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Freebird Review: The Bald Man’s New Best Friend?

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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Freedom Grooming Review Bald Man Shaving with Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Shaver

Rocking the bald look requires shaving all the little hairs that pop up on your head every couple of days. A flimsy, powerless shaver won’t serve you for long.

Freebird (previously Freedom Grooming) claims to offer the end-all, be-all waterproof head shaver kit that’s fast, effective, and long-lasting. Read my hands-on Freebird review below to find out if they deliver.

The purposeful shaver
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Freebird

Bottom line: Freebird is the best grooming brand we've found if you rock the bald look and want an affordable but powerful shaver and accessories you can consistently rely on to keep your head and body cleanly shaven and irritation free.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Functionality The Adult Man Image/Icon  Comfortability
  • A powerful, fully waterproof shaver that mows through any type of hair
  • The 5-head rotary blade beautifully hugs the curves of your head
  • The FlexSeries cuts at the skin line, but not below it, and this noticeably reduced skin irritation on the head
  • The battery lasts for 10-20 shaves between charges
  • Multiple detachment heads offer a wide range of functionalities
  • When used with shaving cream, the shaver is less effective and becomes harder to clean
  • The sandalwood-scented oil, shaving cream, and lotion conflict with the scent of your cologne and deodorant
  • The precision trimmer only comes with 3 different length guards

I’ll come right out and say it: it’s never been cooler to be bald.

Take one glance at The Rock, Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater, Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle, and Tim Ferris. All those guys look seriously cool and in charge of things.

The richest guy on Earth—Jeff Bezos—doesn’t have a lick of hair on his head.

So, if your hair is thinning or your hairline is dropping back like Joe Burrow in the pocket, you have a sharp new look to try out.

But, it’s going to require some maintenance.  

What Is Freebird?

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Freebird (rebranded in late 2022 from Freedom Grooming) is a men’s shaving company that makes the FlexSeries, a shaver built for your head, face, neck, body, and even below the belt. Freebird also makes shaving essentials like pre-shaving oil, shaving cream, and aftershave lotion.

The brand claims that their shaver cuts your hair at the skin line, instead of going below it like other manual and electric razors and shavers. Cutting at the skin line works to eliminate the pesky bumps and irritation that commonly occurs from shaving.


Freebird are the best grooming brand we've found if you rock the bald look and want an affordable but powerful shaver and accessories you can consistently rely on to keep your head and body cleanly shaven and irritation free.

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Head and Body Shaver

Model shaving with Freedom Grooming

A ton of guys have a shaver with adjustable-length heads to trim facial scruff and beards, nose hair, chest and stomachs, and below the belt. But most of these shavers don’t naturally bend around the contours of your head.

Head shavers were designed to curve inward to hug the shape of your head and reach all the small hairs that pop up across the surface of your scalp. Freebird FlexSeries shaver comes with multiple detachments for your head and all other areas of your body.

My Hands-On Review

Below, I’ve covered everything you need to know about Freebird’s flagship product, the FlexSeries shaver, along with details for each detachment head and the shaving essentials kit.

FlexSeries Shaver

Freedom Grooming

Freebird only sells one versatile shaver, the FlexSeries. This shaver feels slightly bigger than a computer mouse, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

This FlexSeries is completely waterproof and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that’s designed to last for up to 45 straight minutes—or about 10 to 20 full shaves.

Model using FlexSeries shaver

Switching this on, I noticed right away that it buzzed with smoother and greater force than most other shavers I’ve used and effortlessly cut through hair and stubble. That’s a good sign for a tool you’re going to be using on a consistent basis.

If you get the Best Buzz Kit, you’ll get a travel case that’s about the size of a toiletry bag and snugly holds all your shaving tools.

Freedom Grooming travel case

The FlexSeries comes with 5 head detachments including a 5-head rotary blade, a precision clipper, an exfoliation brush, a pre-shave massager, and a nose and ear trimmer. Let’s take a deep dive into the various blades and the functionalities of each.

5-head Rotary Blade

Model holding FlexSeries shaver

The 5-head rotary blade is what hugs the contours of your head, neck, and other areas. This is the primary blade you’ll be using to achieve a clean shaven look on your head, face, and neck.

Freebird says this blade works both for a dry shave or with shaving cream. Though, I think shaving dry not only achieved a smoother, more frictionless shave, but made the blade significantly easier to clean out after too.

Model shaving with shaver and cream

Like other popular electric shavers, the 5-head rotary blade conveniently catches and stores all the small hairs you’re shaving off. After you’re done shaving, you simply pop open the 5 blades and dump all the hairs out. 

When I shaved dry, all the little hairs fell out no problem. When I shaved with shaving cream, on the other hand, the blade sucked up globs of cream with all the little hairs, which became a hassle to rinse and clean out. I ended up using a mix of hot water and a Q-tip to scrape out the bits of cream and hair that coagulated together.

FlexSeries 5 head rotary blade open

The 5-head rotary blade worked wonders on the head and mowed through a patch of hair with one, swift pass compared to my old head shaver that took 2-3 passes to remove all the stubble. It also left no bumps or irritation on my head after shaving.

I have a sensitive neck that’s prone to ingrown hairs, irritation, and bumps. In the past, electric shavers have done me dirty, leaving my neck red, stinging, and irritated. Because of this, I typically only shave my neck using a razor and cream after a hot shower. 

