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The Perfect Jean Review

Ok, they call themselves The Perfect Jean, but what does that really mean? To be perfect, the brand needs to nail it on fit, fabric, and style.

So we decided to investigate, and our review of The Perfect Jean will give you everything you need to know before shopping with this young brand.

The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: The Perfect Jean
The Perfect Jean

Bottom line: Denim from The Perfect Jean is well-built and extremely comfortable. The cut of their slim jeans is flattering, though they seem to fit about a size larger than other vanity-sized brands, so I recommend ordering one size smaller than you normally would.

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  • These jeans are some of the most comfortable I’ve tried
  • The stretch is excellent if you are very active, but still want to wear jeans
  • Free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges
  • Limited color options
  • Runs a full size larger than other vanity-sized brands like GAP
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The Perfect Jean Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Denim

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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The last two pairs of jeans I’ve picked up couldn’t be more different. 

One is a raw selvedge denim pair. 

The other is The Perfect Jean.

One is probably the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn. 

The other is the sort of jeans you can wear when taking a nap on the couch.

After learning about this young brand and their edgy marketing, I decided to give them a shot to see what The Perfect Jean is all about. Keep reading to get my full take.

What Is The Perfect Jean?

model doing pull ups in The Perfect Jean denim

NYC based The Perfect Jean makes denim with a whole lot of stretch. While traditional denim is 100% cotton, the world of jeans has shifted to add more flexibility. 

Most jeans you’ll find on the rack today with brands like GAP or Levi’s typically have a bit of stretch fabric added to them. While it obviously varies based on brand and model, you can expect most jeans to have a bit of added spandex.

But The Perfect Jeans go way further than that. 

The Perfect Jean bandit black jean backside

With 30% polyester, 3.5% viscose, and 2% spandex, the brand touts their jeans as the premiere option for dudes who prioritize nut comfort. 

I recently went down the raw denim wormhole and picked up a pair of completely unwashed denim from a different brand at the same time I picked up a few pairs from The Perfect Jean. The difference couldn’t be more stark, and I’ll dive into exactly why a little further below. 

The Perfect Jean
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Fabric is what sets The Perfect Jean apart. True denim is 100% cotton. Most jeans on the market today have one or two per cent spandex added for additional stretch and comfort. The Perfect Jean, however, is a nice, lightweight 10.5oz denim with 30% polyester, 3.5% viscose, and 2% spandex added, which makes for a wildly comfortable jean.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

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The Perfect Jean’s offering is much different than traditional denim. While they look practically indistinguishable from regular denim jeans, the added stretch makes these optimized for comfort. 

As such, they’ve gone through a rigorous washing process that helps soften them for extra flexibility and cushy-cotton comfort. 

They’re best suited for casual scenarios. These are the kind of jeans you wear on the weekends when you’re hitting the brewery circuit with the boys. Because they’re comfort-first, they’re an excellent choice if you’re headed to the park and spontaneously find yourself in the middle of a game of spike-ball. Have you ever gone for the dive with a pair of regular jeans? No fun. 

But with The Perfect Jean, your weekend lawn-game prowess will be unmatchable.

My Hands-On Review

The Perfect Jean offers a fairly simple collection: three fits, with the same six color options for each. 

I’m a slim jeans kind of guy, so I picked up two pairs, one in Bandit (black), and the other in Captain (midnight blue). 


closeup The Perfect Jean in black

The Perfect Jean is all about keeping your meat and two veg in comfort. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all about groinal comfort, but I won’t wear a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit well—no matter how stretchy and comfy they are. 

Fit is always priority uno for me, and it should be for you too if you’re the kind of guy who wants your wardrobe to compliment you for years. 

So while I was impressed with how soft the fabric was out of the bag, it didn’t mean squat to me until I could see how these jeans actually look.

model walking in blue jeans and brown boots

They sit lower on the waist, with a tasteful modern fit. You won’t find many brands that still offer higher waisted jeans, but if you’re an older gent (50+), a higher waisted jean is an excellent choice

I really like how slim these jeans are through the thigh. My thighs are on the larger side, so a lot of jeans tend to make me look shorter. Because the taper is steady through the knee, these jeans help visually lengthen my lower half. 

The leg opening is 14.5”, which is about an inch wider than I usually prefer. These jeans work perfectly with chunkier boots, and it’s definitely a more masculine look. The reason I prefer a narrower ankle is because of my larger thighs: a narrow leg opening continues that “visual lengthening” and usually makes me look taller and leaner.

model wearing The Perfect Jean bandit black jeans

Still, even though the opening is a bit wider than my preference, these jeans look and fit well, and I’m really happy with both pairs. 

Next time I order, I’ll probably size down a half-step. I’m normally a 34, but due to the stretchy, relaxed nature of these jeans, they felt a touch wider in the hips, and I think I could’ve pulled off a 33, or even a 32. 

The Perfect Jean Bandit
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This deep midnight black pair of jeans is colorfast even after several washes, so they stay crispy. They're a great choice for casual days at the office or date night.

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model putting wallet into The Perfect Jean denim

Fabric is what sets The Perfect Jean apart. True denim is 100% cotton. Most jeans on the market today have one or two per cent spandex added for additional stretch and comfort.

