If you want to become a 1% man, check out our self-improvement tips for men. You’ll learn how to achieve personal growth and professional development.

How to Get Your Life Together: 20 No BS Tips for Men

By Jack Garden
Best Podcasts for Men African American Man Smiling While Wearing Headphones and Phone

31 Best Podcasts for Men Who Want to Level Up

From hilarious Monday morning rants to surviving a nuclear apocalypse, there’s a podcast out there for every dude. These are the best podcasts for men, 100%.

By Sam Brinson
Im Not Good at Anything Graphic of Talent Definition

“I’m Not Good at Anything”: Why You’re 100% Wrong

Do you feel like you’re not good at anything? Have you questioned whether you have any talent at all? It’s time to change your inner belief system. Here’s how.

By Travis Snyder
model opening blue suit jacket with white shirt and yellow tie

7 Powerful Life Hacks for Men: How to Change Your Life In A Moment

Life isn’t about getting a good hand, it’s about playing well with the hand you have. Here are seven life hacks for men that will change the game.

By William Barton
How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

The Single Man’s Guide To Sober Living

Obi Unaka explores the growing sobriety trend in the UK and how to stay sober as a single guy without compromising on being a gentleman.

By Obi Unaka
self help books for men

10 Self-Help Books That May Transform Your Life

Self-help books won’t solve all your problems. But they may provide you with the motivation you need to finally make that change.

By Steve Charnock
Best Books for Men Man Reading Blank Book

76 Books Every Man Should Read Before He Dies

Read the right kind of books and you’re on your way to becoming a better man and a better person. We think these are the best books for men of all time.

By Dean Stephens
Handsome guy excited to be playing video games on the couch

How to Reduce Stress for Men: 9 Science-Backed Ways

We live in a stressful age. Well, at least that’s what we’re told, anyway. Here are eight ways to smash those stress eggs of yours.

By Dean Stephens
Best TED Talks for Men

The 26 Best TED Talks for Men: Improve Your Manly Thinking

Whether you’d like to become a better man, lover, boss, employee, artist, or Elvis impersonator, these TED Talks are for you.

By Chris Yeoh
things every man should do

30 Things Every Man Should Do Before Turning Thirty

Life may get a little more real when you hit the big three-oh. Here are 30 things every man should do before his 30th Birthday. Take charge of your life now.

By Chris Yeoh
best youtube channels for men

17 Best YouTube Channels For Men

Be entertained while you learn something with our go-to YouTube channels for guys. You really can change your life by following the right ones.

By Dean Stephens
List of Life Skills - Things Every Man Should Know

31 Skills Every Man Should Know: Life Skills For The Modern Man

Improve your abilities as a man and desirability as a mate with our must-read list of essential skills every man should know.

By Dean Stephens
places every man should visit

28 Places Every Man Should Visit In His Lifetime

The worldly man knows that the Earth is meant to be explored. Discover the 28 places every man should visit in his lifetime.

By Dean Stephens
Things Every Man Should Own Grid of Mens Lifestyle Items on Wooden Background

57 Things Every Man Should Own to Win at Life

The things you surround yourself with become an extension of yourself as a man. Here are 51 things every man should own. How many can you tick off?

By Dean Stephens