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What does scotch taste like Bearded man about to take a sip of whisky

What Does Scotch Taste Like? A Guide to Your First Dram

Are you ‘missing’ something when it comes to scotch? Learn exactly what scotch tastes like and how to drink it like a connoisseur in our step-by-step guide.

Why Is Life So Hard Stylish Man Having a Bad Day Lying on Sofa

Why Is Life So Hard? 3 Proven Ways to Help You Get Calm

We get it. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to give you time to catch up. Here’s how you can kick start your energy and get your hands back on the reigns.

Strat O Matic Review

Strat-O-Matic Review: A Healthy Dose of Nostalgia

The baseball season was shortened, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get every game in. Strat-O-Matic claims to be realistic, but we put them to the test.

Best Man Cave Gifts

19 Best Man Cave Gifts: Awesome Ideas He’ll Absolutely Love

A place of refuge. A place of leisure. Help him deck out his favorite spot with these amazing man cave gifts he’ll absolutely love.

Best Tech Subscription

5 Best Tech Subscription Boxes in 2023: Dazzle Your Brain

What’s more fun than a piece of new tech? These subscription boxes are bound to delight you, whether you’re young or old. Think you can handle it?

Gentlemans Box Premium Review

Gentleman’s Box Premium Review (2023): Is It Worth It?

Thinking about picking up the Gentleman’s Box Premium edition? Don’t even think about it before you read this review. We’ll show you what you’re really getting.

Bad Habits Every Man Should Stop Guy Addicted to Phone While Girlfriend Upset and Looks Away

10 Common Bad Habits Every Man Should Stop Immediately

Gentlemen, this article isn’t about shaming. It’s about changing. And the fastest way to grow as a man is to know what your bad habits are and stop them. Today.

Best Gadgets for Men Gift Guide

20 Best Gifts for Gadget Loving Guys

Shopping for a tinkerer? These 17 gifts will speak to the heart of any gadget lover—from VR to high-tech cookware, we’re sure you’ll find something good here.

Tattoo Donts for Men Man Flexing Bicep with Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

10 Tattoo Don’ts for Men: How to Avoid Bad Tattoos

At best, a bad tattoo can be a thing of mild regret. At worst, it can be a total career-stopper. Every guy should know these don’ts before jumping in the chair.

model wearing navy suit and dark blue shirt

31 Ways to Become a Better Man Starting Today

Do you feel like you’re not living up to your full male potential? I’ve been there. Learn how to be a better man once and for all with these 31 powerful tips.

Best Audiobooks for Men Man Listening to Audiobook Sitting in Chair on Blue Background 1 1

50 Best Audiobooks for Men in 2023: Listen, Learn, and Move

Gentlemen, if you’re not listening to audiobooks, you’re not capitalizing on all of your growth potential. These are the best audiobooks for men, by category.

How to Get Your Life Together Man Holding Pencil and Book on Blue Background

How to Get Your Life Together: 20 No BS Tips for Men

It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind in today’s ultra-connected world. Follow these tips to get your life together and start feeling like a success.