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SprezzaBox Review: Is It Worth Signing Up For?

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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SprezzaBox delivers a box of accessories for a fair price, but if the quality isn’t good then what’s the point? Anyone can say their box is worth $100 and ship it for $28.

We tried this well-known men’s subscription box for two months to find out if they’re worth your hard-earned money.

The details that bring your outfit together
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: SprezzaBox

Bottom line: If you want to build a tasteful tie collection, you’ll enjoy SprezzaBox’s monthly offering. Each box has something unique that will add a little flair to your wardrobe. But if you’ve already got more ties than you can handle, perhaps think twice.

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  • Modern and classy ties, socks, and tie clips in both packages
  • Sprezza delivers well over $28 in value
  • Each box featured a brand I’d been waiting to try
  • Inexpensive way to build a well-rounded tie collection
  • The Delta passport holder in the Americana box felt cheap
  • The aviator sunglasses fit too large for my face

Here’s a quick list of things I wish I knew before my wedding:

  • 90% of what you plan isn’t important (food, drinks, and guests—that’s the important 10%)
  • The family only cares about how happy the couple looks
  • Uncle Greg sits alone—no exceptions (don’t ask)

Boy did I do some unnecessary stressing. The stress even worked its way into the parts of the wedding that were supposed to be fun, like getting my groomsmen an awesome gift. 

Late last year, I was invited to be part of a wedding for one of my best friends and he had a brilliant and simple idea: he handed us all a box.

Not just any box: a SprezzaBox.

When we opened it up, we saw that we not only got a gift, but also had matching accessories for his wedding—two birds with one stone. 

I wish I’d known about the brand before my wedding—I would’ve done the same. 

Now, ten months later, I decided to pick up a few of SprezzaBox’s monthly deliveries to see if their subscription service is as clutch as their groomsmen’s gifts. 

What Is SprezzaBox?

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Sprezzatura is the Italian word for effortless style, and it’s the inspiration behind the increasingly popular subscription service, SprezzaBox

With a subscription to SprezzaBox, you get a shipment of accessories: always a tie and socks, along with other bits like cufflinks, tie bars, headphones, sunglasses, etc. 

There are four subscription options. Choose month to month, or save by paying ahead three, six, or twelve months in advance. 

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In each box, you can expect five or six items centered around a theme. But what if you don’t like the theme of the month?

SprezzaBox recently updated their service so you can choose between six different boxes each month. With that kind of variety, you’re sure to find a box that suits your liking. 

Things to Consider Before Getting an Accessories Subscription

You’ll consistently get a tie and pair of socks. Now, if you never wear ties, this can present a problem. As for the socks, I feel like most guys can always use a fresh set. 

Since SprezzaBox has a focus on playful versions of classic accessories, you can quickly judge whether you’re down for their style. 

The items are meant to help you stand out, but that said, you won’t find anything outlandish in your box.

SprezzaBox Review & Unboxing

I’ve been with SprezzaBox for two months now and I’ve unboxed their Americana and Grand deliveries. Here’s what I thought:

The Americana 

SprezzaBox 18

The Americana box appears to be a collaboration with Delta Airlines, and from the outside it looks like an on-flight meal. I half-expected to find a soggy ham sandwich inside my box, but was pleased to find some stylish pieces instead. 

Sprezza Tie


This is the bread and butter of any SprezzaBox—the tie. Made by Sprezza themselves, this polyester tie is a handsome royal blue with red and white diagonal stripes. 

I’ve always loved the color combo, and the bright royal blue adds a dash of personality and flair where perhaps a navy color would be too safe. 

The look really pops against a white shirt. 

I didn’t receive the information card that breaks down the value and price of each item for either of my boxes, but I always find that card to be misleading anyway. But this tie makes up a good majority of the value in the box. I’d pay $20 for this piece alone, so I feel confident I’m getting my money’s worth. 

