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31 Best Gifts for Guy Friends (From a Guy’s Perspective)

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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Best Gifts for Guy Friends Pretty Smiling Girl Giving a Gift

So you’ve totally friend-zoned each other and that means you can get each other gifts without it being weird.

Or, you totally wish you weren’t in the friend-zone and you’re chasing gift recommendations to give him the not-so-subtle hint that you’d like you two to be something more.

Either way, these picks have all been carefully curated as the types of things us guys would love to get from any of our gal-pals.

Any of these would make us smile and there’s a gift here for every budget.

lululemon ABC Jogger
These technical looking joggers are lightweight and comfortable, and the longer inseam options make them a fantastic option for any guy friend who is sick of hearing 'how's the weather up there?'.
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Nordgreen Native
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The Nordgreen Native is a beautiful minimalist watch. Even with 10+ watches in my collection, I find myself reaching for this timepiece many times a week. It’s subtle and slim but looks rich and elegant.

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Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
No book had a bigger impact on my life than this one. Fullstop. I went into it thinking it was just another overhyped self-help book. Fast-forward three months later and I was shocked at the quantifable results of the small, consistent habits that this book helped me both build and break. Reading it will offer a no-brainer ROI on his time and he'll alwayas think of you for introducing it to him.
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Bleu de Chaffe Zeppo Business Bag

A quality bag is always the kind of gift any guy loves to receive, and the Zeppo from renowned French bag-maker, Blue de Chaffe is "chef's kiss". Crafted from vegetable tanned leather, it smells and feels super high quality, and has a bunch of nifty pockets and features that makes it the idea everyday work bag. It's quickly become mine.

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Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen eBike
he Pace 500 Next-Gen is a remarkably sleek, comfortable, and powerful cruiser with an impressive top speed and range for its price point. If you really want to spoil him, this bad boy serves up the ideal mix of features.
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Audible Plus
Give him the gift of endless audiobooks with an Audible Plus subscription. It's a listen all he wants plan with access to audiobooks, audible originals, and podcasts.
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Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Eu De Parfum
One of the more masculine of their scent options, the Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Parfum is definitely the most unique fragrance I’ve ever used. At first, it has a bright, earthy smell with a strong incorporation of sweet plum fading to leather and milk on the back end. If he's the kind of guy who likes to be different and change things up, the Dark Rum oil could be for him.
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KOIO Capri Triple White
The KOIO Capri Triple White is as loud as a white dress sneaker can get without leaving the minimalist realm. These are a great pick if he's all about quality in his footwear. They're super comfortable with outstanding build quality and an aesthetic that sits in between the dress and athletic sneaker worlds.
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lululemon Commission Classic-Fit Short 9" Warpstreme
We've tested all the lululemon shorts collections. We're big fans of the Commission shorts for their all-purpose chino-looks but with the added benefit of them actually being comfortable. Here's a little secret gals---all guys always need more shorts.
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Geologie Broad-Spectrum SPF30 Face Sunscreen
Show him you really care about him and his mug. I’m a big fan of this sunscreen, which is made with both mineral and physical sunscreens that block a broader spectrum of UVA and UVB rays. It’s oil and fragrance-free, which is great for me since I’m prone to oily skin, and is formulated with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for anti-aging benefits.
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Camel City Mill Lightweight Wool Work Sock

My Dad is a builder and I got these for him after he kept complaining to me that all his socks gave him blisters and sweated up his feet. The good news? He loves them and now he won't stop talking about socks. The bad news? Now he won't stop talking about socks.

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Snow Peak Alpha Breeze Tent

The Alpha Breeze has some of the best and most useful features I’ve encountered among similarly priced tents. Assembly is difficult, but once set up, the durability and utility make it an excellent option for families and small groups.

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Cuff Blair Bracelet S

Crafted from quality 925 sterling silver, I love the slim design of this bracelet. It's ultra versatile and a subtle eye-catcher without being too flashy.

