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The 12 Most Attractive Hairstyles For Men That Women Love

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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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Sexy Hairstyles for Men Attractive Man with Quiff Side Profile

If you haven’t thought much about your hairstyle, maybe it’s time to start.

There’s a reason that Brad Pitt’s hair from Fury, Jon Hamm’s classic tapered cut in Mad Men, and even James Dean’s and Elvis’ iconic styles generated so much buzz.

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A good hairstyle can completely pull your look together and give your overall style a major upgrade.

And putting effort into your style will have a huge positive impact on your confidence. The right cut will make you more confident in your own appearance which will come across to women when you’re approaching and engaging with them.

But what makes a hairstyle good?

We’ve spent hours researching the hairstyles that women find most attractive on men.

And our findings might surprise you.

Why Are Women Attracted to Certain Hair Styles?

Hairstyles, like everything else in the world of style, change with the times. But attraction is as old as evolution itself.

And believe it or not, there are scientific reasons behind a woman’s attraction to certain hairstyles.

Facial hair, for example, and especially a thick, long beard, has been proven to increase women’s attraction instantly.

Research from The Journal of Evolutionary Behavior revealed that women rated men with light stubble as best for one-night stands and men with longer beards as better for relationships.

The study also found that women automatically rated men with beards as more masculine than clean-shaven ones.

The reason for all this beard hype, according to experts? Quite simply, men who can grow beards are statistically more likely to have enough testosterone to be fertile.

But it’s not all about the facial hair.

Even if you’re not into a bearded look, these results show that hairstyle matters when it comes to mate selection (“swiping right” in 2020).

You can choose a style that reflects other traits women find sexy, such as a sense of humor and playfulness, risk-taking, and confidence.

Also, it’s important to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. A cut that emphasizes those features that women are scientifically proven to find attractive.

Depending on the kind of women you’d like to attract, the most important thing is to infuse your personality into the style you choose.

Think about what you’d most like to project to a potential partner, whether short-term or long-term.

Your haircut is a chance to showcase that image.

The Most Attractive Men’s Hairstyles In 2023

So, without further ado, let’s get into the 12 haircuts that women find most attractive this year.

For each style, we get into what it is, why it’s popular, why women find it attractive, and how you can get one for yourself at your chosen barber.

Slicked Back

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What is it? A slicked-back hairstyle features short sides and long hair on top that is “slicked back” (i.e. combed backwards). The style is held held in place with product such as pomade to give it that sleek look.

Why is it popular? The slicked back hairstyle has a 1950s businessman sensibility with the creative possibilities of a much more contemporary style. There are many ways to rock a slicked back hairstyle: with or without a beard, with an undercut if you’re daring, with long hair or a man bun if you want to make a statement, or with a side part if you want the Don Draper.

Why do women find it attractive? Sorry, did we forget to mention Don Draper? That’s why. Plus, this is another style that looks great with a beard, or any facial hair, for that matter. It can draw attention to whatever other bold choices you’ve made (like a long flow).

How do you get it? Make sure you get regular touch-ups, and use a light touch to apply product (even if you’re going for a wet look), because the danger with a slicked back is looking too weighed down and thick with gel or mousse. We recommend PATRICKS S2 Paste for that touch of shine this style calls for and a strong hold all day.

PATRICKS S2 High Performance Medium Finish Pomade

If you're chasing a more intentional / groomed lock, a little shine goes a long way. And PATRICKS S2 delivers on the shine front and more with a fantastic smelling medium hold paste that feels great in your hair without weighing it down.

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The Pompadour

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What is it? The pompadour was originally named after Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV’s mistress—and it’s stayed close to its sexy roots ever since.

Why is it popular? Elvis and James Dean brought the pompadour to life. The new pompadour is sometimes known as the “Bruno Mars” cut because of the pop singer’s signature look.

Why do women find it attractive? The pompadour is a sexy hybrid style that matches an old-school retro feel with contemporary playfulness. It’s masculine and evokes a hint of nostalgia while remaining a little trendy.

How do you get it? For best results, ask your barber to leave the sides of your hair short, and make sure he or she doesn’t clip your hair higher than your crown (so the effect isn’t too exaggerated).

For maintaining it, we’re fans of this high hold clay from OXFORDhill:

OXFORDhill Hair Styling Clay

I've been trying out this high hold clay for the last few months, and I've gotta say---I'm a fan. The texture is smooth and forgiving to work with which makes it versatile for when I want to switch between messy and more polished looks. It's also 100% natural with none of the usual offender chemicals and smells great.

