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fitness gift guide for gym rats

The Optimum Fitness Junkie Gift Guide: What to Get the Athlete In Your Life

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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How much protein can one person consume?

It’s crazy, right?

You’ve run out of ideas on what to get your favorite gym-rat, and that’s why you’re here. Don’t worry.

We’ve tested dozens (hundreds, maybe?) over the years and we’ve put together a list of our favorite gym clothes, the best supplements that we know actually work, and some nifty gadgets that will definitely help him get the most out of every workout.

Happy shopping.

The Best Fitness Gifts for Men


Here are some of the coolest clothing brands for dudes that hit the gym on the regular.


Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

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Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel is marketed towards muscular dudes, sure, but the pieces they make are for anyone with an athletic build who’s tired of compromising when it comes to fit, comfort, and a stylish look.

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State & Liberty

State & Liberty is an excellent brand for fit guys who want flattering clothes for the office. The shirts embellish that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym, and anything you pick up from S&L is going to be as comfortable as dress clothes can get.

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Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga not only has a huge selection of yoga clothes and accessories for men, but because their product offerings are so deep, they also have the best selection for huskier gents.

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Diet and Nutrition

From subscription boxes to high quality protein, to brain supplements to help increase focus on the bench—here’s everything we’ve tested this past year that helped us hit our PR’s.

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Musclebox’s monthly delivery of clothes, protein snacks, and workout plans is a killer way for bodybuilders to stay motivated---though if you’re looking for general fitness, the brand’s focus on high protein, high calorie snacks may not be the right fit for you.

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Onnit | Brain, Workout, and Health Supplements

If you’re looking to add effective, clean, clinically-researched supplements to your daily or weekly routine, Onnit has something for you. They also offer what they call their Keep-It™ Money Back Guarantee.This allows you to order any product and if it doesn’t work for you, they will let you keep it. No questions asked. 

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Dioxyme Grass-fed Ultra Whey Protein
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Pasture raised and hormone free, this whey burns clean. You might not be able to tell because it tastes so freakin' good.

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HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

The HidrateSpark tracks your water intake and glows when it's time to take a sip. It's a solid pickup for the person who needs to be reminded to cover the basics of survival.

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Magic Spoon | High Protein, Low Carb Cereal

The amount of protein in each serving is ample enough to pique the interest of gym-goers and guys who generally care about their fitness level and physique. This is the perfect treat to knock your sweet tooth out cold and escape with none of the standard side effects involved.

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TruBrain's line of transparent nootropic blends will help increase your mental clarity and focus, especially while doing tedious tasks. They won't give you Jimmy Neutron-level brain blasts, but with multiple nootropics, vitamins, and minerals all in one pouch, the value is there.

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Fitness Equipment

Sometimes you need a little extra to get the most out of your pump. That’s where these gifts come in handy.

SAGA Fitness

I love how easy it is to throw the cuffs on either my legs or arms, inflate them within the minute, and get in 10 minutes of intense BFR training. For me, it offers a different way to hit the target muscle groups that’s not heavy, but still just as intense.

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The PRO4 SYSTEM is TRX’s top-of-the-line suspension trainer. This is the one pro trainers, athletes, and olympians use.

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Tempo Studio

The all-in-one home gym, complete with AI-tracking to help keep your form perfect through your working sets. The Studio comes with two dumbbells, a barbell, and 75lbs of free weights so you can harness the fat-burning, muscle-building power of lifting in the comfort of your home.

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MIRROR by lululemon

Mirror is an excellent home fitness studio if you don’t have time to travel back and forth to the gym but still want to prioritize your health and fitness.

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TRX® XD™ KEVLAR™ Weight Vest

Once you get this on, it won’t slip or slide an inch, no matter how sweaty you get. And let’s face it guys, if you don’t look like you just got caught in a monsoon after your workout, should you really be wearing a weight vest in the first place?

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Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill

With the Horizon 7.8 AT, you get the comfort and power of a high-end treadmill without the risk of entering into some long-term subscription program you may not even enjoy.

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Future Fitness

Future Fitness is an excellent training tool if you’re interested in personal training, but don’t want the commitment of actually meeting with someone at the gym. If you want a balance between your own autonomy while still having an accountability partner, Future is fantastic.

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Apollo Neuro
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Adapt to every rhythm of life with this discreet wearable designed to help you de-stress, focus, and fight through that mid-afternoon sleepy period that gets me every. single. time. Conveniently wear it on your wrist or ankle or clipped to your clothing.

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Polar Sport Watches

Polar watches are great for anyone of any fitness level that wants help achieving their goals. Whether you’re wanting to count your steps and be more active or understand how to be milliseconds faster in your triathlon events, there’s an appropriate watch for your goals.

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