“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” – Clive Owen. What does your timepiece say about you? This is your destination for all the latest and greatest men’s watches reviews, guides, and horological how-tos.

6 Best Watch Winders That Will Keep Your Watch Ticking

By Dean Stephens
Hublot Big Bang Alternatives Hublot Big Bang Original and Magic Gold Side by Side

7 Affordable Hublot Big Bang Alternatives: Homages That Do the Icon Justice

Love the iconic Hublot Big Bang but don’t want to drop $7-30k? You need a Hublog Big Bang homage. Here are 7 affordable, stylish watches that look like Hublot.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
5 best Solar Watches

5 Best Solar Watches for Men: Sustainable Watches for Every Occasion

Suns out, guns out. Also, solar powered watches out. But we’re not talking about any dime store solar watch. You want the best, and we’re bringing them to you

By David Martin
4 Types of Watches Every Man Should Own

4 Types of Watches Every Man Should Own for Maximum Versatility

There’s roughly 1-squillion different options out there when it comes to watches. If you want to build a small collection, here’s where you need to start.

By William Barton
G Shock Rangeman vs Mudman Product Shots Side by Side

Casio G-Shock Rangeman vs Mudman: The Battle of the Rugged

The sturdy aesthetic and digital face of a G-Shock makes me feel like Batman. But which is best, the Rangeman or the Mudman? Find out in our rugged showdown.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Pompeak 6

Hands-On: Pompeak Watches Gentlemen’s Collection Review

What tricks could a young British watch brand possibly have up their sleeve? Well, in my Pompeak Watches review, I get to the heart of it.

By William Barton
Watches That Look Like Rolexes Rolex Quartz Watch on Wrist Black Background

My Favorite Watches That Look Like Rolex But Cost Nowhere Near as Much

Do you want the Rolex look without spending a fortune? We scoured the market to bring you the most affordable Rolex lookalikes for every model in 2021.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Automatic Watches Under 500 Seiko Automatic Watch on background of watch parts

18 Best Automatic Watches Under $500 in 2024: A Wind-Worthy List

We’ve saved you hours of deep-watch-web forum crawls. These are our picks of the very best automatic watches under $500 on the market today. Come get them.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Dive Watches Under 200 Vincero Vessel on Side

8 Best Dive Watches Under $200: From the Ocean to the Bar in Style

Dive watches are an important style staple in a man’s casual watch collection. These are the best dive watches under $200 to take you from the bar to the water.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Entry Level Luxury Watches for Men

5 Best Entry Level Luxury Watches: Balling on a Budget

Stepping up to the big leagues, huh? Here are the best entry level luxury watches in 2023 that will help you get your foot in the door.

By William Barton
Vincero Icon Review

Vincero Icon Review: Is It a Statement or a Whisper?

Vincero made an automatic? Well this we have to see. Join us for a full break down and review of the Vincero Icon. Is this new watch really the business?

By William Barton
Vincero Outrider Review

Vincero Outrider Review: We Had a Field Day With This One

Can this new field watch stand up to the genre? Our Vincero Outrider review covers all the bases so you can figure our whether this timepiece is right for you.

By William Barton
nordgreen pioneer black dial stacked under white dial

5 Best Quartz Watches Under $500 in 2024: Accurate and Effortless

Tired of resetting your watch every day? If you want a reliable timepiece, quartz is the way to go. These are our top five picks under $500, this year.

By William Barton
Panerai Homages Close Up of Panerai Homage Sitting on Carpet

5 Affordable Panerai Homages That Do the Icon Justice

Looking for the iconic design of a Panerai but would rather save $10-25k or go for something a little different? These six Panerai homages will treat you right.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
best bauhaus watches

5 Best Bauhaus Watches: Clean, Minimalist Timepieces

Want a minimalist watch without looking like you’re trying too hard? The Germans already figured it out. These are the five best Bauhaus watches out there.

By William Barton
Filippo Loreti Venice full view out of

Filippo Loreti Venice Review: Starstruck, or Struck Dumb?

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it’s amore. But what’s it called when the moon is on your watch? This Filippo Loreti review tells the story.

By William Barton
undone popeye unique watches for men

5 Most Unique Men’s Watches: Timepieces Unlike Any Other

Looking for something outside the box? Well, these all technically come in a box. But these unique men’s watches will make anyone do a double-take.

By William Barton
Rec Watches Land Rover Featured Image

REC Watches Creates a Land Rover Reborn as a Swiss Timepiece

What happens when you take one of the world’s most iconic cars and turn it into a Swiss-made automatic watch? Come on in and find out.

By William Barton
How to wear a Pocket Watch Man Holding Gold Pocket Watch in Hand While Wearing a Blue Suit

How to Wear a Pocket Watch Like It’s 2024

Knowing how to wear a pocket watch is like knowing how to change a tire—every man should know how. Learn how to rock this vintage style anywhere, anytime.

By Karlton Miko Tyack