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All Citizens Review: The Hunt For Better Underwear

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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battle ropes with All Citizens compression shorts and endurance shorts

The world of premium men’s underwear is pretty crowded, right? Some brands get downright wacky with their designs, and the last thing you want to do is drop $40 on something overcomplicated and unwearable.

In this All Citizens review, we’ll break down the pros and cons of this young brand to see if they’re worth your time and money.

High-tech boxer-briefs, anyone?
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: All Citizens
All Citizens

Bottom line: All Citizens is known for their boxer-briefs, which have the same feel as many premium underwear brands, but at a more reasonable price. But the brand’s compression shorts were a surprise hit---they’re very affordable and constructed to not ride up.

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  • The H-Fly on the boxer-briefs is a nice feature and makes a lot more sense than a common fly
  • The compression shorts are the best I’ve tried to date, and the price is surprisingly low for a premium product
  • All Citizens has different fits for their boxer-briefs: Standard, athletic, and long
  • Contender shorts are simple, fit well, and have a zippered pocket for my phone, keys and cards when I run
  • Shipping anywhere beyond the lower 48 states can be pricey

I thought my underwear drawer was all good. 

And then the summer hit. 

The temperature was roughly a million degrees and almost every pair of underwear I put on immediately knotted up between my legs and felt like a low-key medieval torture device. 

You know, the boxer-briefs that make you want to lay naked on the cold ground for an hour or two after you take them off. Just to get a little freedom. 

Well, it was a rude awakening, so I went back to the drawing board and tried a new brand, All Citizens

I tried their popular boxer-briefs, compression shorts, and workout shorts. So how’d they do? Keep reading for my full review. 

What Is All Citizens?

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All Citizens is a premium, performance-based menswear brand that started with a mission to create a better pair of boxer-briefs that “doesn’t cost more than a round of drinks.”

They’ve moved beyond underwear now into the realm of the everyday athlete with a range of performance shirts, compression shorts, and workout shorts.

It’s a new space, and I’ve seen a few brands come into it recently: contemporary athletic clothes that look normal—not neon monstrosities. 

high knees in All Citizens contender shorts

That’s what All Citizens aims to do with their entire line: offer thoughtfully designed technical fabric clothes that fit well, perform well and don’t cost a fortune.

Things to Consider Before Buying Technical Fabric Garments from All Citizens

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All Citizens has several ways of keeping their prices lower than their competitors. For instance, the brand implores you to only try one of whatever you’re thinking about getting. 

If you’re not happy, they’ll refund you or offer a free exchange, no questions asked. But if you buy four pairs of underwear and you go to return them all, you’ll only be able to return the unopened items.

Their reason is simple: return and exchange shipping costs add up, and so do restocking fees and warehousing fees. When other brands offer “generous” return policies with free returns and exchanges on everything, they actually pass off these costs to customers by charging higher prices for their products to account for all of the returns.

The cost comes baked into the price, so the people who buy without returning tons of items are paying more as well. 

All Citizens asks that you buy responsibly. So try a single pair of boxer-briefs first and test them out for 30 days. If you don’t like them, you can get your money back or exchange them, no problem. But just don’t buy four pairs, try them all on, and decide then that they’re not the best for you.

All Citizens

All Citizens offers performance apparel for a price that doesn't make you sweat. The brand is known for their super comfortable, performance-driven boxer briefs, but their compression shorts stood out as exceptional for the price.

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All Citizens Review

Boxer Briefs

All Citizen Boxer Briefs top down view blue

The boxer-briefs are All Citizens’ most popular item, and they’re what initially drew me to the brand.

There are a few different sizing options when you buy, including a Standard fit, Athletic fit, and Longer fit. 

I love the idea of a better fitting boxer. My thighs are naturally large, so I picked up the athletic fit (which has wider leg openings). 

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The boxer briefs are made with a blend of polyester and spandex so they have great sweat wicking properties and they don’t hold on to odor. 

I had to learn the hard way that cotton boxers will start stinking even after you wash them. For whatever reason, when I turned 25, my ass started sweating like crazy during workouts. And then I smelled. And then I started getting performance fabric underwear. 

Speaking of ass-sweat, there’s two mesh panels – one on the back and the other between the legs – that really helps with ventilation. Not that I measure my butt perspiration or anything (that’d be crazy, right? Yeah, I definitely never do that *puts down lab beaker*), but at the very least I’ve been enjoying the slight extra cooling during workouts.  

All Citizen Boxer Briefs seat

The waistband is more substantial than I expected. At a solid 1.75 inches, it fits secure and doesn’t move around too much throughout the day. 

All Citizen Boxer Briefs waist band measurement

All Citizens boxer briefs are outfitted with a crotch gusset, more for comfortable walking and exercising than support. And there’s a slight pouch for your man-bundle that offers plenty of support. 

One issue I have with pouch underwear is that, when you take off your pants, your package is all gathered up in what looks like a Muppets nose. It just sort of feels ridiculous. But the pouch helps with overall comfort. 

All Citizen Boxer Briefs mesh gusset detail

All Citizens hits a nice middle ground—they don’t look silly and they offer plenty of comfort for the boys. 

