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Robert Barakett Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Does this sound like you? You have almost all the outfits you need but something’s lacking: loungewear that’s stylish, in addition to being cozy.

Does Robert Barakett’s luxury collection live up to that mark? Keep reading to find out.

The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Robert Barakett
Robert Barakett

Bottom line: Robert Barakett nails the luxury experience in their details, fabric choice, and design. Their shirts, hoodies, and joggers complement my body type and their US-grown Pima cotton is pretty damn comfortable. However, I didn’t find the price of the t-shirts to be as justifiable compared to the sweatpants and hoodie, which is also high, but supported by a lot of fine details.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Craftsmanship The Adult Man Image/Icon  Customer Service
  • US-grown Pima cotton is soft, drapes beautifully, and doesn’t get warped from wear or washes
  • Even with my wider frame, the Cortina Hoodie, Jogger, and T-shirts nailed the fit
  • Subtle branding details and gunmetal hardware bolster the luxury feel of their Cortina collection
  • The tag on their t-shirts can feel cumbersome
  • The drawstring on the Cortina Jogger is small despite a proper fit through the leg.

I have a fair share of luxury clothing in my wardrobe—things like jackets, jewelry, and handmade denim.

Rarely does “luxury” cross over into my loungewear and basics.

Why would I shell out the money when I’m just going to wear it around the house?

Maybe buying trendy athleisure has made me jaded, but these synthetic blends aren’t doing my skin any favors.

Furthermore, these brands have the audacity to logo-slap everything they put out.

Robert Barakett positions themselves as a remedy for my angst, but I remain skeptical.

It’s obvious that they have the style part down, but their pricing seems pretty high for a brand I’m unfamiliar with.

In a list ditch effort, I picked up two shirts and some sweats to get the lowdown on their value.

What Is Robert Barakett?

Robert Barakett Barakett V Tee Label

Founded in 1996, Robert Barakett (yep, he’s a real dude) started his eponymous brand with no previous experience in apparel.

While studying finance in university, Barakett grew increasingly aimless. After an impromptu lunch at a garment factory owned by his friend’s brother, he set his sights on entering the clothing industry.

After a brief stint working for a women’s clothing label, he made the jump to starting his own brand.

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Since then, Robert Barakett has expanded into a broad range of styles, including tees, tops, jackets, vests, and trousers. The brand emphasizes exceptional fabrics, especially their US-grown Pima cotton, reiterating their belief that comfort always starts with the right materials.

The brand supports their mission to help men dress better with their in-house publication, The Barakett Journal, where they periodically publish deep-dives into their favorite materials, outfit inspirations, and more.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Clothing from Robert Barakett is relatively expensive. A t-shirt will run you over $65, and it’s common for prices to hang around the $200 to $500 price range for vests, jackets, and knitwear.

Robert Barakett Double Sided Zipper Cortina Hoodie Sitting

The brand leans smart casual, so everything fits on the slimmer side. If you have a large frame, they’ll likely have your size, but don’t expect to find something similar to your vintage sweats with a relaxed fit.

My Hands-On Review 

Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt

Robert Barakett Barakett Tee Side Profile

Crafting a luxury t-shirt in a market flooded with self-purported “perfect tees” is a tall task.

When I first looked at Barakett Tee’s product page, my jaw dropped at the massive 48-colorway option list—the most I’ve seen from any brand to date.

There’s no boring palette of neutrals to limit your personal style here. Robert Barakett has just about every color of the rainbow.

My wardrobe already boasts plenty of color, so only one could serve as the ideal test subject: the classic white tee.

Upon first wear, the t-shirt’s material, 100% USA-grown Pima cotton, checked all of my boxes: All-natural fabric, silky softness, a slight sheen for dressier applications, but not too much shine to look like a synthetic workout tee.

Robert Barakett Barakett Tee Under Blazer

Robert Barakett says the shirt comes engineered with “shape retention,” with little background on how that’s achieved.

