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Revtown Jeans Review: Are They Overhyped?

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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With so many denim brands on the market and not much chance to try them on before buying on the web, it can be hard to tell which brand will work for you.

In our Revtown jeans review, we take a look at two popular fits from the brand to see whether this denim company delivers on its promise of being the most comfortable jeans on the planet.

Need jeans for limbo?
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Bottom line: Revtown jeans are extremely comfortable and the price is right. If you prefer a wider-than-average leg opening, you’ll love Revtown jeans.

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  • The jeans are as comfortable as denim gets
  • Three straight-forward fits with plenty of color options to choose from
  • Revtown’s denim production is vastly more eco-friendly than industry standards
  • Free shipping and exchanges
  • I’d like to see more differentiation between fits---the Automatic relaxed fit jean had the same thigh measurement as the Sharp slim fit, but a wider leg opening

I used to sacrifice comfort for style.

That is until right around when I turned 30. Something about the combo of my age and the humidity of North Carolina summers broke me. 

But it wasn’t until my brother said, “You know, you can actually find stuff that’s comfortable and looks good.”

That was news to me. And since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of jeans that feel as good as they look. 

On my journey, I came across Revtown. They claim to make the “most comfortable jeans on the planet.” 

Sure, they’re speaking my language, but is the claim true? I picked up two of the most popular fits from Revtown to find out. 

Oh, and it’s not going to work out if they’re not stylish. So how’d they do?

What Is Revtown Jeans?

Revtown light wash relaxed fit jeans

Revtown has taken a unique approach to denim. Founded by three former Under Armour execs, Revtown incorporates some of that history in athletic-wear and applies it to the most American thing you can put on your legs: jeans. 

The denim Revtown uses is milled in Italy and it’s a blend of cotton and four-way stretch synthetic materials that make life a little more comfortable. 

I wish I’d known about Revtown jeans back in the day when I coached a high school dodgeball team. I blew out not one, but two pairs of pants. That stretch material can save a lot of embarrassment. 

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Denim has historically been a pretty dirty industry, but the team behind Revtown is also using their experience to make their jeans in a much more sustainable manner. 

Rather than using environmentally harmful dyes, Revtown uses natural indigo, shrimp and nut shells, and orange peels. The manufacturing process uses 50% less water, 30% less energy, and uses 70% fewer chemicals than standard denim production. 

Funnily enough, it’s not something Revtown touts much.

Revtown Jeans

You’ll like Revtown jeans if you’re looking for a more relaxed, everyday kind of jean. They’re comfortable enough to where you can jump on a bicycle and ride around town with no trouble, but still look sleek and sharp enough to wear to the office.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Jeans from Revtown

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Revtown keeps their selection simple, which I like. 

Their three most popular offerings are their Taper, Sharp, and Automatic (skinny, slim, and relaxed). 

You can also find Khaki jeans (aka twill cotton pants), a few lightweight and technical fabric jeans, and they also have a Selvage jean available. 

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The most important consideration to make before buying a pair of Revtown jeans is to determine how tapered you prefer the leg opening on your jeans. Revtown leaves a decent opening with little taper below the knee. This leads to a more relaxed style, even for the slim fits.

If you prefer a lot of taper below the knee, you might like the fit from another brand. 

Revtown Jeans Review

I considered trying all three of Revtown’s top fits, but I skipped the Taper (skinny fit) because my thighs aren’t built for that. Instead, I picked up the brand’s Sharp and Automatic (slim and relaxed).

Revtown Sharp (Slim Fit)

Revtown slim indigo jeans

I picked up the Sharp in Dark Indigo. I love the look of a well-worn pair of jeans, especially when they start as a deep, crisp color. 

The Sharp is made with Revtown’s custom Decade Denim blend, which is a 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane blend. 

Revtown slim fit indigo jeans

If you’ve spent as much time looking at denim tags as I have, you understand that’s a lot of stretch material. Many “stretch” jeans feature one per cent elastane and call it a day. Revtown doubles that, plus adds in a hefty dose of polyester for comfort, colorfastness, and added durability when under stress. 

Even with all that stretch material, these jeans still look like your everyday denim. 

Revtown slim jeans

The Dark Indigo features contrasting gold stitching, but if you wanted to go all-dark, I’d also check out the Indigo Rinse, which is the same deep, crisp color, but has matching stitching.

It’s true that these jeans are extremely comfortable. I jumped on a city-bike while wearing these (one of those rental bikes you can ride from one end of town and drop off at another), and I didn’t feel any discomfort. Well, except for the usual discomfort of riding a bike.

But my jeans had more than enough stretch to where they didn’t impede my movement whatsoever. 

