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rag & bone Review for Men: I Tried Their Most Popular Denim

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024
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You always have to check the quality of designer clothes. Some designers will slap a label on anything.

To make sure you didn’t fall into a marketing trap, we did a full rag & bone review to see if this brand is backed by quality. 

Relentless dedication to craftsmanship
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: rag & bone
rag & bone

Bottom line: rag & bone appear on the surface to be like any other jeans and t-shirts brand. But a closer inspection reveals meticulous attention to detail and top-quality materials that make their clothes both look and feel tailor-made.

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  • Only top-quality fabrics used
  • They’ve cut the fabric in such a way that the clothes feel tailored
  • The attention to detail and construction of the jeans are some of the best we’ve seen
  • Free US Shipping and easy 30-day returns
  • rag & bone errs toward the slimmer side, so if you’re in between sizes, consider sizing larger

A year ago, I had an epiphany.

I own roughly one-squillion t-shirts, but I only wear three of them.

There’s twelve pairs of pants in my closet, but I only wear one or two in any week.

I… you get the point.

So what was the point of owning so many clothes if I would never wear them?

My epiphany was two parts: first, the purge. A lot of my friends got clothing deliveries regardless if they wanted them.

The second part has been my ongoing journey to find the best clothes one can buy. I mean, if I’m only realistically going to wear a few t-shirts, why not find the very best?

Well, my closet is filling up again. Some things never change.

But when rag & bone reached out, I knew I’d see some serious contenders for those top spots in my wardrobe.

I’ve heard a lot about their jeans, so I had to give them a shot.

What did I think? Keep reading for the full lowdown.

What Is rag & bone?

rag & bone was founded in 2002 with the idea of making the ultimate pair of jeans.

The founder, Marcus Wainwright, went on an excursion to create an authentic pair of jeans—one that took him to traditional denim manufacturers in Kentucky to understand the process and craft.

Drawing on these experiences, rag & bone built their brand on a simple premise: quality guaranteed and a dedication to craftsmanship.

closeup of model with white long sleeve jersey shirt and jeans

While their ad campaigns would have you believe they’re more of an art-house film production company, their bread and butter are simple American classics: jeans and tees.

I compared their “Fit 1” and their “Fit 2,” and paired them with a few t-shirts and their all-white minimalist sneakers. Here’s what I discovered.

rag & bone

rag & bone appear on the surface to be like any other jeans and t-shirts brand. But a closer inspection reveals meticulous attention to detail and top-quality materials that make their clothes both look and feel tailor-made.

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My Hands-On Review

Fit 1 vs Fit 2

Fit 1 Jeans (Extra-Slim)

rag and bone fit 1 light blue washed jean

I tried two colorways in the extra slim fit: Throop (washed blue denim), and Greyson (light grey).

While both have a similar fit, each feel totally different.

The Throop is made with 10oz Japanese stretch denim, so it’s fairly light and soft.

The Greyson, on the other hand, is made with 14.5oz comfort stretch denim. While it still has a similar amount of stretch, it’s a much heavier fabric.

It’s impossible to say whether one is better than the other, but here’s what I thought based on my body type:

The heavier fabric of the Greyson made my jeans feel tight—not around the waist so much, but through the thighs.

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The Fit 1 is a bit too skinny for my preference. I’m much more partial to the slim Fit 2 jeans from rag & bone, and I’ll talk more about that later.

But the lighter fabric of the Throop was right on the border. I’ll definitely wear these during the summer months as the light wash and easy-going 10oz denim make for a chill look. They’re still skinnier than I’m completely comfortable with, but so you can better judge your own fit, I’ll explain my body type and why I feel that way.

My DNA dictates that anything I do makes my legs bigger. If I hit the gym, my thighs grow. If I sit on my couch reading books in quarantine, my butt gets bigger. I’m a bottom-heavy guy.

That said, I still wear slim-fit jeans and I think most guys (even huskier gents) should give slim-fit a shot at least once.

My brother isn’t so bottom-heavy, and I created a quick video that shows what these same jeans look like on my body type vs his body type.

So while I wouldn’t recommend rag & bone’s Fit 1 for guys my size, here’s who can rock the skinny look:

  • Younger guys. If you’re between 18-25, this look is bold, and the quality of these jeans is truly remarkable.
  • Dudes with skinny thighs or slender frames. If slim jeans look loose on you, Fit 1 is perfect.
skinny vs slim jean thigh fit comparison

My body builds muscle and puts most of my weight on my lower half. And I’m almost 30 years old. So for me, I’m a little too heavy and the style feels younger than what I’m comfortable with.

But that’s just me.

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An interesting note about the jeans is that they come standard with a 33-inch inseam. For both the Greyson and Throop, there’s a 30-inch inseam available, but those are your two options.

Both jeans feature a button-fly and have slight whiskering along the thigh. This washing technique is done by hand, and while nothing competes with wearing a pair of raw denim until they’re completely broken-in, rag & bone has done a fantastic job replicating the look.

