Hobbies are a must for a happy, fulfilled life. Whether it’s for creativity, fitness, or leisure, we’ll help you find one or enrich the one you have.

Bespoke Post Alchemy Review: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

By William Barton
Jerky Subscription top down centered bag

Jerky Subscription Review: My Thoughts After Signing Up

The name says it all. Jerky Subscription is exactly what you think it is. So what sets them apart from the other jerky boxes out there? One big factor…

By William Barton
beef roast with limes shredded beef

ButcherBox Review: I Signed Up for a Meat-Feast

Can ButcherBox make good on their promise to deliver high-quality meat right to your door or is it all just a bunch of rot? Our review tells it like it is.

By William Barton
Minimalist Travel Items: man holding a suitcase

6 Incredible Minimalist Travel Items You Need For Your Next Trip

Packing light and only want to bring the essentials? Don’t forget these six items that will keep your things secure and keep you looking stylish.

By William Barton
cup of coffee with brewed coffee

Driftaway Coffee Review: I Signed Up for a Subscription

Driftaway promises to deliver monthly installments of freshly roasted coffee. But are you ready to let your daily perk take you on a trip around the world? Come in and find out.

By William Barton
Mix of Four Coffees from Trade Coffee

5 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers From a Roaster’s Perspective

As a professional coffee roaster, I trained baristas and traveled the world in search of the best coffee. These are my picks of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

By William Barton
BREO Box Top Closeup

Hands-On BREO BOX Review: I Signed Up for 4 Boxes

They promise it’s everything you never knew you needed. But is BREO BOX worth it? Read my full review and judge for yourself.

By William Barton
Trade Coffee Review Top Down of Box Packaging and Cold Brew Bags Bag

Trade Coffee Review: Level Up your Daily Grind

‘Thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. That’s how you respond to Trade after you try your first coffee subscription box. So, how did we rate them?

By William Barton
Movies for Men

77 Movies Every Man Should Watch Before He Dies

Let us help pick your next flick for movie night. Here’s our mega list of must-watch films for guys.

By Dean Stephens
Guy rowing in a rowboat with a jumper on (black and white)

101 Best Hobbies For Men Of All Ages

Remember how passionate you were about that ‘thing’ when you were younger? Let’s rediscover that. You’ll be inspired by this huge list of hobbies for men.

By Steve Charnock
Manly Cocktails Mixed Drinks for Men

Manly Cocktails: 9 Mixed Drinks Every Guy Must Try at Least Once

Check out the top cocktails and popular mixed drinks for men. These manly cocktails are perfect for a date, dinner party, or simply at home.

By Dean Stephens
Untitled design 1 e1591500022600

29 Awesome Toys for Men That Will Entertain You for Days

Find out why boredom has no place in 2023. Check out our must-see picks of the best and most entertaining toys for men on the market today.

By Dean Stephens
Vacation Spots for Single Guys

39 Best Vacation Spots for Single Guys: The Travel Guide for the Solo Warrior

From remote beaches and all-night DJ sets to winding streets and cafes, to tango class in Argentina. This is your ultimate guide to (literally) flying solo.

By Dean Stephens