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Dr. Squatch Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Products

Disclosure: We received courtesy product from Dr. Squatch in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Learn more.

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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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Dr Squatch Review Dr. Squatch soaps lined up side by side

Most soaps for men contain harsh cleaning chemicals that technically qualify as detergent. Since you’re not a dish or a piece of clothing, your skin is probably more dry and coarse than it should be.

In this review, I hand-tested a selection of Dr. Squatch all-natural soaps to see if they’ll help you feel less like a plate, and more like a man.

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Dr. Squatch

Bottom line: Dr. Squatch fills a need for organic, masculine soap in a positive way. Featuring fresh scents and natural ingredients, the soaps nourish your skin effectively and smell great. After a week of use, my skin is already less dry and flaky.

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  • All-natural soap without harmful additives
  • Great selection of scents
  • My skin feels less dry
  • Soap subscription service is handy
  • Price point may be high for som

The colder months are quickly approaching.

Sweaters, cuddling, hot chocolate, and snow evoke feelings of warmth, safety, and love.

For me though, the cold months come with a bitter caveat—dry skin. The temperature drops, the humidity all but disappears, and my skin decides to try its hand at making snowflakes.

I’m not kidding. I can rub my hand against my arm a few times and create a mini blizzard.

Thus, when I came across this meme on Instagram, my curiosity was piqued:

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When I found out it was for a men’s body soap that claimed to be gentle, nourishing, and moisturizing, my curiosity switched to nagging interest.

Enter Dr. Squatch.

Could it defeat my inner skeptic? Let’s find out.

What Is Dr. Squatch?

The tale of Dr. Squatch begins in the eternal womb of invention—the garage. Specifically, Jack Haldrup’s garage. 

Haldrup was frustrated by the dry, itchy skin that common men’s soaps leave in their wake. Having lived with psoriasis his whole life, his skin and big brand soaps were a bad mix. 

Lineup of Dr. Squatch Soaps on White background

The problem with big brand soaps are the harsh chemical additives. Whether you have psoriasis or not, common men’s soap can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky, especially in the colder months. 

Haldrup, aware of this issue and wishing for natural soap with more masculine scents, tried his hand at soap-making. A makeshift lab, a few buckets of lye, and a dash of essential oils later, Dr. Squatch was born. 

Dr. Squatch soaps staggered to show bar details

The brand is driven by a passion for natural ingredients. Besides soap bars, they produce shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, toothpaste, and a few other goodies. 

As for the name, Haldrup explains his inspiration:

During the first World War, BIG SOAP began stripping natural ingredients from soap to make production cheaper and faster … The term “natural soap” was as rare and mysterious as the Squatch himself. Jack Haldrup, Dr. Squatch Founder

Shedding the rarity and mystery like a winter coat, Dr. Squatch is now headquartered in Los Angeles, pulling in ~$6 million per year. Crazier yet, they’re achieving this massive profit almost exclusively online. 

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However, this isn’t an article about heart-warming American Dream stories. This is about putting Dr. Squatch through the gauntlet. 

Does this natural soap have what it takes to clean, nourish your skin, and leave you feeling like a man?

Things to Consider Before Buying

For guys, it’s a matter of price. $7 for a bar of soap might seem expensive.

I mean come on, you can get a 12 pack of Irish Spring bar soap for $5 at Walmart. That being said, Irish Spring will probably have you looking like Deadpool sooner than you want. 

Dr. Squatch ingredient details 1

Dr. Squatch also provides peace of mind. You’re treating your skin to natural, healthy cleaning, and investing in the future of your skin. 

Not only that, but, Dr. Squatch is made in the U-S-of-A, baby. If you’re passionate about supporting American businesses, the $7 price point may not look so bad. 

Dr. Squatch Made in the USA

Speaking of which, the bars of soap are big. Like, make you feel like a man when you pick them up, big. 

Dr. Squatch bar soap is packaged using recycled materials because caring for Mother Earth is the manly, modern thing to do.

So, while a $7 investment is daunting at face value, there is some value packed in. 

