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Deodorant That Doesnt Stain Clothes Oars Alps Natural Deodorant Fresh Ocean Splash on Counter

Man you’re looking fresh. Oh wait, what’s that on your shirt? A huge white ring under your arm? Cool.

You never have to deal with that deodorant stain again. Just check these amazing natural deodorants below.

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6 Best Deodorants That Don’t Stain Clothes: Guys, You Can Wear Black Again

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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Dudes, rejoice. 

Let me guess, you’ve got three black t-shirts, all with huge white rings under the arms. So you switched to white t-shirts, and they all have yellow rings under the arms. 

Actually, you never have to deal with deodorant stains again. I hated having deodorant stains, so I went searching and found five of the best deodorants that don’t stain clothes. 

6 Best Men’s Deodorants That Don’t Stain Clothes

Best Aluminum-Free: Oars + Alps 

Oars Alps natural deodorant packaging 1

Oars + Alps is my top pick for a deodorant that doesn’t stain clothes, and it’s also the product I personally use on the daily. 


I ditched aluminum antiperspirants long ago—they’re seriously no-bueno for your skin. But just because a deodorant doesn’t have aluminum doesn’t mean it’s natural. There can still be plenty of skin irritants and other ingredients you wouldn’t want near your pits. 

Oars Alps deodorant with cap off 1

To me, Oars + Alps does the best at balancing everything I want from a deodorant: great fragrance (Fresh Ocean Splash is my favorite), it dries clear so it doesn’t stain my clothes, and it lasts throughout the day. 

Most importantly, because the ingredients are all legit natural, I’m not worried about putting something into my body that’s unhealthy.

What I Like

  • All fragrances are fresh-smelling, so even though they’re different, none of them are “warm” or “sweet,” which can smell gross immediately.

  • Oars + Alps goes on clear and dries clear, so you don’t have to try and maneuver your shirt around your pits (and it doesn’t stain your shirts when you’re wearing it either).

  • It’s super easy to toss in a gym bag or travel with. 

What I Don’t Like

  • If you’re switching from aluminum antiperspirants, there’s potentially a few stinky weeks in store, though that’s true when switching to any natural deodorant—not just Oars + Alps.

What Other Reviewers Say

With over 1000 reviews, Oars + Alps natural deodorants have racked up a 4.7-star average, which is, in the words of Larry David, pretty, pretty good. 

Many guys like that this formula doesn’t apply pasty or chalky, and it doesn’t irritate the skin at all (though if you have sensitive skin, you may want to scope the Oars + Alps Sensitive line, which I note below). 

The Verdict

In my opinion, the best all-rounder for deodorants that don’t leave stains on white or black clothes is Oars + Alps. It smells great, lasts a long time, doesn’t clog your body with nasty chemicals, and it doesn’t ruin your clothes. 

You may have a special consideration (like sensitive skin), which is why I’ve listed out four other options, but my go-to that I use on the daily is the Oars + Alps Original.

Best Scents: Geologie

Geologie Natural Deodorant Moab on white background

Geologie got its start as a men’s skincare company that made quality products by focusing on several core, beneficial ingredients. 

They’ve since expanded to bath and self-care products, like deodorant, but still bring the same approach to their product formulations.

Their three natural deodorants are each free from aluminum, baking soda, artificial fragrances, talc, pthalates, and parabens, which means that these are non-toxic and non-irritating for the vast majority of people.

Their signature deodorant formulation is easy to roll on and apply, and won’t yank out hairs if you happen to have some forested armpits. This formulation is clear and dries quickly, so those white deodorant stains on all your black shirts are officially a thing of the past.

Besides the non-marking, quick-drying formulation, my favorite thing about these deodorants is their scent. Most deodorants smell strongly of chemicals and artificial ingredients, but these all smell like potent, robust essential oils.

The scent lasts for a long time, too. The air conditioning in my car is choosy about the days it actually wants to work, but after a full day of work and a hot drive home, my ‘pits still smell fresh.