Sprezza Socks

SprezzaBox 4

The package also comes with a pair of shift patterned blue socks. They’re 70% combed cotton, with the rest made up of polyester, nylon, and spandex. 

The combed cotton gives these socks a fairly thick, rich texture. My socks don’t stay up for too long, which is to be expected at their price point. I like that they’re not as loud as the tie, which allows for the attention to stick in one place. Still, they match well put together as an ensemble. 

I’d pin these socks in the $5-$10 range. 

Airplane Tie Clip

SprezzaBox 6

I love this airplane tie clip. And I’ll be honest; I’ve never worn a suit on a plane, but I’m definitely going to for my next trip just so I can wear this clip. 

For me, these small details make the box. I find that I never have time to shop for the small accessories that make an outfit exciting and add a splash of personality. But it’s my favorite part of dressing. 

sprezza 2

The tie clip isn’t outstanding quality, but it’s solid enough to keep its orientation throughout the day. The real charm comes from the unique shape. It’s a great way to take a small style risk that’s sure to be noticed and appreciated. 

I’d happily pay $10-$15 for this tie clip if I saw it in a store, and with these three items I feel like I’ve got a good deal on this SprezzaBox (even if you’re counting on the low end). 

Maybe you’re like me, but I always judge the value of each piece in a subscription box, and once I hit the mark, the rest feels like a bonus. And if I don’t reach the number? It’s curtains for that service. 

LSTN Headphones

SprezzaBox 8

Made with faux-wood caps, these headphones are pretty stylish. I plugged these in for a run and wasn’t too impressed with the sound quality. I have a $20 pair of Sony headphones that I’ll continue to use (though they break every 6-months). 

That said, these will do the trick in a pinch. The sound is a bit tinny and lacks any sort of bass, but if you need headphones on the fly, LSTN has you covered. 

Delta Passport Holder

SprezzaBox 7

The last item in my Americana box is a PU leather passport holder with Delta Airlines branding at the bottom. 

PU leather is made from fibrous split leather with a polyurethane coating over the top. The end result is something that looks like leather but feels like plastic. This is my least favorite item in the box and the only piece I doubt I’ll ever use. I don’t have a passport carrying case at the moment, but if I did, I’d go with something a little more sturdy. 

Brickell Reviving Day Serum

SprezzaBox 5

I’ve been going through a face-care phase lately and I’ve been waiting to get my hands on some Brickell products for a while. Both of my SprezzaBoxes came with a sample of different Brickell products which I’m happy about.

This Day Serum has a nice cooling aloe touch. It goes on shiny, so I’m not sure it’s the best option to put on just before going out. Usually serums are reserved for before bed so no one has to see your shiny, productized face. 

Still, I can see this coming in the clutch as a refresh after a long 12-hour flight. It’s definitely going in my Dopp.

The Grand

SprezzaBox 17

After a great experience with my first SprezzaBox, I was excited to open up my second delivery: The Grand. 

Knottery Tie

SprezzaBox 10

This deep hunter green and navy diagonal stripe tie is a nice addition to my collection and pairs well with a blue suit. I was surprised to find this was made with 100% polyester because there’s a significant amount of texture to it. 

Similar to the Sprezza tie in my Americana box, I feel this is a solid $20 tie, and it makes up the bulk of the value in the box. 

I’m happy with it, and it fills a hole in my tie collection, which is quite weak-sauce at the moment.

Twillory Socks

SprezzaBox 15

I’m excited to see Twillory make it into this box—I’ve been keeping an eye on the brand for a few months, mainly for their dress-shirts, but I’ve got no problem starting with a pair of socks. 

So that makes it twice now that I’ve received a sample from a brand I’ve been looking forward to trying. I’ll admit that this is a first for me when it comes to subscription boxes. Now, that doesn’t say anything about the quality, but it shows me that Sprezza is doing its homework and partnering with well-respected brands. 

