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Hands-On: LILYSILK Bedding and Pajamas Review

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Silk sleepwear and bedding are the way to go for adding more luxury to your nightly routine. LILYSILK offers a wide range of silk products to cater to upscale sleepers, but how do their products measure up?

I tried out a few of their products to give you the 411 on this brand. View my full LILYSILK review below.

We're getting sleepy
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Bottom line: LILYSILK offers a wide range of silk products using high-quality materials and thoughtful design; and while their bedding and pajamas were the stars of the show, their shirts also offer a solid value.

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  • The quality of the silk used in LILYSILK’s clothing and bedding is 6A, which refers to the highest quality available
  • Their pillowcases are affordable and make a surprisingly big difference when it comes to catching some Z’s
  • The travel pillowcase packs into a built-in pouch, making it a must-have for travel
  • A partial elastic band on the pajama bottoms keeps them fitting snugly while also looking elegant
  • The buttons and zippers could use an upgrade for the price point
  • Silk sleepwear can be tough to maintain if you don’t already have a silk routine on laundry day or make a regular dry-cleaning run

I’ve always been low-maintenance when it comes to sleep. From traveling extensively, I’ve had more than a few nights sleeping in hiking pants on a cot or crashing in a hostel bunk bed still wearing jeans.

I was always under the impression that luxurious bedding would be wasted on a guy like me. 

Luxe bedding is for hotels, right? Just give me something akin to burlap from the clearance aisle and I’ll be just fine. 

Or so I thought.

After trying out a few items from LILYSILK, I may be a convert. I’m not going to trade my Mr. Coffee machine for an Italian espresso maker just yet, but materials do make a difference.

Keep reading for my full LILYSILK review and my thoughts on some of the products they offer.


Man drinking coffee in Lilysilk pajamas

LILYSILK is a bedding and fashion brand centered around the use of—you guessed it—-silk. 

However, where LILYSILK stands out is in its dedication to both sustainability and innovation in the silk game. 

They source silk from mulberry trees instead of from cotton, saving water in the manufacturing process, and they use exclusively natural fibers in their silk, which is more environmentally friendly.

LILYSILK offers a full range of silk products, from pillowcases and sheets to underwear and robes. They also offer several accessories including eye masks, scarves, hats, and gloves. 

Although bedding and pajamas appear to be their sweet spot, they also offer casual styles like shirts and sweaters, although not in some of the styles and prints you’d see from more dedicated clothing-specific brands.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Lilysilk Pajamas on bed

Are you already making regular trips to the dry cleaner? 

All of the silk products offered by LILYSILK are recommended to be professionally dry-cleaned. If you’re already hitting the cleaners from time to time, upkeep shouldn’t be a problem. 

However, for guys like me who equate a “dry clean only” label to a “you will never wash me in your whole life” label, some changes to your laundering habits are necessary for an influx of silk. 

Also, other than the pillowcases (which are surprisingly affordable), LILYSILK products are an investment. They’re high-quality and made to last, and the price is competitive among other silk products, but there’s a definite leap from the price of bedding and made from less luxe materials.


LILYSILK provides high-quality silk products made from Mulberry trees. Their products are classic and simple, designed to look great, and made to last for a long time.



LILYHERB™ Silk Travel Pillowcase

Lilysilk pillowcase carrying tube in bag

I’ll start the review of LILYSILK with my favorite item: their silk travel pillowcase.

I travel a lot, and it’s never once occurred to me to bring my own bedding. It’s bulky, takes up valuable carry-on space, and is a luxury more than a necessity.

This travel pillowcase is coming with me on all my trips for the foreseeable future.

The 27 Momme Charmeuse Silk feels great against your face and gives that “cool side of the pillow” feeling all night. To take it a step further, this pillowcase also claims to hydrate your skin and hair while retaining natural antibacterial properties so it doesn’t get funky in your suitcase.

Not only does this pillowcase zip up like the rest of LILYSILK’s pillowcases, but it also has a built-in pouch you can pack it in. You just turn the pouch inside out, pack in the pillowcase, then toss it in your bag. It hardly takes up any space at all.