All Citizens Paradise Pocket Boxer Briefs

You know that feeling when you've been sitting all day and it feels like your boxers have knotted up into a tennis ball in your groin? Not if you wear All Citizens, you don't. Their no-slip thigh openings don't ride up and well-placed mesh panels keep things cool downstairs.

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Endurance Compression Shorts

All Citizens compression shorts detail

The Endurance Compression Shorts took me by surprise. About 6 months ago, I got my first pair of premium workout shorts and I saw the light. Since then, I’ve been slowly building up my workout gear because I’ve found that a good fit helps with confidence—and that helps me get a better workout. 

I’m surprised at how affordable the Endurance shorts are given the quality. My first pair of compression shorts were UnderArmour and they cost roughly the same amount. But they’re nothing more than a long pair of polyester boxer briefs with a thicker waist band. 

All Citizens phone pocket in compression shorts

The Endurance offers slight compression, though it’s not the compression you might want if you’re marathon training or lifting super heavy weights. But for an everyday workout, it’s excellent. 

And I’m loving how the leg fits. The band around the thigh is much more firm than any other short I’ve tried, so even when I’m doing box jumps or squats, I don’t have to adjust anything. 

The Endurance has an 8.5” inseam, which lands just above the knee. They peek out just a little below my Contender workout shorts (which I review below), and I like that look. 

All Citizens Endurance Compression BaseLayer

These are the shorts you get if you want premium-level performance without such a prohibitive price tag. They're an excellent value pickup for the guy who gets into the gym most days but doesn't devote his whole life to building a better deadlift.

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Contender Workout Shorts

All Citizens contender and endurance shorts paired together

I also picked up All Citizens’ Contender workout shorts. These are pricier than their boxer briefs and compression shorts, but like I said earlier, premium workout shorts are the bees-knees. 

I love the fit—not baggy anywhere, but not skin-tight around the leg for guys with larger thighs. 

All Citizens contender short detail side pocket

The best feature here is the side pocket zipper. My regular workout involves a mile run to my local track and I’ll carry my keys in my hand if I have to, but I definitely prefer to keep them in a secure pocket. It’s also great for weekend walks so I can stash my ID and a card in there just in case the weather is too fine to pass up on that outdoor seating at the local brewery. 

There’s a bright orange drawstring around the waist which is a cool touch. The fabric feels thick but isn’t hot or constrictive. I was worried about getting the lighter grey color as I’m prolific with the ass sweat, but haven’t noticed any issues in the 3+ workouts I’ve done wearing them. 

bench press with All Citizens contender shorts

Overall, I’m happy with these shorts—they make a nice addition to my workout rotation, and they’re not overly complicated, which means I can wear them for walks around town. 

What do Other Reviewers Say About All Citizens?

All Citizens is a fairly new brand, so there aren’t too many reviews from customers. None that offered more insight, anyway. 

But I found a few professional reviewers that spoke highly of All Citizens: the most significant being from The Kavalier on YouTube. He tried on over 20 different brands and All Citizens is one of three he would choose again. 

My Thoughts Overall On All Citizens

What I Like

  • I like the h-fly—I haven’t worn any boxer briefs with that feature and I’m a fan. 

  • I’m surprised at how low-cost the compression shorts are considering how excellent they are for performance. 

  • Guys can find specific fits for their body type: standard, athletic, and long. 

  • The Contender shorts fit well, they’re built simply, and have a zippered pocket I can stash my keys in when I work out. 

What I Don’t Like

  • All Citizens doesn’t have the scale yet to offer free worldwide shipping. If you’re not in the lower 48 states, you’ll have to pay a decent amount for shipping.

Who is All Citizens for?

All Citizens is a great brand for the guy who wants a functional, performance-driven pair of boxer briefs but doesn’t want to pay out the nose for them. If you’re easily distracted by gimmicks, All Citizens isn’t the right choice.

The Verdict

Some men’s underwear brands try too hard; with pouches, holes, slings, baskets—I start to wonder if they’re trying to make boxer briefs more comfortable or just more complicated.

All Citizens has taken the best aspects of technical fabric, added a few touches purely for performance and comfort, and priced their premium-level product at an affordable range. 

I’ve been happy with brands like TANI and Thieves Gold, but with boxer-briefs hovering around $40, there’s a pretty obvious reason why I don’t have a drawer full of their stuff. 

But All Citizens is the first brand I’ve seen to offer a similar quality in their boxer briefs at less than half that price. 

What surprised me, though, was their compression shorts. Right away these have become my Monday workout staple. The only downside is that I don’t have them for my Wed/Fri/Sat workouts.

And if you’re in the market for simple, no-frills workout shorts that fit well, the Contender short is a great option. I especially recommend them if you’ve got jacked thighs and want to let the world know. 

All Citizens succeeds in their mission to make fairly priced performance driven apparel.

All Citizens

All Citizens offers performance apparel for a price that doesn't make you sweat. The brand is known for their super comfortable, performance-driven boxer briefs, but their compression shorts stood out as exceptional for the price.

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Who wins: All Citizens vs Saxx?

All Citizens offers simple, performance driven boxer briefs at a very reasonable price. Saxx is comfortable, but my package looks like a Muppet’s nose when I wear them. All Citizens wins my vote.