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Tani Underwear Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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TANI Usa Review: Underwear With Tags on Marble Counter

Wondering if TANI is good enough for your goods? For that kind of price, they better be.

We picked up a pack of their most popular boxer-briefs to see just how good TANI is for ourselves. 

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Tani USA

Bottom line: With some things in life, you simply get what you pay for. It'll cost you to get through the gate with Tani USA, but once you do, the sheer comfort level of their underwear will have you looking forward to every wear.

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  • Some of the most comfortable underwear we've ever tried
  • High quality material means the underwear lasts for years (confirmed!)
  • Form fitting and maintains shape well
  • On the pricier side, but Tani is a premium offering
  • Limited colors available for some items

It seems the older you get, the more you care about things you didn’t pay much attention to in years past.

That’s the case with me anyway.

As a man on the wrong side of 30, my current interest in things like lighting quality and thread count would seriously confuse my already confused 20-year-old self.

Another is my relatively newfound interest in the comfort level of my underwear.

Don’t get me wrong. Since graduating from college I’ve (generally) always opted for quality. But I paid little attention to comfort, or just assumed paying above a certain amount would guarantee a fairly consistent level of comfort.

Boy, was I wrong. And it’s this quest which has led me to give Tani USA a try.

But let me be clear:

This is a premium brand and they’re certainly not cheap. But as a guy who’s tested underwear from both ends of the quality spectrum (and everywhere in between)—Tani USA certainly knows what’s up in the comfort department.

What Is Tani USA?

TANI Usa Insert Card Sitting on Felt Background

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Tani USA describes itself as the world’s best and most comfortable unisex underwear.

The brand was founded in 2013—and with its focus on new and innovative fabrics—it has quickly carved out a niche in the high-end undergarment industry.

And I can testify to this. The underwear feels different from anything I’ve tried on before. It’s softer and more luxurious against the skin. Both to actively touch and to passively feel.

Check out their official “About” page for a breakdown of some of the unique fabric technologies they’re using. Or this video which showcases their waistband technology:

Things to Consider Before Buying

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Tani’s underwear and basics are more expensive than what you get from the bargain rack at Target. You’re paying for comfort and durability.

I’ve owned some Tani underwear for three years now, and they still make regular appearances in my weekly underwear lineup (yeah, I have charts and graphs for that kind of thing). 

Tani’s SilkCut line, which I’ll go into more in depth later, is actually softer than silk. I have to say—the Micro Modal is one of the softest fabrics I’ve ever felt. 

So while you may face some initial sticker-shock, if you view it from the perspective of investing in your own comfort (and the comfort of your family jewels), then the cost starts to make more sense.

My Hands-On Review

Here’s the rundown on what I tried from Tani. Keep reading for my thoughts after wearing each for a few weeks years (my girlfriend would call it ‘lounging around in’).

Note: I’ve used Tani’s own website model photos purely to save you from having to see my hairy legs. You’re welcome.

The SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief

Tani 1

Tani’s SilkCut Boxer Briefs are the most comfortable underwear I have in my drawer. I’ll come out and say that up front.

The SilkCut fabric is made with 94% Micro Modal and 6% elastane. If you’re not a fabric expert, I’ll explain what that means.

Micro Modal is derived from natural fibers, and I have no idea what they do to it, but it’s incredibly soft. In fact, it’s softer than actual silk. But it has a cotton-like texture so it doesn’t bunch and scrunch like silk boxers would. 

TANI Usa Silkcut Classic Boxer Brief Navy Worn by Model Facing Forward

When you combine the softness of Micro Modal with 6% elastane for stretch, I feel plenty of support, but absolutely no restriction. 

I have larger thighs, so a lot of times, boxer briefs tend to hike up throughout the day. But with this amount of elastane, the legs stay firm where they are. And because the fabric is so soft, I barely even notice the snugness. 

The waistband on these Tani underwear is much thinner than most men’s boxer briefs I’ve tried in the past. Instead of the usual 1.5” band, Tani features a 1.16” band. In my opinion, this doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to coverage and stability, but I think it’s a positive if you’re looking to stand in front of someone in your boxer briefs. 

Tani has a pretty limited color selection for their SilkCut boxer briefs, which is a bit strange given that this is one of their most popular items. But they cover the basics like white, black, navy, and grey, and really, those are the only underwear colors I ever shop for anyway.

Tani USA SilkCut Boxer Briefs

Tani makes the bold claim that their SilkCuts are “the most comfortable boxer briefs you will ever find”. After now owning them for several years, I have to agree.

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SilkCut Thermal Underwear

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I’ve been rocking the SilkCut Thermal Set all winter long, and I still have a few more months of cold weather ahead of me. 

This set has been incredible. Since I work from home, I wear a lot of joggers and crewneck sweatshirts—pretty basic home clothes. 

I get my writing done between the hours of 5am and 9am, and in the winter, my apartment is freezing. 