What I Like

  • These deodorants use exclusively natural ingredients and a proprietary deodorizing compound to neutralize odors.
  • The formulation is clear and dries quickly, which means it’s non-marking.
  • The natural scents are made without artificial fragrances and are unique and gender-neutral.

What I Don’t Like

  • Even though their scents are artificial fragrance-free, meaning they’re likely non-irritating, I’d like to see them offer an unscented option for those with extra sensitive skin.

What Other Reviewers Say

Geologie’s natural deodorants are well-loved. Happy customers loved how easy it is to apply and how the deodorant leaves no residue, and almost every positive review mentioned the amazing fragrance of each deodorant option.

The only negative reviews I could find came from guys who didn’t love the feel of the deodorant after putting it on, but these comments were few and far between.

The Verdict

Geologie’s natural deodorants pack tons of benefits into a small package. They’re made without aluminum, baking soda, and other irritating ingredients, and have a clear, quick-drying formulation that won’t leave any white residue behind. 

These deodorants are kind to your skin, kind to your shirts, smell great, and are great for everyday use.

Best Scents
Geologie Natural Deodorant
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Since Geologie's Natural Deodorants aren’t made with baking soda or talc, which typically thicken the formulation, they’re lighter, easier to apply, and don’t leave any white residue. I enjoy knowing that every time I apply this, I’m blocking the foul smells my body is so apt at producing, without the use of heavy metals like aluminum, or other harmful chemicals.

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Best Vegan: Every Man Jack

When I look at the Every Man Jack Deodorant ingredient list, I start getting hungry. Mmm, propanediol derived from maize? I’d eat that. 

In case the joke hasn’t landed: please don’t eat your deodorant, no matter how natural it is. 

Every Man Jack’s Deodorant is 100% vegan, with all of its odor-fighting ingredients being completely plant-derived. Best of all, it doesn’t get clumpy and chalky when you’re wearing it, which is exactly the kind of thing that ruins your clothes. 

What I Like

  • There are nine different fragrances, so you can really dial in the scent you want, but there’s also a non-scented version.

  • You can get a small travel size, too. 

  • Every Man Jack has accompanying body washes and shampoos, so you can coordinate the fragrance. 

What I Don’t Like

  • It can take a minute or two to dry, so apply it right out of the shower to avoid getting a white streak on your clothes. 

What Other Reviewers Say

Many reviewers love the fresh scents, and how the fragrances are subtle rather than overpowering. 

It’s true, you get a good two or three hours of the fragrance, and then it sort of fades to nothing, which is great—no B.O. and no stale scent.

The Verdict

If you’re all about vegan-only products, check out the Every Man Jack Deodorant. You may want to pick up a few different fragrances at once because they have a pretty expansive collection, but all the scents are clean and fresh, so I think you’ll dig them.

Best Vegan
Every Man Jack Deodorant

If you’re all about vegan-only products, check out the Every Man Jack natural deodorant. You may want to pick up a few different fragrances at once because they have a pretty expansive collection, but all the scents are clean and fresh, so I think you’ll dig them.

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Best Antiperspirant: Dove Men + Care Dry Spray

This entry comes with a warning at the top: the Dove Men + Care Dry Spray contains aluminum, and I personally wouldn’t ever wear it because of the known health effects of aluminum on skin. 

I recommend trying a natural deodorant like Oars + Alps or Dr. Squatch. 

But if you’ve already been back and forth on the issue and you still want an anti-perspirant, then the best antiperspirant that doesn’t stain your clothes is the Dove Men + Care Dry Spray.

I should also note that this Dove spray will still leave some residue on your clothes—any antiperspirant does because the aluminum is what essentially jams your pores so you don’t sweat. But because this is a spray, it doesn’t clump up as much as a stick, it dries quicker, and you apply less because of the application method. 

All of this means there’s less stuff to stain your shirt with.

