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Pinterest for Men: 50 Awesome Boards Every Guy Should Follow

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Pinterest is not just for women anymore.

In fact, men make up over 18% of all Pinterest users, a jump of over 5% since 2014.

Yes, there’s still a lot of wedding stuff. The combination of weddings, women, and Pinterest seems to be the stereotypical male equivalent of beer, pretzels and football.

And yes, there are also plenty of pictures of unconscionably expensive room decor, modern art pieces, and furniture under boards titled “UGH. WANT”.

Don’t let that scare you away.

Provided you follow a careful selection of brands and users, your Pinterest feed can be a careful curation of pictures and guides, all relevant to your manly interests.

Don’t have time to find the best boards yourself? Don’t fret.

Here are 50 of the best Pinterest boards for men. We cover style, lifestyle, learning, fitness, and health. Get your follow clicker ready, gentlemen!

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Style – Outfits

The Zeus Effect by ZeusFactor

Let’s start with the most stylish. Zeusfactor offers up a lot of great suit combinations to try out or to try and color match with.

Men’s Fashion Blog by LIFESTYLE BY PS

Liked that one? Here’s a whole fashion blog’s worth of looks, taking you right from formal to smart casual.

Watch The Trendy Gentleman by Parsonii

Get involved with these up-to-date fashion styles ranging from everyday menswear to complete fashion icon.

Steven Alan | Men’s Lookbook by Steven Alan

Listen up, guys. Before going shopping for clothes you should take a peek at a lookbook like this.

It will help you get a good feel for a full outfit before you make any decisions (or mistakes)

CM Men’s Lookbook by Club Monaco

Club Monaco are just one of thousands of fashion brands touting their newest styles using Pinterest.

Style – Pants

Jeans by Lookastic

Simple title, simple concept. Your bottom half will never be at a loss with all these on offer.

Men’s Pants by My Dream Clothing

These guys have everything from chinos to cut-off denim shorts on this board, so take a look and find what you like.

Vintage Men’s Pants by Vintage Collectibles Prestige_Online

Suits you, sir.

Might not be for everyone, but there’s still plenty to love in the old-timey fashion. Budding hipsters take note.

Men-Pants by Mike Yellow

If you’re looking for the ‘old becomes young’ look, hese sleek styles could be right up your alley.

Men’s Casual Pants by Sinequanum

Looking for something even more casual? Here’s a bunch of flattering designs that could pique your interest.

Style – Shoes

Men’s Shoes by Oyl Miller

Ah, shoes. Women will tell you that shoes are one of the first things they notice in a man. It’s our experience that this is the truth. I hope your screen has a high enough resolution to enjoy these bad boys in all their glory.

Men’s Shoes by Pablo Del Valle Cortes

Looking for something a little more off-the-wall and adventurous to add to your collection? Check these out.

Men’s Shoes by Shoes and Me

Ever wanted a Roman Sandal updated for the modern day? Riding boots? This guy’s got you covered.

Men’s Shoes by Luca Pinterest

Fitness freak, or just a sneakerhead? This plethora of neat shoes ought to whet your appetite.

Style – Hair

Men’s Hairstyles by FashionBeans

Covering all types and colors of hair, you might find inspiration for your latest ‘do in here.

Men’s Hairstyles & Grooming by Ear Artesano

Maybe you’d like something a little more artsy? Ditch the man bun and try one of these.

Men’s Haircuts by The Adult Man

Yep, you’ve stumbled into some blatant self-promotion.

We feel we back it up though with a carefully curated selection of men’s haircut ideas (if we don’t say so ourselves).

Women Talk. Men Beard by Kurt von Schleicher

So you’re all good on the hairstyle front, but looking for a beard-over? Part art gallery, part inspiration, this board is one of many good choices to follow.

Men beard style by Men Style Expert

Go even further down the beard rabbit hole with these examples curated by Men Style Expert. Try one for yourself!

Inspiration – Men’s Beard Style by Tojo

Bet you didn’t think you could get beard-inspired (aka “beard-spired”) by an ancient statue or a particularly impressive old photograph of a fisherman, eh? Think again.

Style – Accessories

Men’s Accessories by Urban Outfitters

Are you really fully dressed without the perfect hat that emphasizes your state of mind at that very moment? Short answer: no.

Men Accessories by Nas Kobby Studios

On that note, DO NOT forget the bag, the watch, and the pocket square (in certain cases). You’re only reading this if you’re someone who likes looking sharp.

Men’s Accessories by Shawn Jones

Those of you looking to add a little razzle-dazzle to your midriff should cast a careful eye over this selection of belts too. Cufflinks as well.

Style – Shirts

Men’s T-Shirts by Ryan Maclean

There are a lot of t-shirt designs out there. Here’s a few that you could add to your look to really tie everything together.

