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Cozy Earth Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Published: Jun 5, 2024
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Model Wearing Cozy Earth with Manhattan Skyline in Background

Whether it’s stationary rest days refueling on the couch or short bursts of downtime between connecting flights, comfortable loungewear is key for maximizing a recharge.

Cozy Earth prides themselves on their bamboo-derived viscose fabric as a superior material for comfort when it matters most. I tested a handful of their bestsellers to help you decide if they’re worth your hard-earned money.

Oh sweet breathable bamboo
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Cozy Earth
Cozy Earth

Bottom line: It’s obvious to me why Cozy Earth produces bedding alongside viscose-fabric apparel. Given their heavier construction, the Bamboo Hoodie and Jogger Set flaunt bamboo’s breathability strengths better than any cotton alternative I’ve come across. Their signature fabric is no gimmick, but it’s harder for me to justify their luxury pricing when details and design fall slightly flat.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Craftsmanship The Adult Man Image/Icon  Customer Service
  • Bamboo-derived viscose fabric is an excellent temperature regulator with a distinct, smooth softness
  • Roomier fits add to the comfort factor without looking baggy
  • Timeless designs allow casual items like tees and hoodies to be worn in most settings
  • The Bamboo Hoodie’s drawstring is distractingly long
  • Buying the 2-in-1 jogger set barely passes on savings to the customer

My old t-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies weren’t exclusively leisure pieces like they are now, but years of wear gradually nurtured a comfort that’s hard to come by in brand-new loungewear.

The comfies that served my rest days are showing signs of their impending (and eternal) slumber—holes, frays, and lingering BO galore.

I didn’t set out to curate a dedicated lineup of loungewear until disposable income began to flow, and that extra cash didn’t come without more work, effort, and hours.

Relaxing used to be something I did in my free time. Now it’s something I plan for. What will I do, watch, and wear?

It’s ceremonial.

I found Cozy Earth in my search for relaxation regalia, and not only do they make loungewear, but towels, bedding, and a small lineup of skincare products in partnership with Fount Society.

In a leap of faith, I picked up a hoodie, tee, and loungewear to see if their comfort-minded philosophy can deepen my much-needed recess.

What Is Cozy Earth?

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Cozy Earth, founded by Tyler Howells in 2010, specializes in bamboo-based clothing and bedding.

Before working in the textile industry, Howells’ first entrepreneurial venture saw him wielding his Mandarin fluency to source lumber from China during the U.S. housing boom. 

This language superpower proved to be just as useful for Cozy Earth, as his brand uses a highly revered resource in East Asia: bamboo.

Their towels, linen, and apparel incorporate viscose, a fiber refined from the tall jungle plant. It combines the best traits of natural fibers, such as cotton’s softness and durability, with the breathability of synthetic polyester fabric.

Should bamboo fabric become the new standard in their lifestyle textiles, customers can take advantage of their loyalty program and points earned from past purchases towards their next.

Things to Consider Before Buying

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Cozy Earth conducts in-depth research and development to perfect the fit, quality, and longevity of each item, so their customer-first pursuits come at a premium price.

A pair of bamboo joggers from Cozy Earth can cost upwards of $150. This might be nothing if you’re sold on the benefits of bamboo fabric, but it might steer you away if you’re merely intrigued.

Men looking to try bamboo-derived clothing who are also too tall to shop from the big brands might be a small market. Luckily, Cozy Earth has them covered with select bottoms designed specifically for a tall stature.

Cozy Earth

It’s obvious to me why Cozy Earth produces bedding alongside viscose-fabric apparel. Given their heavier construction, the Bamboo Hoodie and Jogger Set flaunt bamboo’s breathability strengths better than any cotton alternative I’ve come across. Their signature fabric is no gimmick.

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My Hands-On Review

Bamboo Hoodie

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Hoodie with Hood Up 800

With a pending move to Europe on the horizon, a minimized wardrobe has kicked off sorrowful farewells between me and some of my favorite hoodies.

Besides my lucky hoodie that’s nothing more than a keepsake at this point, I have one with a structured look for dressed-down outfits. However, it’s too rigid and stuffy for warmer temperatures.

I’m banking on the Bamboo Hoodie to round out the trifecta of my go-forward rotation. Something uber comfortable while still feeling upscale.

