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Separatec Men’s Pouch Underwear Review

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Separatec Men's Pouch Underwear Review

You put your best bud in his sleeve and tuck your two partners in crime in a pouch. Is it possible these underwear are too over-engineered?

Sure, we expected a secure fit, but there’s more to this story. Our Separatec Underwear review will tell you everything you need to know about these boxers before pulling the trigger. 

Separation makes the heart grow fonder
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Separatec Men's Pouch Underwear

Bottom line: It takes a little time to get used to separating your main man and your boys in your underwear. But when it all clicks, you'll wonder why you didn't give Separatec a try sooner.

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  • The pouch technology provides unrivalled support for your boys
  • Spandex material offers excellent shape retention
  • They stay dry
  • Pleasing range of colors available
  • Comfort doesn't quite match other premium brands
  • The pouch can form a noticeable bulge in your crotch depending on what you're wearing

You know the feeling.

Laundry day is long overdue and you’ve let yourself get down to that pair of underwear.

They’re at least a size too small, the elasticity is shot, and they’re now grey when they were navy.

But there’s just something about them. They’ve been by your waist for so many of your fondest memories.

Did you meet your wife in them? Were they there when you got that big promotion? Did they definitely earn you the win in that badminton game?

It doesn’t matter. It’s personal. You’re not giving up on them. Not this year.

So you climb in. And ten minutes later you instantly remember why they’re always the last pair of briefs in your closet.

Your junk is squashed together like a tin of sardines. And they’re no less dry.

This leads me to a question.

What if there was an affordable pair of men’s underwear that took separation seriously?

I wanted to find out if Separatec’s Men’s Pouch Underwear was the answer. So I gave them a good old fashioned go for a few weeks.

My thoughts are below.

What is Separatec?

Founded in 2010, Separatec class themselves as men’s underwear specialists.

They currently make boxer briefs, trunks, and sport underwear. And they’re a big part of the pouch revolution that has been going on for a few years now in men’s underwear.

The brand states that their mission is “to ensure men’s health and well-being with their patented technology and innovative designs.”

Alright, I know what you really want me to explain.

That pouch.

Separatec’s idea was to form-fit your package into a pair of underwear.

1 penis + 1 scrotum = two pouches.


After 8 years of trial and error (and I’m guessing plenty of scrotum stuffing), they’ve now patented their design in the US and Europe.

Check out Separatec’s page on Amazon for more info including some sales guff about why they think they’re better than the rest.

Separatec Everyday Boxer Briefs

It takes a little time to get used to separating your main man and your boys in your underwear. But when it all clicks, you'll wonder why you didn't give Separatec a try sooner.

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Also, there’s this:

How Does It Work?

They say pictures speak louder than words. In this case, I tend to agree:


Alright, so what did I think of Separatec? Here is my review after a few weeks of wear.

Separatec Colorful Cotton Boxer Briefs Review 

I tried the Separatec Colorful Cotton Boxer Briefs 7 Pack (Everyday Logo).


You can choose either colorful or all black with a colored waistband. I like living dangerously so I went for the colorful pack.

The briefs feature a 6.5 inch leg and are 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Prefer a little less length in your briefs? Separatac also have a 2.5 inch version .

The fabric is ‘cotton stretch’ which is really quite comfortable. I’ve also found the shape to retain pretty decently, even after a couple of wears. The waistband doesn’t have any internal ridges so you won’t get those annoying marks around your waist that you get from cheaper underwear.

The briefs have an ‘Ezy-off tag’ which is a nice touch. There’s nothing more annoying than having to cut off a tag with scissors but you can never quite get it all off so the remnants of the tag dig into your lower back all day. The tag comes all the way off with one quick peel.

Let’s be real though. The major drawcard of these briefs is their patented dual pouch technology. As pictured in the diagram above, the idea is that your boys get support and airflow in the lower pouch while your main man is kept ‘Separatec’d’ in the exclusive front pouch.

There’s also a functional fly so you don’t need to readjust everything when nature calls.

What I Like

  • The dual pouches really do separate your junk. It takes a little while to get used to, but I found it to noticeably increase comfort.

  • The support and breathability make them feel so much more natural than conventional briefs.

  • They don’t bunch up in the crotch area like many other boxer briefs. It seems Separatec have perfected the cotton:spandex ratio.

  • The briefs kept their shape after several wears. Again, thank you spandex.

  • The fabric has a quality feel and feels nice against your skin.

  • They stay dry. In fact, they surprised me how dry they were after a workout.

  • The front flap works as intended. Bathroom breaks were no problem.

  • The colors are pleasing to the eye. Some of the blues and greens in the multicolor pack are fairly unique in the underwear market which I like.

  • The Ezy-off tag really does come off easily.

What I Don’t Like

  • The feel of the fabric is nice. But it’s not at Tani USA level. Tani still has the crown of being the most comfortable feeling fabric for underwear that I’ve worn. But on the flipside, Tani doesn’t utilize dual pouch technology.

  • The separation does take some time to get used to. Because you’re putting your main man through a hole you may encounter some strange sensations for a while as you’re going about your daily life. But, you get used to it. In fact, I now find myself longing for the separation.

  • The pouch can form quite a noticeable bulge in your crotch area depending on what you’re wearing over the top of them. I only noticed this when I wore slim fit dress pants but it’s something to keep in mind. Hey, some of you guys might even like the visual enhancement.

The Verdict

While the fabric of the Separatec Everyday Boxer Briefs isn’t quite up to the same quality level of premium underwear brands, the overall comfort level is very similar.

This is due to the brand’s innovative dual pouch technology and the time they’ve spent on revising it down to every meticulous detail.

It does take a little while to get used to the new feeling of separation after so many years of ‘bundling up’ but the end result is definitely worth the minor initial discomfort.

The Separatecs are also pretty affordable at under $10 per pair in a 7-pack. I think they’re a worthy investment at that price point, especially compared to other underwear brands in that range.

It seems that separation really can be a good thing.

Separatec Everyday Boxer Briefs

It takes a little time to get used to separating your main man and your boys in your underwear. But when it all clicks, you'll wonder why you didn't give Separatec a try sooner.

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