6 Best Father’s Day Gifts That Your Dad Is Sure to Love

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William Barton Avatar by  William Barton | Last Updated:  Sep 03, 2020
Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad

Dad taught us everything we know: how to shave, how to curse…the finer things in life. Give back to him with these amazing Father’s Day gifts.

  • The Barrel collection features watches made from reclaimed whiskey or beer barrels
  • Quartz movement and mineral crystal glass
  • 42mm size—masculine without being oversized, and a 46mm for the macho dads
  • Best choice for the beverage enthusiast
  • Top-quality golf bags, club heads, and apparel
  • Free personalization for Father’s Day
  • 15% off your first purchase
  • Best choice for the golfing fanatic
  • Super comfortable fabric that’s great for working out or relaxing
  • Zippered back pocket allows for bringing a wallet around town
  • Stylish and modern
  • Best choice for the work-from-home dad
  • Subscription service that carries coffee from the best roasters in the US
  • 30% off your first bag plus free shipping
  • Personalized to dad’s taste
  • Best choice for the sleep-deprived dad
  • Answer a quick survey and he’ll get two colognes matched to his personality and lifestyle
  • One fragrance for work, and the other for play
  • Excellent return and exchange policy if he doesn’t like the fragrance the first time
  • Best choice for an out-of-the-box gift
  • Workout clothes that make you look and feel great
  • Quick-drying and breathable fabrics
  • Join the Rhone Rewards Program to get free 2-day shipping
  • Best choice for the fitness buff


We love that guy.

Growing up, when rabbits were eating the backyard grass, he’d run outside in his underwear yelling with a bow and arrow.

When a rattlesnake curled up in the corner of the garage, he went at it with a bottle of Windex.

When he was teaching us how to shave, he cut himself and bled profusely, thus giving us a fear of shaving for many years to come.

Those were just a few choice moments growing up with my dad, and I’m sure you have plenty of stories of your own.

The point is: the man deserves something special this year. So we put together six of our favorite Father’s Day gifts to celebrate the guy we all love.

6 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts: Our Top Picks

1. Whiskey Barrel Watch from Original Grain

whiskey barrel original grain watches

Original Grain is best known for their wooden watches. But their Barrel collection

is a whole different beast.

If your dad is a fan of bourbon, whiskey, or beer, he’d likely love a watch made from reclaimed barrel staves. It’s a watch that tells a story as it tells time.

But if your dad isn’t a big drinker?

Original Grain also offers select MLB team edition watches made with reclaimed baseball bats and Rawlings glove leather.

What I Like

  • We tried the Brewmaster from their Barrel collection (made from German beer barrels) and love the way it looks.

  • At 42mm it’s large enough to look masculine, but it’s not overpowering if your dad has medium or small wrists.

  • The quartz movement is solid and should last for years.

  • Original Grain is offering an amazing discount for Father’s Day: 30% off plus a free gift with purchase.

  • A 46mm version is available, too, for dads that might prefer an oversized watch.

What I Don’t Like

  • We’d like to see a sapphire crystal for the extra scratch resistance.

What Other Reviewers Say

original grain reviews online

Reviews for the Barrel collection on the Original Grain site are all positive.

Several folks mentioned they’d picked up this timepiece as a gift. And the gift was well-received.

Original Grain tells a compelling story through their packaging, so you can rest easy if you’re giving this watch as a gift.

The Verdict

The Original Grain Barrel collection is an excellent choice if your dad is a true whiskey or beer lover.

Sure, you could buy him a six-pack or a bottle of Scotch. But once that’s done, it’s done.

These timepieces offer a great way to gift something with a story behind it. Yes, they’re cool looking watches, but the history is even more special.

While a sapphire crystal would be better than the mineral crystal for scratch resistance, this is the kind of watch dad will want to wear out on the town instead of when he’s doing yard work, so he likely won’t need the extra protection.

2. Golf Supplies from Stitch

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Stitch makes high-quality, unique golf accessories and has an extensive range of apparel fit for hitting the links.

They’re most well-known for their golf bags, which are made with a proprietary fabric that has the look of leather, but it’s stronger and more weather resistant. It’s lightweight and beloved by the golf community.

But if you’re looking for something a little smaller, they also make fun golf head covers with homages to famous golfers, race cars, and more.

Beyond that, you can pick up a new set of golf clothes for dad, too. Stitch has polos, shorts, pullovers: the works.

And right now you can add free personalization to any purchase, though this ends after Father’s Day.

What I Like

  • Stitch’s gear has a sleek, modern look to it.

