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17 New Men’s Fashion Trends I’m Spying in 2024

And you may not quite be ready for a few of them.

Karlton began covering men's style and grooming topics for The Adult Man since 2020 as a writer. He's also written for other popular men's publications such as The Modest Man and Effortless Gent. Karlton is an LA-born, New York-based lover of culture and optimism. Perpetual watch-wearer. Always holding a martini or a football, Karlton's favorite subjects in school were recess, PE and prom. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2024
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When it comes to my personal style, many call me trend resistant. 

In fact, as a New Yorker with several friends in the fashion industry, I’ve been accused of being stuck in my ways.

However, I do enjoy paying attention to trends.

Sometimes, these trends are just manifestations of past ones. Sometimes, they’re just classics that have been spotlit again by a new generation.

Besides, you can always incorporate a little bit of any trend into any classic wardrobe to bring new life to it.

Whether you’re a fad seeker or not, here are some fun, trending styles to try this year.

Classic Tailoring and the Old Money Aesthetic

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Some have called the old money aesthetic the second coming of minimalism, but that’s not really it. The difference between the monied and old money aesthetics is that the latter implies a particular lifestyle.

You must consider where the people of this lifestyle work and play. This is why tennis whites and equestrian gear are staples in this look. Go for functional and understated colors. 

Importantly, the old money aesthetic never gets too casual or too formal. 

This means you’ll go for a polo, khakis, and loafers over a t-shirt and jeans, and you’ll temper that full suit with a country-club-esque cable-knit sweater vest.

Contemporary Cowboys: Eastwood It Up

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Alright, this one is probably Yellowstone’s fault.

I’m not just talking bolo ties and cowboy boots here. 

Even if you don’t live on a ranch, you can incorporate this workwear-adjacent style for a rugged yet still clean-lined look. A denim button-down with jeans is halfway there. Add a bandana around your neck, throw on some brown brogues, and you have an urban-friendly cowboy look.

Other pieces include western shirts, open vests, shearling-lined scout jackets, and, of course, cowboy hats. 

There’s a lot of overlap between the contemporary cowboy look and the general aviator style. So, if you love a good pilot watch or aviator sunglasses, you might enjoy mixing some western designs into your fashion too.

Thigh High Shorts: The Off-Duty Bond Look

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Another return to a classic, short-shorts were just called shorts in the heyday of teen beach movies. For inspiration, check out Elvis in Blue Hawaii or Sean Connery in any James Bond movie that takes place in a tropical environment.

If you want to pull this trend off, but are insecure to wear literal short-shorts, you can just find shorts cut a few inches above the knee. If it’s well-fitted, but just a touch shorter than mid-thigh, you’ve achieved the effect without going full hot pants.

Men’s Manicures Are the New Power Move?

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In the early aughts, edgy, fashion-forward men wore nail polish—and it wasn’t even in a gender bendy way. Examples include punk rockers, the rebellious one in a boy band, and modern TV host types.

Today, guys are being more straightforwardly glam about it. Rappers, rockstars, and influencers are going for bold colors, metallics, and imagery.

For us everyday guys, think of this as a call to action to keep your hands in tip-top shape. We can all use a little nail buffing, cuticle maintenance, cleaning, and, of course, moisturizing. 

Nothing says you have your act together like tending to these small details.

Cropped Styles: Leveled-Up Hemlines 

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Cropped styles are making their way into both formal and casual styles. They’re an excellent way to mix up silhouettes without compromising a particular outfit’s classic vibe.

For example, Thom Browne suits are synonymous with high-hemmed pants. They’re a great way to show off statement socks or to pull off the sockless, exposed ankle look. For a fun high-low approach, a cropped jacket adds structure to jeans and a t-shirt, pairs beautifully with a full suit, and allows a long sweater to serve as an accent color as it dips below the hem of your jacket.

Cinched joggers are another excellent example of the cropped look. Pair them with high-top sneakers to create a dynamic silhouette. 

Peach Fuzz: Pantone’s 2024 Champ 

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Pantone’s color of the year for 2024 is peach fuzz, which is a soft blend of orange and pink. It’s gender neutral, bright but not loud, and has a generally happy tone.

Peach fuzz is a great alternative if you’ve never liked the preppy look of a salmon shirt but like its summery character.

The soft tone would make it a fun yet chill suit jacket, especially with light neutrals like gray or beige. And its cozy vibe makes it perfect for the aforementioned eclectic grandpa trend.

A peach fuzz sweater with charcoal corduroys, loafers, and a beanie would be an excellent weekend look.

Everything Eco

tentree review sustainable clothes

From sweaters made of oyster shells and plastic bottles to vegan leather, sustainability in fashion continues to trend in 2024.

It’s a response to the rise of fast fashion, starting in the early ‘90s when technology and cheap overseas labor allowed budget brands to copy higher-end looks. Even those who’ve pioneered fast fashion, like H&M, are starting to incorporate sustainability.

Check out our round-up of sustainable brands right here.

This doesn’t necessarily affect the visuals of your look. However, some ‘slow fashion’ design cues include organic materials like real cotton, avoiding synthetics, and earth tones. Think of it as a refined version of a crunchy, folksy aesthetic, often with a coastal twist.

Neutral with a ‘Pop:’ Boldness without Loudness

A man in a plain shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a scarf around his neck

Subtle boldness has always been an important part of interview fashion. Did you know wearing a red tie makes you more memorable?

Neutrals with a pop of color are an interior design concept that makes it into personal fashion.

There are two ways to pull this off. 

You can mix two bold colors close to each other on the color wheel, like blue and green. Keep them close together on your person, maybe as a suit and shirt combo or a t-shirt and shacket. Then, find a more traditional neutral, like brown, to temper the outfit. Check out this brown suit combination as an example.

