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Best Yoga Clothes for Men: 4 Brands Ideal for Boat Poses

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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best yoga clothes for men

The wrong yoga clothes can cause a lot of—how do we put this—groinal issues when striking a tough pose. Do you really want groinal issues?

Of course not. That’s why I put together a list of brands all guys should turn to for the best yoga clothes.

My Top Picks Preview

Imagine this: you’re reaching into a warrior’s pose, you feel your leg tightening a bit—it’s a good feeling.

But then, bam. 

The seat of your pants just exploded. 

And you’re in the front of the group. It was an audible tear, too, so everyone’s looking. That’s no bueno. 

Look, you’re going to be in all sorts of uncomfortable positions in your yoga routine, and I don’t need to tell you that the right clothes can at least alleviate some of your worries when going all in on a downward facing dog pose. 

But with these five incredible brands, finding the best yoga clothes is actually an easy task.

My Recommendations

Best Overall: Vuori

model wearing vuori workout shorts performing yoga move

Vuori is all about embracing the California lifestyle, and looking good while doing it. Just wearing a pair of their Kore shorts makes me want to hit up a Soul Cycle and smash a few juices afterward. 

But when it comes to getting a full stretch, I reach for the Banks Shorts. The scalloped hem helps these shorts slide up your leg as you dig deep for more flexibility. 

I say Vuori is the best overall because they have an extensive selection of clothes made specifically for the rigors of yoga, and I love their color options more than any other brand I’ve seen. 

While they offer a huge range of colors, they’re all done in a tasteful, neutral tone.

What I Like

  • Pretty much all Vuori clothes are fantastic for yoga, but you can also shop their yoga collection page to get specific recommendations for yoga clothes.

  • The colors Vuori chooses are unique, but still subdued enough to where I don’t feel like my shorts are screaming “look at me.”.

  • There are several lined and unlined shorts options (I personally love their lined shorts).

What I Don’t Like

  • This is probably specific to my dryer, but sometimes the metal cap on the end of the drawstring gets stuck in the tumbling tube of my dryer and twists the drawstrings like crazy (or the metal cap busts off).

What Other Reviewers Say

Vuori’s style is what earns them the lion’s share of their positive reviews. Of course, with activewear, it’s extremely common to see the word “comfortable” in a review, and that’s true with all the brands on this list. But I have to agree that Vuori’s style is what sets this brand apart.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a few outfits you can rock to yoga with confidence, Vuori is the first brand that comes to mind. 

Why? Well, yoga is a social activity (or can be if you’re in classes), and I find a great fitting shirt and shorts shouldn’t just stay in the realm of the workday—it’s just as important when working out. 

Vuori’s awesome color selection, performance-driven designs, and stylish fits put them above every other activewear brand I’ve tried. 

If you’re looking for a recommendation, I’d go with the Banks Short for your next yoga session. The scalloped leg helps these shorts move with your legs, rather than getting stuck on your thigh.

Best Overall

Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

Shop Vuori Read Our Review

Best for Hot Yoga: Rhone

model walking along dirt path wearing rhone notch tee

So you’ve decided to set up shop in a hot and steamy room to see how far you can bend before you cramp up and fall over. 

If you’re hitting the Bikram studio, check out Rhone. While Rhone doesn’t design clothes specifically for yoga like Vuori or Alo, they have a few items that are excellent companions for hot yoga.

Check out the Guru Pant, which is a fully perforated pant for maximum breathability and sweat-wicking. 

What I Like

  • Perforated activewear takes sweat-wicking to the next level.

  • Rhone offers free shipping for orders over $100, and free returns.

  • The pockets on the Guru Pant make it easy to carry around keys and a phone if you want to wear these outside to a non-yoga activity.

What I Don’t Like

  • I’d like to see Rhone expand their activewear line to offer even more options for yoga and active recovery.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers have plenty of positives to say for Rhone, but one that stuck out to me in particular was that most of the reviews I found that discussed customer service were 5-stars. 

Some reviewers found Rhone clothes to run on the larger side—that was my experience with their shirts when I reviewed Rhone, too. So make sure you read the reviews of whatever product you’re interested in to get a gauge on the fit.

The Verdict

If hot yoga is your thing, then you’re no stranger to sweat. If you want to keep that sweat rolling and not absorbing into your clothes, I recommend getting some specialized gear.

Rhone happens to carry the right product with their Guru Pant—these fully perforated pants help the sweat move quickly down and away so you’re not left with swamp-crotch. If you’ve done Bikram before, you already know what I mean.

