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Vincero Altitude Review: Style on Autopilot?

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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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Altitude Cover Shot

Vincero has several great looking timepieces and it can be hard to choose one over another. After all, our wallets aren’t bottomless. At least not yet.

In our Vincero Altitude review, we take a close look at this stylish pilot watch to see whether it’s worth strapping on your wrist.

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Vincero Altitude

Bottom line: Vincero’s new Altitude line offers a cool design with versatile color schemes. While they’ve made some concessions to keep the price down, Vincero has delivered another great fashion-forward watch.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/IconDesign The Adult Man Image/IconQuality of Materials The Adult Man Image/IconValue for Money The Adult Man Image/IconCraftsmanship The Adult Man Image/IconPackaging
  • Eye-catching design
  • Sapphire coated crystal has more scratch-resistance than mineral crystal found in comparable brands
  • Sturdy crown
  • Better construction than many watches at a similar price point
  • Stiff band
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Veni, Vidi, Vici.

It’s Vincero’s tagline and the rough translation is I came, I saw, I wore a sweet watch.

That was Julius Caesar, right?

Actually, the real translation is I came, I saw, I conquered. But doesn’t wearing a great watch make you feel like you’ve already conquered life?

Over the past year, the TAM team has taken a look at a few different watches from Vincero. We were impressed with what we saw from the Rogue and the Chrono S, and so were our readers. We wanted to dive in and take an even closer look.

This month, we’re going airborne with the brand’s newest collection.

It’s name is Altitude. And you guessed it—it’s a pilot watch.

Vincero Altitude Hands Clasped Closeup

Does it fly as high as the other Vincero watches we’ve tried? Read my full review to find out.

Altitude Unboxing and Review

The Altitude comes in five different color combinations.

You can choose between a black or silver case with a variety of dial colors. Each showcases the same dual-time feature and crown-pusher combo.

I was drawn to the Silver/Desert Gray color scheme, but apparently so was everyone else. Vincero was sold out at the time of ordering (Oct 2019).

My number two choice was the Silver/Navy version (the one I ended up getting). Fate may have worked in my favor because I’ve been getting tons of compliments since I started wearing it.


Vincero Black Box and Sleeve

Vincero has made a few changes to their packaging since our last review.

My Altitude came in a slim-profile, sturdy all black box with a foam cushion. They used to add an unattractive barcode directly onto the watch-box itself, but now it’s on the removable sleeve.

Inside the box are a ‘thank-you’ note and an instruction booklet for setting the time and date.

There’s nothing special about the box, but it served its purpose. With any sub-$200 watch, I’d rather have all the attention on the watch—not the extras.


Altitude Dial Angle Retouch

With a 43mm diameter, the Altitude is just on the edge of falling into the oversized watch category. It’s large without going over-the-top. I like the masculine look and the extra space gives the dial’s brilliant color room to shine.

The 12mm profile makes this a standout piece that works well with my casual wardrobe. It has enough bulk to wear with just a t-shirt, while still fitting nicely into a coat sleeve.

Many comparable watch brands feel lightweight and hollow, but that’s not true with the Altitude. There’s a decent heft to it without getting heavy on the wrist.

The case is a mix of brushed and polished 316L surgical grade stainless steel. The low-nickel metal makes this watch a good choice for anyone with skin sensitivities.

I like that Vincero has designed most of their watches with at 22mm lug width because I can mix and match my bands to work with my outfit.


altitude crown closeup

A simple three-position crown is flanked by two button-style pushers.

The feel of the crown is always a dead-giveaway when judging quality in a watch. After you’ve dealt with several brands, you start to get a feel for how each is constructed—which brands prioritize a great manufacturing process and which brands don’t.

The Altitude’s crown feels solid when changing the time and date, unlike what I’ve experienced with other comparable brands. In their price-point, it’s clear that Vincero has spent time hammering out their manufacturing process to make sure the consumer gets a great timepiece.

The two pushers control the dual-time and 24-hour features on the dial—the top pusher moves the dual-time feature forward while the bottom pusher does the opposite. Simple.