The socks are solid—no complaints, but no gushing compliments either. Doesn’t that feel a little anti-climactic after all this talk about how excited I am to try a new brand? Well if it does, it’s because I’ve been leading you to the star of the show…

Sprezza Shoehorn

SprezzaBox Grand Shoehorn


I’ve been needing a shoe horn for over a year. I lost my previous shoe horn as a bet on a cribbage game (that’s not a joke, I really gambled away my only shoe horn). 

Since then, I’ve been stuffing my feet awkwardly into some nice shoes, roughing up the heel unnecessarily. 

My guess is that this Sprezza shoe horn is thick aluminum as it’s pretty light. But it’s a huge step above plastic shoe horns, and I’m psyched about it. 

If you’ve never used a shoe horn, prepare to have your life changed.

This addition didn’t just make the box; it made my day. 

Sprezza Aviator Sunglasses

SprezzaBox 12

With summer in full swing, I was pleased to find a pair of sunglasses packed in with my box. The Grand has aviator style frames, which have historically looked stupid on my face. 

Unfortunately, I still don’t look good in aviators so I won’t be wearing them. Maybe I have a small face/ cranium—I don’t know—but most sunglasses are quite large for me. It’ll make for a nice thoughtful gift for one of my lucky big-faced friends. 

WC Brass Tie Bar

SprezzaBox 13

This tie clip is a little more traditional than the airplane clip from my previous box. The brass patina offers a subtle but classy pairing with the navy and hunter green tie. 

Obviously, the most important part of looking good in a suit is having the perfect tailored fit. But your accessories finish the job. I’ll continue building up my collection because you never know which small addition will bring your whole look together. 

Brickell Face Moisturizer

SprezzaBox 16

The final item I plucked out of The Grand was Brickell’s Face Moisturizer. As I mentioned above, Brickell is a fairly popular men’s skincare brand I’ve been waiting to try for some time. 

I’ve tried five or six other brands, and after trying Brickell, I wouldn’t put them in my top three. That said, I’ve already stashed this moisturizer in my Dopp for when I travel. These small sample sizes are amazing when you’re flying somewhere or on the road. 

I leave a Dopp packed and ready to go so I never show up to my destination thinking “oh no, I forgot my toothbrush.” Everything is already packed and ready to go. So adding a moisturizer to that collection only makes me more prepared. 

What do Other Reviewers Say About SprezzaBox? 

Many reviewers are happy with their SprezzaBoxes. The subscription seems to go over well with young professionals who are looking to build a respectable tie collection and pad out their accessories. 

The only issue we saw come up was with long-time subscribers who had reached their limit of new ties. You’ll have to be your own judge for how many ties is too many ties. 

My Thoughts Overall On SprezzaBox

What I Like

  • Both boxes had a tasteful tie, socks, and tie clip.

  • I’m not sure that I got $100+ in value, but I certainly got much more than $28 in value.

  • There was at least one brand in either box that I’d been looking forward to trying. 

  • The inexpensive price point is a great way to build my paltry tie collection.

What I Don’t Like

  • Some items (mainly the Delta passport holder) felt cheap.

  • The aviator sunglasses fit too large for my face.

Who is SprezzaBox for?

SprezzaBox is a fantastic way for young professional guys to build out their accessory collection. If you’re interested in becoming the best-dressed dude in the office, check out SprezzaBox.

The Verdict

I’ve had bad experiences with subscription services under $30 packing in five or six items. Heck, even with sub boxes that cost nearly $100, some companies fill it mostly with junk. 

That’s not the case with SprezzaBox

In both shipments, I felt the first three items (tie, socks, and tie clip) were more than enough to cover the cost. The rest felt like a bonus. That’s always a great feeling with a subscription service. 

If you have no interest in building up your tie collection, you may have a problem with their regular stock, as every box contains one. But if tasteful ties are your thing, SprezzaBox is a killer deal.


Can you cancel SprezzaBox?

Yes, SprezzaBox is easy to halt either through email, phone call, or your subscription portal.

How long does SprezzaBox take to ship?

SprezzaBox ships every month and will arrive within four to five business days.