TANI Usa SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set Black - Model Facing Forward

Because the Thermal Set uses the same Micro Modal SilkCut fabric, I completely forget I’m wearing a layer underneath my standard home clothes. But I’m so much more warm and comfortable. 

I usually wear this set about three times a week, and have been doing that for several months. Even with all that washing, the SilkCut fabric doesn’t pill or fade—they basically still look good as new. 

I’ve also tested these out in the mountains on some below-freezing days, tucked underneath jeans and a heavy waxed-canvas jacket—again, I completely forget it’s there, minus the fact that I’m so cozy.

Tani USA SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set

As a base layer, Tani's SilkCut Thermal Underwear works really well as a second skin to keep you warm. In super cold climates, you’re obviously going to need to get the layers going. But I’ve enjoyed their versatility—if it’s just slightly chilly, you can lounge around or sleep in them and stay warm with these alone, without the need for wearing excess material.

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The SilkCut Lounge Shorts

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The SilkCut Lounge Shorts are a lot like boxers, but they extend down to the knee. I wouldn’t wear these solo, unless you want your living companions to get a detailed glimpse of your ding-dong (that’s what you get with paper-thin, super luxuriously soft fabrics). 

But with the SilkCut Boxer Briefs underneath, that’s not an issue. 

TANI Usa SilkCut Lounge Shorts Model Facing Forward

These are my go-to Sunday shorts, for the days where naps are in order, and I’m resting up on the couch with a good book. 

Seriously, try this: drink a cup of coffee in bed while wearing these SilkCut Lounge Shorts and tell me you don’t feel like an Egyptian king. I mean, I’m sure they didn’t have coffee, but you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you try it.

Tani USA SilkCut Lounge Shorts

So, you know how you always find yourself rifling through your wardrobe desperately looking for your favorite ‘lazing around the house’ shorts?

Well, these have quickly become mine. Yep, 2009 yellow gym shorts, you’ve been benched.

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The SilkCutTank

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The second Tani piece I’ve been rocking is the SilkCut Cotton Tank. And when I say rocking, I mean around the house.

You see, I’m not much of an undershirt guy. But if I was, I’d be looking for something breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.

And much like the other Tani offerings I’ve tried, their tank certainly fits that bill.

It’s made from Tani’s awesome SilkCut fabric for stretch and comfort with Italian Bonding on the neck and sleeves.

Tani USA SilkCut Tank

I’m not much of an undershirt guy. But if I was, I’d be looking for something breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. And much like the other Tani offerings I’ve tried, their tank certainly fits that bill.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Many reviewers for Tani say that they’re the most comfortable underwear they’ve ever owned, and I saw several people note that they’re not likely to go back to any other brand. 

Some reviewers were surprised at how much support Tani boxer briefs offered, considering how soft and flexible the fabric is. 

The only downside I could see is that some reviewers felt there weren’t enough color options, or they wanted something a bit more adventurous than the standard neutral colors. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • It’s hard to believe that underwear can get more comfortable than this.
  • The boxer briefs last for years without pilling (which is usually a problem for me, especially in the inner thighs).
  • They maintain their shape throughout the day well, so if you end up standing in front of someone in just your boxers at the end of the day, they still look good.
  • The undershirts offer excellent breathable insulation, and they’re so soft and flexible, you can forget you’re wearing them. .

What I Don’t Like

  • The price level is premium, which can be a hurdle when looking to invest in fantastic new underwear.
  • There’s a limited selection of colors, though all the basic neutral colors are covered. .

Who is Tani for?

If you’re willing to spend a bit extra for comfort, then Tani is the way to go. Their SilkCut line will make you reconsider every other boxer brief in your drawer.

The Verdict

I’m a pretty big believer that you don’t really know you could use any quality product in your life until you try it.

When it comes to quality underwear, yes, it’s going to cost you to get through the gate.

But I don’t think you’ll regret it in the long run.

The big difference with Tani is simply that they feel different. In a good way.

I’ve also owned all of the above pieces for over two years and so I can also speak to their durability. Because of their quality, I’ve worn all of them with regular consistency. That also means they’ve seen several washes over that time.

And apart from some very minor fading and some very minor reduction in elasticity, every item is still essentially in the same condition as when I first got it.

Which is pretty unusual for underwear. You only have to look at my graveyard of holey discards to prove that.

But most important than all? Tani underwear is incredibly comfortable.

It makes ‘the boys’ happy.

And if ‘the boys’ are happy, I’m usually pretty happy too (did you really think there wouldn’t be one crotch joke in the review?).

Check out Tani’s bestsellers and don’t forget to use code TAM15 for 15% off your purchase.


Is Tani a good brand?

Yes, Tani is an excellent brand. Their SilkCut boxer briefs are among the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn.

Where is Tani USA made?

Tani clothes are manufactured in Asia.