Altitude Angle Retouch

The Blue Sunray dial has a brilliant shine to it that I really like. The white Arabic numerals and silver hands pop against the dark background.

The dual-time and 24-hour feature makes for a similar look to a chronograph dial. Rather than measuring elapsed seconds, minutes, and hours, these two dials measure the time from 1-24 hours. The top dial has two settings: day and night.


altitude in case top down

The sapphire coated crystal is more scratch-resistant than the mineral glass you’ll find in other watches at this price-point.

It’s not sapphire through and through, but the coating gives the Altitude just enough resistance to fight off any accidental scrapes against counters and doors.

One thing to note is that the crystal rises above the bezel a small amount. With this design feature, chips and cracks can happen where the crystal and bezel meet. Really, it’s only an issue if you’re doing something really hands-on, though it’s worth mentioning.


Vincero Altitude Hand in Pocket Closeup
Vincero Altitude on my 7¼ inch wrist

The Altitude is powered by a Miyota Citizen quartz movement. You may not get mad respect from all those horological connoisseurs out there, but you will get a reliable movement for a reasonable cost.

Even though mechanical movements cost much more than their battery-powered quartz cousins, they don’t actually keep time as well. Quartz movements are more precise over time because there are fewer moving parts to wear down.

For more about the different types of watch movements, check out this excellent video from our friends at Gentleman’s Gazette:


Altitude Caseback closeup

The caseback features a white Italian marble inlay just like our other Vincero watches.

A laser-etched engraving reads “Veni. Vidi. Vici. Live your legacy.”

I like the emphasis on legacy, destiny, and general greatness. And as a former Roman-military buff (mainly building catapults in my backyard when I was nine), I love the callback to Caesar.


Aidan 08 lume

All five hands are coated with Japanese lume pigment. The lume isn’t the strongest I’ve seen, but it’s always a welcome feature.

Some brands go over-the-top with the day-glo and it becomes a distraction, but that’s not the case here. There’s no green-ish tint to the hands when the watch is in the light.

Strap and Wearability

Vincero Band Stamp

The top grain leather strap is a bit stiff straight out of the box. After about five days of wearing, it’s broken in and more comfortable.

Top-grain leather is more uniform looking than full-grain leather but less durable. Given how often I’ll be wearing this watch (you have to give love to your whole collection), the strap should last a few years.

I don’t expect to have this same band in five to ten years, though. Top-grain leather just doesn’t make for heirloom pieces.

Top Grain Leather Band Stamp

That being said, in a sub $200 watch, you have to make some concessions, and the strap is an easy fix.

Speaking of easy, the Altitude has quick disconnects on its strap. I can easily interchange my 22mm straps between my different Vincero watches, giving me more variety when pairing with an outfit.

My Overall Thoughts on the Vincero Altitude

What I Like

  • The sleek and modern design makes for a classy looking timepiece.

  • Sapphire coating on the crystal is a step above most other watch brands include at this price point.

  • When changing the time and date, I get a solid feeling from the crown. It’s not hollow or flimsy—something I’ve experienced in other fashion watches.

  • In line with the point above, the Altitude’s construction is much sturdier than a lot of competing watches.

What I Don’t Like

  • The top-grain band is a little stiff and I worry about it lasting more than a few years.

The Verdict

The Altitude cruises right into my wardrobe as one of my new favorite pilot watches.

Vincero has done a good job balancing the dials on the face to make an elegant looking tool-watch. The color schemes are so popular, they’re having a tough time keeping stock. I’ve been enjoying the Silver/Navy combo, but you can’t go wrong with any color for this watch.

They’re all designed to match a wide variety of outfits, and the Altitude’s masculine look makes it a great choice for casual wear.

I may have to update the strap in a few years, but I’ve come to expect that on any watch at a similar price-point.

Overall, I’m happy with the Altitude. It’ll see plenty of time on my wrist because it’s so versatile.

Office, date night, drinks with the guys, you name it—this watch will fly anywhere.

Vincero Altitude
(Get 20% off with code TAM20)

Vincero’s Altitude line offers a cool design with versatile color schemes. While they’ve made some concessions to keep the price down, Vincero has delivered another great fashion-forward watch.

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