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Passionate about words and a purveyor of beard balms. At peace when traveling and songwriting. At comfort sipping gin in my favorite leather jacket. Keep up with me on Twitter @TheNealSawyer
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Mens Hair Styles Male Model Smiling at Camera With Curly Fade Hair Style

Do You Know Your Hair Type? The 4 Men’s Hair Types Explained and Why It Matters

Do you want exceptional looking hair? Learn the different men’s hair types in this post and how to make the most out of your natural hair. It’s all you need.

Hypothetical Questions Young Couple Deep in Thought While Lying on Floor

126 Hypothetical Questions That Will Make Your Conversations More Interesting

What if this wasn’t a hypothetical question? See what we did there? Light a fun spark in your conversations with this complete list of hypothetical questions.

What does scotch taste like Bearded man about to take a sip of whisky

What Does Scotch Taste Like? A Guide to Your First Dram

Are you ‘missing’ something when it comes to scotch? Learn exactly what scotch tastes like and how to drink it like a connoisseur in our step-by-step guide.

Mature Hairline Man Inspecting Hairline Behind Mirror

A Mature Hairline: What It Is and How to Deal with It

Are you concerned you’ve got a mature hairline? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. If there’s an issue, we’ll help you find it and walk you through your options.

Existential Questions Man With a Space Helmet With Reflection of space on Blank Background

61 Existential Questions for Thought-Provoking Conversations

Reignite the lost art of conversation and ask more thought-provoking questions. Learn the best existential questions to ask and how to do it. Let’s get deep.

Tattoo Donts for Men Man Flexing Bicep with Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

10 Tattoo Don’ts for Men: How to Avoid Bad Tattoos

At best, a bad tattoo can be a thing of mild regret. At worst, it can be a total career-stopper. Every guy should know these don’ts before jumping in the chair.

How to Straighten your Beard Side on Shot of a Man with a Straightened Beard on Blue Background

How to Straighten Your Beard: 5 Simple, Curl-Busting Steps

Cursed with a curly beard? You’re not alone. Learn how to straighten your beard with ease in this step-by-step guide. And the best part? It’ll also smell great.