  • The materials and fabrics are excellent.

  • Free personalization makes the gift that much more special.

What I Don’t Like

  • Ground shipping takes a while, so order by June 9th to get it on time. They also offer 2-day shipping for an extra charge.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Stitch SL1 Golf bag has a 4.9-star average with over 300 reviews. Folks seem to like how lightweight these are, which is a must if you’re a walking golfer.

A few reviewers mentioned issues with the zippers, but those problems were quickly and easily rectified by Stitch.

The Verdict

What do you get a dad that loves golf? You can buy him those weird plastic forks, or something he’ll likely never use.

Or you can get him an upgrade of what he’s currently using. Think about it: if you’re driving a Honda Civic and someone comes along and hands you an Audi, are you going to turn that down? (No shade to Civic-owners—the Civic is my jam.)

Stitch’s modern golf apparel and fun, unique accessories aren’t gimmicky. They just look good and last a long time. For our money, that’s all we’re looking for.

Stitch Golf

Stitch Golf has gear and apparel for the modern golfer. You won't find your grand-pappy's golf outfit here. Stitch's performance fabrics and accessories help you keep your cool on the course.

Shop Stitch Golf Read Our Review
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3. A Pair of Joggers from Public Rec

public rec aded jogger standing

Public Rec is a solid bet for every stylish dad who could use a little extra comfort in his life. While they have a broad range of activewear clothes, we especially like their joggers.

The brand keeps a trim, modern cut throughout all of their offerings, and their proprietary fabric is soft, stretchy, and super comfortable.

What I Like

  • The zippered back and side pockets make this a viable option for running errands or going for a walk—no need to worry about losing your wallet.

  • While the fabric is stretchy and soft, it keeps its shape well and looks crisp throughout the day.

  • These are versatile—wear them around the house, at the gym, or out on the town.

What I Don’t Like

  • After walking around for a full day, the pockets bunch up, but it’s an easy fix.

What Other Reviewers Say

Public Rec Reviews Online

Reviewers on the Public Rec site are big fans of the ADED joggers.

Obviously, fit and feel were the most important and came up in nearly every review. But several reviewers also mentioned top-notch customer service.

Public Rec has a generous and trusting return policy with speed as a priority, so you can get to wearing your new pants as soon as possible.

And the consensus for those three-star reviews was either that the fabric felt a little heavy, or they were expecting a different fabric from the ADED pants.

The Verdict

If your dad loves relaxing but doesn’t want to compromise his style, these joggers from Public Rec are worth looking into.

Even for someone who wears jeans and chinos just about every day, these make for a pleasant Sunday treat.

Compared to similar joggers, like the Lululemon ABC or Mack Weldon’s Ace, these hit a similar level of quality at a better price.

4. A Coffee Subscription from Trade

trade miir tumbler plus two coffees

Trade is a coffee subscription with a network of the best roasters in the US. So if your dad is adventurous, he can pick up some fruit-bomb coffees that taste totally unique. Or if he’s just into it for the caffeine, there are plenty of bold flavor options from roasters across the country that’ll fit the bill.

What I Like

  • Trade is on a subscription basis, so this can be a gift that keeps on giving.

  • There are special gift options available, too, like a tumbler or a cold-brew kit.

  • The roster of roasters is spectacular.

  • Dad can repeat the coffees he likes, or he can try something new every month.

What I Don’t Like

  • As of the last time we tried Trade, they didn’t offer much information on the coffees beyond what was on the bag. It doesn’t affect the quality of the coffee or the service, but it feels like a missed opportunity.

What Other Reviewers Say

Screen Shot 2020 06 01 at 7.35.53 AM

Coffee snobs seem to like Trade just fine.

As a self-professed coffee snob myself, I agree. In fact, you can read my full review of Trade here.

What sets Trade apart from other coffee subscriptions is their network of roasters. They’re able to source freshly roasted beans from companies like Huck, Klatch, Cuvee, Onyx, and Revelator. You may not have heard of these roasters before, but among the coffee community, these folks are known as the best of the best.

Trade gives you access to coffee that’s been roasted within 5-7 days—that freshness makes a vast difference when you’re drinking your morning joe. So you have an opportunity to try dozens of roasters that are all local legends in their respective communities.

The Verdict

If your dad is a bit strange and brews his own beer, or if he’s the type to swirl his wine and search for tasting notes, he’ll love Trade.

And if that doesn’t describe your dad, but he’s used to drinking the national brand pre-ground swill that comes in a red bucket, consider giving him something that doesn’t taste like a tire-fire.

