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6 Best Big and Tall Clothing Brands for Men in 2024

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Matt Gulielmi

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Best Big and Tall Brands for Men Model Wearing GAP Sweater Outside

Shopping for big and tall clothing isn’t always easy. Fashion for bigger guys often lacks a consistent fit, the quality seems lower, and the styles are rarely as enticing as classic brands.

However, there are brands that take inclusive menswear seriously, offering versatile styles and quality pieces for the bigger and taller guy. You just need to know which are worth your time and investment. 

My Top Picks Preview

To feel good as a larger guy, you need a tailored 3XL, not a standard men’s large multiplied by three.

If you’ve tried all of the big & tall lines from big brands and nothing seems to work, it’s time to check out the specialists. 

These are my six favorite brands that I believe understand how to design knockout menswear around a bigger or taller frame.

My Recommendations

Best Overall: Johnny Bigg

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“Embracing your size” was Johnny Bigg’s idea when starting their menswear line in 2014. 

While the regular top brands only offer big & tall sizing in their core styles, which tend to be pretty basic, Johnny Bigg only designs clothes specifically for the big & tall guy and carries a huge variety of plus-sized styles, including shirts, pants, and outerwear. 

The brand lets the big guys enjoy classic staples and on-trend pieces alike. Whether you’re shopping for a letterman jacket, puffer vest, or V-neck sweater, they have it starting with their smallest size: large.

In addition to casual styles, Johnny Bigg is a destination for big & tall suiting. You can mix and match to build your own suit or choose from one of the brand’s curated looks.

They top it all off with some irresistible deals on their tees, blazers, and pants.

All things considered, Johnny Bigg is a winner when it comes to offering quality and serious value to plus-sized guys.

What I Like

  • A broad assortment of tailored classic and on-trend styles fully geared towards big & tall gentlemen.
  • Whether you only need a dress shirt or a full suit, their curated looks make shopping intuitive.
  • They offer multiple lucrative deals that don’t require a high spend to be eligible for.

What I Don’t Like

  • The colors are limited for some items.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying:

Customers rave about Johnny Bigg’s range. Review sections for their one-off styles never fail to mention how grateful a customer is for being able to find the style in big sizing.

The Verdict

When adding plus-size must-haves to your closet, Johnny Bigg should be your first stop. With their various styles and feels, you can forget about finding the right fit and focus on your next crowd-stunning outfit.

Best Overall
Johnny Bigg

Johnny Bigg only designs clothes specifically for the big & tall guy and carries a huge variety of plus-sized styles, including shirts, pants, and outerwear. Whether you only need a dress shirt or a full suit, their curated looks make shopping intuitive, and they offer multiple lucrative deals that don’t require a high spend to be eligible for.

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Best on a Budget: GAP

model wearing GAP denim shirt checking watch

Remember all those gifts of clothes your grandmother gave you growing up? The nice sweater? The khaki pants that got you through middle school? 

Yep, they were from GAP. And now that you’ve grown, their extended sizing is just as stylish as your childhood favorites.

With sizing up to 3XL for tops and a 44-inch waist for bottoms, you don’t have to worry about shopping from a minimal, boring selection of apparel. GAP proudly makes all of their collections in a wide range of sizes.

Some styles feature GapFlex, their signature material that boasts a comfortable stretch on their denim and pants. If you’re looking for ultra-flexibility, it’s worth a look.

The best part? GAP’s unbeatable pricing. Scoring a pair of their iconic jeans for less than $80 is pretty hard to pass up.

What I Like

  • GAP’s effortless style is offered in plus-sized dimensions.
  • Besides their tall sizes, you’ll find extended sizing on any of their main-line products.
  • GapFlex material provides added mobility on some of their bottoms.

What I Don’t Like

  • Their “tall” sizes are found on a different part of the website, which can be confusing.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying

GAP receives praise for its unbeatable value and inclusive design for plus-sized men. An avid reviewer rates GAP’s jeans as the most comfortable they’ve ever owned and says the waist didn’t require any break-in when they began wearing them.

The Verdict

GAP is synonymous with value-backed basics, and who wants to splurge on basics anyway? If you’re looking to stock up on polos, chinos, or casual shirts, GAP’s competitive pricing is an easy choice for some full-figured apparel.

Best on a Budget

GAP is an excellent brand for you if you’re looking to bolster your seasonal wardrobe and want to add a few basic pieces that work well with just about any outfit you put together.

Shop GAP Read Our Review

Great Value: Bonobos 

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Perfecting male-centric clothing was the whole reason Bonobos came to be. Consider them your Jedi master for wielding full-figured fashion sense.

Bonobos excels in divine fabrics. For example, their Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Blazer is made from, well, Italian wool. It boasts a low neckline that won’t strangle, and an increased chest width compensates for any tightness.

