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57 Things Every Man Should Own to Win at Life

By Dean Stephens

19 Things All Men Should Try at Least Once in Their Life

Life’s responsibilites can get in the way of fufilling experiences. For a more exciting, well-rounded life, here’s what I think every man should try.


12 TV Shows Every Man Should Watch in His Lifetime

As they pertain to masculine wisdom, here are 12 TV shows that I deem mandatory for any fellow of the XY-chromosome variety to watch.

The Adult Man 8 Style Tips Model With Tie and Watch in Background

8 Style Skills Every Man Should Learn

Even if you only use these suggestions a few times a year, you’ll always be better dressed than the guy who simply doesn’t know how. 


A Man’s Pocket Guide to the Black Tie Dress Code

Black tie doesn’t mean throwing on a black tie and calling it a day. It doesn’t mean a black suit, either, for that matter. Black […]

The-Adult-Man-Menswear-Consultant-Sitting-On-Chair-and-Leaning Over-Table-In-Front-Of-Suits

10 Things I’ve Learned as a Menswear Consultant of 5 Years

Being a Menswear Consultant is cool, but there are some things that you need to be aware of if you aspire to be one. Read on and Learn for yourself.


How to Dress Well: 25 Style Rules All Men Should Follow

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”  – Coco Chanel Overused quote? Maybe.  True?  Definitely! If you understand how to style your clothes, if you […]

The Adult Man Old Money Aesthetic Model Over leather Texture With Various Lavish Belongings

The Old-Money Aesthetic: The Adult Man’s Guide

Curious about the essence of Old Money Aesthetic? Dive into the details with this comprehensive guide and uncover its timeless allure and tradition.

The Adult Man David Hair Stylist in Barbershop With Scissors

8 Things I’ve Learned as a Men’s Hair Stylist for 30 Years

I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling career making people look and feel good. Now, after thirty years, I’m sharing eight lessons learned from behind the chair.

The Adult Man 21 Mens Bedroom Decor Ideas Assorted Furniture and Decorations

21 Decor Ideas to Breathe Life into a Man’s Bedroom

College-era decor taste can be hard to shake when you’re unaware of what else exists. With interior design in my blood, here are my picks to elevate your room.


The 17 Most Helpful Subreddits That Guided Me through Manhood

Here are my favorite Reddit communities that’ve supported my growth throughout manhood. I’ll leave it to you to poke around the deeper corners of the site.


This 3-Piece Watch Collection Should Cost More than $1,500

These three automatic watches cover all dress codes, are unique, and pack a heck of a lot of value at under $1,500 for the lot.


Quartz vs Automatic Watches: Which Should You Go For?

Will the approachable cost and reliability of quartz or the mechanical complexity and longevity of automatic watches win a spot on your wrist?

David Martin Wearing Tomahawk Shades with Sun and Water cartoon graphics

These 7 Things Have Made My Skin Noticeably Better In a Year

Follow these same tips I did and hopefully you’ll also have noticeably better skin soon. At the very least, your general health will improve.

Scruffy man in his bedroom thinking about getting his girlfriend back

So, You Want to Get Your Girlfriend Back… But Should You?

How do you get your girlfriend back after a break up? But more importantly, should you? Come learn from my mistakes on the best way forward after a split.

Attractive woman impressed by the opening Tinder message and smiling on her phone

How to Start a Tinder Conversation With a Girl Like a Man

Based on my experience, my guide will help you from ‘getting unmatched with’ the majority of the time to significantly increasing your close rates on Tinder.

Best Racing Watches Close Up with the Armogan Regalia S89

8 Best Racing Watches for Men at Every Price Point

Automotive inspired timepieces are some of our favorites here at TAM. Here are our picks of the best racing watches for each price point, plus what to look for.

How often should you text a girl man puzzled while holding phone his hand and texting

How Often Should You Text a Girl? Advice From a Dating Coach

This is literally two years of educational wisdom, distilled down into the most important things that all men need to know about how often to text girls. 

Apartment Essentials for Men HexClad Essential 6pc Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set on Bench next to Bananas

21 Apartment Essentials Every Guy Should Own

It never ends well for the guy with the bare mattress on the ground. This list of apartment essentials will help you curate a living space that’ll impress.

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