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Meridian Grooming Review: Clean It Up Down There, Guys

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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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There really isn’t much room for error when you’re shaving your balls. You either get the right product or you’ll start singing high-notes.

In our Meridian Grooming review, we take the Trimmer and Ball Spray duo for a whirl to see if this men’s pubic hair grooming brand is everything they say they are.

Fresh nuts, anyone?
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Meridian Grooming

Bottom line: The Meridian Trimmer gets the job done downstairs and the Ball Spray is a sleeper hit---I didn’t know I needed it until I tried it. Meridian has more transparent pricing than its leading competitor, which is a huge plus even though I have mixed feelings on its charging mechanism.

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  • The Trimmer has two color options--- Sage was right up my alley
  • The Ball Spray really helps with itching and easing irritation.
  • No bulky charging station
  • Comes with two guide comb attachments, so it's easy to get your preferred hair length
  • I like that there’s no charging station, but I don’t have a USB charging block, so I need to charge my Trimmer with my computer
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Few things can wake a man up like when you nick your sack while shaving downstairs. Ever wanted to take stock of your life? Cutting your balls is a great way to have your life story flash before your eyes.

But, do you really want that moment of clarity? I didn’t think so. 

If you’re not looking to slice and dice your scroat like a grocery store fruit salad, you’re going to need a nickless groomer. 

I recently heard about a new company, Meridian Grooming, so I picked up their Complete Package to see if it can compare with the other ball-shavers on the market. Keep reading for my full review. 

What Is Meridian Grooming?

meridian ball grooming trimmer and how to shave your balls

A Cosmopolitan poll from a few years back suggests that 82% of women prefer the guy in their life to trim things up. Even though 17% said they liked their man completely bare, the vast majority responded that beating back the bush a tad was plenty good. 

Another poll done by JAMA Dermatology reported that 67% of men ages 18-67 do some sort of pubic grooming

The scary part?

25% of those dudes mentioned cutting their scrotum while shaving. 

So here’s the set-up: your girl probably wants you to nail a sick fade with your pubes, and you’re willing to do it. Problem is, there’s a decent chance you’ll mangle your sac magique in the pursuit. 

Enter Meridian.

trimming the crop

The new Los Angeles based brand designed an electric shaver to help gentlemen avoid catastrophic scrotal injury, and because all good things come in pairs, they also offer a soothing, deodorizing Ball Spray

Because Meridian is a new brand, we wanted to get in on the ground level to see what they were all about. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pubic Hair Trimmer from Meridian Grooming

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Meridian Grooming isn’t the only men’s pubic hair trimmer on the market. If you’re here, I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand Manscaped

There are a lot of similarities between these two shavers—they’re both waterproof and use ceramic blades.

But there’s one key difference that makes Meridian a worthy alternative: a straight-forward price.

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While the price difference may not seem huge right away, a look at the fine print tells a different story. 

If you buy a trimmer through the Manscaped site, you’re paying $69. Meridian’s Trimmer is $60.

Saving nine bucks isn’t going to change your life, right? 

If you look closely at the Manscaped package, they continue to charge you $15 every quarter and send you new ceramic blades.

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You can buy the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 for approximately $85 as a one-time buy, but if you buy through the Manscaped site, you’ll need to specify it as such. The standard process gets you signed up for the quarterly $15 subscription. 

Now, most electric shavers don’t require replacement blades every three months, so it begs the question: should you buy a shaver that needs a replacement blade often when there’s an alternative that doesn’t require so much upkeep? Especially if the alternative is less expensive? 

Meridian Complete Package
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Trim up those acorns and hit 'em with the spray so they don't get razor-bumps. Give your balls a spa day, bro.

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Meridian Grooming Review

The Trimmer

meridian grooming proudct shot trimmer on white background

Meridian’s first product—The Trimmer—is a compact electric shaver built to go straight for the groin. They have two color options available: Onyx black and Sage green. I opted for the Sage because it’s strangely calming. 

And a little zen-like clarity never hurts when you’re bringing a blade toward your magic beans.

Meridian claims that their Trimmer contains “extra-sensitive technology” to prevent nicks, tugs, and sack-massacres. 

Essentially, this technology is a ceramic blade. Traditional electric trimmers will carve you up like a Christmas goose if you get caught up in the underside, but ceramic blades are more gentle.

trimming the perenium

That said, every electric shaver will cut your balls. That includes Meridian. That includes Manscaped. Both will cut your balls if you go all willy-nilly and rush through the job. 

The true strength of the Meridian Trimmer is that it is compact, ergonomic, and helps in the harder-to-reach areas. 

meridian grooming holding razor up to kiwi

Be sure to read our full guide on how to shave your balls so you don’t shred your captain commandos like cole slaw cabbage. The big takeaway from that article is: use a razor on your scrotum. Use an electric trimmer for everything else.

The Meridian Trimmer comes with a few attachments that make it easy to get the right hedge. I don’t recommend going with a scorched earth policy downtown. 

Sure, polish your nuts up so they’re squeaky clean like a couple of bowling balls. But a bald groin isn’t doing you any favors. 

meridian trimmer with attachments

The two dual-headed attachments help you get a hair-length that preserves your masculinity. Snapping one of the plastic guards on will allow you to get a precise length at 3mm, 6, 9, and 12mm. 

The Trimmer can snip away for 90 minutes before needing a recharge (though that’s not to say you should be taking 90 minutes to trim up a picture-perfect rendition of Abe Lincoln’s top-hat atop your dingaling). 

