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Vincero Rogue Review: Embrace The Unexpected

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post containing affiliate links. We received courtesy product from Vincero in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. Learn more.

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Vincero The Rogue Close Up On Side

Vincero gets a lot of press, both good and bad. How can you know what’s legit and what’s hollow hype?

We took a closer look at the Vincero Rogue to find the answer for ourselves. By the end of this review, you’ll know, too. 

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Vincero Rogue

Bottom line: With its sporty-yet-classy design and use of the same high standard of quality materials we've come to expect from Vincero, The Rogue offers fantastic value for money and is worth a look if you're a fan of the style.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Craftsmanship The Adult Man Image/Icon  Customer Service
  • Stunningly deliberate design which successfully introduces new sporty elements into Vincero's catalog
  • Use of high-grade materials gives it a quality look and feel and a solid sense of weight
  • Easily interchangeable extra straps are available for added versatility
  • Comfortable on the wrist and the leather strap is much more supple out of the box than the firmer Chrono S
  • Lume is nice and bright
  • No issues keeping time
  • Comes in a fairly mediocre cardboard watch box
  • While it is a sports watch, with a 43mm diameter face and a 26mm wide strap, some guys with small wrists may find it slightly on the large side
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Vincero has been firmly on my radar since about 2015 (I’m looking at you, Facebook ads).

But it wasn’t until last year that I got my hands on my first watch from the brand—a black/silver Chrono S.

I reviewed it here. And it turned out to be a pretty popular review for us.

So to balance it out, I thought it’d be worthwhile for me to put a few new and different Vincero watch models to the test.

That’s right—I picked up six more Vincero watches and I’ll be reviewing a new one each month.

First at bat is The Rogue from Vincero‘s action collection.

Keep reading for my unboxing and personal thoughts on it.

The Rogue by Vincero – Unboxing & Review

Vincero’s ‘The Rogue’ collection currently comes in nine different models.

They all have the same distinct black tapisserie dial but feature varying case, hand, and strap styles.

The red and black combo stood out to me and I like the versatility of a plain black leather strap for a sports watch. So I went for the appropriately named ‘Red + Black’ version.

I also think the Black + Black version is pretty slick, but you know—decisions.


Vincero The Rogue In Box With Lid Next To It

I have several Vincero watches and they all come in the same black rectangular cardboard box with a black foam cushion.

There’s a large barcode on the side of the box. I made the comment in my first review—I think this is a bit of an eyesore. If I’m nitpicking, I’d love to see this on the removable sleeve instead because once you remove the sleeve you probably won’t ever need to see it again.

Inside the box are a thank you note (a nice touch) and an instruction booklet, tailored specifically to the particular model (nice touch #2).

Overall, if the Vincero box was entering a beauty contest against the watch boxes I’ve seen come with higher priced watches such as Melbourne Watch Company and UNDONE—well, let’s just say the Vincero box is never going home with a modeling contract.

But it does the job just fine and it’s hardly out of the ordinary for watchmakers to keep box costs low at this price point. I’d be more than comfortable presenting it as a gift.

Longer term though, I’d love to see Vincero introduce a higher quality box for their higher priced watches such as this one.


Vincero The Rogue Close Up Side On Wrist

The case is matte black and made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel.

It measures 12.5mm in thickness from the top of the glass to the bottom of the case back. It’s a little thicker than you’d want under a dress shirt, but this is a sports watch and it’s proportioned well.

It has a decently heavy weight to it but doesn’t feel too cumbersome on the wrist. It’s actually quite comfortable.

The face on The Rogue measures 43mm in diameter. If you have small wrists (under 6.5 – 7 in), you may find it to look a little large on you. That said, as a general rule, it’s ok to push the size envelope with sportier watches.

This great guide from RMRS breaks down how to buy the right size watch for your wrist.

If you prefer a smaller sized case, Vincero has recently released a handful of its Chrono S bestsellers in 40mm.

The crown and pump-style pushers have a red stripe that complements the identically colored chrono seconds hand and sub-dial hands nicely. The top pusher starts and stops the timer, while the bottom one resets it.

The crown is your classic pull-rotate-push for setting the time and date.

Vincero The Rogue Case Back

The case back is crafted from Italian Marble Showcase. Engraved is the brand’s tagline:

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

Live Your Legacy

The former is derived from a famous Italian statement and means “I came. I saw. I conquered.”

I’ve always been a fan of Vincero‘s marble case back. It’s classy and it aligns well with the brand.


Vincero The Rogue Close Up On Wrist Angle
Vincero Rogue on my 6.3 inch wrist

One criticism I often have of some chronograph designs is an overly cluttered dial. Subdials, pushers, and even date windows add extra elements for the eye to take in which always makes it a delicate balance when introducing color and style choices.

