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5 Best Men’s Loungewear Sets in 2024: Relax in Style

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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best loungewear for men relax in style

Loungewear is a trend that’s growing just as fast for wear inside your home as it is for running errands and catching flights, but there’s a fine line between “comfort casual” and “just got out of bed.”

So we made a list of our five favorite loungewear sets that’ll keep you comfortable without skimping on style.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having more time in my sweatpants than I had bargained for last year. But the more time I spent in them, the more I found what I liked about them – and what I didn’t.

After extensive research, I’ve put together a list of five of the best loungewear sets out there. Let’s dive in.

5 Best Loungewear Sets for Men

Most Versatile: Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger & Tuvalu Tee

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A post shared by Vuori (@vuoriclothing)

Vuori, an activewear brand that’s just as SoCal in origin as it is in inspiration, continues successfully riding the line between style and function.

This loungewear set is one of the most versatile I’ve come across, being just as at home in an airport lounge as it is running around town. At The Adult Man, we’re longtime fans of the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger, and their performance-fabric t-shirts are some of the best we’ve tried. This jogger and tee set is no-frills in appearance, but the fabric used is a major step up from your everyday sweats.

What I Like

  • I like that Vuori takes a sustainable approach to manufacturing their clothing—the Tuvalu Tee is made of Pima cotton that also contains seaweed and sustainable wood pulp.

  • The joggers have a sleek, tapered silhouette, and they veer away from that “going to the gym” vibe while still being able to handle intense workouts.

  • The color options available offer a mix of muted pops of color and neutrals for easy integration into any outfit.

What I Don’t Like

  • Some guys might not love the tee’s longer sleeve length, but I tend to roll sleeves anyway.

What Other Reviewers Say

The lowest ratings I could track down on either of the items in this set were 4.5/5. Reviews consistently celebrated the comfort and style of the products.

The only caveat of the online reviews was that guys with broad shoulders and narrow waists may have a bit of extra room towards the bottom of the tee.

The Verdict

The Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger and Tuvalu Tee are a great choice for you if you want to go from running errands to the gym and back to the couch without needing to change clothes.

This loungewear set is the most versatile on our list because of its athletic silhouette and breathable fabric. It’s loungewear that’s designed for performance but doesn’t sacrifice comfort or look too sporty.

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If you're looking for a performance-based pair of joggers, Vuori has you covered. This fabric is super lightweight and breathable, and the waist band and taper below the knee help keep them secure, even during your most intense HIIT circuit.

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Vuori Tuvalu Tee

Made with a blend of Pima cotton, seaweed fibers, and recycled wood pulp, the Tuvalu tee is as sustainable as it is comfortable.

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Best Cotton: Everlane French Terry Cotton Sweats

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A post shared by ELectrosoul 9 (@electromagnetic)

Everlane is a San Francisco-based essentials brand that focuses on sustainability and minimalist gear. 

Their French Terry Cotton Sweats, as part of their “Uniform” line, stay true to the look of their other essentials with a cozy feel that’s great for chilly evenings. The solid colors make these a versatile choice for layering or throwing on with a jacket to hit the town.

The tightly-spun French terry material Everlane uses gives the same luxe feel as other French terry while also maximizing durability. If you’re looking to stay in the cotton realm but are on the hunt for something more comfortable, this set hits that happy medium between cozy and easy to maintain.

What I Like

  • Protected with Everlane’s Uniform Guarantee, which covers the items for 365 days.

  • The soft feel of the sweatpants and sweatshirt is a marked improvement on regular cotton sweats, but they feel durable enough that you won’t have to bite your nails through every wash cycle.

  • Everlane has a transparent pricing breakdown at the bottom of each product page letting you know exactly what you’re paying for.

What I Don’t Like

  • The sweatpants knocked it out of the park for me as a guy with larger thighs, but the sweatshirt may be a bit short for taller, slimmer guys.

What Other Reviewers Say

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a negative review for this set.

Reviewers like  the refined look of the drawstring and the pockets on the pants, which are common downfalls that can make loungewear look a bit too relaxed.

The Verdict

The Everlane French Terry Sweats loungewear set isn’t the best choice for hitting the gym, but it gracefully handles everything from chilling at home to running errands.

In terms of longevity, the durability of this set and the Uniform Guarantee that covers it make it a staple that will likely outlast the other basics in your closet.

The French terry cotton used in this set provides all the benefits of cotton loungewear with a more luxe feel.

