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19 Best Men’s Grooming Products of 2024

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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Pretty soon you’ll be saying “new year, new me,” and we want the “new you” to look damn good.

Whether you’re a beardsman, looking to finally start taking care of your skin, or just need a few products to toss in your gym bag, we’re always working with new grooming brands to find the best possible products for you.

These are our top-picks we’ve discovered in the past year for the dude who wants to get his grooming game going.


Oars + Alps Deo Trio

You want to know how to stop smelling? Use three deodorants at the same time...Just kidding. Oars + Alps Deo Trio gives you three of the brand's best smelling aluminum-free deodorants so you can find which one works best for you.

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Helmm does deodorant differently. When you sign up for their subscription, you get a handsome applicator and deodorant "charges" regularly so you don't have to throw away a big piece of plastic every time you run out.

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Beard Care

Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit

Everything you need to tame that beard of yours. Brushes, combs, scissors, balms---give your beard the love it deserves.

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Beard Straightener w/FREE Beard Oil and Beard Balm - Anti-Scald/LCD Display

This is the fastest way to straighten out that beard and show the world what you've got. The anti-scald technology will help you feel at ease bringing a hot iron toward your face.

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Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm | 2 Ounce

When you want the best, you have to talk to the experts. And nobody knows their way around a beard like the Amish. Honest Amish Beard Balm will soften your beard so it feels less like a scratchy wool sweater.

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Crafted Beard Oil Conditioner | Tobacco Vanilla Scent | All Natural

Skip the cologne. This sensual-smelling beard oil is perfect for date night. Softer beard = more "face-to-face" time, if you know what we mean.

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Skin Care

Oars + Alps Face Kit

Take care of that mug of yours. The Face Kit includes solid charcoal exfoliating wash, moisturizer, and the popular Wake Up Eye Stick. If you've been neglecting your face, I'd slap it but it's already been through enough. Treat it to some Oars + Alps.

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Proven Skincare

The Proven Skincare customization process is impressive. After 31 questions, three weeks, and a decent chunk of change, I got the best skincare products I’ve tried to date.

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The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil

Never tried pre-shave oil before? This sandalwood scented oil helps keep your face hydrated as you apply shaving cream, which drastically reduces the amount of razor burn and bumps.

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Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon's full wet-shave kit makes for an excellent gift (you can give a gift to yourself, too, you know). This has everything you need to get a luxurious shaving experience for several months.

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Downstairs Grooming

Meridian Complete Package
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Trim up those acorns and hit 'em with the spray so they don't get razor-bumps. Give your balls a spa day, bro.

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MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0

The Lamborghini of nut-shaving devices. This puppy has 7,000 RPM's of power behind it, which makes it the most powerful pubic trimmer known to man. Is that a good thing? Only one way to find out.

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By asking the right questions, Hawthorne was able to deliver me custom colognes and bathroom essentials at a solid price point, and while I was hesitant to leave my choice of fragrance up to someone else, Hawthorne won my seal of approval on the first spray.

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Etat Libre d'Orange Hermann

Hermann isn't your standard sandalwood or cedar wood fragrance. Made with resinous galbanum and frankincense, there's a depth that's hard to place.

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Shower Stock

Oars + Alps Charcoal Bar Soap

This bar soap does triple duty: cleans, purifies (thanks, charcoal), and scrubs away the grime from the day. The exfoliating action on it feels like the worlds most luxurious sandpaper.

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Dr. Squatch Bar Soaps

A pet peeve of mine is when a bar soap smells good, but it doesn't transfer that smell to your skin. I'm a big fan of these soaps (especially the Cedar Citrus) because the natural oils and shea butter nourish your skin and infuse it with essential oils.

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FREY’s laundry lineup and shower essentials may change the way you wash your clothes and your body. And because their products all come with a signature scent, you’ll enjoy a pleasant masculine smell even without cologne.

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