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It has fantastic hold, smells pleasant, and it’s specifically designed with pompadour maintenance in mind.

The Low Fade

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What is it? A fade requires your barber to use clippers to cut the hair on your sides and back shorter as it approaches your neck. A low fade starts above the neckline and ear for a textured look on the sides.

Why is it popular? The low fade is popular partly because it’s so versatile. Nearly anyone with any hair type or texture can pull it off.

Why do women find it attractive? It’s stylish but understated, with a subtle edge that women especially appreciate. Low fades also look like you don’t put too much effort into your look. In a good way.

How do you get it? You might hear the fade referred to as a “taper,” but it’s actually a bit different: A fade cuts your sides down to the skin, leaving a grittier, edgier, and more textured look, while a taper leaves longer hair for a sleeker, more businesslike look. Make sure you specify which one you want.

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The High Fade

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What is it? A high fade is, of course, similar to a low fade in the way it’s cut. However, the high fade begins near the top of your hair, leaving more of a striking contrast between the sides and top of your hair.

Why is it popular? High fades are more daring than low fades, emphasizing a bit of risk-taking and willingness to put in a little extra effort. They’re becoming much more of a trend as men’s hairstyles blend more of the new with the old.

Why do women find it attractive? We already talked about the many, uh, “benefits” of beards, and this is a great style to rock with a beard for an ultra-macho, striking look. Also, a high fade draws the eye to your style because of its drama and height.

How do you get it? The Weeknd and David Beckham have both sported high fades, if you’re looking for inspiration. If you get a high fade, make sure you maintain your neck hair, eyebrow hair, and ear hair well, as the dramatic look and exposed skin will draw attention to any messiness in those areas.

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The Undercut

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What is it? The undercut follows one key pattern: short on the sides and back and longer on the top, creating a “disconnected” effect. There’s no taper to this cut—just a sharp contrast, marked by clean lines, between the top and bottom.

Why is it popular? The undercut has quickly become one of the most popular hairstyles of 2018. It’s modern, edgy, and dramatic while still remaining a confident, masculine look and a bad-boy James Dean profile.

Why do women find it attractive? The undercut emphasizes the masculine angles of your face and is simultaneously bold and classic (seeing a pattern yet?).

How do you get it? There are many different ways to style an undercut, so look for inspiration from Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and other celebrities. For more dramatic contrast and a sharper disconnect, ask for shaved sides with the usual messy, longer tousle on top (which also makes for a sharp look with a beard).

At home, make sure to buzz the sides and use wax or gel to part your hair on the side in order to maintain the disconnected look and show off your cut. An undercut will also need some careful regular styling with a blow-dryer and product.

The Quiff

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What is it? A quiff can best be described as a hybrid between an undercut, a mohawk, and a pompadour. The quiff gets an even closer shave than a disconnected undercut, with a bulge or “poof” of hair at the top.

Why is it popular? The quiff is rising in popularity alongside its slightly less dramatic older brother, the undercut, and its bad-boy uncle, the pompadour. It’s got a bit more punk edge than related hairstyles, so it’s a great contemporary look.

Why do women find it attractive? The quiff has a lot of flair and an ultra-trendy feel, so it’s great for attracting women who like artistic or edgy types.

How do you get it? Grow your hair out a bit before visiting your barber, and make sure to ask for it short on the sides and back and long in the front and on top. It’s a good idea to ask for a side part and a fade on the sides and back and to keep your fringe extra long and voluminous, so the quiff will stay put for quite some time to come.

Square Cut

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What is it? The square cut (sometimes called a “shape up” when it has extra length on top) means that your barber will cut in a straight line, all to the same length, across your neck, sideburns, and hairline.

Why is it popular? The square cut is confident, aggressive, and businesslike, which makes it perfect for a busy professional.

Why do women find it attractive? The square cut emphasizes a strong jawline and a square face shape, both of which women tend to love. It’s sleek and confident without being attention-getting in a way you might not want.

How do you get it? Be forewarned: The square cut requires a little extra care, because as your hair grows out from your hairline, it can start to look messy. Focus on maintaining thickness and volume with a light-hold product such as Jack Henry Paste, styling your waves, and getting touch-ups as often as you need.

It works for all hair thickness levels and styles, holds well, and has a nice smell to it. It also washes out easily and doesn’t make your hair look greasy.

Honestly, it ticks a lot of the boxes we look for in a styling product and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

The Hockey Cut

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What is it? The “flow” hairstyle for men—long (or at least medium) waves that flow backwards from the front—became popular during the Victorian era, but lax bros and hockey players have brought it back.

