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A Mature Hairline: What It Is and How to Deal with It

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024
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Mature Hairline Man Inspecting Hairline Behind Mirror
Key Takeaways

A mature hairline is a new hairline that develops in adulthood. It grows approximately an inch higher than the immature hairline of your teenage years. It is a natural occurrence and isn’t necessarily a sign of hereditary hair loss.

Noticed an unwanted change in your hairline?

Discovering your hairline is receding is a harsh reality to face.

But should you worry?

Take comfort that you’re not alone in experiencing this natural process. According to a 2019 Journal of Investigative Dermatology study, up to to 80% of European men may have some form of receding hairline by the time they’re 80 years old.

Whether you’re finding your feet with a maturing hairline or concerned that you’re suffering from male pattern baldness, we’ll help you find the issue.

Not only that, but we’ll talk you through your options to deal with the change.

Let’s level up your hair game and restore your self-confidence.

Why Does the Hairline Mature?

It’s time for a biology lesson.

Cast your mind back to puberty. This is when the hormones kick in and your body starts to produce testosterone.

Testosterone then metabolizes into a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). The level of DHT in your body determines your hairline for years to come.

DHT binds to the hair follicles, causing them to shrink and then fall out. Most men will then develop a mature hairline in a higher position. If your body produces higher amounts of DHT, elevated levels of this hormone cause male pattern baldness.

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When Does It Start?

There’s no definitive start age because the maturing process can vary for each individual. Reports suggest that anywhere between the ages of 17 and 29 hairline maturing can begin

Is It Normal?

Don’t press the panic button just yet. A mature hairline is normal and is often no cause for concern. Only a very lucky 5% of men will not develop a mature hairline and keep their juvenile hairline. 

Is Your Hairline Maturing? Do These 3 Things

A maturing hairline develops gradually and many men will not even realize it’s occurred. Has the maturing process passed you by? Do these things to find out where you’re at.

Take The Test

The easiest way to find if you have a mature hairline is to take the test. Luckily, this is a simple solution that you can do right away.

Raise your eyebrows acting like you’re surprised to show your wrinkles. The highest wrinkle will identify where your juvenile hairline was. Your mature hairline will be up to an inch above the top wrinkle line.

Inspect Your Hairline

So you’ve located your juvenile hairline. It can be upsetting, can’t it?

But now for the positive. If your new hairline is a similar shape to your juvenile hairline, this suggests a mature hairline.

You may notice that the hairline has crept up the temple of your forehead. If it isn’t too dramatic, this is normal and is also a telltale sign of a maturing hairline.

Evaluate Your Widow’s Peak

Your juvenile hairline tends to appear rounder whereas a mature hairline is more defined. A mature hairline might develop in a V-shape with a widow’s peak as the focal point.

The widow’s peak is a trophy of a cool mature hairline. If the widow’s peak becomes more pronounced over time, this is a sign that the hair is receding.

Identify What Stage You’re at with the Norwood Scale

A simple way to identify what stage you’re at is to use the Norwood Scale.

The Norwood Scale simplifies the hair loss process into seven stages. Used throughout the world, it’s a go-to for doctors in the world of hair restoration.

Stage One of the Norwood Scale shows no hair loss representing the juvenile or immature hairline pre maturing. Stage Two shows all the hallmarks of a maturing hairline.

Mature Hairline vs Receding

By its very nature, a maturing hairline is a receding one. That said, there is a difference between a maturing and receding hairline.

In most cases, a receding hairline will be caused by male pattern baldness. Here are the signs of a receding hairline:

  • Your hairline resembles stage three on the Norwood Scale.
  • Your hairline is more than an inch above your juvenile hairline.
  • Recession is occurring at a fast pace. A mature hairline is often a slow and unnoticeable process.
  • You’re noticing further recession on the temples of your forward.

Do you want to address your receding hairline? Read on for ways to deal with it or take inspiration from Jude Law—he owns the look and rocks it to new levels.

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Mature Hairline vs Balding

After receding, the next stage of hair loss is balding. This can be much more pronounced than a mature hairline.

Here are the signs you’re balding:

  • Your hair pattern resembles stages four and upwards on the Norwood Scale.
  • Male pattern baldness is hereditary. If baldness runs in the family, this could mean you’re susceptible.
  • Your hairline recedes in an M-shape as opposed to a V-shape of mature and receding hairlines.
  • A mature hairline will only affect the frontal region. Balding will both recede and cause thinning on the crown on the head.

Jason Statham is a prime example of a guy who’s let nature take its course to great effect.

Mature Hairline Examples and Hairstyles

Let’s take a look at some examples of maturing hairlines and the hairstyles that go hand in hand. Here you’ll find examples and inspiration to make the most of what you’ve got.

