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Tommy John Review

If you’re about to drop some coin on premium loungewear, it has to be the best of the best. So how does Tommy John stack up?

Our Tommy John review dives into some of the brands most popular items for men so you can decide whether their underwear and premium loungewear is right for you.

Oh-so buttery smooth
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Tommy John

Bottom line: Tommy John uses technical fabrics to create super soft and comfortable underwear and loungewear. If you’re willing to make an investment for comfort, the construction is top-notch and you’ll want to lounge in Tommy John all day.

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  • Tommy John offers a variety of fabrics---some push the limits of softness, other for breathability
  • The waist band on the underwear is thick and comfortable
  • The undershirt is thin and doesn’t show underneath a dress shirt
  • Free shipping on orders over $75 in the US
  • The loungewear is at luxury-level pricing
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Tommy John Review: How Far Will You Go for Comfort?

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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The MVP award for 2020 goes to my couch. 

Office chair, meeting space, movie seating—my couch does it all. 

Like you, 2020 was also a year of discovering the power of quality loungewear

Tommy John has been making a name for themselves for their technical fabric underwear and lounge clothes. 

While I’m confident jeans will become relevant again soon, it hasn’t stopped me on my quest to find the most comfortable clothes for chilling at home. 

So how did Tommy John do? Keep reading and find out. 

What Is Tommy John?

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First, let’s clear up a bit of confusion. Tommy John underwear has nothing to do with the baseball pitcher, Tommy John, who has a famous surgical procedure named after him. 

Ok, good. I’m glad we got that out of the way early. 

Tommy John makes luxury-level underwear and loungewear with cutting edge technical fabric blends designed for maximum softness, stretchiness, and moisture-wicking. 

I can hear some skepticism, but if you’ve never tried technical fabric boxer briefs, it’s quite the experience. 

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The brand was founded by husband and wife team, Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto. Their first target was building tailored and high quality men’s underwear. They nailed that and made their ideal undershirt at the same time. 

Now, Tommy John has moved on to loungewear and a women’s line as well, but in our review, we’ll only be looking at the men’s line. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Underwear and Loungewear from Tommy John

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Tommy John prioritizes comfort over everything else. What that means is pretty simple: their pieces are more costly than what you’d get in a jumbo pack of cotton underwear. It’s important to know that Tommy John is more of an investment. 

If you ever get tired of your boxer briefs bundling up into a knot right in your groin, you might be ready to make the switch to a more comfortable pair of underwear. Tommy John is there, and while the price is higher, you certainly get a much more comfortable experience. 

Some folks will take the discomfort as others typically don’t see your underwear. So the main consideration is this: are you willing to spend a little extra on something nobody will notice? Another way of putting it is: are you ok spending more for your own comfort?

Tommy John

Can comfort be cutting edge? Well, if so: Tommy John is there. Their premium men's underwear and lounge clothes are made with some of the softest fabrics available.

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Tommy John Review

I picked up a variety of Tommy John products, mixing in some of their best-sellers along with a few new pieces.

Second Skin Boxer-Briefs and Trunks

Tommy John Boxer Briefs vs Trunks 1

Tommy John’s Second Skin fabric is made with beechwood derived micro-modal fabric. 

Micro-modal is one of the softest things I’ve ever felt in my life. This wasn’t my first experience with the fabric, but I’m always game when a brand uses it because it’s extremely comfortable. 

What makes these two pairs of underwear different than any others I’ve tried is the h-fly and relatively wide waistband. 

Tommy John trunks and boxer briefs side by side 1

I don’t know how else to put this, so I’m going to be blunt: I think the h-fly makes my package look good. And I’ve spent enough hours flexing in the mirror to know when I look good. 

I’ve asked my wife multiple times what she thinks, and I’ve gotten a lot of sighs, which I assume is a result of breathlessness. 

These are easily my favorite trunks. This is the third time I gave the trunk-style underwear a shot, and it was going to be the last time if Tommy John didn’t deliver. I have pretty large thighs, so with other brands, the thighs of the trunks ride up and become like briefs with a bunch of extra fabric. 

Tommy John christmas holiday underwear with red band 1

But Tommy John’s trunks have much longer and more grippy thighs, which I’m a fan of. The same is true of their boxer-briefs. They reach much further down the thigh, which makes for a more comfortable experience. 

Other features like a gusseted crotch, slight pouch, and an inch-and-a-half waistband help with security and mobility. 

Tommy John Men's Underwear, Boxer Briefs, Second Skin Fabric Trunk with 4" Inseam

This micro-modal blend fits snug without becoming restrictive and it's seriously soft. Tommy John's boxer briefs and trunks are available in this proprietary fabric.

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Second Skin Undershirt

model putting on overshirt on tommy john undershirt 1

Made with the same super soft micro-modal fabric as the underwear, this Second Skin Undershirt is pretty great. 

Definitely don’t get this thinking it might make a nice t-shirt, because it’s far too thin and shear for that. 

Tommy John model wearing undershirt 1

But as an undershirt it has a few key features that make it outstanding. For one, it stays tucked. The Second Skin fabric has a lot of stretch to it, and the undershirt is very tapered toward the waist. That means the shirt hugs your hips and stays in place. 

