back of the case is hidden, as it’s almost as interesting to look at as the front. 

The alternating crown logo provides a subtle background for an open window to the inner workings of the Miyota 8N24 movement. 

Maybe it’s just me, but polished gears all ticking and whirring in unison is something mesmerizing. Every time I put on the watch, I always take an extra second or three to look over the back.


Black Yonger Bresson Watch on Wood

The Le SINGULIER features a screw-down crown that’s embossed with the classic Yonger & Bresson crown logo. The crown feels smooth and turns easily with the styled knurling around the barrel. 

I’m not much one for crown logos, but the Yonger & Bresson logo is subtle enough that it doesn’t dominate the look of the watch—something that’s important for those with a style that leans away from big logos or garish branding.


Gold Yonger Bresson Watch on Wood

To contrast the brushed stainless steel, the Le SINGULIER’s dial has a mirror effect on the art deco-inspired gears. I like the contrast that gives the watch when it catches the light.

Although I love skeleton watches, they can sometimes be too flashy for me. But the way it’s executed in this watch feels more artistic than showy. A Dali in a field of Rockefellers, if you will.

Man with Yonger Bresson Watch Reading

The silver watch is my least favorite colorway offered in the Le SINGULIER line, but I love its blue hands, and I wish the other watches had contrasting hands too. It’s a fun, subtle pop of color that adds a lot to the look.

Silver Yonger Bresson Watch on Wood

The saving grace of the hands on the black and gold watches are the white color blocks running along them, which throws another bit of contrast and visual interest into the mix.

The indices are very thin and minimal, which isn’t my favorite for practical reasons. However, given the skeleton movement and other details, there isn’t much room left for numbers or numerals. It gets the job done, particularly on the black model with its contrasting white indices.


Black Yonger Bresson Watch on Concrete

The Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER uses a Miyota 8N24 automatic movement. A solid workhorse movement, the 8N24 has 21 jewels, a 42h power reserve, and is regulated at -20/+20 sec/day by Yonger & Bresson’s watchmakers in Morteau, France.

Japanese movements are extremely common, and Miyota pumps out some of the best around for watch brands like Citizen, Bulova, and Wittnauer, putting the Le SINGULIER among good company, mechanically speaking.


Yonger Bresson Watch Clasp on Wood

When it comes to watches, I love a leather strap and I love a nylon field watch-style strap. They’re classic options that give a timeless, versatile look.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of silicone straps, but this one works well with the style. I’m a bit surprised—I wouldn’t have expected as much, but this is one of the only silicone bands I’ve seen that I don’t consider tacky. 

If you’re after a more customized look or a strap with a pop of color, the patented Quick Release Spring Bars system designed by Gabriele Guidi makes changing the strap quick and easy. Just insert the quick release tool into the small recess on the case near the bars and it pops right out.

A feature I like on the included silicone strap, however, is the push-button deployant clasp. I’ve always been more traditional and opted for tang buckle strap options, but this clasp may have converted me. It makes getting the watch on and off quicker while also adding an extra measure of security.

Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER

With their new Le SINGULIER watch, Yonger & Bresson is offering a pretty unbeatable value. You’re essentially getting a Franck Muller watch for less than one-tenth the price. 

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

It turns out I’m not the only watch enthusiast who’s pumped about this new release by Yonger & Bresson. 

There aren’t a lot of reviews out there due to the Le SINGULIER being such a new addition to the Yonger & Bresson line. However, the reviews I did find were overwhelmingly positive, raving about the affordability of this new watch as well as its uniqueness.

My Overall Thoughts

What I Like

  • The overall look and build quality is impressive and sleek without falling into the modern watch trap of looking too busy.

  • I like the fact that they partnered up with the Franck Muller Design Team to give you a watch that looks like it should be about 10 times more expensive than it is.

  • The push-button deployant clasp makes putting the watch on easier and puts my mind at ease in crowded areas.

What I Don’t Like

  • The included silicone strap wasn’t very comfortable and didn’t look amazing next to the polished dial and bezel—leather would have been a nice addition.

  • The domed K1 mineral glass doesn’t provide the same scratch resistance as sapphire crystal, which isn’t rare to have included at this price point.

Who is Yonger & Bresson for?

Yonger & Bresson is for those looking to add an interesting, sophisticated timepiece to their collection without breaking the bank.

The Le SINGULIER isn’t an aviator watch or a diver’s watch, neither is it entirely casual or entirely dressy. The Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER fits a non-traditional niche that suits a non-traditional style.

Also, with a design by the Franck Muller Design Team, and displaying some distinctly Franck Muller characteristics, this watch is a great option for diehard Muller fans that have never found themselves ready to shell out upwards of five grand for the original.

The Verdict

With their new Le SINGULIER watch, Yonger & Bresson is offering a pretty unbeatable value. You’re essentially getting a Franck Muller watch for less than one-tenth the price. 

The details and intricate skeleton dial on this watch also make it a steal—it’s not common that sub-$500 watches have the sheer number of visual flourishes boasted by the Le SINGULIER.

Between the black, gold, and silver finish options, I’d choose the black any day. It felt right at home with jeans, a black tee, and boots. The silver and gold options are certainly more traditional and dressed up, and would be more comfortable with formal or business casual wear.

I’ll be busting out Le SINGULIER for nights on the town and the odd meeting to add a bit of flair to my look.

Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER

With their new Le SINGULIER watch, Yonger & Bresson is offering a pretty unbeatable value. You’re essentially getting a Franck Muller watch for less than one-tenth the price. 

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Where Can I Buy Yonger & Bresson Watches?

If you’re shopping for the Le SINGULIER, they’re only available through Kickstarter on the Yonger & Bresson website. Other models, particularly vintage models, can be found around the internet on sites like Chrono24.

Will Yonger & Bresson Release More Watches with the Franck Muller Design Team?

The short answer is: we don’t know.

“The rebirth of an iconic brand” seems to be the mantra for the release of the Le Singulier, the first collaboration with Gabriele Guidi and the Franck Muller team, so it certainly seems that way. Keep up with Y&B on their Instagram page for news and new releases.