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Blenders Eyewear Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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You’ve likely seen them all over Instagram, and now you’re wondering if these beachy, party-going sunglasses are worth the price tag. I mean, can’t you get the same quality from the boardwalk souvenir store?

Well, not quite. In fact, there’s a lot to know about this brand before buying, and I cover it all in this hands-on Blenders Eyewear review. 

Loud, bold, and fun-loving
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Blenders Eyewear
Blenders Eyewear

Bottom line: Blenders Eyewear isn’t for everyone. The style of their sunglasses is loud, bold, and fun-loving. But they do offer nice balance between quality and value, so if loud, bold, and fun-loving describes you, well, you’re in luck.

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  • Unique frames that few other brands are as daring to try
  • All lenses are polarized, which is helpful if you’re driving or near the water
  • Frames are affordable at under $70
  • Huge variety of frame-colors and lens-colors
  • The “active” style frames fit securely and are comfortable to wear all day
  • Many of the frames are on the larger end of the spectrum
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Take a moment to imagine your ideal life.

What does it look like?

I’ll tell you about mine.

I got to live it (for about five days). I was in Pacific Beach, San Diego. It was the week after my wedding.

We’d rented a small house near the ocean, along with a few beach cruiser bikes.

And I ate fish tacos until I couldn’t breathe right.

Yep, that’s the dream right there.

During that trip, I stepped into a cool-looking sunglasses shop to grab some shades (coming from SF, summer is the coldest time of year, and there’s no chance at seeing the sun).

The shop was the storefront of an online brand I hadn’t heard of before: Blenders Eyewear. I picked up a cool set of aviators and went on my way.

Fast forward two years—it’s the start of spring in North Carolina and the sun has just started coming out again. I dove deep in my closet to find my sunglasses. That’s when I stumbled upon those aviators and knew I had to get in contact with Blenders, pick up several more sets of shades, and do a proper review.

After testing a bunch of frames, my verdict is in. So let’s tackle the big question: are Blenders sunglasses worthy of your hard earned dollars?

What Is Blenders Eyewear?

To understand how the idea for Blenders Eyewear came about, we first need to cover the spectrum of sunglasses.

On one end, you have what’s called “beaters.” These are the sunglasses you buy for $5 and leave on the floor of your car.

They’re the emergency sort, when you realize you’re spending a full day at the beach and you don’t want to sunburn your eyeballs (trust me, it’s possible).

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On the other end, you have your designer shades. And while these are stylish and high-quality, not every twenty-something can afford to drop $150 or more on eyewear.

Chase Fisher, the founder of Blenders, found himself in a predicament. There had to be a middle ground between “beater” sunglasses and designer frames. But there wasn’t.

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So in 2011, he created a brand that focused on making brightly colored sunglasses that were both affordable and held to high production standards.

And Blenders Eyewear was born.

Since then, the brand has conquered Instagram with their unique style and devotion to beach-life.

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Almost two years ago, I moved from the coast of California to the middle of North Carolina.

I’m enjoying NC, but I can’t tell you how much a quick scroll through the SoCal beachy pics has triggered waves of nostalgia.

model removing whiskey shiner hexagram sunglasses against foggy background

While I wanted to take some seaside pics of my own to stave off some of the homesickness, at the time of writing, the entire world is taking a little break from travel (we all know why).

Instead, I went for the next best thing—pizza pictures.

model holding pizza while wearing university heights sunglasses

My Hands-On Review

As I mentioned earlier, Blenders Eyewear sits somewhere between the cheap sunglasses you’d buy for $5 at the gas station and the huge well-known brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley that normally go anywhere between $100-$200.

While their price sits right in the middle, my goal is to find out whether the quality is closer to the Ray-Ban part of the spectrum, or if it veers more toward the knock-off gas-station type.

Let’s break it down.


I picked up six different pairs (five models) to try on. The packaging was simple—just a white box with a microfiber pouch.

The only exception was my hexagram style shades, which came with a slim black hard case.

I don’t mind just using the single hard case as I only need one when I travel, anyway. But if you need a hard-shelled carrying case, you’ll likely have to buy one separately.

North Park

Blenders Eyewear university heights on red background sunglasses

The first style that drew me in was the North Park. I picked up two pairs: one black (University Heights) and one tortoise shell (Broadway Nika).

model smiling and looking down wearing university heights sunglasses

There’s a bit of classic aviator style in these sunglasses, but instead of metal, these have a flexible, durable rubberized matte frame. The tips are made with the same material, so they’re very lightweight and comfortable—especially if you wear them all day.


Blenders Eyewear gold mamba cardiff sunglasses on yellow background

Blender’s Cardiff is a callback to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, but Blenders have added their own spin.