Their extended sizing stretches beyond casualwear. Hitting the links this weekend? Their polo shirts won’t hold your swing back. Score a gym membership with pool access? Good luck finding a better-looking swimsuit for your breaststroke laps.

What I Like

  • Made with premium fabrics such as Italian wool, elastic cotton blends, and stretch denim.
  • Besides casualwear, Bonobos sells extended sizing in swimwear, suiting, and golf apparel.
  • Bonobos isn’t the cheapest on this list, but their prices are justified considering the superior fit, quality, and fabric choices.

What I Don’t Like

  • There’s no designated “extended sizing” button on their website, so shopping their assortment can be time-consuming.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying

Bonobos does the review section right. You can toggle between the height and weight of previous reviewers to get the most relevant information based on your size.

The Stretch Washed Chino, one of their best sellers, has a review from a customer in the 290-330-lb range who shares that the flexible material is extremely comfortable and that this is one of the only “smart” chinos he’s found with enough room in the thigh.

The Verdict

Every man deserves an outfit that highlights their figure. Bonobos knows how to sculpt a man’s glutes, arms, and torso like Michaelangelo himself, regardless of how big the marble block is.

Great Value

Perfecting male-centric clothing was the whole reason Bonobos came to be. Consider them your Jedi master for wielding full-figured fashion sense. Made with premium fabrics such as Italian wool, elastic cotton blends, and stretch denim, their styles focus on quality, while their extended sizing stretches beyond just casualwear, giving you plenty of choice for any occasion.

Shop Bonobos

Best for Work: Carhartt

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I don’t know about you, but a 5’10, 175-lb. guy doesn’t come to mind when I think about Carhartt.

I think of someone twice the size.

That’s because Carhartt remains the industry leader for men who are big due to their work. Many of their products come fortified with water-repellent treatment, triple-stitched seams, and heavyweight fabrics to support harsh labor.

Their big & tall merchandise is clearly labeled and easy to find. With pants sized up to 54 inches, “big” tops up to 5XL, and “tall” ones up to 3XL, even the beefiest cattle rancher is outfitted correctly.

Aside from standard workwear, Carhartt applies its rugged designs to aprons, gloves, boots, and other accessories.

What I Like

  • Robust fabrics and labor-centric features make Carhartt our favorite pick for plus-size workwear.
  • One of the largest size runs on this list.
  • Considering how long-lasting a Carhartt product can be, their prices are more than reasonable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Carhartt’s functionality is more suitable on a tarmac than on a Parisian runway.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying

While Carhartt knows how to get work done, reviews highlight the brand’s prowess in both work and lifestyle settings.

For instance, the Rugged Flex Double-Front Work Pant gets shining reviews for its durability thanks to the duck canvas fabric and double-knee reinforcement.

Whether the satisfied customer is a general contractor or a dutiful husband doing yard work, they love having a pair of work pants that hold up for more than a few months.

The Verdict

Everyone knows Carhartt makes kick-ass workwear, but not everyone knows you can get a 5XL Carhartt hoodie. Considering their hardened apparel, outerwear, and accessories don’t even cost that much, I’m not sure I could name another brand that competes.

Best for Work

Carhartt has once again expanded upon its core value of making high-quality workwear with the introduction of new material technologies that are sure to capture the attention of the detail-savvy millennial apparel buyer.

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Best for Denim: Mott & Bow

model walking up steps mott and bow jeans blue vest and black coat backlit

Mott & Bow distilled denim making into a science, and their hours in the lab have paid off. Mott & Bow jeans are sewn, cured, and distressed by hand, resulting in some damn good indigo for your legs.

Not all denim is created the same. If you’ve worn raw, sanforized denim, it probably felt like you were the test subject to the world’s first legs-only straight jacket.

model wearing mizzen and main shirt with mott and bow dark blue jeans

Mott & Bow jeans come with varying degrees of elasticity to keep you loose and moving. The denim’s “stretch factor” ranges between 18-40% depending on your texture preferences.

If you prefer roomy jeans, Mott & Bow might not be the denim heaven I’m making them out to be. Straight is their loosest fit. So, sadly, guys who prefer boot-cut fits need not apply.

What I Like

  • Hand-made jeans with a designer look for less than $140.
  • Waist sizes up to a 42-inch waist and a 34-inch inseam.
  • Tons of different colors and washes to choose from.

What I Don’t Like

  • Mott & Bow only sells straight, slim, and skinny-fit jeans.

What Reviewers Are Saying

Everyone’s got their favorite pair of jeans, and it seems like Mott & Bow makes their case for several of their customers. Customers with larger legs find the added stretch far more accommodating than other jeans made primarily from cotton.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for denim with an urban aesthetic, Mott & Bow is worth a stop. If you’re done with the dreadful break-in period that normal jeans sometimes demand, the pre-distressed, stretchy denim that Mott & Bow painstakingly developed is right up your alley.

