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tentree Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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tentree review sustainable clothes

Buying sustainable clothing feels good. The caveat? It’s tough to shell out extra cash for sustainable goods even though you know they were made the right way.

tentree claims to be one of the rare brands making affordable, stylish, sustainable men’s wear. I tested out a few of their most popular garments and gathered my thoughts for you in this review.

Sustainable style, anyone?
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: tentree

Bottom line: With a worthy catalog of men’s wear essentials, tentree is hitting a sweet spot by delivering gear that’s equal parts comfortable, sustainable, and affordable.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Craftsmanship The Adult Man Image/Icon  Customer Service
  • Ten trees are planted for every purchase made
  • Materials are sustainable, high-quality, durable, and soft
  • Pricing is similar to regular, non-sustainable brands
  • Neutral, earth-tone colors accent most guy’s wardrobes
  • Certain items are a bit expensive
  • The fit is slightly baggy for some items like sweatpants

I think about human waste a lot—maybe too much. 

I’ll be walking somewhere, mind wandering, and wonder how billions of people can go on buying new crap all the time, tossing out old crap, and accumulating more of it, in an endless cycle. 

Where does our old crap go? How does our planet have space for it? If you search online for “landfills” or “waste floating in the ocean”, you’ll quickly be confronted with harsh truths.

I want to shop more sustainably. Not just for my conscience, but to take part in the collective idea that a boatload of seemingly trivial actions add up to tangible, even transformative, changes.

What Is tentree?

Model on staircase in tentree

Founded in 2012, tentree has a bold vision, to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. To date, they’ve already planted 70 million and counting.

And don’t let the name deceive you, their team literally plants ten trees for every item purchased, which is really quite astounding.

tentree makes Earth-first essential, everyday wear “using the most sustainable (and comfortable) materials in the world.” In their men’s line, you will find anything from pants, sweaters, and t-shirts, to active and outerwear. 

Beyond just planting lots and lots of trees, tentree is committed to finding new ways to produce clothing with the smallest footprint possible and establish better supply chains. 


tentree offers quality casual wear for the modern man who wants to help reduce environmental harm.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Tentree Treefleece Atlas Sweatpants drawstring cords

Aside from the largely understood appeal of using recycled materials, there’s a massive consumer advantage in buying sustainable goods—these goods usually last a ridiculously long time. 

Why? A truly sustainable brand knows that limiting the toss-our-old-crap-out-and-buy-new-crap cycle is one of the most sustainable practices we can implement. 

When you spend your hard-earned dough on apparel, you want it to be stylish and appealing, well-priced, and long-lasting.

The very best eco-friendly apparel brands deliver on those benefits while utilizing recycled materials and reducing strain on the planet. And if they can manage all of that, why wouldn’t you pick up some of their gear?

My Hands-On Review

In this review, I’ll break down five pieces of gear: joggers, a jacket, a long sleeve, a hoodie, and sweatpants. From the materials to the fit, comfort, and durability, I’ll touch on everything you need to know.

Destination Stretch Jogger

Black tentree joggers 1

The Destination Stretch Jogger lives up to its name. These are lightweight, stretchy, and the type of performance pants that will carry you anywhere you’re venturing off to.

These joggers come in three versatile colors, granite gray, olive night green, and meteorite black, and are crafted from recycled water bottles. Yet, if I didn’t tell you that, I bet you’d never be able to tell. The 90% recycled polyester and 10% Spandex blend give these the same comfort and athletic feel of any high-end jogger on the market. 

Like all athletic pants, I prefer a jogger that lets your thighs breathe but tapers in snugly toward the ankle. These don’t taper in as much as I would like, but they still fit nicely over your legs and offer a cut that elevates your style and exudes the look of a well-fitting performance pant over that of loungey, casual, sweats.

Like most joggers manufactured today, The Destination Stretch Jogger comes with stretchy, elastic cuffs on the bottom. These maintain the casual aesthetic but also function to hold the pants against your ankle at the bottom.

Tentree jogggers 1

With proper belt loops and a zipper and fly, the top half of these joggers appear like ordinary work pants. Only, inside, you will find a hidden drawcord for extra support and fit around the waist. tentree says to wash these cold and hang ’em dry.

I’d wear these to the grocery store, while out on errands or shopping downtown, or to any informal weekend outing. I wouldn’t wear these to the office or reach for them on date night, though. 

These are built to be sleek, adventure pants you can move comfortably in, look good wearing, and feel good about keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. 

tentree Destination Stretch Jogger

Made entirely with recycled materials, the Destination Stretch Joggers from tentree are so stylish, you'll have a hard time not recycling them in your wardrobe rotation several times per week.