The 5-head rotary blade cut all my neck hairs quite well and I liked how it formed to the curve of my neck, but it still left my neck fairly red and raw. Though, this is common for guys switching from manual razors to electric shavers, as your skin needs to adapt to the feeling of an electric shaver.

When you start to notice your 5-head blade going dull, you can order single or 3-packs of replacement blades from Freebird

Precision Clipper

The precision clipper comes with 3, 5, and 7 mm length guards and helps you trim harder to reach areas. This works well for sideburns, around ears, and for fading in in your beard or scruff or trimming down facial scruff in general.

You can safely use the precision trimmer just about anywhere, but it works especially well on your beard, chest, stomach, and for the boys down below too.

Exfoliation Brush + Pre-shave Massager

Freedom Grooming detachable heads

This exfoliation brush wasn’t really made for shaving at all. Smear a small goop of your favorite face wash on here and use it to scrub and exfoliate your face and neck. A little self-administered, at-home spa treatment for the fellas, if you will.

The pre-shave massager is a rubber head with tinier rubber nubs dotting the surface. This head was built to soften and massage your hair follicles with a bit of pre-shave oil prior to a shave.

If you’re dry shaving, you won’t need this detachment, but similar to the exfoliation brush, you can still use it to massage cream, oil, or other product onto your head or face.

Ear & Nose Trimmer

As the name suggests, this is a classic ear and nose trimmer that cuts back hairs poking out of your nostrils or ears. Because it’s attached to a more powerful shaver, this ear & nose trimmer functioned better than others I’ve tried in the past. 

It’s all about the power coming from the shaver, guys. 

Shaving Essentials

Freedom Grooming shaving essentials

The shaving essentials kit includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and aftershave lotion—all infused with a sandalwood scent. Sandalwood is a woody, masculine fragrance that smells both clean and earthy.

And while I love sandalwood, I would have preferred if these weren’t scented at all as the smell of the aftershave lotion mixed with the scents of my regular cologne and deodorant. 

The pre-shave oil is made with a natural and soothing mix of grapeseed, sweet almond, olive, and avocado oils which feels entirely nourishing on your head.

The shaving cream doubles as a moisturizer and adds a soft texture to your skin. Though, if you’re shaving your head dry—and I would recommend you do—then you won’t need the shaving cream to get a close shave. 

Model using Freedom Grooming aftershave lotion

To me, a good aftershave lotion should gently burn for a moment upon application as it cleanses the surface of freshly shaved skin. Then, it should instantly feel soft and moisturizing and quickly absorb into your skin. 

This aftershave lotion was the perfect mix of cleansing and moisturizing and something I would use every day.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Freebird has tallied up thousands of 5-star reviews and testimonials on their site. A majority of guys who purchased a FlexSeries shaver were thoroughly satisfied, stating that the FlexSeries cut through hair faster, produced less of a mess, and made their overall shaving experience faster and easier.

A few favorite benefits tons of guys pointed out were the ability to take the FlexSeries in the shower and how long the battery lasted between charges.

A couple guys felt that the FlexSeries could have been produced with better, more durable materials with a little more weight and durability behind them.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • A powerful shaver that’s swift and effective.

  • The blade cuts at the skin line, but not below it, reducing irritation.

  • Curved 5-head rotary blade forms perfectly to your head.

  • Multiple detachment heads let you shave your whole body.

  • A great price for a worthy electric shaver.

What I Don’t Like

  • Shaving your head wet with shaving cream isn’t as smooth shaving dry and creates more cleanup.

  • Sandalwood-scented oil, shaving cream, and lotion mix with your daily cologne and deodorant.

  • The precision trimmer only comes with 3 different length guards.

Who Is Freebird for?

Freebird’s FlexSeries shaver is for guys who rock the bald look and want an affordable but powerful shaver they can consistently rely on to keep their head cleanly shaven and irritation free.

While the FlexSeries works best on the head and face, it comes with 5 total detachments that allow you to trim your chest, stomach, and below the belt, and massage and exfoliate your head and face.

The Verdict

If you only use a shaver to trim up your beard or scruff and occasionally manscape, then most regular shavers hold up fine. But if you’re leaning into the refined bald look a lot of guys are sporting these days, that requires consistently shaving the little hairs that sprout up on your head. 

For this, you need a stronger shaver that delivers a smooth, irritation-free shave every couple of days. Freebird offers that shaver. The FlexSeries is a waterproof head and body shaver that cuts at the skin line, not below it, and boasts thousands of reviews from guys who use it both dry and wet.

The 5-head rotary blade, the primary detachment for the FlexSeries, effectively hugs the curves of your head and mow through the stubble that pops up on your scalp every couple of days. The rotary head can also be used on your neck and face, though if you’ve only used a manual razor and shaving cream on your face and neck, be prepared for slight redness and irritation as your skin adapts to a new method of shaving.

The other detachment heads work effectively to keep you trimmed up and can even aid you in your skincare routine, actively exfoliating and massaging your neck, face, and head.


Freebird are the best grooming brand we've found if you rock the bald look and want an affordable but powerful shaver and accessories you can consistently rely on to keep your head and body cleanly shaven and irritation free.

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Who owns Freebird?

Jacob Barson is the CPO and co-founder of Freebird.

Does Freebird really work?

Freebird’s FlexSeries is a powerful and effective head shaver that keeps your head cleanly shaven and irritation free.

How long do the Freebird blades last?

Freebird says their blades last for 50+ shaves before they need replacing.

Can you use Freebird on your face?

Freebird’s 5-head rotary blade can be used on your head, face, and neck to achieve an all-around shave.