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Hands-On: Vincero Marble Automatic Review

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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Vincero Marble Automatic Review Watch on Models Hand

The Marble Automatic is one of Vincero’s more expensive watches. So what’s so special about it that it warrants the high price?

In this Vincero Marble Automatic review, I’m diving into the details of this timepiece to reveal what’s special and what’s forgettable.

The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Vincero
Vincero Marble Automatic

Bottom line: I love the concept behind the Marble Automatic, and I think the addition of the black Italian marble in the bracelet is amazing. The specific piece of marble I got as my dial is a bit plain, and the 43mm case design is on the larger side. But the workhorse movement and the “empire-building” ethos behind this timepiece make it a winner.

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  • The dial is made with real Italian marble, so each timepiece has a naturally unique design (same is true for the bracelet)
  • Not that I’d go diving with this watch, but it has 100m of water resistance (300ft) so you don’t need to worry about getting it wet
  • The Citizen Miyota 90S5 movement is similar to another favorite of mine (the 9015, featured in the Vincero Argo)---it’s a reliable workhorse movement with an interesting “open-heart” display
  • The piece of marble in my watch dial is a bit plain---it’s basically 100% black with only very faint white streaks
  • The winding rotor is noticeably loud---watch enthusiasts often don’t like this aspect, though I personally don’t mind it at all
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Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

It was more like 448,585 days, give or take a few thousand. 

That’s sort of the idea behind the Vincero Marble Automatic watch—empires are built one stone at a time. The brand’s desire for you is to look at your fancy-pantsy new watch and think of your long-term mission—your empire you plan to build one brick at a time. 

It’s a nice story, but it’s only poignant if the watch is actually good. 

So I decided to get one and dive into the nitty gritty details and share what I’ve learned from wearing this watch for the past few weeks. 


Vincero Marble Automatic on model
Vincero Marble on my 7¼ inch wrist

You already know the story behind Vincero’s Marble watch, but stories are easy to weave. What about the cold, hard facts?

Here are the “brass-tacks” of the Marble Automatic:

  • 43mm case diameter
  • 11.5mm case thickness
  • 50mm lug to lug
  • Citizen Miyota 90S5 automatic movement
  • “Open heart” display dial with Italian marble
  • 100m of water resistance (or 330ft)
  • Sapphire crystal glass front and sapphire display case back
  • Stainless steel bracelet with marble inlay and deployant clasp

While the specs tell an important part of the story here, there’s a lot more to the Vincero Marble that still needs to be discussed.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Vincero Marble Automatic skeleton display

I have to get this off my chest…

If you’ve watched a lot of YouTube watch reviews or looked through forums and the like, Vincero gets dogged often. 

I’ve been following the brand for about four years now, and I personally think the Vincero-bashing is bogus. And we can just look at the Marble Automatic as a perfect example of the double-standard. 

The Marble Automatic has a Citizen Miyota 90S5 movement. The movement is the core of the watch, and plenty of other brands use the same engine for their watches. This isn’t a secret of the watch industry or anything—this stuff is widely known. 

Watch experts are happy to recommend brands like Kurono (a cool Japanese micro-brand), who also use this same exact movement, but cost about three times as much. Obviously, there’s a lot more to a watch than just the movement and the design—other factors like a domed sapphire or type of bracelet can make a huge difference in cost. 

But there’s no denying that for the most important aspect of their watch, Vincero uses highly respectable components from legendary companies like Citizen and Seiko. 

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It doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t like Vincero because they don’t like the branding or style—I get it: they have an edgy masculine look to them that isn’t for everyone. 

While it’s true that you can get a Citizen or Seiko watch for less expensive, you’re also getting a different style. That’s the whole point of brands—they have different styles for different personal tastes. 

So you’re paying a bit more for the style. I’m not talking about a huge price difference like you might find with Gucci or any other luxury brand. Just a little more. And in my opinion, that’s great—I love that there’s still incentive out there for new designers and brands to create interesting new products. 

Vincero Marble Automatic

I love the concept behind the Marble Automatic, and I think the addition of the black Italian marble in the bracelet is amazing. The specific piece of marble I got as my dial is a bit plain, and the 43mm case design is on the larger side. But the workhorse movement and the “empire-building” ethos behind this timepiece make it a winner.

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My Hands-On Review

First Impression and Style

Vincero Marble Automatic dial with black and white marble

The Vincero Marble Automatic is a bold timepiece. There are four different color options at the time of writing, all of which have striking marble inlays as the main portion of the dial. 

I opted for the Silver Nero colorway, which is a white, black, and silver combination.

There are roman numeral indices laid on top of a diamond cross-hatch pattern for the outer portion of the dial. 

The thing that jumps out at you the most with this watch is the “open heart” window in the dial. People either love or hate this detail, and I’m guessing if you’re here, it’s because you love the look. 

Vincero Marble Automatic watch in case

I have to admit, there’s something mesmerizing about seeing the movement run when checking the time. 

Because the Marble Automatic has a 43mm case and a 50mm lug to lug width, it wears quite large on my 7¼ inch wrist, especially with this white perimeter dial version. I usually max out with a 50mm lug to lug width, so this just squeezes in. But watch size is obviously a matter of personal preference. 

Case and Case Back

model wearing Vincero Marble Automatic watch
The Marble Automatic on my 7¼ inch wrist

As I mentioned, the case is 43mm and the lug to lug width 50mm, which may put it out of range for guys with smaller or skinnier wrists. 

