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What to Wear with Grey Jeans: 14 Snappy Denim Styles

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What to Wear with Grey Jeans Two casual outfits t shirts with gray jeans

We get it. Some guys wear denim every day. 

If you do, more power to you.

But if you’re putting on the same old blue jeans time after time, start thinking about switching it up. 

One of our favorite alternatives to classic blue jeans is grey denim. The question then becomes: what to wear with grey jeans? 

In this article, we’re going to share with you our favorite grey jeans, plus give you some style inspiration so you can rock your grey jeans like a fashion-pro. 

Where to Find Grey Jeans

Liverpool Jeans los angeles twill joggers and grey sneakers Greats

Grey jeans are best worn casually, and we like them as an alternative to light wash jeans for summer. 

Luca Faloni offers a light grey jean that hits an excellent balance between the workwear look of denim with the sort of breathable, relaxed pants you’d be comfortable in during the hottest day of summer. 

Luca Faloni Light Grey Jeans

There are jeans and there are comfortable jeans, and these bad boys from Italian artisans, Luca Faloni, are certainly the latter. Made from a premium mid-weight cotton and with a mid rise and slightly tapered profile, they're an easy year-round reach.

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But grey jeans aren’t just relegated to the hot months. Feel free to have some fun and pop on some light-colored outerwear when the snow starts falling.

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When everyone is dressed head to toe in formal navy and black, seize the opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd and make a statement. 

How to Wear Grey Jeans

Dark denim is versatile, but grey jeans can be a bit tricky. See if you can spot any similarities in the 13 outfits below. We’ll break down how to pick the right shoes and whether you should go light on top or dark.

How to Wear Grey Jeans Casually

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Because grey jeans are more on the casual end of the spectrum, one of our favorite ways to rock them is with a well-fitted black t-shirt. 

Every guy should have at least one solid black tee—and it’s even more powerful when you don’t know what to wear or aren’t feeling inspired. 

If you’re not feeling the black t-shirt, the next best option is a plain white t-shirt. This is a little more appropriate if you’re spending time in the blistering heat and don’t want to drape yourself in black. 

With both of these casual outfits, you’re not going to turn heads or shock anyone with your “bold” fashion choices. But if you’ve got the right jeans and t-shirt, this is an easy outfit to throw on and head out the door. 

What Shoes to Wear with Grey Jeans

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Spend some time reading The Adult Man and you’ll learn how much we love Chelsea boots. It’s hard to beat the slim silhouette, and these boots have a lot more versatility than you might think.

If you’re rocking a pair of slim grey jeans, black Chelsea boots are a surefire way to class your outfit up.

We love the matching oversized denim jacket above, as it combines for a rugged look with a dressy touch in the footwear. 

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A pair of white sneakers like our value-for-money pick the Oliver Cabell Low 1s is the obvious companion choice for grey denim, though black sneakers would do well in this outfit, too. If you can match the color of your shirt to your sneakers, we’ll award you a few extra style points. 

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If you want our honest opinion, the model above has his jeans a little too tight. Once you hit the legal drinking age, a slim fit is more appropriate than skinny.

And with grey jeans, you may want to even try a more relaxed fit than whatever you normally wear because the lighter color is a better match for summer. Nobody wants skinny jeans when it’s blazing hot outside. 

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We’re throwing a curveball at you here with some light brown loafers. Yes, you can wear brown shoes with grey pants. 

The main consideration here is that you keep the value the same. A dark brown pair of loafers would clash, but because they’re as lightly colored as the jeans above, this combo works in harmony. 

What to Wear with Dark Grey Jeans

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Just like our first outfit idea, the contrast between light and dark makes any outfit interesting. Try a relaxed fit white shirt with your dark grey jeans. 

Accessories are the secret to pulling this look together. But a lot of guys struggle to find accessories that fit their personality, so they forego them altogether. Watches are our favorite accessory by a landslide. This Baltic Salmon Dial MR01 on navy leather strap pairs beautifully with denim, but there are some other cool choices out there. 

Baltic MR01 Salmon

Ah, the watch that effectively broke the internet upon its release in January 2022. Yes, it's dressy. But the font, dial texture, and seconds hand placement gives it enough character to wear casually with ease as well. It's elegant and as is the case for most of Baltic's offerings, it packs a lot of punch for its price point.

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Wooden beads are a safe bet, but some folks think they look a little “young.” A simple silver cuff bracelet is an easy win in almost any outfit. 

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Grey jeans aren’t just for the warmer months. Dark denim pairs well with other natural fibers like wool. This look is nearly monochromatic (minus the brown boots) and matches a few wardrobe items that are less common.

Don’t have a turtleneck? A black t-shirt will do, but turtlenecks are one of those “sleeper” items that many guys fall in love with after going out on a limb and trying one.  

What to Wear with Light Grey Jeans

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A light denim or chambray shirt paired with light grey jeans is a classic look. A few dressier items like a fitted blazer and monk strap shoes make a nice contrast between high-brow and low-brow. 

The key here is to make sure you’re not matching your denim shirt and jeans. Your shirt should have the same value (lightness or darkness) for this outfit to look intentional. 

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Here we have another dressed-up grey jeans outfit, with our models wearing an unbuttoned white shirt and navy blazer

Notice the brown loafers—brown and grey can go together if you keep the value the same. Dressy-casual outfits ooze confidence, so have your best strut ready if you decide to hit the streets in this ensemble. 

Grey Jeans Street Style Outfits

Ok, enough of the business casual stuff. Here are a few outfits you can piece together if street style is more your speed. 

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Boxy t-shirts aren’t for everyone, and if you don’t plan your outfit well, you run the risk of looking like you bought the worst fitting t-shirt ever. 

But if you nail it like the picture above, the result is effortlessly cool. Cuff your shirt sleeves to add some dimension to the arms. And if you want to relive the 90s, tie a rugged old flannel around your waist and call it a day. 

You can also take the same shirt and jeans and throw on a matching grey overshirt. Keep your jeans tapered and slim so you don’t run the risk of looking sloppy.

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And let’s talk about denim jackets. Pair up your grey jeans with a bomber style lined denim jacket and a crisp white t-shirt for a killer street style look. 

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Again, the secret-sauce to this outfit is the clean, ironed shirt and the fresh sneakers. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a beat up shirt and sneakers with this outfit, but it loses its fashionable edge and looks more like something you’d just throw on for a quick trip to the store. 

But if you keep those accents crisp and clean this is a solid Saturday night outfit. 


Grey jeans are versatile, and depending on what kind of fit you have, there’s a world of possibilities.

So, how are you going to style yours? 

Are you going with a trusty stand-by like a white or black t-shirt? Or are you venturing into more fashion-forward territory with a business-casual or street-style vibe? 

Whatever you choose, let us know over on our Instagram page, @theadultman. Send us a DM and tell us what you landed on.

We’re looking forward to hearing how you rocked your grey denim.


What color shirts go with grey jeans?

White and black shirts are the easiest option for pairing with grey jeans. But if you prefer more color, try earth tones like olive, khaki, indigo, or brown.

Do brown shoes go with grey jeans?

Brown shoes can pair with grey jeans if the value is the same. Don’t pair dark brown shoes with light grey jeans. Instead, pair your light grey jeans with a lighter shade of brown.