Fit 2 Jeans (Slim)

model walking toward camera with green rag and bone tshirt and white sneakers

As I said earlier, my preference leans toward Fit 2, which is still slim, but has more room in the seat and thigh. There’s also a larger leg opening, which I think looks better with sneakers and boots.

I tried the Minna (mixed black and indigo dye) and the Bayview (overdyed indigo), both with a 33-inch inseam.

Both use the same Japanese 10oz comfort stretch denim as the Throop. I have to say that these are the softest jeans I’ve ever felt.

The Minna has an eye-catching color that looks rich and well-worn. Again, all the details are meticulous, from the rivets to the button-fly.

model in white rag and bone long sleeve shirt walking along train tracks

The Bayview colorway is an ode to indigo—the overdyed fabric ends up looking like the bluest blue-jeans you’ve ever seen. Just be careful if you have a light-colored fabric couch as some indigo can rub off and leave a blue mark (especially true if you’re wearing raw denim—the indigo gets everywhere).

Because of their softness and the careful washing process, these jeans have a relaxed, lived-in look. Pair that with the tailored fit, and it’s like they were handcrafted just for you and your stems.

Again, between Fit 1 and Fit 2, I’ll go with Fit 2 every time. For my body type, I get enough taper to look sleek, but without my jeans every stretching around any part of my body.

model sitting on beat up van with green t shirt and white sneakers rb1 low from rag and bone

On the other hand, I recommend the Fit 1 for dudes with more slender frames or thin thighs—you can see just how big a difference it made in the video above.

rag & bone Jeans

Designer jeans made with the highest quality materials.

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model in front of power cables wearing jeans and t shirt

I paired my jeans with a few t-shirts from rag & bone. My favorite is the Classic Tee in the Military colorway (it’s going into my three-shirt rotation I mentioned in the intro).

It’s made with Peruvian cotton slub jersey. What’s slub jersey, you ask? Well, it’s what you get when your yarn is spun by hand. Some fibers end up a bit thicker than others, which gives a slightly uneven, lightly textured look to the finished fabric.

Also, it’s crazy soft.

The fit is excellent through the chest and torso, though I thought the sleeves were a bit “open.” That said, this t-shirt does the best sleeve roll of anything in my wardrobe.

I highly recommend giving the sleeve roll a try. Here’s what it looks like in action:

Sleeve Roll comparison

This is a cool look both for dudes with slender arms, buff arms, and everything in between. With a textured fabric like the one found here, you elevate the style of the t-shirt. It takes you from basic to fashion statement.

closeup of rb patch on green rag and bone tshirt

I also tried the slim fit Classic Base Tee in white. While I think a size medium was a good choice of fit in the shoulders, the chest and torso were a bit tight. If you’re a slender guy, go for your usual size. If you’re a beefier dude, size up.

model sitting on stairs in rag and bone outfit

Still, the Peruvian cotton jersey is incredibly soft and the shirt screams high-quality construction.

rag & bone Classic Tee
  • High-quality construction
  • Super soft Peruvian cotton slub jersey cotton
  • Prime for sleeve rolling
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My Thoughts Overall on rag & bone

What I Like

  • The whole line is made with the best fabrics. Even the 14.5oz denim was soft. If style is all about attention to detail, then high-quality materials is a must.

  • While I was technically just looking at jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers—three of the most basic things in any guys wardrobe—the cut and fit elevated the casual style.

  • Shipping within the US is free and if you’re not happy with something, they offer an industry-generous 30-day return window.

What I Don’t Like

  • This is a common issue for me, as I’m right between a medium and large. Some brands trend large, some trend small. rag & bone’s clothes fit slimmer, which is excellent for slender guys. If you’ve got extra meat on your bones like me, size up.

The Verdict

It’s easy to get trapped in thinking that your casual wardrobe should be built for comfort only. But if you’re anything like me, you wear your casual wardrobe just about every day.

Yeah, I have suits, but I hardly wear them.

For me, investing in a top-quality pair of jeans that feels like it was tailored to my body is well worth it. I’ll get use from them nearly every day.

rag & bone’s commitment to quality and American craftsmanship show in their clothes. The details—like the rivets in the jeans and the collar of the t-shirt—were both subtle and meticulous.

Just be careful—rag & bone seems to run a bit small in some of their clothes. As I said, I’m between an M and L, and while some items fit me perfectly, others were smaller than I prefer.

But, they offer a generous return policy if you accidentally get something that’s too big or small, so there isn’t too much pressure to get it perfect the first time.

rag & bone’s fit and quality mean they’re an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their casual wardrobe.

rag & bone

rag & bone appear on the surface to be like any other jeans and t-shirts brand. But a closer inspection reveals meticulous attention to detail and top-quality materials that make their clothes both look and feel tailor-made.

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