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TAM’s Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Classic Men’s Style Inspiration

These guys give away their style mojo… for free?

Karlton began covering men's style and grooming topics for The Adult Man since 2020 as a writer. He's also written for other popular men's publications such as The Modest Man and Effortless Gent. Karlton is an LA-born, New York-based lover of culture and optimism. Perpetual watch-wearer. Always holding a martini or a football, Karlton's favorite subjects in school were recess, PE and prom. Read full bio.

Published: Jul 4, 2024
7 min read

Unfollow those young, trendy fashion influencers this instant. 

Forget those content creators that hop on every passing aesthetic hashtag.

I’m kidding. That was harsh. Fads are, of course, fun to experiment with.

But, if you’re trying to look like a stylish, well-adjusted grown man, the kind that might own property, you want to focus on more trend-resistant inspirations. 

Believe it or not, even in the youth-dominated social media space, there are influencers who exude this type of refinement. And believe it or not, it’s not just the old, musty, predictable stuff. 

The 10 Instagram accounts here represent classic, evergreen style that still looks relevant while leaving room for self expression.

Alex Costa 

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Who’s Behind It? Though style-focused, Alex Costa is an all-around men’s lifestyle influencer. He has about 2 million followers on Instagram alone, and over 8 million across all his platforms. With high-quality content on everything from clothing to personal care, it’s no surprise why.

Why I Like It: Costa efficiently mixes relatability with aspirationalism. Yes, he’ll pose in a perfectly-tailored suit in front of an expensive sports car in one post, but he’ll then teach you how to shave your beard for a more pronounced jawline in the next. 

His style is upscale urban chic, meaning a lot of tailoring and timeless cuts in black and creams, along with bomber jackets, corduroy, and turtlenecks.

Gatsby Osaka

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Who’s Behind It? Akihiko Nishi focuses on suits (from simple to three-piece to double-breasted), and classic workwear-inspired casual combinations. In addition to buying all of his own clothes, he breaks down all of his outfits in his descriptions.

Why I Like It: I consider this style guru to be the influencer manifestation of the legendary photography book Take Ivy. He takes classic prep, Americana, and general vintage, and implements them with thought and discipline.

His outfits are almost modular. For example, you can take a few posts featuring casual combos, and switch around separates to suit your personal style. You might like the McQueen-esque denim jacket in one post, but the seventies collar in another.

I Am Daniel Simmons

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Who’s Behind It? Daniel Simmons isn’t just a content creator, he has his own clothing brand too. He’s also big on get-ready-with-me content. 

The relaxed fits and cuts he wears are trending, which is why he’s big with the younger crowd on Tik Tok. However, his simple approach to style is timelessly appealing.

Why I Like It: Simmons is all about calming and neutral colors, which is why even his most oversized pieces have a classic vibe to them. That, and the fact they’re always well-structured. 

I think his style is a great entry-point for young trendy types who want to transition into a more understated, refined look, as well as those who already dress in an anti-trend manner, but are looking for inspiration for relaxed weekend and vacation looks.

Modest Man Style

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Who’s Behind It? Brock McGoff filled a gap in the style content space by starting a blog, The Modest Man, focused on helping short men look their best. McGoff has since left the highly influential site and Instagram account, both of which are now run by a top-notch team of editors.

Why I Like It: From optimizing a simple t-shirt and jeans to navigating the always confusing smart casual realm, the Modest Man Style account has loads of visual inspiration. While the blog itself occasionally explores trends (with open-minded cautiousness), the IG account is overarchingly trend resistant.

And in the age of short-form content and influencer reels, I also like how this account uses IG in a traditional way that appeals to all generations: by consistently updating the grid with still photos of outfits.

Chris John Millington

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Who’s Behind It? Chris Millington is a Scottish menswear specialist based in New York. As a professional photographer, the images on his accounts are flawless and as detail-oriented as his impeccable beard.

Why I Like It: First off, Millington is a master of incorporating textures and patterns in an effortlessly cool way. He pulls off suede, denim, shearling, and tweed in a downright Marlon Brando-esque fashion. Call it workwear elegance in ‘60s vintage.

Even better, he has a great attitude about people being themselves through fashion and sticking to timeless and affordable styles. 


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Who’s Behind It? New York-based Canadian, Joseph Weir, also has a model/photographer pedigree. In addition to knowing how to wear his clothes well and look great on camera, he seems to always know what to do with his hair.

Why I Like It: What I love most about Weir’s style as inspiration is that he takes classic simple approaches, say a tuxedo or a casual cowboy Americana look, and make it distinct

Mastering the art of standard but different takes a deft hand. He definitely has it. If you want to know how to make classic tailoring look exciting or make denim and waxed canvas look classy, follow Weir.

Effortless Gent

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Who’s Behind It? One of the blog world’s OGs, Barron Cuadro has been writing about menswear and looking good since 2009. His Instagram is a fun mix of outfit inspiration, helpful reels, and product recommendations.

Why I Like It: This account is a true resource when it comes to style with minimal effort. Even more, EG focuses on personalized, lean wardrobes for elder millennials and beyond.

I highly recommend this account for grown men just discovering style, those trying to embrace a more adult look, or maybe those who need a simple refresh. I know a lot of new dads who’ve not had time for themselves, kind of forgot how to dress confidently, and have used Effortless Gent as a resource.


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Who’s Behind It? Simon Goldman isn’t just a menswear consultant, but a designer in his own right. He’s a genuine expert in overall aesthetics. And as any useful style influencer does, he breaks down the always attractive outfits he curates beautifully.

Why I Like It: Simon Goldman is the epitome of a snappy dresser. From updated prep to grandfather chic, this guy oozes cool factor. And by emulating his outfits, you can too. Think classic tailoring mixed with hard-wearing pieces.

If you like the idea of timeless style jazzed up with young energy (without going deep into the irreverent side of things), give this account a follow.

He Spoke Style

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Who’s Behind It? Brian Sacawa started He Spoke style in 2013 and has managed to stay current in the ever changing world of the internet. Even as he’s blown up, contributing to corporate publications, he’s never “sold out” so to speak. He’s continued to cater to his demographic of style lovers.

Why I Like It: Growing up I wanted to be Cary Grant, so He Spoke Style really speaks to me. If you want to look dapper even on the most casual occasions, this account is the perfect resource. Follow it and you’ll realize there’s a power suit for every type of guy.

Follow it long enough and you’ll understand why white tie is technically a more formal black tie, the importance of cable-knit, and why old school gentlemanliness never goes out of style.

Mr. Rutherford

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Who’s Behind It? Eric Rutherford is a model and all-around socialite, which you can see from all of the cool events he goes to on his Instagram. Still, partnerships with brands like H&M prove that anyone, at any budget, can find inspiration in his style.

He jokes that he’s “an old man in a young man’s game” but I frankly don’t think any 20-something could keep up with him.

Why I Like It: Not since Anderson Cooper have I seen someone so perfectly embrace their silver mane. If you’re graying and worried about it, this account will give you confidence in the fact that you just might be entering the most handsome phase of your life.

Plus, this guy will show you how to look great in any combo, whether that’s a double-breasted suit or jeans and a t-shirt.


Something you’ll notice about all of these influencers is that they’re all grown-ups who live grown-up lives—albeit in the most stylish way possible. 

No trendy teens. No celebrity hounds.

If you want a true, classic, lasting style that’s shrewd around trends, these are the kinds of influencers to emulate.