As an added bonus, if you end up liking Dr. Squatch bar soap, they offer a subscription service. You can save ~15% on your soap, and hours going to the store to buy it.

My Hands-On Review

The Sign Up Process: Choosing the Right Bar Soap

I began my foray into organic soap by taking Dr. Squatch’s Soap Quiz.

It’s eight questions long, only two of which seem to relate to recommending soap. (“What would you do if you met the Squatch?”, for example.) Each question comes with a fun gif to make it worth your time.

Dr. Squatch Review

At the end, I was given three bar soap recommendations. I was also given the option to save 25% on my total order. 

I picked up four bars of soap and a bottle of their shampoo. I want this to be a comprehensive review, don’t I? 

I chose the scents Nautical Sage, Cedar Citrus, Pine Tar, and Cool Fresh Aloe. For shampoo, they only have one option, which is Cypress Coast. 


In roughly a week the soaps were on my doorstep. The packaging itself was barebones, but the smell made up for it. You open that box up and get slapped by essential oils, in the best way.

I appreciate this—it helps you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Dr. Squatch Cool Fresh Aloe soap

The soap bars are packaged in rugged, simple cardboard. The design isn’t trying to be flashy or sophisticated—just manly. 

The packaging clearly states the ingredients, and details the special inclusions in each bar. For example, Cedar Citrus is made with oatmeal to give a gentle exfoliation. 

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar soap

I never would have gone looking for soap with oatmeal, but seeing its inclusion gave me the sense that this was no ordinary bar of soap. 

Keeping the ingredients front and center reaffirms that this is organic, all-natural soap. 

Bar Soap

Does Dr. Squatch live up to its lofty claims? Do I currently smell like a champion?

Dr. Squatch feel like a man smell like a champion

The honest answer—yes.

I came in skeptically, but within a week of using the Cedar Citrus Bar Soap, my skin felt noticeably healthier.

Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus soap on marble

As I mentioned in my introduction, when it gets even dry and cold, my arms usually flake like crazy. 

The oatmeal exfoliated away my dead skin cells, while natural oils helped to clean and hydrate my skin.

The soap lathers well, but doesn’t get used too quickly. I’ve used bar soap for years, and was always frustrated that a good lather came at the expense of the bar being used in two weeks. 

Dr. Squatch soap stacked with light detail

After a week, the Cedar Citrus barely shows signs of use. It may be more accurate to refer to these as bricks of soap. You could build a house with these bad boys.

Cedar Citrus is my favorite, but I can confirm that the other scents lather just as well.

Another peeve of mine is when bar soap smells good, but doesn’t transfer that smell to your skin. Dr. Squatch’s natural oils and shea butter nourish your skin and basically infuse you with essential oils.

Dr. Squatch soaps stacked with water detail

I was genuinely surprised how good I smelled after showering. I expect to smell clean and fresh, but not like I had just put cologne on. My wife is a fan, too 😉

Overall, I’m a huge fan of these soap bricks. Here’s a little more info on each one I got:

Pine Tar

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar soap on marble
  • Special Ingredients: Oatmeal and sand help to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Scent: Fresh pine sap and citrus

Cedar Citrus

Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus soap on marble
  • Special Ingredients: Oatmeal and orange essential oils help to exfoliate and invigorate tired skin.
  • Scent: Fresh cut wood and a pile of lemons

Nautical Sage

Dr. Squatch Nautical Sage soap on marble
  • Special Ingredients: Sage and cypress essential oils combine for incredibly fresh scents.
  • Scent: An open ocean breeze

Cool Fresh Aloe

Dr. Squatch Cool Fresh Aloe soap on marble
  • Special Ingredients: Aloe extract and shea butter make this soap a moisturizing powerhouse.
  • Scent: A fresh spring morning
Dr. Squatch Bar Soaps

A pet peeve of mine is when a bar soap smells good, but it doesn't transfer that smell to your skin. I'm a big fan of these soaps (especially the Cedar Citrus) because the natural oils and shea butter nourish your skin and infuse it with essential oils.

