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Vincero Outrider Review: We Had a Field Day With This One

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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Vincero Outrider Review

The Outrider is Vincero’s take on the classic field watch style, but is it any good? 

In this review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Vincero Outrider so you can decide whether this new timepiece is right for you. 

The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Vincero Watches
Vincero Outrider

Bottom line: The Outrider is Vincero’s take on the field watch, and the specs are solid. What impresses me about this watch is how they’ve added so many features, dials, and numerals without looking overcrowded.

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  • The Seiko mecha-quartz movement is a reliable engine
  • Features like sapphire coated glass and 100m of water resistance help a lot with durability
  • Cool rotating bezel and balanced dial design
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • There aren’t too many strap options suited for field watches
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I pumped the brakes on getting new watches for a few months. I’d kicked the habit. 

Well, Vincero recently released the new Outrider. When I first saw it, I said, cool piece—but I’m not getting it.

You already know where this is going. 

So how is the Vincero Outrider? Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it. 

Vincero Outrider Overview

Vincero Outrider unboxing on table

The Outrider is a Vincero version of the iconic field watch style. The brand has moved away from their hard-edged dress-watch beginnings and are focusing more on what’s called “tool watches.”

The first of their new tool watches is the Altitude, a take on the pilot watch. They followed that with the Vessel, a dive watch. Then the Apex, a racing watch. And now the Outrider.

The Outrider shares a lot of similarities in construction and materials as other Vincero timepieces, like sapphire coated glass, a Japanese quartz movement, and of course, Vincero’s unique design sensibility. 

Vincero Outrider
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Vincero's homage to field watches: the Outrider is a tough timepiece that looks classy and is built as solid as a rock.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Field Watch

closeup Vincero Outrider and measuring device

A field watch needs to be rugged and durable. There’s no way around it. 

Field watches are the “every day” timepiece that you should be able to wear during a workout, doing the dishes, taking a shower, hitting the beach, or hiking in the mountains. 

Because they’re versatile (and you’ll likely put it through some rigorous conditions at one point), your new timepiece should have a few key features—even if you opt for a more affordable field watch

The Jacket Maker 11
Vincero Outrider on my 7¼ inch wrist

A field watch should have at least 50m of water resistance. Some 30m resistant timepieces can fog up in the shower, and it’s hard to get condensation out of your watch case. It’s even better if you can find 100m of water resistance or more. 

The second most important thing to look for is a sapphire crystal. Mineral crystals scratch more easily and scratched glass is the fastest way to make your new watch looks tired and beat up. A pure sapphire crystal, or a sapphire coated mineral crystal will go a long way to ensuring your new watch still looks great two years from now.

Vincero Outrider Review

Packaging & First Impression

Vincero Outrider packaging

The Vincero’s standard box. 

It’s a simple box: tidy and sleek. For my first few Vincero watches, I felt they could have made their packaging a little more ostentatious, but now that I’m nearing one-squillion watches, I’m really glad they offer slim black packaging. 

The box has a black velvet-like interior, which helps deliver a great impression as soon as you get your first glimpse. I liked how the Outrider looks online, but after seeing the details up close and in person, I’m loving the look of the watch. 

Case & Caseback

Vincero Outrider dial and case detail

The case is made with 316L surgical grade stainless steel, and the version I picked up is the Gold and Army Green. 

The case is brushed, rather than polished, so even though it’s gold, it’s not wildly shiny or gaudy. I own another gold watch (the Vincero Kairos) and it’s a bit on the flashy side. It’s great for certain outfits, but it feels like a bold choice I’m not always up for. 

Vincero Outrider next to tools

But the gold of the Outrider is much more subdued. As someone who usually only wears silver, I’ll vouch for the Outrider’s brushed gold case. 

With a 41mm diameter, the Outrider sits on a nice middle ground. If you have smaller than average wrists, the Outrider is right at the edge of oversized. For average wrists (like me) it’s masculine, but fits in with most outfits and doesn’t look out of place. 

Vincero Outrider case back

The caseback is a new style Vincero’s been adding to their past few releases. Instead of a marble insert, they’re using an embossed stainless steel screwdown caseback. This new caseback is a large part of how they’re able to offer 100m of water resistance. 

They lose some of the story—the message behind the marble in early watches is that empires are built one stone at a time. While I thought that message was really cool, I’m happy to trade the symbolism for the ability to wear the Outrider is just about any situation (including swimming and surfing). 

Dial & Crystal

Vincero Outrider dial detail closeup

The dial is a beautiful matte army green color, and I love how it plays with the gold hands and case. 