Fortunately, I think Vincero get it right here. The black tapisserie pattern on the dial blends elegantly with the silver hour batons and red highlights on the chronograph seconds hand, sub-dials, pushers, and crown.

The double hour baton at 12 o’clock makes an impact on the eye and draws your attention to the logo sitting quite close to it.

The sub-dial at the nine is a 60-minute chrono timer, while at the three you’ve got the hour chrono timer. At six o’clock sits the main seconds hand sub-dial.

Everything is easy to read at a glance, including the date window. And the lume properly lights the hour batons up well in the dark (in fact, the lume is noticeably better on this model than my Chrono S).

Sitting on top of the dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It’s quite reflective, but in the right light, it really does showcase the dial nicely.

Surrounding the crystal is a fixed bezel with a tachymeter—the first one Vincero has used—adding to The Rogue’s sporty vibe.

The watch is water resistant to 10 ATM (waterproof up to 100m).


Vincero The Rogue On Side Outdoors in Tree Close Up

The Rogue has a Seiko Mecha-Quartz movement.

This is a hybrid movement (it literally means mechanical quartz) originally used in luxury timepieces during the ’80s and ’90s. It has recently been reintroduced by Seiko and is used by a variety of watch manufacturers as an affordable chronograph movement.

A noticeable hallmark of the mecha-quartz movement is the ‘snap back to 12’ you get on the chrono seconds hand when you reset the timer.

Vincero also uses this style of movement in its Bellwether collection.

Further reading:

Strap & Wearability

Vincero The Rogue Case Back

The Red + Black model has a top-grain Italian leather interchangeable strap.

At 26mm wide, The Rogue boasts the widest Vincero strap of all of their collections by some margin (the others are all 22mm wide). Ordinarily, I’d urge guys with small wrists to run for the hills. But again, this is a sports watch and the strap is nice and proportionate to the case.

All other Vincero watches offer interchangeable straps and The Rogue does not break the trend. You can add a silicone strap or an extra alternatively colored leather strap to your order for some versatility. You simply pinch two springbars to change them out.

One complaint I had with Vincero‘s Chrono S model was the overly firm strap which took a few weeks to gain any kind of flex. I find this leather strap to be much more supple out of the box which is a plus.

The other noteworthy strap feature is the small and tasteful Vincero ‘V’ etched on the buckle.

Vincero The Rogue Strap Close Up

My Overall Thoughts on The Rogue

What I Like

  • I’ve been patiently waiting for Vincero to come out with a sports watch for some time. And I’m really impressed with their design of The Rogue. The black tapisserie dial blends really well with the tachymeter on the fixed bezel, and I love the look of the tasteful red highlights on this version.

  • The use of high-grade materials such as sapphire crystal, 316L surgical grade stainless steel, and Italian marble showcase, gives it a quality feel and a nice sense of weight. But it’s comfortable and doesn’t feel cumbersome on the wrist.

  • The ability to buy extra straps for added versatility, and how simple it is to change them out via the springbars. It’s also really easy to resize the strap to fit your wrist.

  • With the added size and brand new design elements like the black tapisserie dial and tachymeter, it’s clear this watch has been intentionally designed to look drastically different from their other collections (it is called ‘The Rogue’ after all). But I like that it still retains the classic Vincero chronograph look.

  • The lume is nice and bright—pretty much mandatory for an action watch.

  • It’s kept the time perfectly since I’ve had it (30 days +).

What I Don’t Like

  • This is Vincero’s most expensive watch model and the box is a bit of a letdown. It does the job but I’d love to see a box upgrade if they continue to release new models at this price point.

  • Yes, it’s a sports watch, but with a face at 43mm in diameter and a strap at 26mm wide, some guys with especially small wrists may feel it runs a little large.

The Verdict

What I like most about Vincero is this:

They’re incredibly deliberate with their watch designs and they use quality materials where it counts.

And while you may often see one of these things, you’ll rarely get both at the sub $250 price point.

Yes, the box is pretty mediocre, But like I said—they focus on the things that really matter. Like, you know—the watch itself.

The key materials like the case, crystal, strap, and case back on The Rogue are all of high-quality relative to the price tag. You can really see the quality of the watchmaking, and there’s some weight behind it so you actually feel it in your hands.

Oh, and it also looks pretty damn sexy, which helps.

Just like my Chrono S, this thing has been a compliment magnet every time I’ve worn it. No kidding—I think I’ve even caught my more expensive watches gossiping about it behind its back.

If you’re looking for a sporty chronograph priced below $250 that won’t fall apart after a year, you should definitely take a look at The Rogue.

I think you’ll struggle to find the same value for money elsewhere.

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Vincero Rogue
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With its sporty-yet-classy design and use of the same high standard of quality materials we've come to expect from Vincero, The Rogue offers fantastic value for money and is worth a look if you're a fan of the style.

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