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Best Fashion Gifts for Men: 21 Classy Gift Ideas for a Stylish Man in 2024

William Barton

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William has been covering men's style, grooming, and fitness topics for The Adult Man since 2018 as both a writer and photographer. Based in North Carolina, he's also the face of premier men's boots website BootSpy.com and the popular BootSpy YouTube channel. If William could only wear one outfit for the rest of his life, it'd be slim blue jeans, a green fitted oxford shirt, Chelsea boots, and a nice watch. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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It’s not always easy shopping for a stylish guy.

What’s his taste like?

Does he wear pink?

Luckily for you, this is the kind of thing we study day in and day out. That’s why I put together 21 of the best fashion gifts that any guy would love to get a hold of.


Of course a stylish guy likes clothes. But not any old rags will do. He’s going to want something a little different. Here are some pieces that’ll stand out.

Charles Tyrwhitt Dress Shirts

Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts are oldies but goodies. They have a multi-buy program that's perfect for guys who need a new set of dress shirts, pronto. Pick up two or three for an excellent discounted rate.

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Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If you're looking for a performance-based pair of joggers, Vuori has you covered. This fabric is super lightweight and breathable, and the waist band and taper below the knee help keep them secure, even during your most intense HIIT circuit.

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Public Rec Crosstown Bomber

A tech-focused version of a classic jacket. Public Rec keeps the design simple, the lines clean, and the look fresh with their Crosstown Bomber.

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Fresh Clean Threads Earth Tones 5-Pack
(Get 15% off sitewide with code TAM15)

If you're as crazy for olive green shirts as I am, you'll go nuts for the Earth Tones 5-Pack. Just a few clicks fills up your drawer with well-fitting shirts (they make your shoulders look good).

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Kanga Hoodie from Unbound Merino

Despite some minor fit inconsistencies, Mott & Bow offers excellent value for money with its growing range of high-quality jeans and basics that easily stack up against the big denim brands.

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Mott & Bow Oliver

Mott & Bow are our go-to for slim fit jeans in the sub $150 category. The sturdy 13oz denim of the Oliver, paired with its slim profile, makes for a clean and comfortable design that feels like it should be much more expensive than it really is.

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Charles Tyrwhitt Lightweight Pants

It’s a major challenge finding comfortable pants for the summer in the South, but the Charles Tyrwhitt Lightweight Pants do it for me. The Sage Green color has a relaxed, washed look to it. I probably wouldn’t get this colorway for a true business casual outfit, but I like it a lot for my standard casual everyday wear. 

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They say shoes make the man. Well, they’re right. Why would they lie about something like that?

Beckett Simonon Bernard

Blake stitched with full grain Vachetta leather: you'll have a hard time finding this type of quality at such a low price elsewhere.

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GREATS The Royale

The GREATS Royale is a decent sneaker, but I believe the quality has dropped since the brand was acquired by Steven Madden. I find myself reaching for my KOIO and Oliver Cabell sneakers more often because of their slimmer design and better quality leather. Guys with wide feet will like the roomier, more bulbous toe of the GREATS. The perforations and larger style are a bit reminiscent of Jordan basketball sneakers, which is a bit more casual than I prefer when slipping on a sneaker.

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Vessi Everyday MOVE Sneakers

It’s not like the Everyday Sneaker was uncomfortable, but the Everyday MOVE adds a lot more support and cushion, and is ergonomically designed to transfer energy from your step through your foot to propel you forward. 

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Wolf & Shepherd SwiftKnit Derby

The SwiftKnit Derby features Wolf & Shepherd’s proprietary FloatFoam memory foam footbed, which offers extra padding in the heel and contours nicely around the sides of my foot. They're futuristic looking and super comfortable.

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Sometimes it’s all about the details. If you don’t know his size, then getting something more “one size fits all” is a better choice.


Technically the D5 has a 39mm case, but because of the ceramic bezel and double-domed sapphire crystal it wears like a 40 or 41mm piece. With US assembly, 200 meters of water resistance, and 15 layers of lume, the D5 is far more than just a stylish piece---it's a functional work horse, too.

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Watch Gang Platinum Tier
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While Watch Gang’s Platinum Tier raises the stakes, it also offers better resale value, while still providing watch enthusiasts with the same incredibly fun way of exploring new watches on the regular.

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Tomahawk Shades Ranger

The Tomahawk Ranger gives you all the fixings of a high-end pair of shades, like acetate frames and external spring hinges, but conveniently leaves out the big price tag.

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Miansai Singular Cuff Bracelet

Forged from shock resistant sterling silver, Miansai offer elegant bracelets that add that little bit of something to the right outfits.

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Vincero Outrider
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Vincero's homage to field watches: the Outrider is a tough timepiece that looks classy and is built as solid as a rock.

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Christopher Cloos x Brady Noire Sunglasses

Worn by "Tom Terrific" himself, the Cloos x Brady sunglasses were designed in collaboration with Tom Brady and are a certified bestseller for the brand. Having worn them ourselves, we can understand why---they combine supreme build quality with an unmistakable cool factor and will boost the style of even the dorkiest dad.

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So nothing’s looking good, huh? Sometimes picking up the perfect knick-knack is all that’s needed. Here are a few more things any stylish guy would love to have.

Bespoke Post
(Get 20% off your first box with code TAM20 or by following our links)

Bespoke Post's quality of products, interesting monthly themes, and flexible subscription options, make their boxes a worthy complement to your monthly masculine lifestyle, and a fantastic gift option.

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Aluminum Wallet from The Ridge

The wallet that started it all. If you're looking for a minimalist wallet for your EDC, The Ridge has carefully considered all the minor details. It all adds up to sturdy, effective, and fun to use wallet.

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Geologie Personalized Skincare & Haircare
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If you’re not keen on looking like a sundried tomato later in life but don’t know where to start, Geologie provides affordable trials sets that are personalized to your needs. Thoughtful touches like packing in two face washes (one for the shower, and another for the sink) really show that Geologie has my back when it comes to building a routine.

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Dr. Squatch Bar Soaps

A pet peeve of mine is when a bar soap smells good, but it doesn't transfer that smell to your skin. I'm a big fan of these soaps (especially the Cedar Citrus) because the natural oils and shea butter nourish your skin and infuse it with essential oils.

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What’ll It Be?

If you want to keep searching for the perfect gift, I recommend hitting up our style guides. We cover the most popular brands, and some brands you’ve likely never heard of.

No matter what kind of style he’s rocking, you’ll find something he’s going to love.

Personally, when I’m shopping for a stylish dude, or just giving a recommendation, I stick with something simple and classic. Dress shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt fit the bill, or something a little more outlandish like Dr. Squatch soaps works too.

Our Top Pick
Charles Tyrwhitt Dress Shirts

Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts are oldies but goodies. They have a multi-buy program that's perfect for guys who need a new set of dress shirts, pronto. Pick up two or three for an excellent discounted rate.

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So what’s it going to be for you?