What I Like

  • The spray can is easy to use.

  • It lasts a long time—like 48 hours long. 

What I Don’t Like

  • It has aluminum and other minerals that clog your pores.

  • It’s not good for people with sensitive skin. 

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers who really want the sweat-fighting properties of an antiperspirant seem to enjoy the Dove Men + Care Spray. “Value” is one of the big words that comes up time and time again through reviews.

The Verdict

OK, I can’t change your mind from using aluminum-based antiperspirants? If that’s the case, the Dove Men + Care Spray antiperspirant goes on easily, dries quickly, and won’t leave much residue on your clothes. 

Note that I said won’t leave much. That’s because all antiperspirants will leave some residue on your clothes—it’s the nature of the active ingredient, aluminum. 

While the Dove Men + Care Spray isn’t perfect, it’s the best antiperspirant for avoiding clothes stains.

Best Antiperspirant
Dove Men + Care Dry Spray

OK, I can’t change your mind from using aluminum-based antiperspirants? If that’s the case, the Dove Men + Care Spray antiperspirant goes on easily, dries quickly, and won’t leave much residue on your clothes. While it isn’t perfect, it’s the best antiperspirant for avoiding clothes stains.

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Best for Sensitive Skin: Oars + Alps Sensitive

If you’ve struggled with outbreaks or dry, cracked skin in the past when switching deodorants, I recommend trying out the Oars + Alps Sensitive line

They offer two fragrances that are very gentle on the skin, or you can choose an unscented version that’s loaded with prebiotics that help fight off the bacteria that cause stank. 

Given that Oars + Alps Original is my top pick, for me, their Sensitive line is a given as my number one rec for dudes with sensitive skin.

What I Like

  • If you’re sensitive to the essential oils that make fragrances, try the non-scented prebiotic version. 

  • Prebiotics help establish an odor-fighting microbiome, which means you’re naturally less stinky. 

  • Because it’s not pasty or sticky, this deodorant doesn’t cause any friction or rubbing when you move, thus further reducing the likelihood of an outbreak. 

What I Don’t Like

  • There’s nothing I don’t like about this deodorant. 

What Other Reviewers Say

For guys that tend to break out in rashes whenever they switch products, the Oars + Alps Sensitive line gets a lot of love. If you simply can’t do fragrances in your deodorant (there are a lot of guys like you), then definitely give the unscented prebiotic deodorant a try.

The Verdict

What if I told you that you never have to undergo another under-arm rash again? Crazy, right? 

If you have sensitive skin and the oils in fragrances get to you, try the Oars + Alps Sensitive unscented prebiotic deodorant. 

Of course, Oars + Alps also offers two scented versions that use non-allergenic fragrances. While they don’t last quite as long as the Original line, they still add a dose of freshness to your day. And of course, none of them will leave a stain on your clothes: whether you’re wearing black or white. 

Best for Sensitive Skin
Oars + Alps Natural Deodorant - Sensitive

If you have sensitive skin and the oils in fragrances get to you, the Oars + Alps Sensitive unscented prebiotic deodorant will add a dose of freshness to your day without the nasty underarm rash. And our favorite part? It won't leave a stain on your clothes: whether you’re wearing black or white.

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Best for Smelly Armpits: Dr. Squatch

Dr Squatch Natural Deodorant Fresh Falls

Do you tend to work up a man-sized stench? You’re going to need some man-sized stench-fighting deodorant. 

If you smell really bad, hit your pits with the Squatch. It’s as simple as that. 

Dr. Squatch Deodorant features deactivated charcoal, arrowroot, and probiotics, all of which help cleanse your body of toxins, prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming, and help you develop a healthy microbiome in your pits so you smell less in the future. Win-win-win. 

Oh, and they come in scents like Pine Tar. What a man.

What I Like

  • The probiotics help develop a microbiome that will help you stink less in the future. 