I love the look of the Gold Mamba colorway, which is perfect for a beach volleyball match. They looked more feminine on me than I prefer, but I didn’t get the same feeling when I had my brother (who has a darker complexion) try them on.

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The shape is squared at the top and round on the bottom, so the frames are versatile and look good on just about everyone. Blenders offers another Cardiff colorway in black and gold, and I feel that would’ve looked better on me.

Still, I love the Gold Mamba colorway for its uniqueness, but I recommend them more for guys with darker skin tones.

Blenders Eyewear
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Blenders Eyewear isn’t for everyone. The style of their sunglasses is loud, bold, and fun-loving. But they do offer nice balance between quality and value, so if loud, bold, and fun-loving describes you, well, you’re in luck.

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Blenders Eyewear whiskey shiner hexagram sunglasses on pink background

The stainless steel Hexagram frames turned out to be my favorite in the bunch. Again, because these are rounded near the top, but more squared at the bottom, they compliment most face shapes.

I’ve reached for the Hexagram frames just about every day. I like their simplicity, but I feel the shape has just the right amount of funkiness to it to make them distinguished.

model in gold framed sunglasses with factory in background

The lenses are quite dark on these and offer more relief from the bright sun than my designer sunglasses (which look great, but don’t have as much tint).


Blenders Eyewear romeo stone breaker sunglasses

The Romeo frames are made with 100% acetate, which is more durable than other types of plastics commonly used in frames.

Blenders is no stranger to unique sunglasses—I feel like I picked their tamest options. The green, teal, and orange Stone Breaker colorway is a good middle ground between some bright, neon colors the brand typically leans into and more traditional eyewear.

Of all the frames I tried, the Romeo felt the highest quality. The relatively high price tag (compared to other Blenders offerings) reflects that. Still, the acetate construction is like what you’d find in big name brands like Ray-Ban or Oakley, and Blenders is coming in way below that price point.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • Many of the frames are totally unique. I like that they’re not afraid to make what they enjoy.

  • The lenses are all polarized. This is a “must” for me because I have sensitive eyes. It’s also a “must” for any serious beach-goer because the polarization blocks a lot of glare.

  • No set of frames is over $70, and many are much less expensive. For the quality and style, Blenders Eyewear is very affordable.

  • The brand’s stock is impressive—there are so many frames and lenses to choose from.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Hexagram frames fit my face the best, while I felt the other styles were a bit large.

Other Blenders Eyewear Reviews

model removing sunglasses with sunrise in background

One thing I loved about the Blenders website was that they didn’t lump all their reviews together—instead, you can see what people think of the frames you’re deciding on.

For instance, if you were on the fence considering a set of North Park frames, you’d be able to see that over 6,600 people have given them a 4.9-star average rating.

But if you’re curious about the Hexagram sunglasses, you can find 35 reviews that speak to the shape, style, and construction of those particular frames.

In looking across all of Blenders on-site reviews, no set of frames scored lower than a 4.6-star average. That’s especially striking considering that many styles have well over a thousand reviews.

The Verdict

It doesn’t take long to figure out if Blenders Eyewear is right for you. Their bold style speaks to my beach-combing, So-Cal heart.

If it’s the quality you’re wondering about, I can say this: Blenders Eyewear delivers a solid value.

These frames aren’t the most premium I’ve experienced, but to be honest, I don’t want or need the quality of materials I’d find in a $200 pair of sunglasses. For an everyday pair that I’m not afraid to wear when playing frisbee or take with me on a hike, I’d rather not spend a sizable chunk of my paycheck.

I love that all their lenses are polarized. To me, that’s a necessity if you’re doing anything near the water as the glare can really damage your eyes.

The brand nails two huge points—the sunglasses look cool, and they’re affordable. And the materials they’re built with are good enough to hold up to years of wear, even under tough conditions.

Blenders Eyewear
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Blenders Eyewear isn’t for everyone. The style of their sunglasses is loud, bold, and fun-loving. But they do offer nice balance between quality and value, so if loud, bold, and fun-loving describes you, well, you’re in luck.

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Do Blenders Eyewear offer UV protection?

Yes, Blenders Eyewear sunglasses offer full 100% UVA and UVB protection. They’re also polarized, which means they reduce glaree.

How long does it take Blenders Eyewear to ship?

Blenders Eyewear takes 3-5 business days to ship. You can also choose 2-day shipping for an additional charge.

What are polarized sunglasees?

Polarized lenses reduce the glare from water, glass, and snow. Glare can distort colors, so in high-shine conditions, polarized lenses will allow you to see more clearly. They’re especially helpful when you’re driving or just relaxing at the beach.