Lilysilk pillowcase and travel container

The quality of this pillowcase that I’m not completely sold on is the quality of the zippers. Their pillowcases are extremely affordable for what you get, so it’s not a dealbreaker by any means, but a beefed-up zipper would be welcome.

A paper-carrying tube also comes with this pillow if you don’t feel like packing and zipping it, but it’s a bit flimsy and feels more like an afterthought than a durable travel accessory.

At the end of the day, this product is an awesome value that can really make a difference at the end of a long day of hiking, sailing, sightseeing, or simply hanging out at home.

LILYSILK LILYHERB Silk Travel Pillowcase

Indulge with LILYSILK's LILYHERB travel pillowcase. Made of 27 momme charmeuse silk, it's glossy, soft to the touch, and plant extracts are added to promote frizz-free hair.

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Re-LILYSILK Pillowcase

Lilysilk sustainable pillowcase

Sustainability is a big part of what LILYSILK brings to the table, and this pillowcase is a direct reflection of that. 

The Re-LILYSILK Pillowcase is constructed from waste cuts from the other pieces made by the brand, reducing waste and creating what I think is the most interesting and interesting-looking product they offer. 

This pillowcase has the same construction as the travel pillowcase without the packable pouch. However, where it differs is in the multi-colored, patchwork geometric pattern on the pillowcase.

Because this pillowcase is made from offcuts from other products, there’s no set color pattern. The pattern seems to be the same, but the colors can vary, which is a fun surprise for an accent pillow or two.

Pillows in Lilysilk pillowcases

One of the reasons I love this pillowcase is the price. Because it’s made from offcuts, you can pick these up for under twenty bucks, which is significantly less than the other pillowcases available on their site. 

This is a great value in my eyes because you get a high-quality pillowcase that looks interesting and has a sustainable manufacturing process at a fraction of the price of their other pillowcases that don’t look quite as jazzy.


LILYSILK's RE-LILYSILK Pillowcase is cut from oddments of silk fabrics to reduce waste for a better environment. It features natural charmeuse silk and hidden zipper closure at the side.

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22 Momme Unique Silk Pajamas Set

Man sitting on couch wearing Lilysilk pajamas

I’ll admit it, I never saw myself in a pair of silk pajamas—I always thought they were something that belonged more in the Scrooge McDuck camp.

In the spirit of open-mindedness and a much more prioritized relationship with sleep (which I’m assuming is age-related), I decided to give the 22 Momme LILYSILK Pajamas Set a shot. 

After the novelty wore off and I stopped jumping around like Jet Li, I started noticing some things about these pajamas.

First and foremost, they feel great. 

It’s not the same “great” as a pair of French Terry sweats or merino wool, and it’s not something that’s going to keep you super cozy on a cold night. This particular “great” simply feels exceptional against your skin.

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Another notable aspect of these pajamas is the elastic waist on the bottoms. No, elastic isn’t groundbreaking, but hear me out.

These pajama bottoms have elastic only in the back half of the waist, leaving the front looking clean and high-end. The drawstrings on the pants are comically long, but that only really comes up during trips to the bathroom.

One area of improvement for the pajamas is in the fake pocket and the buttons on the shirt. I’ve never loved a fake pocket, regardless of the garment it’s on. The buttons are made of high-quality mother-of-pearl, but they’re thin. The buttons are also secured to the garment well, but they flop around a little more loosely than I’d like.

As with the pillowcases, dry cleaning is recommended for these pajamas. They can be washed cold in a mesh bag and air-dried as a backup option, but these really are for people who are making dry cleaning runs with some sort of frequency.

Whether you’re in the market for a gift or you’re pampering yourself, these pajamas are an upscale option to make sleeping or lounging around the house feel fancier.

LILYSILK 22 Momme Unique Silk Pajamas Set

Made from the highest quality charmeuse silk, these pajamas are designed for maximum comfort and style, featuring a classic lapel collar, and mother-of-pearl buttons.