Some of these cuts will also work with receding and balding hairlines.

It’s time to up your hair game.

Induction Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the expose all approach to a mature hairline. The induction is the easiest and simplest variation of a buzz cut.

Named after the haircut before induction into the military, it’s the lowest clipper grade all over the head.

While it’s always advisable to get your haircut at a good barber, you can attempt this one at home.

Be warned, it pays to arm yourself with a good trimmer. The Wahl 79524-3001 model is our go-to for home hair grooming:

Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit Model 79524-3001
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Are you tempted, but finding the induction a little daunting?

The butch buzz cut is the less dramatic solution. Using a 3 or 4 setting clipper guard you’ll have at least a quarter-inch of hair left. With more hair to work you can opt for contemporary tapering on the sides and neckline. 

This is a higher grade option to try before jumping straight into the induction cut.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a versatile style and can vary in length. Crew cuts are shorter on the sides and longer on the top.

It’s a sharp and defined look, but also very practical. It’s a superb choice for you if you want to win style points with little fuss.

While a crew cut may not cover the hairline, the beauty is you can still style your hair to suit. Avoid gels or pomades as they’ll clamp your hair strands together and make your scalp more visible. Opt for a matte wax or paste instead which will leave your hairline looking thicker, while still providing some hold.

OXFORDhill Hair Styling Clay

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Our favorite matte wax is easily Da Dude Da Wax—it smells great and provides a good amount of volume with a dry matte finish:

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French Crop Cut

The French Crop is very much in fashion due to the success of shows like Peaky Blinders.

A casual variant is the french crop undercut. This has become popular thanks to Cillian Murphy’s character, Thomas Shelby.

Not only is this a very trendy option, but by training the hair forward, you can hide a receding hairline.


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The pompadour is a timeless classic which allows you to showcase your widow’s peak in its full glory. Whether you opt for a classic or modern take on this cut is up to you.

Pomade and the pompadour have had a long-standing marriage because of pomade’s ability to provide the high shine, slick, neat look of the style.

We recommend going for a matte pomade instead of a high shine as it’ll make your scalp less visible and give the appearance of a thicker hairline. The Jack Henry Clay Pomade is an excellent choice:

JACK HENRY Clay Pomade
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Ivy League Haircut 

One for the gentlemen, this cut originates from American Ivy League Schools. From the boardroom to the bar, it’s a stylish look that is suited for every occasion. 

For a formal look, pair this haircut with a suit and dress shoe combination, or lean right into the preppy style. Either way, you’ll command respect with this classic get up.

Short to Medium Shaggy Bangs

Searching for something a little more rough and ready? Time to get your shag on.

The key here is to ask your barber for textured bangs on top. Not only will the messy approach give you a strong rugged look, but the cut will also help to cover thinning areas.

A speck of good strong hair dust will add texture and help everything stay in place. Our go-to product for adding texture is the Slick Gorilla Texturizing Powder:

Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Powder
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Long and Wavy

Your locks still not long enough? 

This is a far cry from the induction buzz cut, but we like to give you options here at The Adult Man.

If you’ve got the patience to grow your hair, why not go for the shoulder-length surfer style?

Jason Momoa works this look like a boss. Remember, growing your hair doesn’t mean just leaving it to grow. Visit your barber to maintain shape and have it cut to grow.

Once you’ve arrived at destination caveman, try using sea salt spray for a textured finish. You could always scale it back into a man bun on days when you need something more manageable.

Gents of London Sea Salt Spray
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How to Deal With a Mature Hairline

Often a mature hairline is nothing to worry about. If you’re concerned about it or fear that your hairline has begun receding, here’s some advice on how to deal with it.

Consult a Dermatologist

The first step on this journey is a trip to a dermatologist. This site will help you find one local.

Although male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss, there can be other contributing factors. Medical conditions, medications, and stressful events can result in hair loss.

A dermatologist will give you a professional diagnosis and advice. With a definite diagnosis, you can begin a more personalized and effective treatment.

Please note you must seek medical advice before starting any drug treatment. If you opt for this option remember to only use FDA approved drugs.

Disclosure: None of the below recommendations should be considered as medical advice. Consult the advice of your physician or dermatologist before making any decision about your health.

Face It, Head-On

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If your maturing hairline recedes further, why not face it head-on and accept your destiny? 

This isn’t the magic potion you were hoping for, but why not grasp the clippers with both hands? It’s a bold and brave choice that can look the part and oozes confidence.

A receding hairline doesn’t have to be uncool. By following our hairstyle recommendations above, you can still maintain a stylish cut. And remember, some women find the bald look attractive. After all, it’s the ultimate symbol of manliness.