Either way, their secret formula lives up to its moniker. I never machine dry my tees, but my budget shirts always leave the wash desperate for the garment steamer. The Barakett Tee’s collar, arm openings, and body finish hang drying nice and flat.

At 6’1 and 195 lbs, my height buffers my above-average weight, but stubborn love handles still persist.

I can safely describe the Barakett Tee’s fit as good for just about anyone. 

Fit guys look good in anything. If you’re chiseled to the bone like Michaelangelo, the slightly-fitted arms and torso will highlight your assets. For guys like me with a bit more to love, the straight torso and subtle crop avoid exposing the curves.

Robert Barakett Barakett Tee Off to Side

Now here’s the kicker: it costs almost $70. Tees are a year-round staple for me, and I don’t take good ones for granted.

However, I’d feel like the price would be justified if it had a bit more “oomph”. Functionality such as anti-stain, anti-odor, or other fabric treatments go a long way.

I love soft, quality cotton, but the difference can only be felt up to a certain point.

If you’re keen on scoring this tee, you can save a few bucks by ordering one of their 3-packs that come in a snazzy dust bag. Either way, Robert Barakett makes returns both free and easy.

I don’t spend ~$70 on t-shirts without blinking. However, with 100% US-grown cotton, a vast array of color options, and the resilient fabric of Barakett Tee give it a strong case.

Robert Barakett The Barakett Tee
The neutral fit of the Barakett Tee flatters all shapes, but it works particularly well for my build, highlighting my arms and chest but concealing my average torso. 100% US-grown cotton and shape retention layer on decadent, all-natural softness and longevity.
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Pima Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

Robert Barakett Barakett V Tee With Green Pants

The crew neck’s snazzier brother, the Barakett V Tee, delivers most of what makes the former special: lasting color, a flattering cut, and high-quality cotton grown right here in America.

While the neckline might sound like a negligible modification, I’m not a huge fan of v-necks. A crew neck does it all, whereas a v-neck feels strictly formal.

If I’m so fond of the crewneck Barakett Tee, could their v-neck change my feelings towards the style?

Fit-wise, it’s identical to the Barakett Tee — a gentle grip around the upper torso falling to a roomy taper through the body. Both the crew and v-neck versions have side slits on the bottom hem, giving these shirts the cut-and-sew feel that I like.

Robert Barakett Barakett V Tee Side Slit

I was skeptical of the collar’s ability to retain a crisp edge, as a v-neck is inherently looser than the structured ring of a crew neck. Nothing says slob like bacon collar.

The fabric drapes effortlessly over the upper torso, and the collar follows suit. Whether I’m accessorizing with necklaces or a dollop of chest hair, the v-neck is a Louvre-worthy piece.

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I’m not a fan of the two shirts’ tags, though.

Robert Barakett Barakett V Tee Label

Having tested countless tees, I’ve come to appreciate a printed label over stitched. Robert Barakett’s label hangs loosely, and the size tag is stitched loosely on top of it. It isn’t torturous, but all the extra fabric behind my neck can be felt.

Robert Barakett Barakett V Tee With Necklace

All in all, I can see the Barakett V Tee being my one-and-done v-neck. Dressy looks aside, the Pima cotton softness makes it an equally viable piece of loungewear. If you’re team v-neck over crew neck and willing to spend about $70, you’ll score a comfortable, flattering shirt with an unmistakably premium feel.

Robert Barakett Barakett V Tee
The Barakett V Tee doesn’t settle with the V-neck’s handsome reputation. Soft Pima cotton reinforced with shape and color retention result in a tee that’ll surely outlast my budget tees.
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Pima Cotton Cortina Hoodie Sweatshirt

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie Hood

“Luxury hoodies” have always been somewhat of an oxymoron to me. All of the $150+ hoodies I’ve seen are logo-blasted pullovers with nothing else to show for the triple-digit price tag.

The minimalist look of the Cortina Hoodie is certainly my taste, but paying over $250 for a hoodie was a shock.

Well, money comes and goes.

