5 Best Silk Shirts for Men: Old School Fabric with Modern Style

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On certain occasions, and for certain outfits, there really just is no stand-in for a good silk shirt. However, finding one that isn’t going to make you look like a Soprano or like you just got off the Greyhound from Margaritaville isn’t always easy to do. 

To help you navigate silk and fight the right tops for you, we put together a list of our five favorite silk shirts that will keep you comfortable and looking great.

Best Overall
  • Made of the highest quality silk
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons for extra polish
  • A style somewhere in between casual and dress for versatility
Best Silk Dress Shirt
  • Classic style and unparalleled quality
  • Uses a silk blend for increased durability
  • Canali is one of the most trusted brands for men’s suiting and dress shirts
Best Silk Hawaiian Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama is the defining brand for Hawaiian shirts
  • Recent branding changes have brought this previously-schlubby brand into the fashion world
  • Quality construction and a fashion-forward print make this piece just as home on vacation as in the city
Best Designer Silk Shirt
  • A bold piece from one of the hottest designers out there
  • Oversized fit with an Italian collar give this shirt a high-fashion look
  • The neutral colors in the print make this shirt extremely versatile in terms of styling
Best Silk Pajama Shirt
  • High-quality silk and a slim fit make this shirt great for sleeping in luxury
  • Part of a set with matching pants for a complete nighttime outfit
  • Double piping and mother-of-pearl buttons add to the luxe look

While silk is getting tougher to come by in menswear, there really is no substitute for the feeling of being in a silk shirt.

The light weight, the feeling against your skin, the way they billow in the wind—a nice silk shirt is certainly an indulgence, but sometimes one that can turn your mood around.

Because silk shirts aren’t as common as they used to be, it can be tough to track down brands and pieces that are going to give you the feeling you’re looking for.

I’ve pieced together five of my favorite silk shirts for men to give you some options for working this luxurious fabric into your wardrobe.

5 Best Silk Shirts for Men

Best Overall: LILYSILK Mulberry Silk Basic Shirt

Man wearing silk Lilysilk button up sitting on dresser

For the best shirt overall, I’ve chosen the Mulberry Silk Basic Shirt from LILYSILK. 

LILYSILK, as their name implies, is a brand that specializes in silk. Many of their products are made from 6A silk, which is the highest grade, that’s sustainably sourced from Mulberry trees that require less water than cotton.

This shirt, in addition to its quality and sustainability aspects, is one of the most versatile 100% silk shirts you’re likely to find. Mother-of-pearl buttons and a regular fit round out this shirt, making it a bit flowy for more athletic body types.

A solid-colored, completely silk construction is tough to come by in a shirt these days, and they’re useful in a handful of dressier situations. 

Slip it on under a blazer without a tie for an upscale evening look, roll up the sleeves or tuck it into dress pants or dressy chinos and roll up the sleeves for a chill-but-elegant daytime look. If you want to dress up, but you’re still short of formal, this shirt has you covered, while also keeping you feeling great.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

  • The fit could be improved—a tapered fit would make this shirt even more versatile.
  • The shirt’s collar is a bit flimsy, making it tough to put over a tie. A beefed-up collar would allow this shirt to stand in as a dress shirt in a pinch.

What Other Reviewers Say

Because LILYSILK first and foremost specializes in bedding and women’s clothes, reviews of their menswear are few and far between. However, the reviews I was able to track down gushed about the superior quality of the silk.

Some reviews reported fading and other color issues, but it also appears that they washed the shirt instead of getting it dry-cleaned as recommended.


Although fashion is moving away from silk shirts that don’t have an extremely fashion-forward construction or a bold pattern, there’s still a lot you can do with a solid-colored silk button-up. And for high-quality, sustainably-sourced silk, LILYSILK is the place to go.

LILYSILK Mulberry Silk Shirt

With 100% high-grade Mulberry silk, this shirt is sure to feel smooth and comfortable. It features long sleeves, a classic button-down closure, and mother of pearl buttons.

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Best Silk Dress Shirt: Canali Cotton, Silk, and Linen Modern Fit Shirt

Canali is the first word in men’s formalwear, from James Bond to Barry Bonds.

Their Cotton, Silk, and Linen Modern Fit Shirt is consistent with the quality you think of when Canali comes to mind. This blend of fabrics gives you the softness of silk while also making maintenance less of a pain and adding a bit more heft to the shirt.

Mother-of-pearl buttons, a spread collar, and a fit that reflects its Italian construction add to the look of this shirt, making you look like a ten when it comes time to dress to the nines.