The fabric’s unfamiliar texture jumped out just as I dipped my hand into the plastic sleeve it arrived in. Ever notice how silk feels somewhat cold at first? It has that effect.

Putting it on for the first time each day reminds me of the sweet relief from switching to the cold side of the pillow.

It’s made from 62% viscose, 28% acrylic, 10% spandex. I wouldn’t describe it as “soft” in the literal sense like I would microfiber fleece or brushed cotton, but “smooth”—like silk or polyester.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Hoodie Label 800

This fabric doesn’t have a plush body to it, either. However, it’s heavier than I thought it’d be and reminds me of designer tracksuits with a similar drape.

Cozy Earth is steadfast in their stance on bamboo’s superior breathability and temperature regulation, and I’m with them for the most part. 

The Bamboo Hoodie handles warm temperatures better than most sweaters I’ve tested. A thin fabric is always going to fare better on a hot day, but the bamboo-derived viscose feels noticeably airier than cotton—whether 100% or in a poly blend.

That heavy blanket of vapor doesn’t linger around my torso once the sun gets my sweat glands going. I can feel the viscose politely showing trapped heat to the door.

I’d say the Bamboo Hoodie handles chilly-to-warm temperatures best. The thin viscose blend provides reliable airflow on warmer days, but there were moments when I actually felt cold wearing it in my apartment with a t-shirt underneath.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Hoodie Sitting on Steps 800

It still lacks the kind of warmth I look for when I need a second layer to throw on. I’d classify the Bamboo Hoodie as a spring/summer option unless you joyride the thermostat without any regard for the energy bill.

I’m a 6’1”, 193-pound guy, and the athletic profile had me worried it would have an unflatteringly skinny fit, and even worse, an uncomfortable one.

Both the sleeve and hem length were on point. The torso, on the other hand, was roomier than I thought it’d be. It falls even from the shoulders to the opening without an accentuating grip around the chest like some minimalist hoodies have. It’s just what I’m looking for in a lounge hoodie.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Hoodie Embroidery 800

The forgiving fit and minimal spandex context combine for a truly easy wear. No point of articulation feels restricted, which would otherwise be a dealbreaker for a garment meant to help take your mind off things.

Even though I bought mine to knock around in, the Bamboo Hoodie is viable for casual wear. There’s essentially zero visible branding other than subtle embroidery on the front pocket, and while it has a relaxed fit, it isn’t oversized.

The drawstring is the only thing holding back its style potential. It’s confusingly long considering the hood itself isn’t that big to begin with, so tightening it just extends the droopy cords hanging over my chest.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Hoodie Looking at Reservoir 800

I loved just about every part of the Bamboo Hoodie, but I have trouble spending over $150 for it. If you’re looking for roomy-yet-trim fit, silky fabric, and above-average breathability in warm weather, it might be the best on the market if the cost doesn’t phase you. Zippered pockets or even thumbholes are just a couple features that would make it easier snuggling up to that price.

Cozy Earth Ultra-Soft Bamboo Hoodie

A designated loungewear hoodie wasn’t something I sought out, let alone one made from bamboo, but Cozy Earth plopped one on my shopping list. The viscose fabric lets warm air out unlike anything else, and the silky texture is straight-up luxurious. Its minimalist styling also makes it an attractive option for your chill weekend errands.

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Bamboo Raglan Tee

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Lounge Tee Sitting on Grass 800

The brand’s lounge tees comes in two fit options. Classic, and the version I picked up: the Bamboo Raglan Tee. The classic comes with a pocket, but I opted for the pocketless raglan variant to avoid the armpit chafing that I experience with drop shoulders.

It contains the same viscose-acrylic-spandex profile, only thinner. Even though I expected Cozy Earth to adjust the material breakout, the lighter feel enhances the breathability as more viscose would.

I sized down to a medium for a fitted look. A black tee such as this could easily pair with dark-wash denim for cocktail night, and sizing up wouldn’t make a huge difference in comfort.

Going with a medium was the right idea, but the raglan variant isn’t the shirt for showing off biceps.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Lounge Tee Sleeve 800

The classic fit might have a tighter embrace around the upper arm based on the product photography. It isn’t a dressy tee, nor is it an athletic one, so don’t expect a fit tailored to every feature.

The shirt you see me wearing has been washed about five times at the time of writing. Holds up pretty well, doesn’t it?