He may enjoy his mornings a little more.

Exclusive Discount Available
Trade Coffee
(Use code ADULTMAN for 30% off + Never Pay Shipping (when starting subscription) + a First Match Guarantee (if you don't love your first match, the second bag is free))

While we’d love to see a more choice-driven sign-up process, Trade Coffee is sure to win over plenty of new and old coffee enthusiasts in equal measure with its outstanding selection of coffee from artisan roasters and excellent customer service, all delivered in a convenient monthly subscription box package.

Sign Up Now Read Our Review
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5. Personalized Cologne from Hawthorne

Hawthorne Fragrance Box Packaging Open Showing Work and Play Side by Side

Studies have proven that guys feel a little extra pep in their step when they wear fragrance.

One of our favorites is Hawthorne.

Go online and answer an interest and lifestyle questionnaire for dad, or have him fill one out for himself, and Hawthorne will ship two personalized colognes. One is called “Work,” and it’s for everyday, on-the-job use. The second is named “Play,” and it’s best suited to how he likes to spend his weekends and free time.

What I Like

  • The quality is eau-de-parfum, and considering the price, the colognes are an excellent value.

  • We’ve done the questionnaire twice and gotten four unique fragrances—all of them excellent.

  • There are no “off-the-wall” fragrances. They’re all pleasing.

  • If he doesn’t like his personalized cologne, Hawthorne has a generous return and exchange policy.

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s difficult to describe fragrances, so you really don’t have much of a clue of what you’re getting until it arrives.

What Other Reviewers Say

Fragrances, like watches, have a robust community around them. No matter what cologne you’re looking for, you can bet there are a ton of reviews.

The general feel for Hawthorne was that they offer solid colognes, and the biggest draw was the customization, questionnaire, and mystery.

A rating of 4.08 out of 5 is hard to achieve in the fragrance community—they can be some tough folks to please.

The Verdict

Who doesn’t enjoy smelling good? And who doesn’t like something customized just for them?

Why not combine the two and give an unconventional gift to dad?

Hawthorne’s excellent customer service and unique method of pairing you up with your new fragrances make the brand a fun, but safe choice for Father’s day.


By asking the right questions, Hawthorne was able to deliver me custom colognes and bathroom essentials at a solid price point, and while I was hesitant to leave my choice of fragrance up to someone else, Hawthorne won my seal of approval on the first spray.

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6.  A New Set of Workout Clothes from Rhone

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If the old guy likes to work up a sweat, consider getting him a set of workout clothes. 

Rhone has an entire range of clothes built for active folks. There’s no scientific evidence to back me up here, but wearing a great fitting pair of workout shorts will help dad lift more on the squat rack. 

If he’s not a gym-rat, Rhone also offers casual clothes like polos and henleys.

Nobody will judge dad for wearing a ratty t-shirt to the gym, but an upgrade in his fitness wardrobe might just translate to a boost in his confidence.

What I Like

  • Unlike most workout clothes, these have a fairly slim fit, which shows off your muscles much more.

  • The fabrics are lightweight and breathable, and because they dry quickly, they won’t pick up a nasty smell.

  • The lined shorts offer support and cut down on the amount of laundry you need to do. 

  • I always feel like I workout harder when wearing the Mako short—maybe it’s psychological, but I swear by them.Free two-day shipping and free returns.

  • Free two-day shipping and free returns.

What I Don’t Like

  • All items are on an S-M-L type scale, which is fine for shirts, but a little confusing for pants, which are usually 32, 34, 36, etc. Also, if dad is in between sizes, go with the larger option. 

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers seem to enjoy Rhone’s laid back, musclebound style. The reviews on their site mentioned comfort while doing yoga, running, rock-climbing, and even surfing. 

Rhone reviews on site

Returns are a breeze if you pick up the wrong size, and most reviews mentioned the comfort and fit as big positives.

The Verdict

As all Californians instinctively know, getting out into nature and exercising is one of life’s great joys (don’t ask me how we’re all born with this knowledge—it just happens). 

Rhone makes some of the most comfortable and stylish workout clothes we’ve seen. The brand is an excellent choice for active dads who like to get out in nature. 

A Gift for Every Dad

Sure, you could get your dad a wallet, again, for the seventh time. Or you could get him a gift he never saw coming.

From a brand-new wooden watch with a history, to gourmet coffee delivered, these six gifts are a little out of the box—and that’s why we picked them.

No matter what your dad enjoys, there’s likely something on this list that he’ll love.