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Treeline Canvas Unisex Jacket

Model crouching in tentree gear

Of all the garments I tried out, I was most impressed with the Treeline Canvas Unisex Jacket, for multiple reasons. Remarkably comfortable, the perfect weight and thickness, and 99% compostable, I still can’t fully grasp how the tentree team executed this item as well as they did.

This jacket is composed of 100% organic cotton and fully lined with an insulated body which gives it coziness and warmth, without feeling weighty or clunky.  

When I say this is 99% compostable, I mean that if you unscrewed and recycled the metal buttons and tossed the shell in your compost bin, you’d create zero waste for the planet. Though, you won’t need to compost this for a while as the twill fabric and stitching are rock solid and ultra durable.

Stylistically, this jacket mimics the build of a button-down shirt, equipped with a fold-down collar, buttoned cuffs, and two front pockets. But it’s not a shacket (shirt/jacket combo), either. Shackets tend to be lighter, the canvas material in this garment makes it a true jacket.

Tentree canvas jacket button

The Treeline Canvas Unisex Jacket is a unisex offering that’s designed to look good on just about anybody. This jacket comes in two, earth-tone colors of olive night green and foxtrot brown. And while I wish tentree made a pure black option, these two neutral colors give off a relaxed, outdoor vibe that’s fitting for the brand and mission it stands for.

This jacket falls smack in the middle of a garment that’s neither fancy nor fully casual, which allows you to dress it up or down as you please. 

I’d sport this over a t-shirt, button down, sweater, or hoodie and wear it with jeans, chinos, and even nicer athletic pants on a cold day. The color and build make this feel like an outdoorsman’s jacket that could just as easily be worn around the city.

Be careful to only pair this jacket with simple colors and patterns of black, white, blue, or gray, or you’ll run the risk of creating odd color combos with the olive night green or foxtrot brown. But hey man, if lumberjack style is your signature, then toss a red-checkered flannel underneath and lean into it.

The Treeline Canvas Unisex Jacket is an impressive product of sustainability and fashion and perhaps my favorite in tentree’s earth-first lineup. 

tentree Treeline Canvas Jacket

Of all tentree's pieces we tried, this was our favorite. It has the look of a rugged casual shirt, but the fit of something much more modern and sophisticated.

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Classic Henley Longsleeve

Model in tentree Classic Henley Longsleeve

With the Classic Henley Longsleeve, tentree took a men’s wardrobe staple and rebuilt it with sustainability and comfort.

Available in four colors, this henley is a casual piece of apparel made from tentree’s TreeBlend, a mix of recycled polyester, tencel lyocell, and organic cotton. Featuring a 3-button opening up top, raglan sleeves, and a straight hem, this shirt will hang loose and casual over your torso.

The TreeBlend is a notable combination, it’s soft and supple to the touch, which you’ll enjoy and anyone who’s resting their head on your shoulder. New movie night shirt?

Some henleys are thicker and designed for cold, outdoor climates, but the Classic Henley Longsleeve is light and airy and almost mimics the material of a pajama shirt. You could wear this on a warm day and be much cooler than in most long sleeves.

This is a casual shirt you can take anywhere. Pair it with jeans or chinos or take it up the mountain on your next hike.

tentree Classic Henley

The Classic Henley is light and airy and almost mimics the material of a pajama shirt. You could wear this on a warm day and be much cooler than in most long sleeves.

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Treefleece Reynard Hoodie

Model in Black Treefleece Reynard Hoodie

I’m wearing the Treefleece Reynard Hoodie as I pen this article. It’s about as classic of a hoodie as you’ll find with a front pocket to slip your hands into, a subtle crossover collar, drawstring cords, and ribbed cuffs and hem. 

Only, this hoodie is ethically made and leaves a minimal footprint, which the hoodies hanging up in your closet likely can’t claim to do.

Made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL, this pullover is soft but substantial with a smooth, fleece lining that keeps you toasty. TENCEL, a type of rayon, is a popular fabric choice for sustainable garments as it offers a cushy, breathable texture and pairs well with cotton.

Model in blue tentree hoodie

For all their products, tentree lists the amount of water, C02, and waste saved in the production process. Each of these hoodies saves nearly 355 liters of water, .81kg of C02, and .04g of waster. It’s nice to read positive data for once.

The Treefleece Reynard Hoodie comes in 9 neutral colors that can be integrated into almost every guy’s closet. The fit is a tad loose, as all good hoodies are, but not oversized, either. 

I’m a fan of quality fleece in a hoodie as the silky texture is comfortable on your skin and adds an element of relaxation to an already lounge-worthy garment. tentree favors superior fleece in this product.

Almost every guy owns a few hoodies to slip on for a quick trip to the store, to wear to the gym or an exercise class, or just for bouncing around town. With soft, durable materials that leave a minimal footprint, it’s worth making your next hoodie a sustainable one.

tentree Treefleece Reynard Hoodie

Made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL, this pullover is soft but substantial with a smooth, fleece lining that keeps you toasty.