Revtown jeans over boots

It’s important to note that the Sharp slim fit has a 15” leg opening, which is a bit wider than many other slim fits on the market. I’d say the Sharp is on the relaxed end of the slim fit spectrum. 

The thighs were snug, but not tight, and there’s a straight cut below the knee with little taper. 

Revtown cuffed over boots

But I saved my favorite part of these jeans for last. I love the fabric they use for their outseam. It has a selvedge look without the added cost of using a traditional selvedge loom (though if you want a full selvedge jean, check out Revtown’s Selvage). 

A lot of brands will skip over subtle details like the outseam, but that can leave you looking sloppy if you decide to cuff your jeans. But not with Revtown. They’ve put attention into the details and I’m digging it. 

Revtown Sharp Slim Fit

The Revtown Sharp is slim through the thigh and has a roomier leg opening. The combo of the stretch denim and comfort-first fit makes these jeans a pleasure to commute in.

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Revtown Automatic (Relaxed Fit)

Revtown relaxed jeans closeup

In the past eight months, I’ve added about 70 pounds to my squat (245 to 315lbs). From a pants perspective, that means I’m in the transition between slim fit and relaxed fit. 

That said, I had to try out Revtown’s Automatic relaxed fit. I picked up the Automatic in Faded Indigo. I really like the color of these jeans as they’re fairly light, but still have plenty of color to fade as I wear them in. 

Revtown relaxed fit jeans

I was surprised to find that the fit of the Automatic through the hips and thigh felt nearly identical to the Sharp. The big difference is in the leg opening. 

The Automatic has a 15 and a half inch leg opening, compared to the Sharp’s 15 inch opening. While I felt the Sharp already had a relaxed look, the Automatic leaves much more room around the ankle. 

Revtown back pocket detail

This is a solid look for guys who like larger boots, though I think it’s too wide if you’re into slimmer footwear. 

Overall, I expected the Automatic fit to be a bit looser in the thigh, but these jeans still look and feel great, so no complaints on my end. But if you’re really particular about how your jeans break toward the bottom of your ankle, these are important details. 

Revtown Automatic Straight

Made with Italian 10oz denim blended with 4-way stretch fibers, these jeans hardly even feel like jeans. Go ahead, try your hand at the splits.

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What do Other Reviewers Say About Revtown?

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One word stuck out when reading through the reviews for Revtown: comfort.

Several reviewers reported coming back several times for another pair of Revtown because they loved their first so much. The added stretch is a big win for reviewers to tend to wear jeans every day. 

My Thoughts Overall On Revtown Jeans

What I Like

  • What they say is true: the 6% polyester and 2% elastane makes these jeans extremely comfortable. 

  • I like the simplicity of their fit selection and there’s a wide variety of colors to choose from.

  • The brand’s denim requires 50% less water, 30% less energy, and uses 70% fewer chemicals, making Revtown much more eco-friendly than the industry standard. 

  • Free shipping and exchanges with every order. 

What I Don’t Like

  • I expected the Automatic relaxed fit to have more room in the thigh, though the fit in the thigh was quite similar to the Sharp slim. The difference was mainly in the wider leg opening.

Who is Revtown for?

You’ll like Revtown jeans if you’re looking for a more relaxed, everyday kind of jean. They’re comfortable enough to where you can jump on a bicycle and ride around town with no trouble, but still look sleek and sharp enough to wear to the office.

The Verdict

I’ve been really enjoying my Revtown jeans. They offer an excellent balance between style and comfort, and they’ve become my go-to choice for denim on the weekdays. 

I usually walk about three miles per day as I go from my apartment to the office to the gym and back home. An uncomfortable pair of jeans makes that a rough experience. But with Revtown jeans, the walk is a breeze. 

In some situations, I’d prefer a little more taper below the knee for both the Sharp and Automatic fits. All Revtown jeans have a straight cut below the knee, so even the slim fit stays relatively wide at the ankle. 

This definitely gives these jeans a chill, laid-back vibe, which I enjoy. Though it’s important to note that if you prefer a more tapered ankle. 

For the price, it’s hard to beat Revtown for their comfort, durability, and sustainability. 

I’m looking forward to wearing these jeans throughout the year.

Revtown Jeans

You’ll like Revtown jeans if you’re looking for a more relaxed, everyday kind of jean. They’re comfortable enough to where you can jump on a bicycle and ride around town with no trouble, but still look sleek and sharp enough to wear to the office.

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Do Revtown jeans stretch over time?

No, Revtown jeans keep their shape well. They’re made with a stretch fabric that will get a bit loose if you don’t wash them, but once you put your jeans through the washing machine, they’ll snap back to their original shape.

Are Revtown jeans selvedge?

The majority of Revtown jeans aren’t selvedge. However, they recently released their Selvage jean, which is made on a selvedge shuttle loom.