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Underwear Expert Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Once you put on a pair of nice underwear, going back to the Fruit of the Loom 5-packs is tough to do. But how do you stock up on elevated undies when there are so many to choose from? Especially when many of those impulse pairs can end up at the back of the drawer, never to be seen again.

This is the issue Underwear Expert is taking a stab at tackling. I’ve signed up for this subscription box to give you the 101 on this brand and if it’s worth the scratch.

Need help choosing underwear?
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Underwear Expert

Bottom line: Underwear Expert takes the guesswork out of finding skivvies that fit your preferences. The sign-up process is quick, and overall it’s a great value for the money. You may need a little back-and-forth at the beginning to nail down what you’re looking for, but the end result is a fresh few pairs of drawers every few months that fit you like a glove.

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  • Great value for the price you pay
  • An easy sign-up process that quickly gets your fit and style preferences
  • High-quality underwear from brands you may not be familiar with
  • They offer 100% customer satisfaction so you don’t have to just live with a pair that you’re not in love with
  • They offer a wide range of options, including more fashion-forward styles, and you might get a pair or two that aren’t completely within your comfort zone even within your parameters, however their customer service is really good and will help you adjust your profile, and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

I can’t count the number of underwear I own that are reserved specifically for when the underwear I like are all in the laundry basket. 

I was chasing the dragon that was the perfect pair of boxer briefs, and it led to a lot of discomfort, riding up, pulling down, and sighs of frustration.

That was when I realized just how tricky it is to find the right pair. You know, the first pair you wear after doing laundry—the pair that you slip on and it just feels right.

When you start looking around for underwear that feels better and lasts longer than Walmart multi-packs, you can end up with some pretty weird results, and defaulting to a pair that rubs you the wrong way can really mess up your day.

So why Underwear Expert?

First, taking shots in the dark on my own was getting expensive, and I wasn’t having a ton of luck. 

Second, they offer 100% customer satisfaction and a price that doesn’t make my eyebrows shoot up.

Let’s dive into some of the ins and outs of Underwear Expert and my thoughts on their service as a whole.

What Is Underwear Expert?

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I’ll start by saying that I’m generally not too big on subscription boxes. They generally include at least one thing you won’t like or will never use, like the Secret Santa gifts you get from the people in the office who know nothing about you other than the fact that you’re a man.

With Underwear Expert, it’s a different story.

Underwear Expert is solving a legitimate problem. Is finding the right underwear important? Absolutely. Is the curation process conducive to finding some new favorite brands? Sure thing.

All boxes checked.

You can sign up for one pair, two pairs, or three pairs delivered at the frequency that works best for you, and they have a deep inventory of potential styles to choose from, whether you’d rather pick from what they think you’d like or let them surprise you.

Underwear Expert

Underwear Expert is for men who want a drawer refresh and don't want the hassle of shopping. Get some of the best underwear brands delivered straight to you.

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Things to Consider Before Signing Up

Underwear Expert

The main thing to think about when thinking about signing up for Underwear Expert is how satisfied you are with your current undergarment game.

Do you have your ride-or-die staple brand that you’ll never deviate from in 100,000 years? If you don’t see yourself branching out, then great. Problem solved. Well done you.

Underwear Expert Box angle

However, if you’re like me and like trying new things and have the brands you like, but are open to being surprised by some new brand, material, pattern, or fit, Underwear Expert is a hassle-free way to explore what’s out there.

Cost is another thing to consider. The cost of their subscription is pretty easy to justify if you’re making impulse underwear buys every few months anyway, but if you stock up once a year, it may require a bit more thought.

My Hands-On Review

The Process

Underwear Expert Box Closeup alt

The process of signing up for Underwear Expert is pretty streamlined. You select your preferred styles, preferred colors, size, select how many pairs you’ll get, and then the frequency with which they’ll arrive.

You can select a few pairs from their recommendations or select the “Surprise Me” option, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. 

I selected boxer briefs and my size, left everything else open, and opted to let them choose the pairs. They’re the experts, after all. 

Shortly after, I received my first box. No fuss, no issues.

Renewal boxes can be previewed 48 hours prior to shipment if you’d like to double check them, and you can pause, change, skip, or cancel anytime.

Unboxing: What I Got

I received three pairs of boxer briefs from Underwear Expert packaged in a nicely-branded box. 

In terms of how the pairs matched my preference and sizing, I have to say they pretty much nailed it. Every pair I received was different, but they all fit well, were comfortable, and looked good.

Let’s take a look at the underwear I received.

Pair #1: “I” by Impetus

Folded Patterned Underwear Expert Underwear

The first pair I’ll touch on are geometric-patterned boxer briefs from the Portuguese brand “I” by Impetus.

These boxers are made from a high-quality cotton/modal blend that feels like it lives somewhere between a comfort fabric and a performance fabric. 

I actually wore these on a recent trip, and they handled walking around all day under the Spanish sun just fine. No bunching, no uncomfortable sensations—all quiet on the Western front. Quiet and cozy.