Or go for more interesting menswear neutrals to anchor your ensemble. Instead of gray, brown, or black, use burgundy or olive green, as seen in this green suit outfit.

Suave Suiting that Makes a Statement

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I don’t mean to get too into fashion with a capital F. However, I’ll quickly mention that Balenciaga elevated a practical ‘90s staple in the past few years: The androgynous boxy suit.

This opened the door to self expression via suit style. Even more, there are ways to be more fashion-forward with your suit while still mostly keeping its professional tone.

For example, to dip into the oversized fashion trend, you can go for a slightly boxy suit jacket with well-fitting shoulders and high-waisted, straight-leg trousers. If you want to go the complete opposite route, say, classic tailoring, with a full-on three-piece suit that includes a structured vest and tie clip, that’s no longer considered too ‘80s banker or too elaborate for today.

As long as you have confidence and intention, you can take your own personal approach to the suit.

Modern Cargo Pants: Rugged, Meet Sleek

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Cargo pants were one of the coolest things you could wear in the late ‘90s. Then, they became a bit of a joke. Now they’re back, but sleeker, slimmer, and with a more refined tone.

It’s a similar evolution to how big, baggy sweatpants became cinched joggers. 

If you wear straight-fit, slim fit, or tapered cargos, it’ll bring a modern workwear vibe to your outfit. You can even cuff them like chinos.

Bring out Your Inner Handyman with Carpentercore

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Between the eclectic grandpa and carpentercore, it seems what was formerly “hipster style” has been dissected, refined, and redistributed for modern fashion.

Utilitarian style has always been a big part of classic menswear. This trend isolates it into a cool and simultaneously dad-esque and youthful aesthetic. Straight-leg jeans, sneakers and Timberland boots, earth tones, plaids, and workwear yellows are important stars in the constellation of carpentercore.

One important thing is to opt for loose but straight fits, not sleek silhouettes and slim cuts.

Classy Streetwear: Street but Neat

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Who would’ve thought that flat-brimmed baseball caps and hype-beast sneaker culture would make its way into the more refined worlds of fashion. Even on the accessories front, big “gaudy” hip hop jewelry has newfound respect from the Tiffanys and Bulgaris of the world, the former featuring Jay Z and Beyonce in a 2022 ad campaign.

The key to achieving classy streetwear is by striking a balance. Sure, you can wear those trendy oversized black pants, but balance it with a traditional black peacoat.

Or, take a classic template, say, a button-up and trousers, and opt for a looser, straight fit, then top it off with accessories like a leather baseball cap and patent leather high-tops.

You can go for the trendiest, street-style looking garment, as long as it’s clearly built with craft and uses quality materials. Think oversized cashmere hoodie or a Pima cotton crewneck t-shirt.

The Eclectic Grandpa Look

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The eclectic grandpa trend is something I can get behind because it’s all about coziness. Think about what a stereotypical sitcom grandpa would wear, only with a touch of irreverence. 

So, instead of just a standard button-down, cardigan, slacks, and loafers, you’re looking at a mohair cardigan, a crewneck t-shirt, and maybe bright socks for a pop of color. Of course, refined old world accessories, like a tank watch, can make this look more adult.

Layers are paramount since grandparents tend to get cold. Mix patterns with textures, like a fair isle sweater with tweed slacks. One of the best parts about this look is that it suits all body types because it utilizes a lot of regular fits and forgiving layers versus tight silhouettes.

Eclectic grandpa style has much in common with 2010s hipstercore but more of the vintage anti-fashion side and less of the workwear-adjacent side.

The Dapperification of Vest Tops

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Vest tops of every format were a staple in the past few men’s Fashion Weeks. Extraordinarily, they’ve become a go-to garment for dress pants and even whole suits for the hip, urban set.

Instead of wearing a t-shirt and low-profile sneakers with your suit, try a black underlayer vest shirt—which is basically just a more structured tank top. Then finish the look off with loafers.

Instead of wearing a knit polo, show off those guns with a scoop neck vest shirt tucked into slacks. Again, finish the look off with loafers.

Have fun with this trend, but make sure to respect dress codes.

Move up the Ladder, Move up Your Pant Waist

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I’ve never seen a trend move from celebs and tastemakers right to the everyday professional as quickly as high-waisted pants have.

The entire executive team at my company switched from pant waists cut closer to the hip to ones closer to the belly button. Their EAs followed suit. Literally.

It’s a less intimidating trend because it’s a comeback for this shape of pants. A lot of us probably saw our grandfathers, and possibly fathers, do it. And we’ve all seen leading men do it in classic movies.

Remixed Tweed for All Guys

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If you love an academic look or one inspired by the English country aesthetic, you’ll be glad to hear that tweed is cool again. In 2024 though, tweed garments are taking new forms, not just as blazers, vests, and suit pants.

You can wear tweed chore coats, to combine old world elegance with rugged workwear. There are tweed button-downs, which add solid architecture without having to resort to layers.

And these trendy tweed clothes come in a lot more colors than neutrals and earth tones.

Double-Breasted Suit Jackets Bring an ‘80s Power Banker Vibe

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The double-breasted suit jacket has been making a slow comeback since the end of 2022. By 2024 however, it’s officially here, big lapels and all. 

Last year, it was all about incorporating the DB in classy, subtle ways. This year, it’s about being bold and unapologetic. Find ones with ‘80s-looking pinstripes, or one made out of bright velvet. Wear one unbuttoned, even though there’s a ton of overhang.

Remember, even classics and staples were once new too. In fact, before a piece of clothing or sartorial tone achieves classic status, it often needs to go in and out of style over and over again.

And from where I’m standing, as an elder millennial, I can tell you a lot of the trends here aren’t even new.

Still, it’s exciting to see how new and old trends are recontextualized in contemporary fashion.