It comes with a USB charging cable and a small brush to keep the Trimmer clean and free of stray hairs. Most people at this point have a charging block that accepts a USB charger, but for some, it may mean that you need to plug your shaver into your computer, which is a little awkward. 

Still, I like it better than the bulky alternatives. I’m a fan of downstairs grooming, but I don’t necessarily want an obvious groin shaving tool out on my bathroom counter for friends and family to giggle at. 

Meridian Trimmer
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So, you want to shave your meat and two veg, but you don't want to end up with mangled scroat. We get it. The Meridian Trimmer's ceramic blades help achieve that lofty objective (i.e. keeping your scroat un-mangled).

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The Ball Spray

meridian grooming ball spray product image

The Complete Package from Meridian also includes their special Ball Spray. Made with witch hazel and a host of other rejuvenating ingredients, the Ball Spray is designed to calm irritation after shaving and prevent odor. 

As any freshman boy in high school can tell you, rubbing aftershave on your balls is an option—it’s just not a good one. 

The Ball Spray contains Ginkgo Biloba, which has been touted far and wide for its positive effects on memory, and since most guys do their thinking with their balls, I can only imagine how the benefits to society will manifest. This is a joke, of course, but I only get to write two testical-grooming articles a year and I deserve to have fun. 

meridian ball spray and kiwi

I’ve used the Ball Spray a few times now. I definitely felt the benefit after my manscaping routine. I’m not sure I would depend on it as a deodorizer: there’s no substitute for a shower. I suppose it’s better than nothing in a pinch, but ideally you’re always less than 24 hours done with a shower before any intimate encounter occurs. 

It’s a pleasantly packaged antiseptic spray that doesn’t sting and will help prevent redness and irritation on your nuts, grundle, and gooch—I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m a fan. 

Meridian Ball Spray

Like breath-freshener for your nuts. This pH balanced spray reduces irritation and fights odor. Try a spritz after the gym, before a date, or after shaving.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say About Meridian Grooming?

While Meridian is a relatively new company, they’ve still racked up over 150 reviews on Amazon, averaging a 4.5 out of 5.

Some reviewers mentioned that they still nick their scrotum with the Trimmer. I said it above and I’ll say it again here: there’s no electric shaver on the market that won’t cut your balls. It just doesn’t happen. Electric trimmers like Meridian’s are best used to get an even length up top and cut down unwanted hairs around your gooch and ass. 

When shaving your balls specifically, you have to switch it up with a razor. It’s the only way to avoid those nicks. 

Otherwise, reviewers seem happy with how long the Meridian Trimmer charge lasts and its waterproof construction.

My Thoughts Overall On Meridian Grooming

What I Like

  • I liked the color options—the Sage looks great in my bathroom. The design overall doesn’t scream “I use this to shave my balls,” which is good. 

  • Meridian Spray helps a lot in reducing post-shave irritation.

  • The closest competition has a bulky charging station. I already don’t have enough room in my cabinets as it is, so Meridian’s smaller footprint is appreciated.

  • I like the dual headed attachments—they make getting the right length easy.

What I Don’t Like

  • I don’t have a USB charging block, so I have to charge the Trimmer with my computer, which is a little awkward. 

Who is Meridian Grooming for?

The Meridian Trimmer is a great option for the guy who’s looking to boost his confidence and hygiene. There are only a few tricks besides getting a six-pack that’ll help you look better naked, and trimming it up downstairs is a quick win.

The Verdict

There’s nothing in the rule book that says a man has to manscape.

But the numbers don’t lie: ladies prefer it. 

I’ve been a practitioner, and one of the biggest struggles I’ve faced is finding a tool that makes the job quick and easy. When it’s a simple process, I don’t wait to do it every three months. I can take care of my grooming every other week so things don’t get out of control.

The Meridian Trimmer does exactly that: the two dual-headed attachments make the process of downstairs grooming easy and fast. Plus, I can get harder to reach areas without cutting myself.

I might be the only person in the world without a USB charging block, so I still have to charge my Trimmer with my computer, which is a little awkward. But that won’t be an issue for you if you’ve got a proper USB charging block. 

I’ve been leaving my Trimmer in the shower and it’s helped me a lot with regular upkeep. The Ball Spray helps a lot with irritation, too. I won’t be using it as a “mid-day refresher” like some brands tout their ball-sprays. Frankly, there’s no replacing a good old-fashioned shower after hitting the gym.

If you’re ready to keep it trim downstairs, Meridian offers a solid value and makes the process of below-the-belt grooming much easier.

Meridian Complete Package
(Get 15% off with code TAM15)

Trim up those acorns and hit 'em with the spray so they don't get razor-bumps. Give your balls a spa day, bro.

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What does manscaping mean?

Manscaping is the process of men’s body-hair grooming. Most often, it refers to the art of shaving one’s balls. But manscaping also encompasses back, chest, armpit, nose, and eyebrow grooming too.

How much manscaping is appropriate?

Our recommendation to get the right amount of manscaping is to avoid the extremes. Don’t shave off all your pubes. Leave a few millimeters in your crop so you still look masculine. Same goes for your chest—unless you’re ripped, it’s best to leave some hair on your chest, but a little trim helps with muscle definition.

How common is manscaping?

Manscaping is very common. A study done by the JAMA Dermatology Institute claimed that 67% of guys between 18 and 67 do some sort of pubic grooming. You can imagine that percentage rising when you’re talking about guys between 18-35.