Best for Denim
Mott & Bow

Just like a quality, well-constructed hoodie, standout jeans will also elevate the appearance of a watch. Mott & Bow makes denim with durable stitching, a lasting build, and fitted cuts that he can style down or up depending on the day.

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Best for Dress Clothing: State & Liberty

State and Liberty 8

State & Liberty is known for its athletic fit. But who says bigger guys aren’t athletes, too? The most important guys on the football field? The O-Line, Arguably.

Their tops, including dress shirts, polos, tees, hoodies and even blazers, all go up to a 3XL, and their pants up to 40” in the waist. If you fall into either bucket, be prepared to bask in some stretchy, professional glory.

There’s something to be said for State & Liberty’s athlete-minded designs when their happy customers include Green Bay Packers linebacker Jake Ryan and New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

These are guys with broad shoulders, huge chests, and tall frames. Under any strain, mass-market clothing on these men would disintegrate like the Hulk’s lab gear during an angered transformation.

Not so with clothes from State & Liberty.

What I Like

  • Smart casual and formalwear for plus-sized builds of the athletic variety.
  • Soft, stretchy fabric that allows for easy movement, especially in the shoulders and arms.
  • Free returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase.

What I Don’t Like

  • Their sizing is geared towards large athletic frames–stout ones not so much.

What Reviewers Are Saying

State & Liberty’s apparel wins fans with a fantastic fit and lightweight comfort, ideal for larger athletes.

One of their best-sellers with over 140 reviews, The Springer shirt, is praised for its softness, breathability, and accommodating fit above the stomach.

The Verdict

State & Liberty is doing it for the guys whose plus-sized status was earned in the weight room. If you’ve packed on a few pounds after a bulk cycle or your V-shaped torso is finally showing itself post-cut, State & Liberty is the best way to show off your hard-earned assets.

Best for Dress Clothing
State & Liberty

State & Liberty is an excellent brand for fit guys who want flattering clothes for the office. The shirts embellish that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym, and anything you pick up from S&L is going to be as comfortable as dress clothes can get.

Shop State & Liberty Read Our Review

3 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Clothing Brand as a Big and Tall Guy

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The Size Range

See if their extended sizing only runs high for a certain product category. Do their shirts go up a 5XL, but their largest waist size is 38”? If you want to choose one brand, pick one with comprehensive sizing for everything.

Big & Tall Specialty Brands

Brands specializing in extended sizing understand a great deal about full-figured designs. A mainstream brand offering a limited selection of big and tall clothing likely doesn’t prioritize designing for larger sizes, so double-checking the measurements is essential.

Fabric Quality

Consider the quality of materials used in the clothing. Look for durable, comfortable fabrics that allow for movement. A flexible poly blend will probably feel much nicer than a rigid cotton fabric, even after a few washes.

5 Style Rules to Follow as a Bigger Gentleman

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1. Tailoring is Key

Despite what you may think, trim clothing looks better than baggy fits that unsuccessfully hide any curvature.

2. Come to The Dark Side

Not only are they versatile, but dark colors have a slimming effect.

3. Vertical Stripes, Not Horizontal

The streamlined look of vertical stripes accentuates your height. In contrast, horizontal stripes highlight your circumference.

4. Tread Carefully with Skinny Fit

Skinny-fit jeans, despite their name, can be counterintuitive. A pair of denim that’s too tight will lead to awkward bulges and skin-tight discomfort.

5. Confidence is Stylish

This is the golden rule–wear what makes you feel best. The man makes the clothes, so as long as you feel like a king in your royal garb, your confidence will make a bigger statement than your outfit.


Trying to find your look as a bigger guy is tough. You’re rarely served a wide selection of options. Until you found this guide, that is.

Between Johnny Bigg’s authority on all things big & tall and State & Liberty’s muscle-friendly couture, which brand are you most excited to shop?

My Top Pick
Johnny Bigg

Johnny Bigg only designs clothes specifically for the big & tall guy and carries a huge variety of plus-sized styles, including shirts, pants, and outerwear. Whether you only need a dress shirt or a full suit, their curated looks make shopping intuitive, and they offer multiple lucrative deals that don’t require a high spend to be eligible for.

Shop Johnny Bigg


What is big and tall menswear?

Big and tall menswear is apparel designed to fit guys who don’t fit within the standard size run for most brands. A “big” fit typically provides more room in the chest, armpit, and torso, whereas a “tall” fit has a longer length.

What should big and tall men wear?

There’s no hard and fast style guideline for big and tall men. Ultimately, you should wear whatever you feel best in, but it’s smart to reference the measurements to avoid an unflattering fit.