My Bamboo Raglan Tee hasn’t shown any signs of pilling or warping—no ~$100 shirt should this early. The wide neckline is the most stylish part of the shirt, and it’s been resilient so far.

I was fully expecting viscose fabric to have some tedious maintenance regimen that goes completely against Cozy Earth’s easygoing charm.

It’s maintained shape under my lackadaisical laundry routine. Besides avoiding bleach and fabric softener (which is terrible for clothing, by the way), it goes in the cold load with my darks and handles the dryer without issue.

Cozy Earth states that it’s stain-resistant. I’m not going out of my way to test this, and the black colorway I picked up wouldn’t be a valuable data point. 

However, the silky texture is the closest thing to TexTale’s anti-stain tees I’ve felt. Again, nothing scientific here, but I feel confident in drawing that parallel.

In true Cozy Earth fashion, the premium fabric is the central value proposition. The hassle-free care instructions and shrink resistance are nice perks, but I still have trouble grappling with its triple-digit price tag. I see the Bamboo Lounge Tee resonating with guys willing to splurge on one dutiful tee to wear on blissfully uneventful days. We could all use more of those.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Raglan Tee

The Bamboo Raglan Tee brings Cozy Earth’s snuggly viscose goodness into a lighter, more versatile form factor. I live for product customization, so the ability to choose between raglan vs. drop-shoulder sleeves isn’t taken for granted. The slightly roomier raglan fit gives me all the room I need for a god-tier sprawl sesh on the sectional.

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Bamboo Jogger Set

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Top and Bottom 800

I used to avoid coordinated sets like the plague. Why did matching tops and bottoms make me feel like such a calculated try-hard?

Try addressing European mobsters who’ve worn them for decades as such. I kid, but it wasn’t until I entered the clothing review ring that when done right, sets can look sick.

Examining style alone, the Bamboo Jogger Set does justice to the matchy-matchy menswear concept.

You get a long-sleeved top and a pair of lightweight joggers made of the same viscose-polyester-spandex blend as the first two garments I reviewed.

It feels thinner than what I’d consider a “sweatshirt” (Cozy Earth calls it their Bamboo Pullover Crew), but it can be worn with or without a tee underneath.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Crew Neck Top 800

The roomy sleeves and angled shoulder stitching lend themselves to Cozy Earth’s laid-back DNA, as the set visibly resonates “loungewear” more than the tee or hoodie.

The top could be mistaken for pajamas, but even if they don’t address it as such, I sleep like a log with it on. Neither the top or joggers stick to my skin as I see how many spring nights I have left before kicking on the AC.

I find myself getting more everyday use out of the joggers than the top. A black pair of slim-fitting sweats are as versatile as one garment can be, so mine frequently join me on my gym days, grocery store hauls, and aimless strolls around the city.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Jogger Thigh Dimensions 800

The taper isn’t dramatic, but mine definitely have more room in the upper block than they do below the knee. I don’t mind this as it isn’t noticeable from the outside, and the extra slack around the thighs feels less restrictive.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Jogger Pocket Up Close 800

A security pocket is a must-have for me. The one on the right rear can hold a wallet and a little something else, but the pocket itself can’t be felt sitting down when nothing’s inside.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Joggers from the Back 800

At the time of writing, most menswear items are promoted at 25%-35% off, including the Bamboo Jogger Set.

It would be helpful if Cozy Earth pointed out what’s considered a sale price and what the customer saves with a bundle like this. It regularly retails for a little over $300, the same price as buying both standalone garments a-la-carte.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Working in Bed 800

Is this a temporary promotion? Is there no incentive to buy the set over the crew and jogger? The discount is displayed the same way whether I’m getting two items or one.

Pricing confusion aside, it seems like Cozy Earth is always running some sort of lucrative promotion, which is great if you’re looking to cop apparel, bedding, and a little something for the mrs.