Patterned Underwear Expert Underwear

I’m generally not too picky when it comes to the colors and patterns of my underwear, but the black-and-grey geometric design is a nice touch that makes them feel a little more upscale.

The boxer briefs are made by Impetus exclusively for Underwear Expert, and in viewing their line, it’s clear that I got a pretty good deal on this pair considering the price of the subscription.

I don’t have high expectations for underwear—be comfortable, look decent, and hold everything in place while I go about my day. This pair lived up to those expectations and beyond.

Pair #2: Unsimply Stitched

Floral Underwear Expert Underwear on table

I also received a floral pair of boxer briefs from Unsimply Stitched, which is a brand that actually specializes in funky socks

You may not believe me when I say this, but although this pair is one of the jazziest pairs I’ve ever owned, they’re on the conservative side for this brand, which I was thankful for.

As far as fit and quality, I have no complaints. These are a solid pair of boxer briefs that feature a 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric, and fit just how cotton boxer briefs should: fitting, but not tight; and structured, but not boxy.

top corner of Underwear Expert Underwear

All the stitching and panels add up to a pair of underwear that feels high in quality and can keep you comfortable through the day.

A blue and black floral pattern wouldn’t be my first pick, generally speaking, but I’m all for jazzy boxers and the quality is apparent enough that they don’t look like a novelty pair.

Pair #3: HOM

Folded Underwear Expert Underwear on Grey Background

The third pair in the box is a pair of performance trunks from the Sport collection from HOM, a French brand that describes itself as “stylish, independent, quirky but masculine above all.”

These navy trunks are made from a fabric that blends polyamide with elastane for plenty of stretch and moisture-wicking, while the mesh panels provide airflow to keep you cool while you’re working out. 

This pair of underwear is perfectly comfortable, and they made it through one of my workouts without issue.

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While I doubt the mesh panel in the undercarriage is going to cause any concern, there is also a semi-transparent mesh panel directly under the back waistband. From a performance perspective, that means more airflow to your buns. No complaints there, right? 

Underwear Expert

Underwear Expert is for men who want a drawer refresh and don't want the hassle of shopping. Get some of the best underwear brands delivered straight to you.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Among all the reviews I’ve tracked down online, the consensus is that Underwear Expert is at the forefront of underwear subscriptions, with reviewers being impressed with the curation and the quality of underwear they received.

The packaging and presentation that comes with the Underwear Expert box is another compliment regularly mentioned by reviewers, which is a sentiment that I mostly agree with.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The system works. Underwear Expert went three for three and I now have a few more trusty pairs I can add into my rotation.

  • The underwear I received in the box, while all of them were different, all fit my preferences. This format allows subscribers to be as conservative or as adventurous as they want.

  • Every pair in the box was high-quality, and I feel like they’ll last me a while.

  • The packaging was nicely branded and made unboxing feel kind of like opening presents on Christmas morning. I’m a sucker for good branding, and it definitely adds to the value.

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s a small detail, but I would love it if the underwear weren’t packaged individually and were presented how they’re pictured on the Underwear Expert website.

Who is Underwear Expert for?

Underwear Expert is for men who are either unsatisfied with their current undergarment selection or simply want to try out something new. 

While you can tailor your preferences during the initial quiz, a certain amount of open-mindedness is helpful, especially if you opt in for the “Surprise Me” function instead of reviewing the contents of each package before it arrives.

In the one box I received, there was one pair that was right on the edge of my comfort zone.

If you’re used to Hane’s and aren’t in a hurry to switch to some of the more daring European styles, it may benefit you to keep an eye on your initial boxes until their preferences gain your trust.

The Verdict

Overall, I’m impressed with Underwear Expert.

The process was a breeze, they offer a great value for the money, and it’s presented in a tidy package that feels like a present just for you.

I’m happy with the pairs I received in my first subscription box, and I don’t have any doubt that future boxes will continue to deliver a positive experience. Each pair seemed durable and checked all the boxes that boxers and trunks need to make it into the front of the drawer.

I think I’ll continue with the “Surprise Me” option on the site, rather than previewing the shipment before it hits the road. Leaving the curation in their hands and getting surprised is much more fun than micro-managing the process, although that option is certainly available.

If you’re tired of looking around the department stores wondering what will fit or want to branch out and add some higher-quality pairs into your underwear lineup, Underwear Expert is a no-brainer.

Underwear Expert

Underwear Expert is for men who want a drawer refresh and don't want the hassle of shopping. Get some of the best underwear brands delivered straight to you.

Get Underwear Expert


Can I Shop Directly from Underwear Expert?

You can! If you get a pair in the subscription box that you’re hooked on, you can stock up here.

Can I Give a Subscription as a Gift?

A gifted subscription is available, but the recipient will still have to fill out their preferences to make sure they’re getting underwear they like. Learn more about the gift subscription process here.