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T-Bô Bodywear Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Briefs

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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comparison ballsy and must have waistband second look

Specially designed underwear to make your package look phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. Is that even a thing?

In this T-Bô review, we test some of the brands most popular styles to see if they make the cut.

The Adult Man Image/Icon Image Source: T-Bô

Bottom line: T-Bô’s bamboo blended fabric and deep pouch support make these underwear a great choice for day-to-day wear and hitting the gym after work. The brand currently has limited color options, but the co-creation model they use to launch new products is one-of-a-kind.

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  • Bamboo and micromodal fabrics are super soft, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and breathable
  • Deep pouch for support where you want it
  • Boxer Briefs have both a trunk and standard option
  • Fast shipping and top of the line customer service
  • No fly option
  • Limited colorways

Group projects.

For some of you, they were a minor annoyance.

For others, the thought of group projects still makes you red in the face.

If you knew your role, they weren’t that bad. I was always the speaker. I never did the work, but I always gave one hell of a presentation.

I’m sure my classmates still resent me. It’s ok. I skipped my 10-year reunion.

There’s one group project out there we can all be happy about:

T-Bô Bodywear.

T-Bô has gathered a community of over 200,000 men (and counting) to co-create the world’s first collaborating set of underwear. They are the first 100% demand-based fashion brand.

The brand sent me a few of their favorite styles to try for myself.

So is it possible for a group project with over 200,000 people to get it right? Or is the end result just a disaster like most of my high school assignments?

Read our full review of T-Bô Bodywear below and find out for yourself.

What Is T-Bô Bodywear?

from briefs to trunks tbo underwear lineup

T-Bô started in 2017 as a collaboration between two Swiss natives, Roy Bernheim and Allan Perrottet. While they’re both still young, each brings their unique skills in business and fashion to the table.

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Allan was running a bespoke suiting company, while Roy headed up the branding division of a market expansion provider in places like Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and China. Both of these experiences taught them one critical lesson that drives T-Bô today:

Listen to what your customer wants.

So when the two started their bodywear brand, that’s exactly what they did.

molten lava red stripe trunks

Just two years after founding the company, the brand has built a community of over 200,000 men who just want to give their meat and two-veg some much-deserved comfort.

Their process is as simple as it’s ingenious.

They start by asking their online communities what they like and what they hate about their current underwear.

With that information, they create a few prototypes. And here’s where it gets interesting.

They take it to where men hang out.

Being active themselves, Roy and Allan host intense physical activities like group workouts and outdoor challenges. They invite dudes to try out their prototypes in the most difficult conditions. Armed with notes from the field, T-Bô perfects its test products before hitting the market at scale.

blue trunk stretch

And while they know comfort is important, the brand is committed to doing right by the environment.

They’ve chosen to use bamboo fibers as their fabric for several reasons—the main one being sustainability.

Even better, bamboo fabric is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial. To sum it all up, these underwear and their new tees are less impactful on the environment and will keep that terrible swampy smell away.

Because they get input from their community, they know where the demand is for certain styles and colors. They order their stock based on the feedback which cuts down on waste.

What’s not to like about that?

It sure sounds nice to say that 200,000 guys got together to create an awesome pair of underwear. But does the concept actually work? Is the underwear really that comfortable? Can they hold up in the office and the gym?

I’ve been putting T-Bô through the wringer the past month and my verdict is in. Here’s what I thought.

My Hands-On Review

tbo packaging

I tried out T-Bô’s Ballsy and Must Have lines, both in briefs and boxer briefs.

I’m more of a boxer brief guy, so over time, I’m sure I’ll get more use from those, but I’ll try to be impartial for all of my brief-wearing readers.

They also have tees and an uber-soft Comfy AF line, though I stuck with their two mainstays.


hidden branding tag

Both the Ballsy and the Must Have lines are made with 95% Bamboo Viscose fabric blended with Elastane.

This blend is super light and breathable, and that heavy dose of elastane means they’ll hold their shape well over time.

Bamboo is becoming famous in the fabric world because it’s crazy soft and it has a reduced impact on the environment when compared with cotton or synthetic fabrics.

For one, bamboo needs far less water to grow. And when it does grow, it goes crazy—growing up to three feet a day. To be fair, I also grew three feet in a day between 9th and 10th grade, so bamboo isn’t that special.

As far as I can tell, the fabric picks up very little odor, even after an intense workout. Because bamboo fibers are naturally anti-microbial and don’t absorb moisture, your underwear won’t pick up a funk over time.

