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30 New Hairstyles For Men in 2023

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We get it.

You’ve finally seen Oceans Twelve and now you think you’re Brad Pitt.

We’re not here to tell you that you’re not, but it may be time to grow out the buzz cut.

2022 is here and crops, tapers, and pompadours remain in trend.

What better time for you to strut on down to your local barber and pick up a brand new hairstyle?

Here are 30 guy haircuts guaranteed to have your follicles upstairs tingling in anticipation.

30 New Men’s Hairstyles in 2023

High Fade Pompadour


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This style is really popular for men that love the clean-shaven look.

It’s a fit for any profession and allows you to be the dangerous combination of edgy, fashionable, and business savvy. Lock the style in with a touch of shine with the OXFORDhill Clay:

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High Fade, Hard Part with Longer Hair on Top

This hairstyle works well for several different cuts from straight and wavy to curly or kinky.

The longer hair on top gives you a more laid-back look and adds more freedom to your style.

Medium Length Skin Fade

Gentlemen, fades are still in this year.

Several men are trading in the typical short cut for this edgy high fade—featuring clean sides fading into a shapely beard.

The Bald Fade with Medium Length Hair on Top

This haircut gives you the cleanest look possible while maintaining a trendy and edgy style.

In our opinion, leaving longer lengths at the top makes this look really cut through.

Fine Hard Part With High Fade


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This style is a game changer.

The clean-shaven sides of a high fade paired with a defining hard part will have you turning heads left, right and back again. 

With practice (or an obliging girlfriend/wife), you can save some cash by buzzing your own fade at home.

Here’s the best-reviewed DIY clipper we’ve found on Amazon.

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If you give it a go, let us know what you think of it.

Bald Fade Pompadour

This style is both classy and trendy. 

It combines the clean edges of the bald fade with the classy controlled style of the pompadour which creates the perfect on-trend look for the business minded man.

The Gentleman’s Cut

Much like a finely aged whiskey, the Gentleman’s cut never goes out of style.

With short sides and hair slicked down, this haircut is the quintessential cut for any businessman.

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The Man Bun

Forget the haters. Chances are if you’re considering this style you’ve forgotten them long ago anyway.

The much-maligned man bun is the crowning achievement for any man growing out his hair.

Once your hair reaches “bun-able” length, you’re ready to release your inner warrior and try out this look. Whether you have straight, curly or kinky hair, this is a fine styling option for men with long hair.

Short Sides with Medium to Long Texturized Hair on Top


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This look is perfect for men that want the best of both worlds: the classy short cut and the freedom of defined free flowing hairstyles.

Whether you have medium length or longer hair, this look is perfect when styled with a texturizing pomade.

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Slicked Back Pompadour and Low fade with Natural Part

This hairstyle is for the well-groomed man.

The smooth slicked back pompadour looks very professional with a high fade and well-shaped beard.

Faded Mohawk


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This look is a great style for hair of any texture. The clean sides of a high fade blend into the loose natural textures of the mohawk.

The clean sides of a high fade blend into the loose natural textures of the mohawk.

High Skin Fade and Longer Hair


A photo posted by Fernando (@fernandogents) on

If you’re a fan of fades, you definitely want to give this one a try.

The high skin fade really steps up the style for this cut and is a definite favorite in the business world. The longer length on top can be styled into a pompadour or worn loosely.

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Bald Fade with Hard Part and Disconnected Beard


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For men with beards, 2022 is all about beards.

The bald fade blends smoothly into the skin, fading into your freshly groomed beard at the bottom. This look is for anyone that’s a fan of the extra clean cut.

Low Fade with Longer Hair on Top Blown Dry


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This style adds another dimension to the high fade.

Blow dried hair adds a sleeker more voluminous side to this look that is easier to style and is just as classy when combined with a fade.

Skull Fade and Disconnected Beard

This look is one that is both professional and stylish.

The highly stylized hair on top gives your cut great control while looking incredibly business savvy when paired with the clean cut of the skull fade.

Balded Fade and Disconnected Beard

If you’re a bearded brother, you need to try this cut.

The clean-shaven sides of the high balded fade blend into a well-shaped beard. This is style is a great choice for guys that rock the bald look.

High Fade with Loose Pompadour

In this cut, the loose pompadour gives you a more laidback, yet defined style. The high fade keeps the sides clean and classy.

The high fade keeps the sides clean and classy. 

Fade with Braided Pompadour


A photo posted by Katie Pollett (@_katie_my_lady_) on

This is a style to try if you are headed into week two of your fade haircut. If you’re tired of slicking back your longer lengths into a pompadour, try opting for a braided alternative.

If you’re tired of slicking back your longer lengths into a pompadour, try opting for a braided alternative.

Hard Part and Disconnected High Fade with Longer Hair on Top


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This disconnected style pairs a hard part with a high fade. This kind of fade keeps things fresh and modern.

Fade with Textured Medium Length Hair on Top


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This look is perfect for men that love the rugged and natural look.

This style keeps your beard loose and sides short, while giving your hair a close crop at the front, but still keeping the look natural and textured.

High Top/Flat top with a High Fade

This look is making a comeback with a vengeance!

This style pairs the clean-shaven sides of a high fade with a fully styled boxy shape at the top. This look is completely fashion forward and perfect for men with curly or kinky hair.

High Fade and Long Hair With Movement


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This style is a great take on the high fade with a longer haircut.

The fade is a welcome contrast to the looser length of the top and is styled to show the illusion of movement.

Geometric Men’s Haircut and Pompadour with a Hard Part

This style takes the hard part to a new level.

Ask your barber for this look if you’re tired of the same old part cut.

This style pairs a fade with a geometrically shaped top, separated by a hard part.

High Fade and Natural Part

This cut blends the look of a high fade into a naturally parted cut at the top.

Style your hair any way you please—whether you use a lot of texturizing pomade or you opt for a more natural look.

Blunt Fringe and Skin Fade


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Can you believe it? Fringe is in!

This look gives you the bangs you never knew you wanted. It keeps the sides short with a skin fade and crops your longer lengths bluntly at the top.

Undercut and Bald Fade with Longer Hair on Top

This one is for men who don’t mind a walk on the wild side.

Keeping the top long and naturally textured while blending it into a bald fade, this style is great for the well-groomed bearded man.

Raw-blade Fade and Angled Hair Cut

This look keeps things fresh by pairing an angled cut at the top, with the loose, sexier rugged style of the raw-blade fade.

Hard Part Pompadour with Skin Fade

This haircut takes everything we love about the pompadour and turns it up a notch!

The smooth separation of the hard part paired with the clean cut of the skin fade makes this perfect for the style conscious man.

Low Fade, Natural Part with Hair Slicked Back

There’s nothing that says business cut more than a natural part.

This part paired with the subtler low fade, gives you a more natural look. Enhanced with styling gel or texturizing pomade, this look is great for the laid back gentleman.

Undercut and Fade with Surgical Part

Last but not least is the surgical part. This hair style screams edgy.

The modern look of this part paired with the well-groomed style of the undercut and fade will have you looking on-trend in no time.

There you have it my fellow barber-goers. Guy haircuts galore.

With so many different styles and cuts to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a great look for 2018. If a cut doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped, remember this before you turn to drink. Hair grows back! 

Don’t just stop at great hair, fellas. Be sure to keep the rest of your look fashion-forward by checking out our ultimate guide to men’s fashion from a female perspective.

If you’re combining the look with a beard like many other guys this year, check out our beard style inspiration and growing tips.