How to Wear Green Pants in Style: The Only Guide You’ll Need

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by  Karlton Miko Tyack | Last Updated: 

Green clothes are highly misunderstood.

Men tend to think of them in extreme lights, like military uniforms or leprechaun costumes.

This is especially true of green pants. Since they take up so much real estate on your body, trousers are often treated as a neutral anchor.

Many believe that green is too bold or too difficult to pair with. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not only are green pants easy to style, but they hold a lot of power. They can be unique but understated, or bold yet flattering.

We’re going to show you how to wear green pants in style. Let’s get to it.

Why Should You Wear Green Pants?

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Dark green pants are the perfect combination of both distinct and neutral style.

They won’t turn heads the second you walk into the room, but you’ll likely be one of few discerning gents sporting the color. This alone makes them an effortless way to elevate any outfit. 

Dark greens are easy to pair for two reasons. 

First, when you wear any shade from the color wheel, you typically partner it with neutrals like gray, black, and white, or you pair it with complementary shades. Green is unique because the latter rule doesn’t apply—red and green is too festive a combination to wear on a typical day at the office.

For green clothes, you’ll team it up with hues from the left and right of where it sits on the color wheel, meaning yellow and blue. These are exceedingly common in men’s basics: Brown shoes, navy suits, camel jackets, blue and yellow club ties, to name a few. So, incorporating a pair of dark green trousers won’t disrupt your wardrobe. 

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The second reason why green is a great color for pants, is that it’s a common neutral in nature. That’s why it’s used for camo. People are accustomed to seeing it paired with a wide range of shades and tones.

Olive Green Pants: Our Favorite Green Pants Color

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Olive is the best and most versatile shade for green pants. It’s a cool color with warm undertones, which means it partners well with most tints. 

Fall and winter are the best seasons to wear olive green pants because of its rich and earthy look. However, you can wear them all year long when styled properly. 

Every style of pants is available in olive. A dark suit is timeless yet different, but not offbeat. You can pair olive jeans and chinos with a cardigan for an academic look, or with a utility shirt for a military-inspired casual combination. You can wear any style of olive pants with a fitted t-shirt, leveling up the simple silhouette. 

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Mostly, you can treat olive pants like you would a neutral color.  

What Colors Go With Olive Green Pants?


You can wear any neutral shirt with olive pants. A grey henley shirt with green chinos is just as subtle and casual as wearing the same top with blue jeans. However, it’s more exciting and just as easy. Similarly, dark green trousers with a white dress shirt is perfectly professional and only slightly eye-catching.

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As mentioned, you can team olive pants up with clothes that have yellow hues in them. Browns and tans, for example, accentuate olive green’s earth tone. This is great for professorial outfits and outdoorsy styles. Think green trousers with a tan button-down and tweed jacket, or olive jeans with a brown flannel. 

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Subtle shades of honey and champagne bring out the elegance of dark green pants. A champagne-colored button down, olive trousers, and a honey tan leather belt is a winning combination for a wedding.

Blue is another great shirt color to pair with green. A blue top will bring out the cooler tone of your olive pants. You can even pull off a vivid ultramarine top because the trousers will temper its brightness.

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Wearing blue jeans with a green military-inspired utility shirt is a timeless casual combination. Switch the colors up by pairing dark olive jeans or chinos with a navy utility shirt. It’s different enough to be fashionable, but familiar enough that any guy can pull it off.


Outfit 13 Asket

Olive pants look fantastic with gray suede or dark brown Chelsea boots, loafers, or dress shoes, and tan or white dress sneakers. Footwear with yellow and blue hues make the most stylish combination. Honey leather dress shoes with olive trousers or blue kicks with dark green jeans are two excellent options.

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For you sneakerheads, avoid pairing green pants with any shoe that features bright primary red or orange as its dominant color. This means anything in the realm of red Converses or orange Nike Dunks. 

If you like colorful dress shoes, just follow the color wheel rule and avoid red shades. Crimson suede monks pair well with gray trousers and a red tie, but would be too loud when worn with green pants. Whereas tan Norwegian shoes work perfectly well as pictured below.

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When Shouldn’t You Wear Olive Green Pants?

Again, never wear green pants with red or anything in the red family. This includes pink, magenta, and salmon. You’ll also want to steer clear of colors that are too close to red on the color wheel. True orange with green is only appropriate on St. Patrick’s Day, just as primary red with green is only appropriate on a holiday sweater. 

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Bright purples are too bold to pair with green pants. The combination is too reminiscent of The Joker. Instead, wear olive green pants with the darkest shades of purple, like raisin or royal ruby.

Green Pants Outfits Ideas

1. Blue Duffle Coat with Cable-knit Sweater

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This fall-to-winter look checks all the boxes for color-pairing your green pants. All shades of brown have yellow tones in it, which goes well with green.

Since brown is so neutral though, he’s able to sport medium green pants and a medium blue coat without looking too loud. 

2. T-Shirt and Tan Suede Biker Jacket

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This outfit achieves a perfect balance of dynamic lines and delicate colors. Like his green jeans, tan suede is an unexpected, but not eccentric, construction for a biker jacket.

This is why they pair so well together. Another highlight is his thoughtful accessorizing with the subtle necklace, aviator sunglasses, and stainless steel watch.

3. Casual but Polished Blue Layers

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The mix of formal and athletic pieces here makes for a versatile and comfortable combination. He creatively utilizes blue shades, especially in the thin stripes of the sweater.

The flight jacket is not only a cool and well-structured outer layer, but provides the option of color blocking.

4. Button-down with Classic Sport Watch

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Perfect for the office or the country club, this outfit showcases how olive green pants and good tailoring can make conservative pieces more exciting.

The combination on the left is ideal for casual Friday at work, while the simplified version on the right is an excellent choice for happy hour.

5. Yellow Short-sleeved Button-down

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While olive pants are best during the cold seasons, a bright yellow pairing is the perfect way to take them into spring and summer.

This simple outfit succeeds because of the colors and the uniform fit of the top and bottom.

6. Jean Jacket and Work Pants

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Because of their association with military wear, it’s no surprise that green pants seamlessly fit into a workwear-inspired casual look.

This outfit takes it up a notch with a sophisticated gray collared shirt and honey leather shoes.

7. Three-Quarter Sleeves and Braided Belt

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This summer getup infuses a simple silhouette with several fashion-forward elements without overdoing it.

The straight-leg, cuffed pants with the Comme des Garçons shirt is urban and modern, and the braided belt adds a touch of classic texture.

Unexpected but Necessary

Green pants are the style staple many don’t know about. Like a classic sport watch and a well-tailored suit, every man should have a pair in his closet. Fortunately, you now know how to wear them in style.

If you don’t already have a pair of green pants, now’s the time to get some. 

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What color shirts go with green pants?

Neutral colored shirts or those in shades of blue and yellow are the best colors to pair with green pants. Avoid pairing them with bright red or orange shirts.

What jacket goes with green pants?

Jackets with blue hues and earth tones are stylish options. A tweed jacket, camel pea coat, or blue duffle pairs sophisticatedly with green pants, while a brown leather jacket makes for a rugged but polished pairing.

What should you wear with green dress pants?

Combine olive green dress pants with a white button-down, a brown leather belt, and brown leather dress shoes. A shirt with light yellow tones, like beige or champagne, are also elegant options. If you’d rather wear a dark button-down, just switch out the brown leathers for black leathers.

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