Also, because the shirt is so thin, the seams don’t show through when you’re wearing a dress shirt.

Model wearing dress shirt with tommy john undershirt not showing through 1

For all the benefits of micro-modal (soft, stretchy, comfortable), it does keep warmth trapped in. I don’t often work out in my micro-modal underwear because they tend to make me sweat more down below. 

What that means for this undershirt is this: it’s excellent for winter, because the base layer really goes a long way keeping you warm. But in summer, it might be a different story. I’m not sure because I’ve only worn this undershirt in colder months, but it’s something I’ll keep an eye on. 

Tommy John Second Skin Undershirt

Made with a taper toward the bottom, this undershirt is designed to stay tucked. And it does. Trust us. We did a cartwheel in it. This bad boy didn't even budge.

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Cool Cotton Trunks

Tommy John cool cotton trunks 1

If you run hot and worry about the overheating you might experience with micro-modal, then Tommy John’s Cool Cotton fabric is the better choice. 

These trunks are much more breathable, and I’ve been enjoying them a lot for workouts. The cotton is blended in with technical fabrics so they don’t saturate like other cotton underwear (and it helps keep them odor-resistant, too). 

The Cool Cotton Trunks are made with the same design features as the Second Skin Trunks (h-fly, thick waist band, longer thighs). They’re great for daily use, and I choose Cool Cotton over my Second Skin’s when I have a workout planned after work. 

Tommy John Cool Cotton Underwear

Tommy John's Cool Cotton underwear are a good choice if you're an active guy who wears the same boxer briefs for your workouts. The fabric breathes a bit more than the Second Skin from Tommy John but has all the same excellent design features.

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Lounge Pants and Joggers

Tommy John comfort joggers 1

Lounge pants are a recent addition for Tommy John, and if I’m honest, lounge pants are a recent addition to my wardrobe.

I hardly ever wear pajamas (though it’s all I seem to get every holiday season—everyone in my family must think I just lie around all day). 

Both the pajama Lounge Pants and Lounge Joggers come in Tommy John’s Second Skin fabric. It’s the ideal fabric for chilling because it barely feels like you’re wearing anything at all, but the micro-modal does a fairly good job insulating despite how thin it is. 

Tommy John lounge pants 1

The only downsides I noticed was that the fabric really seems to attract pet hair. I recently got a dog, and after three minutes of good old-fashioned dog-wrestling, I have to use a lint roller to clean myself off. 

Since these are lounge pants, it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s worth noting, especially if you have a few pets around the house. 

model holding coffee wearing Tommy John relaxed comfort joggers 1

Otherwise, I’m loving how comfortable both pants are. Between the two, I prefer the joggers because they have less fabric around the ankle. Beside that, there’s not too much of a difference as they’re both quite pajama-like. 

What do Other Reviewers Say About Tommy John? 

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Ok, get ready for this: Tommy John has a 4.4-star average rating with over 67,000 reviews. I come across a ton of brands in my research, and very few get this much feedback (positive or negative). 

Obviously, I didn’t read all 67,000 reviews, but reading through a few hundred, the sentiment is clear: Tommy John knows how to make comfortable underwear and loungewear. The most consistent comment was that the underwear stay in place across body types. So if you’ve struggled with other brands riding up (or down), it might be worth giving Tommy John a try.

My Thoughts Overall On Tommy John

What I Like

  • Tommy John’s variety of fabrics are excellent for different purposes. The Second Skin is super comfortable for relaxing, and the Cool Cotton is a little more performance driven if you’re on the go. 

  • The construction of the underwear is flattering, and the thick waistband gives them a premium feel. 

  • The undershirt stays in place even when it isn’t tucked in, and the fabric is so thin that you can’t see the seams underneath your dress shirt. 

  • Free shipping on orders over $75 in the US.

What I Don’t Like

  • Because of the luxury-level fabrics, Tommy John is more pricey. It means you either need to invest more to build out your comfy clothes collection, or you need to pick up one piece at a time.

Who is Tommy John for?

Tommy John is an excellent brand for those seeking the most comfortable lounge clothes and underwear. They’re not a “middle-of-the-road” brand, meaning their products are super performance-driven, or extremely versatile. They’re built for comfort and relaxing, and they’re among the best at that.

The Verdict

Tommy John has cornered the market on comfort. And I appreciate that. 

They’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Their Cool Cotton and Second Skin boxer briefs are fine for a workout, but they’re really more designed for all-day comfort. And they don’t pretend they’re an all-round performance brand. Tommy John is what you get when you want your comfy clothes. 

I was surprised with the functionality of their undershirt, which is a nice compliment to a more business-forward outfit, but otherwise, I’m wearing my Tommy John’s inside, and preferably on the couch under a blanket. 

If you don’t mind carrying around a lint roller (the tech-fabrics tend to pick up pet hair), then you’ll likely love lounging in their new joggers and pajama pants, too.

Tommy John

Can comfort be cutting edge? Well, if so: Tommy John is there. Their premium men's underwear and lounge clothes are made with some of the softest fabrics available.

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