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meundies loungewear red micromodal shirt with grey micromodal lounge pants

Sure, MeUndies has a lot of flashy colors and marketing, but are their underwear actually worth buying?

In my hands-on MeUndies review, I take a close look at the most popular items from the brand to decide whether you should buy them.

Comfort with a healthy dose of self-expression
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Bottom line: MeUndies makes the softest underwear and loungewear I’ve ever tried. While the MicroModal isn’t the greatest material for workouts, the comfort is outstanding.

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  • Lenzing MicroModal is one of the softest fabrics available and you really feel it
  • The patterns and designs are fun and unique
  • Boxers, trunks, briefs, and boxer-briefs are all available in a wide variety of sizes, from S to 4XL
  • The loungewear has a modern look that’s still stylish, even if it’s meant for around the house
  • Monthly subscription option is convenient if you’re time poor, and you can match undies with your partner
  • The soft fabric isn’t super breathable---while it was fine throughout the day, they were a bit uncomfortable for working out
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MeUndies Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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For the first time in two years, I started taking Sundays off.

I’m a man of many projects, and that means I haven’t spent much time relaxing.

But then something occurred to me: I might get more done if I took a day off once a week. And a lot of research confirms that idea.

So I started sleeping in on Sundays (only until 7am, but for a 4:30-riser, it still feels late). When it comes to relaxing, I’m a firm believer you’ve got to have an outfit.

After all, we wear specific clothes to work and to the gym. So why not find the softest, most comfortable clothes for around the house?

And then MeUndies reached out. I’d heard a lot about them, and I’ve seen people practically shouting about how soft their underwear were all over Instagram.

But are they soft enough for me to get the full effect of my lazy Sundays?

They sent me some different styles of underwear, socks, and some things from their new loungewear line. I slept, ran, boxed, and worked for a few weeks, putting MeUndies to the test.

So how’d they do?

What Is MeUndies?


MeUndies was founded in Los Angeles back in 2011 and was the first underwear subscription on the market.

Since 2011, they’ve grown to become a nationally recognized brand.

Part of what makes MeUndies unique is their approach to designs and sizing. Despite being a smaller company than many of the giants like Hanes, Victoria’s Secret, and Calvin Klein, they’re offering higher-quality products in a huge array of shapes and sizes.

Of course, the brand is pricier than what you might find in a discount bulk budget pack of boxers, but MeUndies relies on their fabric and fun colorways to speak to that.

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Yes, it’s true. You can find a cheaper pair of underwear.

But we at The Adult Man have been exploring for years where to find the best underwear, and when it comes down to it, you deserve better than the bottom of the barrel.


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What exactly do I mean when I say MeUndies has a terrific selection of shapes and sizes? Here’s an idea:

The brand offers sizes from Small to 4XL.

meundies price size and color options

They don’t just offer a few color options for less common sizes like 4XL—they have over 25 different prints, and they’re always adding new choices. That’s just in the boxer-brief section. It’s the same story for any style of underwear you prefer, whether that’s briefs, boxers, or trunks.

You can even pick up boxer-briefs with or without the fly.

About two years ago (before I started my underwear odyssey), my favorite boxer briefs were Calvin Klein. I took a quick look to see what options they had available on their site, and this is what I found:

calvin klein color options and price

I was surprised. I would’ve thought one of the biggest names in underwear would have at least the same breadth of selection as a small startup. But CK isn’t even close.

Plus, their patterns have branding all over and not nearly as inventive as MeUndies. CK is playing catch up, which is unexpected.

But considering that a pair of MeUndies costs less than Calvin Klein’s, the young brand’s success makes perfect sense.

The Subscription Option

When you sign up for an ongoing subscription, you’ll get a 30% discount on each pair of underwear plus savings on their loungewear and other apparel.

Each month, MeUndies sends along a new pair—you choose whether you want briefs, boxer-briefs, etc.

And you’ll have early access to special prints before they’re available to the public.

The service is easy to cancel, or if your drawer is filling up faster than you expected, you can just put your subscription on a temporary hold. Add matching socks to your monthly shipment if that’s your thing.

My Hands-On Review

I was able to try a solid variety of MeUndies products.

What’s common between each of their lines is their dedication to finding superior fabrics.

As soon as I unboxed everything and started giving it a feel, the quality difference between MeUndies and your common basics company was clear.

I even rubbed the underwear against my face. In a non-creepy way. I think. But it was really that soft.


meundies matching underwear and socks taco sauce print

I tried three pairs of MeUndies—their trunk, boxer-briefs (with fly), and boxers.