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Dr. Squatch’s shampoo comes in a surprisingly small bottle. With a hefty price tag of $20, I wanted to make sure it was good to the last drop.  

Dr. Squatch shampoo with marble backdrop

Cost aside for a second, the Cypress Coast shampoo smells incredible. It smells like all the best parts of a crisp gin and tonic. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. 

Despite being a small quantity, the shampoo goes a long way. I have thick, dense hair. Like, to the extent that every hairdresser I’ve ever had has commented on it.

Dr. Squatch Cedar Cypress shampoo squeezed out

Point being, I need a lot of shampoo to thoroughly clean my hair. 

That is, until I used the Squatch. With just a quarter-sized dollop, I can lather up my hair into a Ferris Bueler-style mohawk. 

ferris buellers day off singing GIF

The lather feels different than any other shampoo I’ve used. Rather than just feeling thick and soapy, my hair feels invigorated, and my scalp tingly. I’m not sure what ingredients in the shampoo lead to this unique feeling, but I’m a big fan.

Dr. Squatch Cedar Cypress shampoo with water detail

The shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and squeaky clean. Other reviewers claim that the shampoo makes your hair thicker and fluffier, but I can’t confirm this point. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible for my hair to get any more dense.

Dr. Squatch recommends only shampooing your hair two to three times per week. Shampooing too much will cause your hair to become dry and brittle, and likely cause your scalp to flake. 

In addition, the brand gives washing instructions for curly and straight hair.

If your hair is curly it’s recommended to wash your hair once a week, sometimes less. If you have straight hair, you can increase to two to three times a week. The natural oils from your scalp work through straight hair faster than curly, causing straight hair to look dirty faster

Dr. Squatch shampoo with long shadow

This made me feel better about dropping $20 for a small bottle of shampoo. The fact that a little shampoo goes a long way, and you only use it a few times a week means it should last a good while. 

Dr. Squatch Moisturizing Shampoo

Anytime you pay this much for an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo, you're going to have questions. My questions were answered with just how far it goes when you use only the recommended quarter-size dollop, 2-3 times per week. But the real saving grace? It smells and feels fantastic.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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With over 15,000 reviews, Dr. Squatch has built up a solid 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon for its most popular product, the Pine Tar Soap.

Long story short, a lot of dudes love the Squatch. 

Some reviewers cited issues with shipping and customer service. However, keep in mind that many of these reviews were written during the height of the pandemic when many companies have struggled to fulfill the deluge of online orders. 

It’s fairer to say some of those issues were a product of the times—plenty of other reviewers had positive experiences with shipping and customer service. 

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch fills a need for organic, masculine soap in a positive way. Featuring fresh scents and natural ingredients, the soaps nourish your skin effectively and smell great. After a week of use, my skin is already less dry and flaky.

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My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • It’s organic, and I’m no longer putting harsh chemicals on my skin and in my hair.

  • My skin is already more soft and nourished.

  • The soap and shampoo smell incredible and last a long time.

  • It’s made in the USA.

What I Don’t Like

  • Some may find the jump to natural soap and shampoo a bit pricey.

Who Is Dr. Squatch For?

Dr. Squatch is a great choice for guys who want to ditch harmful chemicals and treat their skin to nourishing, manly soap.

The Verdict

Put simply, Dr. Squatch makes good soap.

With healthy natural oils, shea butter, and essential oils, your skin will be thanking you in no time. It smells great and lasts long, which are also almost as rare as the Squatch in the world of soap. 

You can certainly find cheaper men’s soaps and shampoos, even organic ones. However, Dr. Squatch has cornered the market on organic, masculine-smelling bath products.

If you’re looking to treat your skin, your hair, or even your significant other with your good smell, Dr. Squatch is an excellent choice.

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch fills a need for organic, masculine soap in a positive way. Featuring fresh scents and natural ingredients, the soaps nourish your skin effectively and smell great. After a week of use, my skin is already less dry and flaky.

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