Why is it popular? Hockey stars made this particular look sexy, but long hair for men has always been popular among certain women. If you like this look, you’ll find plenty of women who adore it, too!

Why do women find it attractive? The hockey cut is romantic but with a gentlemanly flair. It’s carefree, as if the wearer doesn’t need to try too hard to look good.

How do you get it? Grow out your hair first. Biotin, hydration, and regular trims will help you grow your hair long a little faster. When you’re ready and your hair is long enough, ask for a “shaping cut” for the sides of the wings.

Once you’ve got your flowing locks, make sure you continue to have your dead ends snipped and condition well to keep things healthy.

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The Buzz Cut

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What is it? The iconic buzz cut needs no real introduction. It’s a short-all-over style completed with clippers.

Why is it popular? It’s low-maintenance, inexpensive, clean-cut, and masculine, exposing all your facial features and drawing attention to your face. It’s also professional and ideal for work but has a bit of an edge.

Why do women find it attractive? The buzz cut evokes military imagery, visions of heroism and courage, and a sense of businesslike professionalism, all of which women find extremely sexy.

How do you get it? Because the buzz cut is so easy for any barber to achieve (one would hope they’ve given hundreds, if not thousands, in their time!), it can be fun to get creative with it to show a bit more of your personality.

Ask for an “induction cut” if you want a Kanye West/new recruit ultra-short look, a “burr cut” if you’re into the Justin Timberlake style, or a “butch cut” (a favorite of athletes and celebrities, achieved with #3 or #4 guards) if you’d still like a quarter-inch of hair.

The Ivy League

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What is it? The Ivy League cut is as preppy classic as it gets. A fade on each side accompanies short hair on top with a side part.

Why is it popular? The Ivy League cut is great for the workplace and easy to maintain, with very little styling needed.

Why do women find it attractive? The Ivy League is likely to attract more conservative or traditional women, if that’s your thing, or simply women who appreciate a clean-cut, academic or professional look.

How do you get it? If you’re going for an all-business look, a low taper on the sides is a better choice; if you’re going for a tad more subtlety, try a higher fade.

We recommend the OXFORDhill Hair Styling Clay for this kind of sharp style:

OXFORDhill Hair Styling Clay

I've been trying out this high hold clay for the last few months, and I've gotta say---I'm a fan. The texture is smooth and forgiving to work with which makes it versatile for when I want to switch between messy and more polished looks. It's also 100% natural with none of the usual offender chemicals and smells great.

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The Caesar Cut

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What is it? The Caesar cut leaves anywhere from half an inch to three inches of hair around the head, with straight, horizontal, short fringe in the front.

Why is it popular? George Clooney and Drake have both helped to repopularize the classic Caesar cut. It’s also easy to care for, so if you’re not big on intensive grooming, this is a good option.

Why do women find it attractive? The Caesar cut is named after Julius Caesar, and it lives up to its namesake: It’s a powerful cut that evokes a sense of dominance even as it projects a carefree attitude–both highly attractive traits.

How do you get it? Most barbers will be very familiar with the Caesar. It’s preferred by many men precisely because it’s such a great look with very little maintenance. Unlike some of the other trending men’s hairstyles, it’s easy to style with little need for touch-ups.

The French Crop

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What is it? The French crop is highly similar to a Caesar cut, but a bit messier and more modern and understated. The French crop features the same undercut or taper on the bottom, but with longer bangs on top, while the Caesar is short all around.

Why is it popular? French crops are low-maintenance, requiring virtually no blowdrying, prestyling, or special products. They’re also a twist on an old favorite, which makes it ideal for a comeback.

Why do women find it attractive? Like many of the other styles on this list, French crops are a hybrid style that match old school with new school and retro sensibility with contemporary edge. They also have that tousled, just-rolling-out-of-bed look that women love.

How do you get it? Because it’s making a comeback, you can usually ask for the French crop by name. British celebrity Dermot O’Leary and George Clooney in E.R. are good sources of inspiration and guiding photographs.

A French crop looks best when it’s a bit tousled and piecey, so don’t be afraid to get it a bit messy or to keep the top textured to add to the contrast between top and bottom.

Final Thoughts

The most popular men’s hairstyles, like culture itself, are mixing old traditions with new trends in creative, eye-catching ways.

Which ones are you most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments!

For information on the grooming mistakes you might be making, check out our list of hairstyle never-do’s.

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