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5 Best Pouch Underwear Brands for Men: Keep Them Safe

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Best Pouch Underwear for Men

Let me guess. Your balls are stuck to your thigh right now. Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

These are the best pouch underwear brands to help you keep your twig and giggle-berries safe, secure, dry, and high.

My Top Picks Preview

What’s your move? 

Mine is the half sumo squat, with an optional pinch-and-pull. 

You know what it looks like. Left leg goes out, a deep bend at the knees—hand goes in the right pocket. Pincer a bit of scrote, hold, do a squat. 

And you’ve just alienated everyone in the Starbucks line. 

Let’s just skip that whole dance, shall we? 

Here are the best pouch underwear brands, broken down into different categories. After this guide, you’ll be able to tell future generations how hard things were in the “old days,” back when we had to walk uphill both ways and deal with our balls sticking to the inside of our thighs. 

5 Best Pouch Underwear Brands for Men

Best Ball Hammock Underwear: Shinesty

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To rest in a hammock is nice, but to rest your nuts in a hammock is pure bliss.

A lot of pouch underwear brands sew an empty void into the front of their boxer briefs and call it a day. This is a step up from standard briefs, for sure, but it’s still a far-cry from optimal ball-placement. 

That’s why I recommend a pair of boxer-briefs with what we call in the business, “a ball hammock.” 

It’s all in the way the underwear are constructed, and Shinesty is the best in the business at this technique. The biggest benefit is that your nuts won’t stick to your leg. That’s pretty huge. 

But you’re also getting a lot of support as well, so Shinesty’s boxer-briefs also work well in the gym. I wouldn’t get these specifically for the gym, but I usually put these on in the morning, do my commute to work, crush it at the office, and then hit the gym afterward, and Shinesty’s underwear are always up to the task.

What I Like

  • The pouch doesn’t just separate, but it also keeps your nuggets lifted.

  • There’s decent bulge-enhancement if you’re a grower and not a shower. 

  • They’re made with micro-modal fabric, which is incredibly soft. 

What I Don’t Like

  • I wish Shinesty also had trunks and briefs available with the same technology.

What Other Reviewers Say

Funny enough, there were several wives who bought these for their husbands after being thoroughly embarrassed by their men adjusting themselves in public. Truly, I had no idea that was an issue. Anyway, they’re happy now. 

As for the dudes who picked these up, many swear by Shinesty now and don’t stock their drawers with anything else. 

If you have irregular nuts, you may have to shop around. The vast majority of reviewers felt a decent amount of support from these, but there were a few reviews saying they either couldn’t fit into the pouch, or that their nuggets never reached the pouch.

The Verdict

Why not give your testes a nice perch. Sling them in a ball hammock and experience the comfort as you go about your day. 

Shinesty sews a sort of “wing” structure into the pouch of their boxer-briefs, which basically keeps your balls away from your thigh and also gives them a little lift. 

If you’re highly active throughout the day, these are my top choice.

Best Ball Hammock
Shinesty Boxer Briefs

Shinesty pouch underwear feature a special ball-hammock technology that cradles your marbles so gently, you'll forget they're even there. Ok...maybe that's too far.

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Best Dual Pouch Underwear: Separatec

Separatec Underwear Review - 4

When it comes to pouch underwear, Separatec has taken the concept to its limit: you get a pouch for your tender orbs and a different pouch for your dong. 

Separatec does well in the gym because of this dual-pouch situation. Most guys will do just fine keeping everything together in one pouch, but a dual-pouch can work in your favor if you struggle with a lot of downstairs sweat.

What I Like

  • If your wang sticks to your scrotum like velcro, Separatec eliminates that issue.
  • These work great in high-heat, high-sweat scenarios like the gym.
  • They offer boxer-briefs, trunks, and briefs. .

What I Don’t Like

  • The penis pouch sort of makes your willy look like a Muppet’s nose. .

What Other Reviewers Say

The majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive on these boxer-briefs. Several guys mentioned that these felt a bit strange at first as the dual-pouch is a new sensation. Most got used to it, but a few never did.

The Verdict

For millennia, men had no way to tuck their penis into a safety pouch and let it rest, unencumbered by their wrinkly ol’ balls. Finally, Separatec has changed the dynamic, and lifted a burden that’s plagued men since pre-civilization.

Ok, a little too far? 

I’ll get to the point: if you hate when your dingdong sticks to your sack, the only way to ensure they don’t go full velcro on you is to keep them separated. The best way to do that is through Separatec.

Best Dual Pouch
Separatec Everyday Boxer Briefs

It takes a little time to get used to separating your main man and your boys in your underwear. But when it all clicks, you'll wonder why you didn't give Separatec a try sooner.

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Best Pouch Underwear for Growers: All Citizens

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I won’t mention him by name, but one of my best friends growing up consistently claimed he was a “grower,” and not a “shower.” For him, this was especially problematic in high school when we had to get down to our boxers in the locker room before gym class. 

If you want some pouch underwear that’s going to give you a visual boost, check out All Citizens (particularly their Paradise Pocket Boxer Briefs). 

These get the whole package out in front, which in addition to being comfortable, also gives your package a bit of visual momentum.

What I Like

  • All Citizens uses a microfiber performance fabric for their Paradise Pocket Boxer Briefs, which presents your package well.
  • Because the Paradise Pocket collects your things and displays them out front, you’ll do better with window shoppers.
  • These are excellent for working out with. .