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Atlas Sweatpant

Model sitting in black tentree sweatpants

The Atlas Sweatpant completes your everyday comfort set. These sweats come in five different colors and are made of TENCEL Lyocell, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, a blend that emphasizes comfortability.

The Atlas Sweatpant offers room to move with a gusseted crotch, which is a triangle or diamond-shaped piece of fabric that’s sewn into the crotch to help maintain shape in the garment.

Like many standard sweats, these have two front hand pockets, a back pocket, a visible drawstring on the waist, and ribbed cuffs on the bottom. 

I’m going to touch on a hotly debated men’s wear topic for some fellas: the bagginess of a sweatpant. I’m the kind of guy who wants all my pants to fit snug with a bit of tasteful wiggle room and, of course, tapered bottoms. And to me, snug means form-fitting, not full-on skinny jean action.

Model sporting black tentree sweatpants

But when it comes to sweats, a lot of dudes will pull the alarm and tell me I’m being outlandish on all accounts. They prefer their sweats to be baggy around the legs, they’re comfort pants, after all. And I can’t really blame them. It’s all a matter of preference.

The Atlas Sweatpant isn’t overly baggy, but it offers plenty of space in the legs and ankles. It’s a true sweatpant you can put on, enter lounge mode, and quickly forget you’re wearing pants altogether.

Again, most guys, regardless of how hotly they debate the bagginess of sweats, own at least a couple pairs. These are probably softer than whatever standard sweats you’ll purchase elsewhere, but are produced with sustainable materials which is the winning differentiator.

tentree Atlas Sweatpant

The Atlas Sweatpant isn’t overly baggy, but it offers plenty of space in the legs and ankles. It’s a true sweatpant you can put on, enter lounge mode, and quickly forget you’re wearing pants altogether.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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A lot of guys who own dreads from tentree pointed out how quick and reliable the customer service was. All issues with damaged garments or faulty orders were swiftly taken care of by tentree’s team.

From tops to joggers, most guys found tentree to be a quality brand using thoughtful materials that are comfortable and versatile. I agree that the materials feel better than standard men’s wear brands and knowing that they were ethically produced makes it all the sweeter.

While tentree’s apparel is completely sustainable, most guys agree you won’t notice a dropoff in quality or comfortability or a sharp bump in overall pricing.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • tentree is a truly sustainable brand at every touchpoint.

  • The Treeline Canvas Unisex Jacket is cozy, form-fitting, and 100% recyclable.

  • tentree’s garments cost about the same as garments from non-sustainable brands.

  • The materials are just as comfortable and durable as they are eco-friendly.

  • Neutral, earth-tone colors pair well with any guy’s wardrobe.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Atlas Sweatpant is slightly baggy for modern sweats.

  • Certain garments are a bit overpriced. 

Who is tentree for?

tentree is for the modern man who values quality casual wear and wants to help reduce environmental harm. If you care about looking stylish, feeling comfortable, and buying from sustainable brands that are redefining consumerism, pick up a couple staples from tentree’s catalog and see what you think.

If you love the feeling of tossing on a new piece of gear but want to connect to something bigger than your own style choices, buying quality, but sustainable, gear will make that feeling much more fulfilling.

The Verdict

There are loads of flimsy brands pumping out one or two sustainable garments just to score consumer points on the eco-friendly front. tentree isn’t trying to cheaply deceive anyone. 

They have made sustainability the bedrock of everything they do, from production to materials to literally planting ten freakin’ trees for every single item purchased. 

If you want to participate in the necessary movement of shopping sustainably, tentree is a marvelous place to start. But just because their apparel is sustainable, doesn’t mean it’s any less quality. This brand utilizes high-quality organic cotton, recycled polyester, and technical fabrics like TENCEL and TENCEL Lyocell to produce soft, durable, everyday apparel that’s both stylish and comfortable.

All the garments I tried fit into my existing closet and are quickly becoming pieces I favor over old staples I wore week in and week out. The days of paying top dollar for hippie fabrics that protect your conscience but murder your wallet and fall apart at the seams are over. tentree nails the intersection between apparel that’s sustainable, affordable, and durable.


tentree offers quality casual wear for the modern man who wants to help reduce environmental harm.

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Is tentree legit?

tentree is a sustainable apparel brand founded in 2012 that plants 10 trees for every item purchased. tentree makes high-quality, comfortable men’s and women’s clothing essentials, including active and outerwear.

Does tentree really plant trees?

In an effort to make sustainable actions accessible for everyone, tentree really does plant 10 trees for every purchase made, thus far planting in six different forest types worldwide.

Is tentree a sustainable company?

From planting trees to finding new methods for low-impact production, tentree is a truly Earth-first brand that is committed to creating great apparel while healing the planet.