After taking it out of its plastic bag, the heavyweight feel of the Cortina Hoodie eased my worries. The substantial weight is warm, yet breathable, unlike rigid workwear hoodies.

Made of 100% Pima cotton, it feels airy, drapes easily, and doesn’t restrict movement whatsoever.

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie On Lat Pulldown

The sleek profile made me think there must be some elastic fibers that contour the body, but Robert Barakett just did a bang-up job at crafting the fit. Like the tees, I love the athletic look up top with enough room near the waist.

I mentioned how my hoodie (a size large) doesn’t restrict movement. I’m able to raise my arms above my head without showing off midriff, which makes it a perfect second layer for cold gym days.

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie Zipper

Robert Barakett laid on a thick layer of luxe with the gunmetal double-sided zipper. The chrome-like finish contrasts well with the black fabric, and the logo’d pull tab adds just a pinch of the brand.

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie Pocket

Whether I’m pulling up Excel sheets at my desk or doing lat pull-downs in the gym, undoing the bottom portion of the zipper relieves any awkward bunching around my stomach.

The black fabric isn’t discreet about showing stains, though. Its weave is tighter on the outside than the brushed texture of the inside, making me painfully aware of every flake of dandruff or food spill.

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie Rear

Maybe I should be more careful and invest in some Head & Shoulders.

The whole thing feels put together. Heavyweight cotton, quality stitching, and a gunmetal logo button firmly assert the Cortina as a contender in the luxury loungewear space. All things considered, I’d happily depart with the money I’d have to spend for this piece.

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie
I can’t get enough of the smooth heavyweight cotton, double-sided zipper, and glorious fit of the Cortina Hoodie. It’s a double whammy of attractive comfort, thriving both in the gym and on the couch.
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Pima Cotton Cortina Jogger Pant

Robert Barakett Cortina Hoodie and Jogger Walking

Completing the outfit with Robert Barakett’s Cortina Hoodie is the Cortina Jogger.

Having picked the same black color as my zip-up, I dipped my toes into the tracksuit look. I’d either end up looking like a Run DMC tribute artist or a Hollywood celebrity gracefully stumbling out for a $20 smoothie.

Slipping them on, I prayed for the latter.

The tapered silhouette is modern and flattering, unlike the uber-slim fit of many contemporary joggers, which can detract from the relaxed ethos they’re going for.

While the fit exceeded expectations, I noticed a slight limitation in the adjustability of the drawstring. This was a minor issue but something to consider for those who prefer a more customizable fit around the waist.

At least the gunmetal aglets and eyelets look amazing.

Robert Barakett Cortina Jogger Drawstring

The waistband can make or break a potential jogger purchase for me. Robert Barakett made the Cortina Jogger’s extra wide, keeping it from doubling over. I’m glad this minor detail wasn’t overlooked on a bottom costing almost $200.

All my other joggers have zippered pockets both on the front and back. While I appreciate the extra security, I like Robert Barakett’s choice to opt for open pockets. They’re lounging pants after all, so being able to quick-draw my phone is a bonus.

Robert Barakett Cortina Hooe and Jogger Looking Off

If you plan on using these for the gym, loose valuables might be a downside.

I’ve spent $200 on pants that offer less. Given the comfort, fit, and quality, I find the Cortina Jogger to be the ideal first purchase if you’re considering one of Robert Barakett’s high-end pieces.

Robert Barakett Cortina Jogger Pant
Whether it’s completing the look with the Cortina Hoodie or as a standalone pant, the Cortina Jogger is one of the comfiest sweatpants I’ve worn. Soft fabric and convenient pockets aside, the roomy-yet-sleek profile is what seals the deal for me.
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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Past customers who bought the Cortina Hoodie are fans of the lightweight, breathable Pima cotton, but one reviewer found the double-sided zipper to be finicky.

Similar to my thoughts, those who purchased the Cortina Joggers love the roomy-yet-sleek fit and secure waistband.

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One customer wished there were more color options, as the jogger only comes in six dark tones.