Best for Big Guys: Alo Yoga

Man in Alo Yoga clothes sitting on steps

Did you know that Alo Yoga is a yoga brand? I know—it’s hard to believe with a name like that, but it’s true. 

Alo Yoga not only has a huge selection of yoga clothes and accessories for men, but because their product offerings are so deep, they also have the best selection for huskier gents. 

Alo’s fits have a nice slimming effect, so they’re flattering on every body type.

What I Like

  • Alo Yoga goes beyond great yoga clothes—they also have plenty of matching accessories if you’re ready to go all out. 

  • From joggers to shirts to compression shorts, Alo has a robust selection of yoga-specific clothes. 

  • Because their collection is so deep, they have tons of XL and XXL options for larger dudes. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Alo doesn’t have specific product reviews on their product pages so you can’t easily crowdsource reviews (which usually makes it easier to find the right fit).

What Other Reviewers Say

Alo has a ton of raving reviews. It was a bit difficult to sort through the mountains of reviews for their ladies yoga line so I could get to the men’s stuff. 

But of the reviews I found for their men’s clothes, the words comfort and style came up several times.

The Verdict

Alo Yoga has a deep catalogue, and because of that, if you’re a bigger guy, you’ll have no trouble finding something that fits you well.

And because Alo focuses on slimmer fits, their clothes are flattering for all body types—yes, slim fits work on huskier dudes. 

Alo’s Co-Op 7/8 Pant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a yoga staple you can wear to the studio.

Best for Big Guys
Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga not only has a huge selection of yoga clothes and accessories for men, but because their product offerings are so deep, they also have the best selection for huskier gents.

Shop Alo Yoga

Best for Tall Guys: lululemon

lululemon model wearing workout clothes

How’s the weather up there? You can’t tell, but I’m slapping my knee with that one. 

I’m a pretty tall guy at 6’1, but if you’re a giant of a man standing at 6’4 or taller, you’re going to need some special threads. 

lululemon does an excellent job stocking activewear for tall guys, and their iconic ABC Jogger actually has a tall version that can cover your ankles. When was the last time you found something like that?

What I Like

  • I love the fit of lululemon’s ABC Jogger, and they have a tall version that will definitely fit guys who are 6’4 to 6’6. 

  • lululemon got their start with yoga clothes, and their men’s line is robust.

  • They offer free shipping and returns.

What I Don’t Like

  • The waist on the ABC Joggers doesn’t have nearly the same amount of stretch as competitors—it’s oddly constricting, so if you’re a big and tall guy, you may want to look to the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger as a better alternative.

What Other Reviewers Say

Many of the reviews came from guys who are 6’4 and taller. The dudes who are 6’6 and taller say the ABC Joggers are the best pants they own (probably because they’re the only ones that fit).

The Verdict

Being tall has its clear advantages. But no one feels sorry for your cold ankles, and that can be a lonely position. 

Luckily for the tall dudes, lululemon has ample options available in their yoga clothes. 

I tried the ABC Jogger myself and I’m a big fan. Plus, I know the longer options can fit someone who’s 6’6 no problem, and that’s not something I can say for many brands.

Best for Tall Guys

lululemon activewear is quite pricey, but the style, fit, and features are among the best I’ve ever tried. I definitely recommend lululemon if you want multipurpose clothes that you can wear to the gym and for more casual, relaxed days out, because they’re both functional and stylish.

Shop lululemon Read Our Review

Stretch Out

The only thing better than feeling that deep stretch is actually finishing your workout and being done with your yoga session for the day. 

With these yoga brands, you can look just as good in the yoga studio as you do in your casual wear on the street. 

My top recommendation is Vuori—they’re a fantastic brand with cool colors, fits, and you can shop their site by filtering for their yoga-specific clothes. 


Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

Shop Vuori Read Our Review

But there are also several other brands I like that I recommend for specific purposes, like Alo, Rhone, and lululemon.

So which one is looking the best to you now?


What clothing should men wear for yoga?

Guys should wear shorts or joggers, with a longer torso t-shirt or tank top, and definitely compression shorts.

Are joggers good for yoga?

Yes, joggers are a great choice for yoga. Make sure your joggers have a drawstring so the deep stretches don’t expose anything you don’t want exposed.

Is it weird for a guy to go to a yoga class?

Absolutely not. While most yoga classes will usually have more women than men, there’s a good chance you’ll find another dude in class with you.Yoga is a form of exercise, and exercise isn’t gender-specific.