What I Like

  • When it comes to dress shirts, Canali is one of the most authoritative brands out there.
  • A tailored cut and elegant spread collar make this shirt look great in any formal or business casual setting.
  • The blended fabric gives you some of the best qualities of silk while also taking away the need to have the shirt dry-cleaned after every wear.

What I Don’t Like

  • Canali shirts are investment pieces, and the price certainly reflects that. There are few bargains to be found here—you’re paying for quality and the pedigree of one of the top menswear brands in the world.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviews of Canali shirts are nothing short of glowing. Regularly showing up on the red carpet and in celebrity editorials, Canali is a brand that’s repped by some of the biggest names in fashion as well as the biggest celebs. With this brand, quality isn’t really a question.


If you’re getting a dress shirt, you really can’t go wrong with Canali. Their styling and history aren’t second to many when it comes to looking dapper, and this shirt is no exception.

This dress shirt is a fantastic option for someone looking to invest in top-of-the-line business or formalwear that will last. The fabric is durable and easier to maintain than a 100% silk shirt, and it has a timeless fit that looks great whether you’re going for your first big job interview or naming a successor.

Best Hawaiian Silk Shirt: Tommy Bahama Camp Shirt

When you think of Hawaiian shirts, you likely think of Tommy Bahama. Fortunately, they’ve upgraded their fits and the brand is now less “aging Panama expat” and more “resort chic.”

The Camp Shirt is one of Tommy Bahama’s most modern and fashionable offerings. The print looks upscale and the 100% silk construction will keep you cool and looking great whether you’re trudging through the sand or grabbing a few beers in the city.

What I Like

  • I really like the print—it’s reminiscent of current trends with much more fashion-forward brands at a fraction of their cost.
  • The camp collar gives this shirt a laid-back vibe. And while the sleeves are a bit long for me, they’re just right when rolled up.
  • This shirt is also available in big & tall sizes, making warm-weather style more accessible.

What I Don’t Like

  • If I had to nitpick, I’d love it if the off-white main color was more of a light beige, but that’s really the only thing I’d change about this shirt.

What Other Reviewers Say

Tommy Bahama has undergone some changes in their overall brand image in the last several years, and there’s a lot of reviews that target the cheesy, loud clothing they’ve put out in the past. 

While somewhat taboo with the high-fashion crowd, this brand has a strong following of die-hard supporters who claim that Tommy Bahama shirts are the most comfortable they own. On their website, it’s 4-5 stars across the board.


If you’re shopping around for a Hawaiian shirt, silk or not, you really can’t go wrong with Tommy Bahama. This particular shirt brings the classic brand into the modern era with a fashion-forward print that looks great in any setting. Roll up the sleeves for a more tailored look or let them down and undo a few extra buttons for mai tais in the sand.

Tommy Bahama Silk Camp Shirt

The Camp Shirt is one of Tommy Bahama’s most modern and fashionable offerings. The print looks upscale and the 100% silk construction will keep you cool and looking great whether you’re trudging through the sand or grabbing a few beers in the city.

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Best Designer: Fendi Multicolor Silk Shirt

Fendi is a designer powerhouse that has been pumping out some of the most fashionable men’s and women’s clothing around for decades. Runways, daring looks, high prices—buckle up, we’re in high fashion land now.

This shirt is loud, it’s funky, and it’s everything I want in a silk designer shirt. It has an oversized fit with an Italian-style collar, and it’s an easy way to add high-fashion flair to any outfit. The price is high, but it is designer, after all.

What I Like

  • I tend to shy away from oversize fits as someone with an athletic build, but this one fits great once I roll up the sleeves.
  • The pattern, although loud and funky, features entirely neutral colors, making it a breeze to throw into an outfit without pulling out your color theory flashcards.
  • The 100% silk construction feels great to wear, unlike some fashion-forward designer duds.

What I Don’t Like

  • Coming in at over a grand, this shirt is expensive. It’s a designer piece and an investment, and it certainly requires the right mindset and lifestyle to justify the cost.

What Other Reviewers Say

Like Canali, Fendi is at the top of their respective game. When you buy something from this brand, you’re shopping with one of the top fashion brands in existence. Reviews focus more on the fashion aspect of Fendi, which is consistently top-notch, as the quality is more or less a given.


If you’re stepping up your fashion game and picking up designer threads, Fendi is one of the staple brands that you can’t go wrong with. This Fendi shirt represents the brand well, offering a high-fashion look that’s grounded in elegant tailoring and high-quality materials. For a silk designer shirt, this is hands-down my favorite offering of the season.