  • Activated charcoal and arrowroot help remove toxins. 

  • The fragrances are a little more “in-your-face” on the man-factor, so they’re a good choice if you’re into that. 

What I Don’t Like

  • There are no unscented versions, and the fragrances are strong, which helps mask smell but might cause reactions for folks with sensitive skin. 

What Other Reviewers Say

I imagine that Sasquatch smells pretty terrible, but reviewers of Dr. Squatch apparently don’t. The fragrances are the main reason people stick with Dr. Squatch.

The Verdict

Being stinky isn’t a crime. But just because you’ve lived that way in the past doesn’t mean you need to keep the reek-streak alive, know what I’m saying?

Dr. Squatch Deodorants have the most powerful fragrances of any deodorant on this list, which can be great if you’re a smelly gent, but can also cause some issues if you have sensitive skin. 

But it’s not just a powerful fragrance: this deodorant squatches odor in a three pronged approach: charcoal to cleanse, arrowroot to inhibit bacterial growth, and probiotics to establish a friendly-smelling microbiome. 

People used to say: man, you stink. Now they’ll say: man, you stink good. 

Best for Smelly Armpits
Dr. Squatch Deodorant

Why rub a bar of chemicals and aluminum all over your underarms when you can healthily smell like a fresh waterfall instead? Dr. Squatch deodorant features deactivated charcoal, arrowroot, and probiotics, all of which help cleanse your body of toxins, prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming, and help you develop a healthy microbiome in your pits so you smell less in the future. Win-win-win.

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Why Does Deodorant Leave Stains on Clothes?

model curious about deodorant ingredients

The yellow underarm stains on light shirts come from the aluminum in antiperspirant. 

Those are very hard to get out, and aluminum-free deodorants won’t cause them. 

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The white marks on dark clothes come from pasty, chalky formulas (regardless of whether the formula is aluminum-full or aluminum-free). They are embarrassing to have showing but will typically come out in the wash.

Still, the deodorants I’ve mentioned in the list above do neither. Deodorant technology has come a long way, so if you get the right product you can shave a lot of time off your morning routine. 

How to Remove Deodorant Stains from Clothes

man wearing white 32 Degrees tee on floor

So we’ve learned how to avoid getting armpit stains on your clothes from deodorant in the future. But you still have those shirts sitting in your drawer that you’re embarrassed to wear. 

Let’s get a new deodorant first and then fix those shirts up. 

The best way to remove deodorant stains from your clothes is with white distilled vinegar. Here’s what you’ll need:

Soak the stained part of your shirt with the white distilled vinegar for about an hour. If the stain is pretty light, you can apply the vinegar with the toothbrush and agitate it. Just make sure the fabric is fully soaked and will stay that way for a full hour. 

After the stain has soaked, douse your old, clean toothbrush with water and scrub away. You should see the stains lift up as you scrub. Keep scrubbing for two or three minutes (really get in there). 

Once you’ve done this for all your shirts with deodorant stains, throw them in the washing machine and wash just like you normally would.

This method works on light and dark shirts alike, so don’t worry if you’re trying this with a black tee. 

Bye Bye Pit Stains

Having huge armpit stains can be embarrassing. Nobody wants that. 

But now you don’t have to deal with them ever again.

My favorite non-staining deodorant is Oars + Alps. The fragrance is subtle and fresh, the ingredients are clean, and it goes on clear so you don’t even have to wait to put your shirt on to avoid armpit stains. 

Just remember to silently thank me next time you throw your hands up in a bar when your favorite team wins.


Why does my deodorant always stain my clothes?

Deodorants often have talc, aluminum, or other powderized minerals that can cause it to leave stains, either when it hits your clothes, or when you work up a sweat.

How do I prevent armpit sweat stains?

The best way to prevent armpit stains is to get a deodorant that applies and dries clear. If your deodorant gets chalky, clumps, and is pasty, it’ll cause stains no matter what you do.