I wouldn’t call it “oversized”—I think that category goes more for watches in the 48-55mm case size range (and are ridiculous in my opinion). But it’s certainly on the large side for what I like to wear, and I’m a 6’1” 200lb dude.

The case is made with 316L stainless steel, which is pretty standard and works well if you have sensitive skin. A lot of cheaper watches can irritate your skin, especially if you struggle with eczema or dry skin on your arms. 

Vincero Marble Automatic open case back 1

I like the exhibition case back, which uses sapphire glass. This allows you to watch the rotor of the movement spin around, and you can catch a glimpse of the internal workings of the Citizen 90S5 movement in action.

Despite being a dressier watch, the Marble Automatic has a water resistance rating down to 100m or 330ft, which is beyond what I expect from a dress watch like this. 

Often, dress watches will be rated to 10m or maybe even 50m. To me, that supports the idea that you can use the Marble Automatic as a sort of everyday watch you can wear to the office and eventually wear when jumping off your yacht. We’re all looking forward to that day, huh?

Crystal and Dial

Vincero Marble Automatic watch in

The crystal is made with Sapphire glass, which is known for being the most scratch resistant material for watch crystals.

It’s a flat sapphire and it appears to have been treated with an anti-reflective coating because there’s basically no glare on the glass. 

And as the name suggests, the dial is made with a piece of real Italian marble. Because I got the Silver Nero colorway, the marble is black with white streaks and details in it. 

I’m a bit disappointed with the dial as there are only a few very faint white streaks in the marble. You might get something that looks totally different—that’s part of the beauty of using natural marble: every watch is unique. 

Vincero Marble Automatic movement

At the bottom of the dial is the “open-heart” viewing window where you can scope out the internal workings of the movement. 

I always love the exhibition case back, but a case back doesn’t do much good if you’re wearing your watch and still want to check out the movement. 

It’s a cool feature that reminds me of why watches are special. 

The dial has a white ring around the outer portion, with silver Roman numeral indices. Besides that, it’s a simple design.


Vincero Marble Automatic watch in black case

The movement is a Citizen Miyota 90S5, which is on the high end of the Miyota Premium line of automatic movements. 

It runs at 28,800 beats per hour, and as the name suggests, automatically winds. You can expect about 42 hours of working time if you decide to swap out for another watch on any particular day.

I’ve reviewed a few other watches with the Citizen Miyota premium line, and they’re well known and well respected as “workhorse” movements that can stand up to shock and hold their time well. 

Vincero Marble Automatic open case back

One thing you might notice when switching from a digital or quartz watch to an automatic is how the second-hand sweeps more gently around the dial. It’s a mesmerizing effect and one thing I particularly appreciate about automatic watches. 


The bracelet is just as unique as the dial, as the stainless versions also have matching marble inlays in the center links. 

You can wear your Marble Automatic with any 22mm strap, but I think it looks best with the accompanying marble bracelet. 

The clasp is a push-button deployant mechanism, so it’s easy to pop on and off. Some folks struggle to get them on originally, but I find the clasp to be more comfortable than some alternatives, so I’m happy with it. 

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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At the time of writing, there are over 100 reviews on the Vincero site specifically about the Marble Automatic. Most reviews were completely positive, but a few reviewers also brought up something I hadn’t consciously noticed, but I agree with: the hands are pretty difficult to see at times. 

It’s not a deal-breaker for me by any means, but because they’re so thin and elegant, they can get lost if you’re standing in the sun. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • Vincero uses real Italian marble in the dial and the bracelet of this watch so each one is totally unique.
  • 100m of water resistance is pretty shocking in a dressier watch like this, and I love that I never have to worry about getting it wet.
  • The Miyota 90S5 movement is a reliable workhorse watch movement and I’ve owned several watches from the same premium movement line and have never had issues.

What I Don’t Like

  • The piece of marble I got in my watch was a bit plain.
  • The rotor can be loud if you swing your arm just right. I don’t actually mind it at all, but a lot of watch enthusiasts point it out for the Miyota premium movement.

Who is the Vincero Marble Automatic for?

The Vincero Marble Automatic is a great watch for anyone who loves its unique marble design detail and the ethos of empire building. The visual reminder of building up one unique stone at a time is a powerful story, and one we’d all do well to remember.

The Verdict

I like the Vincero Marble Automatic, but I can’t say it’s my favorite Vincero. That spot would go to the Argo automatic. 

From a technical perspective, they’re both basically the same—or at least they both have excellent, reliable movements at their core. 

While I like the story behind the Italian marble and I think it looks cool, I prefer a simpler design and more of the dive watch aesthetic. So I wear the Argo a lot more than the Marble Automatic. 

But if you really like the style of the Marble Automatic, I think you’ll be happy with the performance. 

Vincero Marble Automatic

I love the concept behind the Marble Automatic, and I think the addition of the black Italian marble in the bracelet is amazing. The specific piece of marble I got as my dial is a bit plain, and the 43mm case design is on the larger side. But the workhorse movement and the “empire-building” ethos behind this timepiece make it a winner.

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Are Vincero watches water resistant?

Yes, Vincero watches are water resistant. For instance, the Argo is water resistant up to 200m or over 600 feet. The Marble Automatic is water resistant up to 100m or 300ft.

What does it mean for a watch to be automatic?

Automatic watches have a self-winding mechanism in them that will continue to wind as you move with the watch on your wrist. Unlike quartz watches, they aren’t battery powered. The benefit is that you never need to change the battery. The downside is that without movement every few days, they can stop and need to be reset.

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