I’ve had some experience with hyper-soft fabrics like Tencel before, and while they were deeply comfy, they somehow don’t compare to this underwear fabric. So I had to do some digging to find out why.

All three are made with their unique MicroModal blend, which has some elastane woven in for extra stretch and comfort.

The fabric is much softer than cotton (they say 3x, but I don’t know how you’d measure something like that), as lightweight as any performance fabric, and has a relatively low impact on the environment.

The pouch on the trunks and boxer-briefs was excellent for a little extra support that most brands don’t offer. If you’re still stuck buying the discount brands, they’re all flat-fronted and can’t compete with the comfort of pouch-underwear.

Boxers are pure anarchy in my opinion, and like all boxers, these offer no support for your boys. But I can say that these boxers are my Sunday go-to.


model wearing meundies matching socks and underwear taco sauce

I also picked up two pairs of MeUndies socks: an ankle and crew style.

Both have seamless toes and are made with super-soft Supima cotton, which is a step above Egyptian cotton in terms of quality and it’s grown in the USA.

Boom—take that, Egypt.

While the construction and comfort of both socks was excellent, I don’t know that I’d choose MeUndies socks unless it’s to match my underwear. That part I loved.

As far as socks go, they do a great job, but there are a few brands that specialize in hyper-technical socks that are amazing. But with most of those brands, you don’t get any of the fun designs MeUndies offers.

So for me, I probably won’t order their standard white socks again, but I can definitely see myself getting some of their more bold and adventurous prints.


model on couch and computer with meundies loungewear

I’d heard about how soft MeUndies underwear was, but they caught me off-guard with their new apparel line.

As I said, I haven’t done too much lounging in the past few years. I have a horrible-looking pair of sweatpants that have sat in my drawer collecting dust. But the most casual I’ve gone is a pair of joggers.

With my new relaxing Sunday initiative, my wife demanded that I wear something more cozy than an old pair of jeans.

So I was glad to pick up MeUndies new lounge pants, pullover hoodie, and jersey crew tee.

I was surprised at how stylish these items were. The hoodie and shirt, sure. But the lounge pants (which I expected to be glorified sweats) actually were semi-slim fit.

The pants and hoodie are made with the same fabric as the underwear, so they’re just as silky-soft and comfortable.

The Jersey Crew tee is a 50/50 blend of Modal and cotton, which I prefer to uber-soft Modal-elastane blend for the shirt.

model smiling reading book with meundies black hoodies and grey loungwear

For chiseled buff guys, you can get away wearing any shirt and it looks good. But if you’re not a fully sculpted Adonis, having the cotton blend is nice. It helps the shirt fall on the chest and shoulders in a more flattering manner.

I also loved the fit of the tee as it was slim through the middle but was longer. If you’re 5’7” and under, you may find the shirt to be too long in your size, but for me, at 6’1”, the extra length was perfect.

My Overall Thoughts

What I Like

  • MicroModal fabric is insanely soft. Like, it’s so soft, it makes you curious about the future of fabrics and the nature of softness. Existential.

  • MeUndies has a fantastic range of bold colors and fun patterns—they also have your standard black, grey, etc. But the patterns are where it’s at.

  • No matter which underwear style you prefer, they’ve got it: boxers, briefs, trunks, boxer-briefs (with a fly and without a fly). And all are available in sizes S-4XL

  • The loungewear actually looks cool. I didn’t think about having fashionable lounge pants, but now that I have them, I’m happy about it.

What I Don’t Like

  • I did a workout with my MicroModal boxer-briefs and it was too warm. While the fabric is incredibly soft, it isn’t the most breathable. For getting around town, the breathability isn’t an issue, but for intense workouts, it was a bit uncomfortable.

The Verdict

MeUndies makes the softest underwear I have in my drawer. The innovative MicroModal fabric is on a whole different level for comfort, but it gets a bit warm when you’re in the middle of an intense workout.

For that reason, I’ll use my MeUndies only after my workout is finished—since I’m a morning workout kind of guy, that means I’ll be enjoying the sweet, soft comfort throughout the day.

What really sets MeUndies apart, though, is their fun variety of prints and inclusive sizing.

Plus, you can buy your significant other a pair of matching socks and underwear. Or you can both get a matching onesie if that’s your sort of thing.

So while I wouldn’t categorize these as ultimate performance underwear for gnarly crossfitters, I’d say that if you’re looking for a super-comfy experience with a dash of self-expression thrown in, MeUndies is right for you.


MeUndies makes the softest underwear and loungewear I’ve ever tried. While the MicroModal isn’t the greatest material for workouts, the comfort is outstanding.

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