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Armogan Regalia
If he's a watch guy, he'll like this---trust us. The racing style of the Regalia is more casual than Armogan's dressier Sopraffino Grande, though it perfectly balances sportiness with high class. The biker-esque detailing is undeniably cool, and the watch boasts a fantastic quality for the price.
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TRX® Home2 System
If he's the kind of guy who's more likely to do sit ups in his hotel room than relax, this is the gift for him. You can absolutely shred your upper body and core with this system, but you’ll have a tougher time getting a really solid strength training day for your legs. However, the price is right and the equipment is simple, so the TRX is hard to beat.
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Everyman Grafton Pen

I literally have an emotional attachment to this pen. It’s sturdy, writes smoothly, and its refills are inexpensive. Plus, it’s handsome looking and has the kind of heft that makes you feel like everything you write is incredibly important.

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Tile Mate
He'll never lose anything ever again. The Tile Mate has a range of 200ft and rings up to 90 decibels. If you’re the kind of person who misplaces your keys often (no shame), this little guy will save him a lot of stress.
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lululemon Evolution Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt
An awesome accompaniment for the office or the golf course, this polo is stretchy, comfortable, but still looks clean and neat. I picked mine up in Navy, which is a little more interesting than black, but still has the same slimming effect. Easy win gift for any dude.
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This is a quality gadget subscription box for your geekiest guy friend. Across a sample size of four deliveries, my BREO BOX has consistently been filled with a few things that I’ve always wanted, a few things that’ll make nice gifts, and one thing I’m not sure what to do with. For a box that aims to give you everything you never knew you needed, that’s pretty darn good.
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HexClad Apron
Here's a way to earn yourself a free meal. A lot of people don't use aprons when they cook at home, and they should. This is the kind of gift he won't even know he needed but he'll love it.
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Douglass II by Selfmade Sunglasses

These frames have what look like an octagonal shape from the temple and above, but a rounded shape at the bottom. Pair that with a keyhole bridge and two gold details at the front, and you get one sexy looking set of frames. 

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Morjas The Wallet
Handcrafted in Spain with hand-painted edges and all the compartments you need, this is the kind of wallet that'll make him feel like a total boss every time he whips it out.
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Rumpl Everywhere Towel
This is a great, fun towel. It folds down into a small size that can fit into the water bottle holder of his backpack, and their quick drying time is a big plus so he doesn’t have to carry it with things meant to stay dry.
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Roderer Award Mini Wash Bag

Crafted from premium Italian leather, this dopp kit is one of those purchases you make once in your life but appreciate on every trip you bust it out for. Beyond the build quality, my favorite part is the zipped pocket inside which is ideal for keeping those small tidbits organized that you always end up losing under the hotel counter.

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Meridian Trimmer
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A fun but necessary gift with a good amount of humor built in. The Meridian Trimmer's ceramic blades helps him achieve that lofty objective every man has (i.e. keeping his scroat un-mangled).
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lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve
This is my favorite workout shirt and if you get it for him it'll probably be his, too. The fabric has an interesting weave to it, so it feels more substantial, while still staying soft and fully breathable. Plus, it has raglan sleeves, which work really well if he's like me and has broad shoulders.
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Collars & Co. Navy Casual Belt
One of my go-to casual belts, this handcrafted stunner pairs really well with navy, khaki, denim, or stone chinos. The genuine leather trim accents add a touch of extra personality, which I like, and I'm sure he will too.
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Amberjack The Loafer
If he's the dressier type, give these a look. Amberjack's loafers wear like sneakers but keep the classic loafer profile. High-performance athletic material in the front of the shoe makes for a flexible and responsive wearing experience, while hiking boot material in the heel brings support and stability.
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MeUndies Matching Underwear
The ultimate his and hers and the ultimate representation of your friend zone status (or perhaps with a hint at something more?).
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Bright Cellars
If you think he'd be keen on learning more about wine without racking his brain or his schedule trying to learn more about wine, Bright Cellars is a tremendous solution.
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And that’s a wrap.

Any of these are sure to be a hit with that special guy friend in your life.

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