Men Shirts by Frenzy Style and Florin Enache Blog

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more classic, try one of these very fine, mostly-striped shirts on for size. Eye-catching, too.

Men’s Shirts by Fashionisto

This board will help you keep track of the newest shirt styles from some of the largest fashion brands. Fantastic inspiration to be had.

Man:Shirt by Francois Morrow

If you just want to just stand:out, check out this board updated with the latest from the catwalk.

Style – High Fashion

Men’s High Fashion by Madhatter’s Looking Glass

Similarly, definitely some eye-catching stuff here, but maybe not what you’d wear on a date. We like taking note of the colors and shapes as inspiration for unique everydady style.

Style – Activewear

Men’s Activewear by TheFreakUnderneath

The superficial byproduct of exercising and working out is that you can look good while you’re doing it. Ditch your stained t-shirt and baggy pants and let TheFreakUnderneath sort you out with some activewear ideas.

Men’s Activewear by Stephanie Nadile

Maybe you want to be stylish and fit at the same time, and blend those boundaries? Check out this selection.

Lifestyle – Vacations

Vacation by Our Thrifty Ideas

Like a bit of a rustic getaway? How about a city-specific guide? Check out this handy, informative board for all of that and much more. If you’re single, be sure to also check out our guide to the best vacations for single guys.

Winter Travel by PureWow

The nights are closing in and the weather’s getting colder. Embrace it and hit the best ski slopes in the country with these handy guides.

Summer Vacation by The Frugal Girls

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Summer’s only getting closer (stay optimistic). Check out this board out for some of the best cuisine in the world. Hungry yet?

Vacation by Carmen Carver

Get yourself a cheaper deal on holiday, rustle up some ideas, or take advantage of the many vacation ‘hacks’ offered by this board.

Lifestyle – Hobbies

Books by Jane Wang

Need a new book to read? If not, why not? Check out this finely curated, constantly-updated list and enjoy one of life’s best pleasures.

Manly Movies by Nick Hardesty

More of a movie buff? Nick is “carving out a place for real men on Pinterest” and he’s sure doing a good job of it with this board.

Man Caves by ImproveNet

Uh, who doesn’t want a secret lair in their house so they can feel like Batman and play 2K17 like an absolute boss? No one, that’s what I thought. Get inspired to put these ones to shame.

Handyman Advice by Art of Manliness and Shannon Bolt

Not so much looking for a man cave, but maybe just some home improvement inspiration?

That’s cool, check out this board for all that Feng Shui goodness as well as some neat storage and space management solutions.

Woodworking by ManMadeDIY

There’s not much manlier than a bit of DIY. Luckily there are plenty of Pinterest Users keen to show you how to make everything from coasters to tables out of all kinds of junk.

Lifestyle – Get Inspired

Business Quotes by Wealthy Gorilla

Seeking a bit of feel good business advice? Follow this board for quotes from some of the most successful business men and women of all time.

Mind Tricks! by SmartlikeHermione

Nope, not a shortcut to becoming a Jedi. This board is the next best thing though, and will help you increase your focus, memory, your persuasion skills, and all that good stuff.

Learning – Gift Ideas

The Best Gift Ideas for Men by Men’s Journal

Christmas (gasp) is just around the corner. Never be stuck for a gift again by using this board and others like it.

Engagement Rings by The Knot

Starting to get subtle, or (k)not so subtle hints from your girlfriend? Rather than standing in the jewellery shop like a complete lemon, grab a few ideas from theknot’s board beforehand.

Learning – Cooking

Recipes by Thrillist

Never be caught short without a quick and easy recipe that will give any restaurant a run for its money.

Meals Made for Men by Men’s Health

Guy-tested and in many cases, grill-friendly, this is our go-to board for man-meal goodness.


Cardio Workouts by Men’s Health

With plenty of easy to follow lists, Pinterest boards like these are going to inspire you to get exercising whether you like it or not. It’s like some kind of guilt-inducing fitness magic.

Workouts by Shrinkinguy Fitness

Better yet, got access to a gym? This board’s got you covered. Ditch the expensive personal trainer and DIY with ideas from this board.


Men’s Health by Consumer Health Digest

Your health is paramount. If you’ve got a question or a concern, or just looking for more information about anything men’s health related, this board will help you out tremendously.

Mental Health by Men’s Health

Hey, we all need a guiding light some times, or even just some reassurance. Get to know your mental health with this board of handy listicles.

Mental Health by Taylor LeBlanc-Thorne

Need a cup of inspiration to go with the facts? Check out this handy board filled with neat quotes. You might be able to help yourself or a friend.

So there you have it.

Pinterest is an awesome resource for any dude wanting to learn more about style, health, or just get some inspiration for a new purchase. Go and see what your girlfriend’s raving about, check out some incredible pictures, and pick up the coolest new things while you’re at it.

Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest as well!