Everlane Classic French Terry Sweatpant

These babies are built entirely for comfort, but don't look scruffy. Sometimes you want something for home that still looks at least a little stylish---and that’s where these pants really shine.

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Everlane Classic French Terry Crew

Backed by Everlane's Uniform 365-day guarantee, if you see any wear and tear within the first year, you can send it back no questions asked.

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Best Fleece: Outerknown Hightide Shorts and Hoodie

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A post shared by Outerknown (@outerknown)

Outerknown, a sustainable surf and leisurewear brand, was created as a challenge from surf legend Kelly Slater. The challenge was to create sustainable, comfortable clothing that doesn’t skimp on style. 

We’re big fans of Outerknown’s board shorts, and their Hightide shorts and hoodie didn’t disappoint, either. If you’re looking for loungewear that makes it feel like you’re wrapped in a beach towel without looking like you just climbed out of a van, look no further.

Made with 90% sustainable recycled fibers, this loungewear set offers a relaxed, beach-ready look while still providing enough versatility to run errands in style. The color options are simple and neutral, giving you plenty of ways to pair them with different outfits.

What I Like

  • The brushed fabric makes the inside even softer than the outside—this loungewear set definitely emphasizes the “lounge.”.

  • Outerknown has several sustainability arms to their business, ranging from using almost exclusively recycled, organic, or regenerated fibers to working with Fair Trade USA to invest in the livelihoods of over five thousand workers.

  • The roomy pockets on the shorts and hoodie provide plenty of room for my phone, wallet, and keys, but they don’t fall out.

What I Don’t Like

  • The fit of this loungewear is a little more relaxed than the previous items on the list, so guys who stick to a slimmer silhouette may not find the extra room desirable.

What Other Reviewers Say

There’s one word that keeps popping up in online reviews of these items: cozy.

Reviewers love the deep hood and the soft feel, often getting called out as their go-to outfit for walking the dog, hitting the beach, and heading home after the gym.

The Verdict

The Outerknown Hightide shorts and hoodie are a great choice for those who lean more towards an effortless and relaxed style.

Brushed fabric makes this set extremely comfortable without making you look like you just rolled out of bed.

The recycled and organic fibers used by Outerknown, in addition to their commitment to their free trade labor practices, make them a brand worth checking out.

Outerknown Hightide Sweatshorts

You know that feeling of a warm towel after you walk out of the waves? Yep, this feels just like that.

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Best Silk: Lahgo Washable Silk Set

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A post shared by Lahgo (@lahgo)

If you’re looking for silk loungewear without the hassles of cleaning it, Lahgo offers an alternative. Dedicated to making “sleepwear for the modern man,” this brand offers silk loungewear that’s naturally thermoregulating and machine washable.

On the spectrum of loungewear, this set is the most comfortable in the house and in bed. The drop-crotch design, the non-pinch waistband, and the deep pockets emphasize comfort, while the modern neckline gives you a fashion-forward look.

The styling of this loungewear set takes away some versatility, which is why they come in at number four on our list. The Lahgo pants and shirt set is great for chilling at home and grabbing the mail, but the flowy, ultra-relaxed style makes them out of place going out and about.

What I Like

  • I like that this loungewear set offers the luxurious feel of silk while remaining machine washable—easier maintenance means I’ll be able to wear them more often.

  • The neckline, while it isn’t going to work for everyone, is a more fashionable alternative to conventional loungewear.

  • The subdued colorways provide a modern look and help you avoid the “Grandpa Joe” look.

What I Don’t Like

  • The fit of the pieces in this set is extremely loose, limiting their versatility and making them a pony of considerably fewer tricks than some of the other sets on our list.

  • For its lack of versatility, this loungewear set comes with a steep price tag.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers love the quality of the silk and the overall feel of the set, but the neckline and fit of the set have yielded mixed opinions. While I liked the fashion-forward neckline and sleeve length, I can see them being polarizing for fans of more classic or athletic fits.

The Verdict

The Lahgo Washable Silk Set is a great choice if you’re looking for luxurious loungewear without the maintenance of traditional silk.

If the price tag doesn’t make you swear, this loungewear set is a silky, comfortable choice with a little more flair than most  classic pajama sets.

Lahgo Silk Set

This silk set is machine washable so you can toss it in the laundry regularly and avoid developing "the funk."

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Best Cashmere: Naadam Recycled Cashmere Jogger and Hoodie

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A post shared by NAADAM (@naadam.co)

Naadam is a sustainable brand that uses cashmere sourced directly from herders in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. They’re dedicated to fair trade practices and use recycled fibers in many of the products they carry.