Topical finasteride is clinically proven to grow hair.

Change Your Hairstyle

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You might’ve found a hairstyle you want to try out in our above examples. A fresh look is a great way to deal with your maturing hairline and make you feel better about yourself.

Find out your face shape and pick a hairstyle to suit. Consult your barber about your hairline and seek their advice. A good barber will help you make the best of what you’ve got.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Hairgenics Propidren Hair Growth Shampoo for Thinning and Balding Hair
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The pros of using hair loss shampoo is that they’re easy to get hold of. You can buy them over the counter without fuss.

Using a thickening shampoo on a maturing hairline may improve its appearance.  They can also be helpful if your scalp is in poor condition.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the silver bullet for male pattern baldness. Scientists have discredited these shampoos for this purpose.

Hair Serums

Biotin Hair Growth Serum Advanced Topical Formula
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Serums are more expensive than shampoos, but are they more effective?

Some serums will coat the hair follicles, giving thinner hair a thicker appearance.

They will not stimulate hair growth, but they will add fullness to the hairline.

There are no guarantees they’ll work for everyone, but if your mature hairline isn’t receding, using serum could be all you need for a fuller-looking hairline.


Biotin (5,000mcg) with Coconut Oil | Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails in Biotin deficient Individuals
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Biotin, Niacin (Vitamin B3), and Vitamin C can help improve hair health. Zinc and iron also protect against hair loss.

While supplements won’t cure male pattern baldness, if you’re losing hair because of its condition or a deficiency they can be a worthy natural option. 

Hair Fibers

BOLDIFY Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair
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If you’re looking for a temporary solution to cover thinner areas, you could look into hair fibers. The fibers come in a range of colors to match your hair, which you then sprinkle where you want to thicken.

The fibers coat the hair to give the appearance of thickness and disguise any areas of concern.

The downside is that it can take some practice to apply them and it’s not a permanent solution.


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Finasteride or a branded version called Propecia is a medical pill taken once a day. This pill blocks the DHT hormones that have been attacking your hairline and is the most effective treatment for hair loss. It can also effectively be taken topically as offered by Happy Head with their customized prescription grade finasteride and minoxidil formula.

It can stop male pattern baldness in its tracks. If you have a maturing hairline that is showing the onset of receding, taking this medication will prevent any further loss. 


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Minoxidil is a medication that you apply to the scalp which then stimulates hair growth. Scientific evidence suggests that this does work, but it can take a long time to see the effects.

You need to commit to the cause if you’re venturing down this avenue. With a need for two daily applications, you must have it cemented in your routine to reap the rewards.

Hair Transplant

Whether you’re maturing, receding, or even balding, surgeons can restore your hairline.

A hair transplant is a surgery that implants hairs into thinning areas on the scalp. By grafting hair follicles from a donor site, the surgeon then implants into the recipient site.

This procedure has come to the fore in the media and has grown in popularity among men. The global hair transplant market size exceeded $6.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow a further 25% by 2025.

What used to be a very costly procedure is now becoming more affordable. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still expensive.

Cheaper options include undergoing surgery abroad in places like Turkey for example. While this is generally safe, be sure to do your research beforehand.

So how does it look? 

There are always going to be horror stories about this surgery. You can help to avoid a sour experience by taking a few consultations from different surgeons. Talk about what you want and take the time to see the surgeon’s previous work. This will give some indication which practice is right for you.


This is a more outlandish approach that has grown in popularity in recent years. Micropigmentation fills in gaps in the hairline, similar to a tattoo but not like a tattoo as you’d get at your local parlor.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a non-surgical hair loss treatment by implanting pigments on the hair. This gives the head a natural shaved appearance. Think micro-blading on your girl’s eyelashes but for your hairline.


There we go, a guide to the mature hairline. Whatever stage you’re at, there are plenty of products and methods to try out.

Maturing is a natural progression, but if your self-esteem is affected, then considering making a change to recover your confidence.

Wishing you health in mind, body, and hair.


Does a mature hairline stop receding?

Often a mature hairline will stop receding. If the hairline continues to recede, then this is a sign of male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness will need treatment to halt any further hair loss.

How fast do hairlines recede?

A receding hairline can begin any age after puberty. Statistics show that by the age of 35, over 65% of men will have encountered a form of receding hair or hair loss. Starting above the temples, the hairline continues to recede further up the forehead. Male pattern baldness will occur at a faster pace than the development of a mature hairline.

Can you get a mature hairline at 15?

The age that a juvenile hairline transitions into a mature one will vary from man to man. Every individual hits puberty at different ages. As testosterone levels can increase at the age of 15 it’s possible to develop a mature hairline at this age.