The Adult Man Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set Joggers Only Reading on Couch 800

The Bamboo Jogger Set’s top isn’t a huge departure from the first two pieces I reviewed. As part of a homebound tracksuit, it’s my preferred way of partaking in Cozy Earth. The joggers are really what shines here, though. The generous fit, minimalist zip pocket, and soft cuffs bring all that comfort below the waist.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set

What better way to lay it on thick with coziness than a two-piece set? The crew neck top is a versatile middle-ground between a tee and sweatshirt, so undershirts are optional for full-contact softness. Does the set look like loungewear? For the most part. Do I wear it any time I can? Ask anyone in my hood.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Across 71 reviews for a 4.9/5 star average at the time of writing, The Bamboo Raglan Tee is mainly praised for its ability to keep shape over time. A fair share guys share my fondness for the raglan variant as it avoids any binding near the armpit.

The Bamboo Hoodie earns a 4.8/5 star rating across 350+ reviews. Digging deep through pages of reviews revealed something interesting: pet hair doesn’t easily cling to the viscose fabric—dogfathers, take note.

The Bamboo Jogger Set only has two reviews at the time of writing, but coming it at 5 stars, I’d expect the score to follow en suite with the previous two. Perhaps people would rather mix and match since it costs the same?

Browsing individual reviews share a lot of what I experienced with the top and bottom. The crew neck is allegedly comfortable for all day wear—we’re talking bed, shower, daily life, and back to bed. A few customers found some pilling inside the thighs on the jogger, but those were few and far between.

Cozy Earth Alternatives


Outerknown blanket shirt on model in pumpkin

Outerknown is worth a browse if you like Cozy Earth’s obsession with fabric but from a brand doing more than just casual and lounge apparel.

Their lineup of goods can tackle each part of California’s diverse landscape—the terrain that inspired its founding in the first place. Outerknown’s polos, sweaters, tanks, and trunks are mostly made of ethically-grown natural fibers or recycled synthetic ones.


Backed by surf legend Kelly Slater, Outerknown makes trunks from recycled water bottles and beach-ready gear that will make you say "dude" more often than you'd like.

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Best Polo Shirts for Men Male Model Wearing Vuori Strato Tech Polo

Vuori, another California native, offers performance gear so comfortable that you look forward to throwing it on before training.

I own a few Vuori pieces myself, mainly athletic shirts and shorts. While they have a respectable selection of naturally-derived fabrics, their technical blend garments feature details like 4-way stretch, supportive liners, and strategically-placed venting that feels nice inside and out of the gym.


Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

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My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • Bamboo-derived viscose fabric combines some of my favorite qualities of other fabrics into one—softness, comfort, and carefree maintenance.
  • Despite a seemingly athletic fit, the Bamboo Hoodie is remarkably forgiving and fits great in the sleeves, chest, and torso.
  • Being able to choose between sleeve styles is convenient, especially since I prefer the uncommon but less restrictive raglan.
  • The joggers provide room throughout for easy stretching with a modern taper down the leg.
  • The crew neck top’s midweight feel means it’s light enough to wear by itself while hiding any creases of an undershirt.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Bamboo Hoodie’s drawstring is unnecessarily large for a relatively small hood.
  • Unless I’m misunderstanding, I was disappointed to find that the Bamboo Jogger Set costs the same and buying both pieces on their own.

Who Is Cozy Earth For?

Some dudes sit around because they worked hard enough to do so without guilt.

Undisturbed tranquility balances the daily stressors of work, relationships, and self improvement. I see Cozy Earth as an investment to the wind-down, as it actually means something to them.

The Verdict

After a day on the receiving end of emails, Teams calls, and client requests, every part of my end-of-day ritual has to lull me into nirvana.

The book I’m reading. The show I’m falling asleep to. The flavor of Ben and Jerry’s I’m scooping. And most importantly, what I’m wearing.

I harped on about Cozy Earth’s pricing, but it’s better to do one thing amazingly than do a million things lackluster. 

The Bamboo Jogger Set is a key example. The roomy fit gives me enough freedom to sprawl out like a starfish in bed. On those bipolar spring days that can’t stick to one temperature, my bamboo ninja suit acclimates with ease. Complimenting its softness one more time will just make my editor think I’m trying to hit the word count.

I’m content wearing old clothes to relax in. If we’re talking niche apparel for me-time personal in my nest, Cozy Earth simply feels better than anything else.

Cozy Earth

It’s obvious to me why Cozy Earth produces bedding alongside viscose-fabric apparel. Given their heavier construction, the Bamboo Hoodie and Jogger Set flaunt bamboo’s breathability strengths better than any cotton alternative I’ve come across. Their signature fabric is no gimmick.

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