The Recycled Cashmere Jogger and Hoodie loungewear set features a closed-loop fabric and ribbed-hem design that may not scream “cashmere” at first look, but the feel is undeniable.

With a modern, athletic fit, both the hoodie and the joggers can be easily paired with other basics. The lack of back pockets and drawstrings on the joggers also provide a clean look, making these look slightly more grown-up take on lounge pants.

What I Like

  • I like that Naadam has nonprofit efforts dedicated to their source animals and communities in Mongolia—each piece has an interesting backstory.

  • The slim fit and versatility of these pieces make them an easy and great-looking staple to work in and out of my wardrobe without too much thought.

  • If you’re looking for cashmere sweats without the stodgy look, this set is definitely worth checking out.

What I Don’t Like

  • I prefer drawstrings on my joggers.

  • The pockets on the joggers were a bit small for my large hands when compared to the other pants on the list.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Naadam recycled cashmere hoodie and joggers have near-perfect review scores, with reviewers lauding the pieces for their comfort and fit.

The only negatives I could find shared my concerns of drawstrings and smaller pockets.

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for elevated basics and prefer a slimmer fit, this set could be just the thing for you. The recycled cashmere and slim fit make this set super versatile for wearing out while providing plenty of comfort for lounging around.

Naadam Lounge & Sleep

Sourced from the Gobi Desert, Naadam sources cashmere directly from producers and spins a comfy fabric.

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What is Loungewear?

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A post shared by Bombinate (@bombinate)

Is it pajamas? Is it activewear? Well both, and also neither. Let me explain.

Loungewear lives in the grey area between pajamas, activewear, and casual clothing. It should be comfortable enough to lounge around in while also being stylish enough to run errands and pair with other pieces of your wardrobe for a casual, relaxed look.

You may be thinking, “that’s a lot of heavy lifting for one style.” And you’d be right. 

However, this is where loungewear excels. You won’t wear it to a black-tie event, but it can be right in your wheelhouse for days off, walking the dog, and everything else that doesn’t call for a collar.

How Do I Choose the Best Loungewear?

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A post shared by Vuori (@vuoriclothing)

Choosing loungewear involves a handful of different factors, from fit to fabric. What items you end up choosing depends on your preference for both. 

If you’re going to be going from the couch to the gym and out for coffee afterward, you’ll need a performance fabric and an athletic fit that can keep up. That’s where the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger & Tuvalu Tee come in.

However, if you’re looking to maximize comfort and sheer loungeability, cashmere, silk, and fleece with a relaxed fit are going to be the way to go.

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If you're looking for a performance-based pair of joggers, Vuori has you covered. This fabric is super lightweight and breathable, and the waist band and taper below the knee help keep them secure, even during your most intense HIIT circuit.

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Vuori Tuvalu Tee

Made with a blend of Pima cotton, seaweed fibers, and recycled wood pulp, the Tuvalu tee is as sustainable as it is comfortable.

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Things to Look for When Shopping for Loungewear

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When it comes to loungewear and how it fits into your wardrobe, the devil is in the details. 

A fashion-forward neckline like the shirt in the Lahgo pajama set is going to work very differently in your day-to-day look than the Naadam hoodie or the Everlane crew. Even something as simple as drawstrings can determine whether a pair of joggers can be dressed up or not.

When searching for the right loungewear, be sure to consider their function and where they fit into your lifestyle. Keeping this in mind can help you find the right mix of comfort and versatility.

It’s Loungin’ Time

The winner, because of its versatility and style, is the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger & Tuvalu Tee. Although it’s not the most comfortable or luxurious set on our list, it gets to the heart of what loungewear should be: adaptable.

However, if comfort is what you’re after, the Outerknown Hightide Shorts & Hoodie are a great option. If you’re after a more luxe pajama set, give the Lahgo Washable Silk Pajama Set a shot.

Whichever set you choose, pair it with the right sneaker and you’re just as ready for the streets as you are for the sheets.


What is considered loungewear?

Garments that are considered loungewear include joggers, hoodies, tees, henleys, shorts, sweaters, a handful of others—nothing too dressy, but not pajamas, either.

Can I wear loungewear outside?

Some loungewear is best kept indoors, but a large portion of clothes in this category are designed to be versatile enough to keep you comfortable without looking out of place while you’re running errands. It’s all about how you wear them.

Are jeans loungewear?

No, jeans aren’t loungewear—while they’re casual, they’re not quite comfortable enough for lounging.