What I Don’t Like

  • All Citizens only carry solid colors, so if you like funky underwear with birds and flowers on them, you’ll need to look elsewhere. .

What Other Reviewers Say

After reading through the reviews, one thing that stuck out to me was that several guys picked these up because they’d heard they don’t ride up the leg. So that’s another big benefit here, and the All Citizens boxer briefs are a top choice for dudes with big thighs for that reason as well. 

The Verdict

If you’re a grower and not a shower, there’s no harm in giving your bulge a little boost. The best pouch underwear for the job is the All Citizens Paradise Pocket Boxer Briefs

They collect your goodies and set them out front. And don’t worry—if that sounds uncomfortable, it’s not. It’s actually very comfortable.

Best for Growers
All Citizens Paradise Pocket Boxer Briefs

You know that feeling when you've been sitting all day and it feels like your boxers have knotted up into a tennis ball in your groin? Not if you wear All Citizens, you don't. Their no-slip thigh openings don't ride up and well-placed mesh panels keep things cool downstairs.

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Best Trunk Underwear with a Pouch: T-Bô

best boxer briefs

Boxer briefs get all the attention, don’t they?

But why? There are other options out there, surely. 

Well if you’re looking for a pair of trunk-style underwear with decent support in the grundle-region, make sure you scope out T-Bô.

T-Bô carries a wide variety of cuts, but their trunks are unique and really “get the word out,” if you catch my drift.

What I Like

  • T-Bo has a good variety of colors and styles that are a bit different than your standard navy, black, and maroon.
  • The pouch is highly supportive and pretty near impossible to slip out of. .

What I Don’t Like

  • I have larger thighs and the trunks tend to ride up my legs. But for guys who aren’t breaking PR’s on the squat rack every week, that should be an issue. .

What Other Reviewers Say

T-Bo has a loyal following of underwear enthusiasts (not the weird kind). While T-Bo offers classic cuts like boxer briefs, they tend to do best with their briefs and trunks. 

T-Bo has had some trouble keeping stock according to recent reviews. It’s hard to tell if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

The Verdict

T-Bô is a good brand for the bold, and their pouch trunks do the trick. If you’re tired of the same-old boxer-briefs day in and day out, a change of pace is due, and T-Bo is my top recommendation.

Best Trunks
T-Bô Trunks

If you're looking for trunks with more support than most, T-Bô has cracked the code. They're co-designed with input from over 400,000 customers. That's a lot of nuts.

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Best Budget Pouch Underwear: Jockmail

Most pouch underwear are premium products and cost a pretty penny. For some guys who are pouch-curious, but used to get the $15 jumbo packs of underwear, this can be a bit of a system-shock. 

If you want to try a pair or two of pouch underwear for cheap, check out Jockmail. 

I’ll say this up-front: the pouch on Jockmail underwear isn’t nearly as supportive as any of the other options on our list. 

In my opinion, Shinesty is going to give you the best mix of value and support, while still not reaching the high prices as some other brands. But if your budget can only spare $10, then Jockmail is the way to go.

What I Like

  • Jockmail has a huge variety of underwear styles (even pouch jock straps should the mood strike you). 

  • They’re inexpensive, but still offer the separation benefits of a pouch. 

What I Don’t Like

  • The fabric quality isn’t as high compared to other premium brands, and this reduces the comfort overall. 

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviews for Jockmail are quite high on Amazon. Many guys loved the fact that they could branch way out of the standard everyday underwear mold to get something supportive, unique, and do it on the cheap. 

Some reviewers mentioned that the seams weren’t the most comfortable, and that’s in part why premium brands have an edge. 

The Verdict

If spending $20 or more for a single pair of underwear scares you but you still want to see what all the rage is, check out Jockmail. 

You’re sacrificing on materials and construction quality (both of which give the comfort a hit), but you’re getting into that pouch game with a minimal capital investment.

Best Budget
Jockmail Pouch Underwear

If you need to store your nuggets on a budget, this is the way.

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Why Do Men’s Underwear Have a Front Pouch?

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Where else are you going to put your reproductive organs? Not all men’s underwear have a dedicated pouch, but the vast majority have at least a little extra room to cradle your rocks. 

Having a dedicated pouch like with Shinesty or Separatec underwear can help keep your scrotum from sticking to your leg, which I think everyone can agree is pretty annoying. 

A pouch means less adjustments throughout the day. I know you think you’re smooth when you’re peeling your dingaling away from your scrote, but people notice. 

From another angle, pouches can also keep your sack calm, cool, and collected if you’re in the middle of an intense workout, so they’re a fantastic choice for athletes. 

Sack Up

If all this underwear technology has you intrigued, you’re in good company.

For the most supportive ball hammock, check out Shinesty

Shinesty Boxer Briefs

Shinesty pouch underwear feature a special ball-hammock technology that cradles your marbles so gently, you'll forget they're even there. Ok...maybe that's too far.

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For either the dual pouch, the “grower flattering,” or the trunk alternative, check out Separatec, All Citizens, or T-Bô

And if you’re on a strict budget, see Jockmail. Though you’re going to sacrifice some comfort there—I recommend going with one of the other premium brands mentioned above. 


What is pouch underwear for?

Pouch underwear can give extra support, add more contouring, or reduce chafing. Finding the correct fabric for your purposes is the most important factor.

Are boxers bad for your balls?

No, boxers aren’t necessarily bad for your balls. However, they’re a terrible choice for workouts as they offer no support and the testicular-torsion from exercises like box jumps can do some damage.