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22MM Mulberry Silk Basic Mens Shirt

Man wearing silk Lilysilk button up sitting on dresser

I’ll open by saying that the fabric and construction are exceptional, just like the rest of their products. It’s an investment piece that seems like it will last a long time if properly maintained.

This Silk Basic Men’s Shirt is kind of an in-between style, which I don’t think really works when you’re using such luxurious fabric. The same shirt in cotton would get a lot more wear from me. 

The regular fit and silk material makes this shirt look like a boxy formal shirt, but the collar is thin and wouldn’t really hold up under a suit jacket. 

I’d love to see this shirt in some patterns, as a solid-colored silk shirt is always going to have a hard time being casual unless it has a more fashion-forward fit. 

This shirt has a standard regular fit, which may not look fantastic on more athletic body types. After a good tailoring, it would be right at home tucked into a pair of dress pants with some loafers for a party or a night out but otherwise may billow out around the waist.

Sitting man wearing black Lilysilk shirt with sleeves rolled

Although I’ve mentioned maintenance with the other pieces, I feel like it applies somewhat differently to a shirt. 

Unless it’s a dedicated dress shirt, I personally have a hard time justifying not tossing it in the washer with everything else. This shirt is recommended to be professionally dry-cleaned, and it doesn’t bring enough to the table for me to add it into my irregular runs to the cleaners.

LILYSILK Mulberry Silk Shirt

With 100% high-grade Mulberry silk, this shirt is sure to feel smooth and comfortable. It features long sleeves, a classic button-down closure, and mother of pearl buttons.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Among all the LILYSILK reviews I tracked down online, the general consensus seemed to be that reviewers were blown away by the quality and the material of the bedding. Reviews for clothing were tougher to find, but some had issues with the fabric after consistently washing it by hand or in the machine, which is probably why LILYSILK recommends their products be professionally dry-cleaned.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The quality of the silk in every pillowcase and clothing piece is exceptional.

  • I like that the brand acknowledges the waste of the fashion industry and is taking steps to reduce waste.

  • The pajamas fit well and had nice details like the half elastic around the back of the pajama bottoms.

  • The travel pillowcase is super convenient and its price makes it a travel must-have.

What I Don’t Like

  • Because of the materials, all their products are pretty high-maintenance, requiring professional dry-cleaning to prevent fading.

Who is LILYSILK for?

LILYSILK is a good option if you’ve already decided on upgrading your bedding or pajamas and picking up some silk. They’re also a great option if you’re looking for a sustainable brand to shop for gifts or add some luxury to bedtime. Also, their products will suit your lifestyle better if you’re already making routine runs to the cleaners.

The Verdict

After shopping around with LILYSILK and trying out some of their products, I can highly recommend them for pillowcases and other silk gifts.

The pillowcases are extremely affordable, and their luxurious construction actually does make a pretty big difference. Their travel pillow is a particularly great product with its built-in packable pouch and antibacterial properties. Their sustainable pillowcase is also great for adding an eco-friendly pop of color to your bedroom.

Their pajamas feel great and would make a great gift, but their maintenance does call for a certain lifestyle if they’re going to last and be worn on a regular basis.

I didn’t love their basic silk shirt, but it might be a better option for someone who has other casual clothing that requires dry-cleaning. The regular fit is also forgiving with larger body types, I just happen to have a more athletic build, which it doesn’t suit quite as well.


LILYSILK provides high-quality silk products made from Mulberry trees. Their products are classic and simple, designed to look great, and made to last for a long time.



Is LILYSILK Priced Competitively for Silk?

Generally, yes. The price of many of their pillowcases is extraordinarily competitive and offers a great value. The rest of their pieces are priced according to the market, but there are cheaper brands out there. What you’re paying for with LILYSILK is quality and sustainability.

What Does Momme or MM Mean When Referring to Silk?

Momme, when referring to silk, simply refers to the density. The higher the momme number, the higher the weight of the fabric. For instance, a 22 momme shirt is going to feel thicker and heavier than a 19 momme shirt.

Does LILYSILK Have Physical Stores?

Currently, LILYSILK is only available online. However, they do ship internationally and, although I haven’t returned anything, the return process seems to be quick and easy.