The Perfect Jean, however, is a nice, lightweight 10.5oz denim with 30% polyester, 3.5% viscose, and 2% spandex added.

catching major air in The Perfect Jean

This combination of cotton and technical fabrics makes for a pair of pants I’d be totally comfortable playing a round of dodgeball in. 

epic model standing on rock ledge in The Perfect Jean blue denim

They’re excellent summer jeans, as the cotton is fairly lightweight. The added combed polyester and viscose help wick moisture, boost breathability, increase durability, and when you add in the spandex, you get the stretchiest jeans I’ve ever felt. 

The only downside to this fabric is that it’s only really suited to a casual setting. They’re the kind of jeans you’d wear to your friends bounce house party/ DJ set in the park, but because of the added technical fabrics for supreme comfort, they’re not as well-suited for upscale date nights.

Of course, if you’re anything like me, your casual wardrobe gets far more use than your formal or even business casual outfits do.

model doing cartwheel in The Perfect Jean

I mentioned this briefly up top, but I also bought a pair of 100% cotton raw denim jeans around the same time I picked up The Perfect Jean. The difference couldn’t be any more drastic. 

I actually had no idea how uncomfortable raw denim is. It’s incredibly stiff to the point where it doesn’t even curve to any parts of my body. So it was a total pleasure to struggle out of the raw denim (seriously, they’re even difficult to put on and take off because they’re so stiff) and put on The Perfect Jean. 


The Perfect Jean bandit black jeans with open shirt

I picked up two of the brand’s most popular colors: Bandit (black), and Captain (midnight blue).

I’m a big fan of the Bandit colorway—it’s a solid black and has held the depth of its color through several washes now. I’ve washed them four times now, and they’re just as jet-black as when I first tried them on. 

The Perfect Jean logo back pocket blue jean

The Captain is a sort of washed indigo, with a pre-done whisker pattern at the top of the thighs. I would’ve liked to see a straight deep indigo offering (they are currently working on a deep, unwashed indigo), though the Captain is as close as TPJ gets. 

It’s a solid relaxed looking jean that’s great for chilling at the park or Sunday afternoons at the local brewery. I’ve also thrown the Captain through the wash a few times and the color has held well, though there’s more fading than in the Bandit. But because the Captain already has that washed look, it essentially looks the same. 

The Perfect Jean is also making a straight Dark Indigo that’s even more uniform than the Captain, and a lighter wash, both made with sustainable fabrics.

The Perfect Jean Captain
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The dark indigo option from The Perfect Jean has a slight wash to it has a casual vibe that's a great fit for Saturday afternoons at the park with the buds.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say? 

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Looking through the reviews on TPJ’s site, it’s clear this brand has some rabid fans. A lot of guys say these are the most comfortable jeans they’ve ever tried. Several reviewers had the same thoughts on sizing as I did: try a size lower than your usual (i.e. if you’re a 32, try a 31). 

The good news is, several reviewers share that shipping, returns, and exchanges are all super easy with TPJ, so you’re not running too much of a risk by sizing down a bit. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The combination of technical fabrics and lightweight cotton make these jeans some of the most comfortable I’ve tried.

  • Because they’re so stretchy, these are incredible jeans for anyone who’s very active throughout the day.

  • With free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges, there’s little risk involved. 

What I Don’t Like

  • I would love to see a flat dark indigo color option.

  • The added stretch in the fabric ends up making these fit a bit large. TPJ suggests you size down once from your standard size (i.e. if you’re a 34, order a 33). 

Who is The Perfect Jean for?

The Perfect Jean is the perfect jean for guys who put comfort in the number one slot. Sure, you could wear a pair of sweatpants and be extremely comfortable. But you can wear these jeans, look great, and have all the same lounging capabilities.

The Verdict

Here’s an image for you that sums up what your experience with The Perfect Jean will be like:

You and the boys head to the disc-golf park on Saturday afternoon. You’re all wearing jeans, because that’s what dudes do. 

Buddy #1 is wearing GAP. They’re fine. They fit a little loose. He doesn’t look terrible, but he’s afraid of blowing out the seat every time he bends over. 

Buddy #2 is wearing raw selvedge denim, and he can’t play anymore because he needs to rub ointment on his chafed skin. You take some time to make fun of him for sure. 

But you? You’re wearing The Perfect Jean. You can really huck the disc with full confidence your pants won’t rip. Even better, you’re not doing that thing where you yank the crotch of your pants to undo your jean-related gooch wedgie. You know what I’m talking about.  

The Perfect Jean is best suited as an everyday workhorse type of jean. If you’re cruising around town, hanging with friends, or going to the park for a few games, these are an excellent option.

The Perfect Jean
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Fabric is what sets The Perfect Jean apart. True denim is 100% cotton. Most jeans on the market today have one or two per cent spandex added for additional stretch and comfort. The Perfect Jean, however, is a nice, lightweight 10.5oz denim with 30% polyester, 3.5% viscose, and 2% spandex added, which makes for a wildly comfortable jean.

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What jean style is best for my body type?

Most guys benefit from a slim fit pair of jeans. If you’re truly skinny, you can likely pull off skinny jeans, though that style is definitely fit for a younger crowd. But even large guys should try out slim fit jeans as they tend to make you look taller and leaner.

What age should you stop wearing ripped jeans?

Your ripped jeans should be retired at age 30. There was a time when older guys could get away with it, but style is constantly evolving, and the predominant fashion for grown adult men is trending more toward classic style again. So if you’re in your 20’s live it up with your ripped jeans and give them a viking burial when you hit your third decade.

How long should a good pair of jeans last?

A good pair of jeans can last 10 years or more. There are several factors that account for how long jeans last, including the “weight” of the denim, and how much treatment they’ve received prior to you purchasing them.