As for both tees, customers rave about the fit. Not too cropped and not too long, they’ve pulled off stellar outfits worn tucked and untucked.

Robert Barakett Alternatives


model in alley against brick wall wearing full asket outfit

If Robert Barakett’s US-grown cotton swooned you but their prices left you shell-shocked, Asket takes ecological impact seriously. The impact on your checking account won’t be as severe, either.

The brand is dedicated to a fully traceable supply chain, ensuring both labor and emissions are accounted for responsibly.

model walking down steel steps with olive asket chinos

Lastly, a basic hoodie from them will run you about $150, far less than the ~$270 price tag from Robert Barakett.

If eco-friendly threads are a priority for you, then Asket may be the better option.

Free Shipping When You Susbcribe to the Asket Newsletter

Asket is often compared to Everlane. I’m a big fan of both brands, and while they seem very similar, there are a few key differences. Asket’s clothes are higher quality and the brand is even more eco-driven and dedicated to traceability. But those things come at a higher cost. Whether they’re worth it is down to you and your budget.

Shop Asket Read Our Review


The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie Standing With Dog

TexTale balances art and science to create men’s basics with function. If you need more out of your sweats, T-shirts, and hoodies, they’re worth a look.

For example, their _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie infuses an EasyClean™ fabric treatment that causes any liquid to bead up on contact, ideal if you spent time outdoors or near water.

The Adult Man TexTale BREEZ Anti Odor Polo Playing Tennis

Their T-shirts, briefs, and loungewear also have antimicrobial and hyper-breathable properties.

The TLDR? If technical fabrics and breathability tickle you more than comfort and fit, TexTale may be more of a fit for you than RB.


TexTale is all about comfortable and eco-friendy apparel with a strict focus on fabric, craftsmanship, and design. And it shows---they've become an insider go-to for us here at TAM for basics.

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My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • Available in 48 colors, the Barakett Tee has an option for anyone’s taste.
  • Their signature US-grown Pima cotton found on the Barakett Tee and V Tee feels nice on the skin and requires little maintenance.
  • The double-sided zipper keeps the Cortina Hoodie looking good, even when sitting down.
  • The gunmetal finish on the eyelets, aglets, and zipper hardware achieve the luxurious appearance Robert Barakett aims for.
  • I have yet to find a jogger that suits my thick legs better than the Cortina Jogger.
  • Pairing the Cortina Jogger with the Cortina Hoodie resulted in a modern, cohesive outfit that didn’t feel like a forced tracksuit.

What I Don’t Like

  • Stains and debris show up easily on the black Cortina Jogger and Hoodie.
  • The size tag is stitched over the label tag on the Barakett Tee and V Tee, and it’s noticeably itchy when moving around.
  • Despite a proper fit around the waist and through the leg of the Cortina Jogger, the drawstring felt strangely short.

Who Is Robert Barakett For?

For the guy who demands the finer things in life-—-kickbacks and leisurely strolls included. If inexpensive casual wear isn’t doing it, their US-grown Pima cotton is your solution. The comfort, style, and proportions are well thought out.

However, fine things come with a price. If you’re unwilling to throw money at premium loungewear or basics, there isn’t much bearing the Robert Barakett name that I would call a bargain.

The Verdict

With a liberal budget, Robert Barakett undoubtedly delivers on quality, design, and cuts that flatter the male figure.

It’s no surprise they pride themselves on their US-grown Pima cotton. It graces every garment that uses it with a bang-up fit and decadent softness. I feel spoiled covering myself head-to-toe in it.

Most associate luxury with loud designs and obvious logos. Being comfortable while looking stylish is the real luxury, and Robert Barakett embraces that mantra.

Robert Barakett

Robert Barakett nails the luxury experience in their details, fabric choice, and design. Their shirts, hoodies, and joggers complement my body type and their US-grown Pima cotton is pretty damn comfortable. However, I didn’t find the price of the t-shirts to be as justifiable compared to the sweatpants and hoodie, which is also high, but supported by a lot of fine details.

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