T-Bô’s lines all feature flatlock seams, which makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

Just take a look at this graphic:

flatlock vs regular seams

As you can see, regular seams have a ton of extra fabric that can chafe throughout the course of a day.

Flatlock seams are smooth and aren’t noticeable at all—in this case, that’s a great thing.


comparison must have and ballsy waistband

The waistband is really the only difference I could find between the Ballsy and the Must Have.

The Ballsy features a wider waistband, which is precisely what I need for gym days or when I do any outdoor activities. It’s simple physics—more waistband, more hold.

The Must-Have waistband is made from the same soft spandex elastic, but is slightly slimmer and has the bamboo fabric over the top for a more comfortable fit. These are better for day-to-day activities like driving expensive cars, training exotic birds, and juggling chainsaws—you know, the kind of stuff I do on the weekend.

To be honest, I didn’t notice a significant difference between either waistband. Luckily, both were comfortable and stayed in place.

The brand also has the Comfy AF style, which is designed for lounging. It’s a blend of bamboo and birch micromodal so the word is that it’s comfy. And not just your standard comfy—Comfy AF.


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Most of T-Bô’s design work is focused right where it counts—the front pouch.

Before they shipped their first pair of underwear, they went through 14 different designs. Along the way, they constantly asked what they could improve.

Yes, it took 14 tries, but the brand’s investment into the feedback process has ended in a design that truly matches the natural shape of guys everywhere.


Most guys hate the compliance tag that all underwear is required by law to have.

But T-Bô couldn’t just get rid of it because, you know, the government and stuff.

Instead, they created a tag that’s easy to tear off and it doesn’t leave a trace. Just check this out:

care tag tear

I’m not abnormally strong. It’s just that easy.

Boxer Briefs

T-Bô offers their boxer briefs in two styles:

  • Trunk
  • Long

The long-legged boxer briefs are the standard length you’d find for most underwear and come to the upper-mid thigh.

The trunk cut is about two inches shorter and they’re a good middle-ground if you’re between briefs and boxer briefs. Trunks are the gateway undies to boxer briefs.

tbo trunk vs briefs


T-Bô’s briefs are indeed brief. They’re low-cut and would look great if you had a stellar six-pack. I decided I’d do a few sit-ups before taking a photo and this is what I came up with:

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Ok, you all caught me. That’s obviously a model.

As I said earlier, I don’t wear briefs, but now that I have a few pairs, I’ll definitely wear them whenever I put on a suit. If you don’t wear briefs yourself, it might be worth investing in a pair or two for the same reason.

They’re the only way to avoid those horizontal lines across your trousers if you wear any slim fit or thin fabric pants. I’ll gladly trade some minor underwear lines for comfort on the day-to-day, but I like to keep my lines as clean as possible when going formal.

My Overall Thoughts

What I Like

  • The excellent bamboo fabric is really what sets T-Bô apart. It’s soft and breathable.

  • The silhouette is bold and—how else can I say it—virile. I guess that’s what happens when you consult with 200,000 guys.

  • A deep pouch in the front adds a ton of extra support where it counts.

  • I can’t decide whether I like trunks or the mid-thigh boxer briefs. They both look and feel great.

What I Don’t Like

  • There’s no option for a fly. I personally think the fly is useless, but I know some readers likely get good use from them. Having an option makes it easier to recommend to everyone.

  • The color options are a bit limited at the moment, but I liked the colors that were available—especially the stripes.

The Verdict

Between the super soft fabric, the excellent waistband, and the commitment to their community, it’s clear that T-Bô is offering luxury men’s underwear at a fraction of what other brands charge.

The bamboo and elastane blend is great for everyday wear and stays dry and comfortable in the gym.

They’re uniquely designed—meant to highlight some of your more masculine features if you catch my drift. What’s even more unique is the fact that T-Bô came up with the design only after consulting with their community of over 200,000 men.

While the company still has limited options for color and they don’t have a design with a fly, they’re growing their product listing slowly and thoughtfully for good reasons. T-Bô doesn’t want to be another brand that produces en masse and sends it out, creating tons of waste.

No, they want to make underwear that men love.

Well, they’re on the right track.

T-Bô Bodywear

T-Bô’s bamboo blended fabric and deep pouch support make these underwear a great choice for day-to-day wear and hitting the gym after work. The brand currently has limited color options, but the co-creation model they use to launch new products is one-of-a-kind.

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