Best Silk Pajama Shirt: LILYSILK 22 Momme Silk Pajama Shirt

Man wearing Lilysilk pajamas on couch

LILYSILK again? With their silk specialization, high-quality materials, and commitment to sustainability, it isn’t a surprise that they’re showing up twice on my silk shirt roundup.

Now technically, this shirt is part of a pajama set, but many of the merits of the shirt also extend to the pants. 

The 22 momme 6A material feels stellar, and while I was never fussy sleeping in rougher materials, sleeping in silk is a treat. Be careful with these silk pajamas—you may have trouble going back to sleeping in anything else.

Double piping accentuates the mother-of-pearl buttons, and the rounded collar gives you that classic luxury pajama look. As this is a pajama shirt, it’s definitely an indulgence more than a functional piece of your wardrobe, but as far as indulging goes, I can think of worse than adding an extra layer of comfort to the pursuit of catching some hard-earned Zs.

What I Like

  • I love the feel of the fabric, and the shirt fits well in all the right areas.
  • As part of a set, it’s a quick way to make a big difference in your nightly routine.
  • This shirt is available in several different colors, making it great for a gift.

What I Don’t Like

  • Having pajamas that are recommended by the brand to be dry-cleaned is probably not the move for people who aren’t already making stops at the cleaners.

What Other Reviewers Say

The majority of the LILYSILK reviews are overwhelmingly positive, applauding the high-quality fabric and durable stitching. Reviewers also love their other products, particularly their bedding.

Some reviews report issues with the fabric after washing, but the washing instructions are tricky and the brand recommends professional dry-cleaning.


Silk pajamas aren’t a must-have, and they’re not going to do you any favors in meetings or out at company dinners. What they are, however, is luxurious and comfortable.

As far as silk goes, pajamas or not, I have a hard time not recommending LILYSILK. This is one of the few brands out there that not only specializes in silk products, but also takes a sustainable approach to pumping out this top-notch fabric.

The shirt itself is a complete classic, with the high quality necessary to justify the price and remain a piece that you can continue to use for years. There are more recognizable designers that offer silk pajama shirts, but you can end up paying much more for lower-quality materials.

LILYSILK 22 Momme Unique Silk Pajamas Set

Made from the highest quality charmeuse silk, these pajamas are designed for maximum comfort and style, featuring a classic lapel collar, and mother-of-pearl buttons.

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Where Can You Buy Real Satin Silk Shirts for Men?

Tracking down silk shirts can be tough, as there are few brands that specialize in this material and most brands that do offer silk shirts will only have a few offerings per season. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can track down the right silk shirt for you.

The Best Dedicated Silk Brands

One of the ways you can stock up on silk is to go to a dedicated silk brand. These are brands that know silk and specialize in making products out of this material.

With these brands, you can generally expect a less fashionable cut than going designer, but top-notch materials.

The only brand that comes to mind in this niche is Lilysilk. There are a few other stragglers out there, but Lilysilk is the most comprehensive when it comes to silk menswear. Their silk is some of the best out there, and their sustainable sourcing gets you into some great-feeling clothes while taking it easy on the planet.

How to Choose the Right Silk Shirt

If you’re searching for a bit more variety in your silk, or perhaps offerings with more pattern, cut, and fit options, you’re going to have to go about it the old-fashioned way: digging around on the web and looking through stores.

Buttoning Up

Man wearing silk Lilysilk button up

Lilysilk has our top pick for the best overall shirt. It’ll get you through a handful of casual-to-dressy scenarios and it feels great against your skin.

LILYSILK Mulberry Silk Shirt

With 100% high-grade Mulberry silk, this shirt is sure to feel smooth and comfortable. It features long sleeves, a classic button-down closure, and mother of pearl buttons.

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If you’re dressing up, the Cotton, Silk, and Linen Modern Fit Shirt from Canali is a winner, and, if you’re dressing down, look no further than the Camp Shirt from Tommy Bahama. For fashion forward, Fendi has you covered.

Among these options and the brands they’re from, take a look around and find what’s right for you. Whether you’re after a tropical island look or something to turn heads at fashion week, the right silk shirt will get the job done.


What are the grades of silk?

Silk is represented by a system of numbers and letters, with 6A being the highest. The term “momme” or “mm” is also used to describe silk, referring to the density of the fabric.

Where can I find 100% silk dress shirts?

100% silk dress shirts, honestly, are going a bit out of vogue. These shirts are extremely tough to find nowadays, with most brands opting to blend silk with wool or cotton twill.

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