The Arabic numerals are compact and simple, and two subdials guard the flanks at 3 and 9. The subdials are part of the chronograph movement: one 24-hour dial, and a 1-hour dial marking every 20 minutes (which you start and stop with the side pushers). 

Vincero Outrider dial extreme closeup

The sword hands and numerals are coated with lume, which works quite well when the lights are out. The lume doesn’t last through the night, but I’ve definitely woken up at two in the morning because my dog decided to start screaming and can clearly read the time.

Vincero Outrider crystal detail

The glass is a sapphire coated crystal, which helps a lot with scratch resistance. I haven’t had the Outrider long enough to do anything stupid with it yet, like drop it or slam it on a corner. But I’ve done that plenty of times with my other Vinceros. The sapphire coating helps a ton. 

Movement & Crown

Vincero Outrider chronograph detail

The Outrider runs on a Seiko Mecha-Quartz chronograph movement. It’s the same caliber that’s used in the Apex, and I’m a big fan. 

To start the chronograph, just tap the top pusher. To reset, tap the bottom pusher. With the Mecha-Quartz movement, the chronograph hand snaps back to 12, which is a unique feature to this Seiko engine. 

Seiko movements are beloved by the watch community because of their simple, durable, and reliable designs. You’ll need to change the battery on your Outrider likely once every two years, which is an easy process: just go to the nearest mall and find a jeweler. They can swap it out usually for $20. 

Vincero Outrider crown and bezel

The crown of the Outrider is simple and non-distracting: just two pushers and a chamfered crown with a laser-etched Vincero V

Strap & Wearability

The Jacket Maker 6

The Outrider comes with a single stitch Italian top-grain leather band, and it’s my favorite leather band from Vincero so far. 

I’ve always liked the stainless mesh, link, and silicone bracelets, but I’ve always had issues with the leather bands. 

The Jacket Maker 4

The strap that comes standard on the Outrider is brushed, or knapped, like suede, so it has a very soft and matte texture. It’s not nearly as stiff as Vincero’s other leather bands, which helps make this timepiece more comfortable right out of the box. 

I would love to see Vincero give nylon NATO bands a try, as that look typically pairs well with field watches. Still, I appreciate that this band, along with all other Vincero bands, is quick release. 

What do Other Reviewers Say?

The Vincero Outrider has racked up over 50 reviews in a relatively short time span, and almost all of them are a 5/5. Some folks had issues with shipping times being longer than expected, though since the Outrider was released in 2020—a difficult year for supply chains—I’m taking that with a grain of salt.

Many reviewers mention this is their second, third, or fourth Vincero watch, which is always a good sign. It’s my ninth. No joke. 

My Thoughts Overall On the Vincero Outrider

What I Like

  • The Seiko mecha-quartz movement is a reliable engine and needs very little maintenance. 

  • The sapphire coated glass and 100m of water resistance makes this a rugged timepiece. 

  • I like the rotating bezel and how much is packed onto the dial while still not looking overcrowded. 

  • Free shipping on orders over $50.

What I Don’t Like

  • Vincero is still catching up on their variety of straps. I’d love to see a nylon NATO strap for this field watch. 

Who is the Vincero Outrider for?

If you need a timepiece that can take a beating but still look modern and fashionable, the Vincero Outrider is the watch for you.

The Verdict

The Vincero Outrider is another big win for Vincero. 

Since they released the Altitude, they’ve been on a roll. The brand is steadily increasing the quality of the materials they use while still keeping the cost low. 

Boasting 100m of water resistance and a sapphire coated crystal, I’m not worried about using the Outrider as my “every day” watch. It will take a lot to fog, scratch, or break. It’s a tough watch. 

The design is cool, though that’s something Vincero hasn’t struggled with in the past. Of course, Vincero’s aesthetics aren’t for everyone—they’re modern, masculine, and pretty edgy. 

So if that sounds like it fits into your style, you’ll be happy with the Outrider.

Vincero Outrider
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Vincero's homage to field watches: the Outrider is a tough timepiece that looks classy and is built as solid as a rock.

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Thirsty for more insight? Check out my video review of the Outrider from our YouTube channel:


Are Vincero watches mechanical?

Most Vincero watches run on Japanese quartz movements. They offer two watches with mechanical movements: the Marble Auto and the Icon.

Are Vincero watches real gold?

No, Vincero watches aren’t made with real gold. The cases are made with 316l surgical grade stainless steel.

Do Vincero watches use batteries?

Most Vincero watches use batteries. The only two that don’t are the Marble Auto and the Icon, because they’re made with automatic movements. Vincero batteries likely need to be replaced every two years, at a cost of about $20.

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